TOP 5 best quadcopters from Aliexpress 2021

ТОП-5 лучших квадрокоптеров с Алиэкспресс 2021

1. Drone Quadcopter with LANSENXI E68Pro camera

Дрон Квадрокоптер с камерой LANSENXI E68Pro

The folding model of the E68 quadrocopter weighing no more than 100 g is designed for a continuous flight time of 12 minutes. The drone is powered by a 1s 800mAh 3.7W battery. The LANSENXI E68Pro brand is suitable for enthusiastic people starting to master a new hobby. The foldable selfie drone does not take up much space in the bag, it is suitable for shooting outdoors. A set of sensors allows you to fly indoors, outdoors. The control panel on three finger-type batteries keeps the connection up to 150 m, the device works in conjunction with a smartphone. The camera with 4K resolution takes photos and videos, the application allows you to edit the footage. The control has the option of returning to the starting position, it makes a fly-over of the marked points.

2. Drone Quadcopter with CEVENNESFE S60 camera

Дрон Квадрокоптер с камерой CEVENNESFE S60

The high-tech drone with dual wide-angle cameras with 4K or 1080P resolution has a flight range of up to 150m. The frontal one has a vertical panning range of 450m, the second HD device is located on the bottom of the quadcopter. The model has a folding design – compact overall dimensions, the total weight of the drone does not exceed 100 g. The device perfectly shoots video, takes photos, picks up gestures-commands to turn on the shooting mode, is used in conjunction with VR-glasses. The removable battery is rated for 2000 mAh. Selfie drone is in the air for up to 20 minutes. To configure the remote control, download the application to your smartphone and connect the remote control. There is a button for takeoff, landing, return to the starting position.

3. Drone Quadcopter with Eachine E58 camera

Дрон Квадрокоптер с камерой Eachine E58

A technological novelty – a drone with a foldable arm and a wide-angle camera with HD-1080P or 4K resolution. The selfie drone is equipped with altitude stabilization, Pro RTF flight hold mode. The foldable design has small overall dimensions – the device weighs no more than 100 g, therefore it fits into the pocket of a backpack, handbag. App operation via smartphone gives real-time FPV video viewing function. The quadcopter is easy to return to its original position – the return option is one button and the device flies to the owner. The design assumes the presence of a six-axis gyroscope, which improves the stabilization of video shooting, the quality of photographs.

4. Mini Drone Quadcopter with 4D-V2 Camera

4 Мини-Дрон Квадрокоптер камерой 4D-V2

A technological novelty – the unfolded mini-drone does not exceed 10 cm in width and length. The device has an HD camera in aerial photography mode. The flight time is 7 to 10 minutes. Remote control is carried out at a distance of 80 meters. Works with 4K resolution and built-in 6-axis gyroscope. Battery charging time lasts up to 90 minutes. The device works with a connected Wi-Fi via a mobile gadget. Displays live video on the screen. There is a built-in function of reaction to a hand gesture, reacts to commands with a voice. Stably holds the height, by pressing the button it returns to its original position. The total weight does not exceed 100 g, fits into a pocket or a handbag.

5. Drone Quadrocopter with Eachine E520 / E520S camera

Дрон Квадрокоптер с камерой Eachine E520/E520S

The selfie drone model with a 4K / 1080P HD wide-angle camera with a total weight of 280g battery has a built-in altitude hold and flight stabilization function. After connecting to the application via Wi-Fi, it is possible to set the flight path. Setting up a connection with a smartphone allows you to transmit video in real time using the camera in 4K resolution. By pressing one button, the quadcopter returns to the place of departure. Flight time with battery is no more than 17 minutes. The settings allow you to turn on the option to fly around the center point, follow the specified trajectory. The intelligent function of holding focus on a moving object will provide freedom of hands – the drone itself will follow the owner of the device.

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