TOP 20 Best IP Surveillance Cameras from Aliexpress

ТОП-20 лучших ip камер видеонаблюдения с Алиэкспресс

20 best CCTV IP cameras from Aliexpress

Manufacturers of IP cameras from China offer a wide range of devices with the highest possible features. Products are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, thanks to the bluetooth transmitter, control from a smartphone or other mobile gadget is possible. The devices are suitable for home security, cottages, garages, offices, outdoors. Aliexpress presents a large selection of IP cameras, the technical characteristics of which impress with a variety of functionality, affordable prices and the ability to order a high-quality assembly of an all-weather security element for any object from the manufacturer. In this article, the site has collected 20 best models of IP video cameras from Aliexpress.

1. ANBIUX Ai08


The camera model with recording allows you to rotate the lens and put it on the desired capture area. The built-in memory function allows you to save video to a card or cloud storage, send files to a mobile gadget. The device without restrictions shoots at night, in fog, twilight. Manufacturers have provided for tracking a detected target, responding to a moving object, and the ability to send an appropriate signal to a smartphone. The device has a modern IP technology system. The video camera can work separately or perform specified monitoring as part of an IP camera system.



An effective smart device for organizing video surveillance at the entrance to a house, apartment, cottage, garage, entrance gate. The package comes with a camera, power supply, mounting materials, storage box. The lens is quite powerful and records in 1080P mode. Through bluetooth, the format of remote control and Wi-Fi connection to the Internet takes place. The all-weather device does not react to humidity, rain, wind, ultraviolet, frost. Horizontally, rotation occurs at 270 degrees, vertically at 900. After purchase, the application is installed on the smartphone and the necessary settings are made, and the camera rotation is controlled remotely.

3. Fuers T09T

Fuers T09T

Wireless smart technology has a unique set of features. Using a smartphone connected via the app, users can set up and control the cameras remotely. After the purchase, they immediately download the Tuya smart application in order to monitor moving objects via the Internet. Manufacturers have provided for the assembly of a two-way audio channel. The kit includes a 128 GB memory card, there is a place in the cloud storage. Horizontal rotation is 350 degrees, vertically the camera eye moves from top to bottom by 120 degrees. When motion is detected, the camera sends an alarm signal.



The smart device of Chinese manufacturers impresses with the presence of a huge number of functions. Management, settings are available through the application on the smartphone. The camera has a wide viewing angle, optionally rotates 270 degrees horizontally, 100 degrees vertically. The device provides three modes of night shooting – night vision with a dual signal, infrared and full-color video formats. Support for video recording mode, free cloud storage. The function of an alarm clock and a voice message works. Speaker power is 4 watts.

5. Wonsdar 5MP IP CAMERA


Smart device with wireless connection to mobile gadgets. The control is carried out through a Wi-Fi application – turns 270 degrees and 90 degrees, setting alerts when a moving object is detected. A night shooting mode is provided, a two-way audio communication channel is supported, which is important when communicating with a visitor via a mobile device. The video camera can work as part of a security system or independently monitor what is happening in a wide view area. A memory card and cloud storage are provided for storing video files. The camera sends an alarm when it detects a moving object in the specified surveillance area.

6. Hiseeu FH1A/FH1C/FH1D

Hiseeu FH1A/FH1C/FH1D

The rotary model of the camera is suitable for installation outdoors and indoors. The reliable case closes the device from mechanical damage, the swivel peephole captures a wide viewing angle, additionally rotates in the vertical and horizontal directions. The smart device is equipped with ultra-sensitive light and motion sensors, and IR illumination functions. A free application is launched on the smartphone, and after the settings have been made, you can view online what is happening in the surveillance zone of the smart camera. Video files are recorded and stored on a memory card, there is a free 30-day cloud storage plan.

7. Centechia A9

Centechia A9

The mini video camera works around the clock and can be connected via a Wi-fi connection to the Internet. An application is installed on a smartphone or other mobile gadget, the original device is authorized through a unique code, and the necessary settings are made. The compact device functions as a remote monitor through which the coverage area is monitored. If a moving object is detected near the entrance to the site, house, summer cottages, apartment, the camera gives an alarm signal. Convex peephole provides effective observation in night mode, fog, twilight.

8. Hiseeu


A functional device of a lantern structure, in which the dome protects against precipitation, ultraviolet radiation, and mechanical damage. The camera is equipped with a microphone, a powerful lens, a light sensor, 4 infrared LEDs, and a speaker. A memory card and cloud storage are provided for storing video files. Settings and control of the smart device are carried out through a smartphone, to which an application is downloaded immediately after purchase. The casting quality of the device is excellent, 4 bolts are provided as fasteners. Among the available features are motion detection, backlight, digital zoom and other options.

9. YI Home Camera 1080p

YI Home Camera 1080p

The security camera has a matte white stand body, a swivel section of the ball module. Horizontal rotation is carried out by 360 degrees, vertically by 100 degrees. Among the available functions are noise reduction, HDR functions, 4x image zoom. Infrared illumination provides work at night. After installing the application, users get a virtual joystick with which to change the rotation of the ball section with the camera. The device demonstrates impeccable workmanship, a sensitive Wi-F adapter, and a cloud-based functional service for storing video files.

10. YI Dome Camera U

YI Dome Camera U

Dome compact video camera that provides video surveillance and security of the house, garage, apartment. The manufacturer provides a built-in microphone and a powerful speaker. The rotation angle of the ball block is 350 and 60 degrees. Works on the wireless protocol Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz. Video files are stored on memory cards or in cloud storage. After downloading the application to a smartphone, users can remotely control the settings and position of the camera. The device reacts to a moving object, there is a face recognition function, a reaction to a child’s crying, glass breakage is recorded.

11. IMOU Bullet 2C

IMOU Bullet 2C

A compact model of a smart video surveillance camera is available at a low price. Manufacturers have offered an optimal set of built-in functions – a microphone, IR illumination at a distance of up to 30 m, a 256 GB memory card comes into the assembly. The instrument acts as an access point and guarantees a network connection for the duration of an internet connection failure. The reliable video camera works in the night vision mode, has two-channel audio communication. The algorithm of the device operation excludes false triggering of the camera on dogs, cats, strong wind and other irritants. The recorded files are stored in the cloud, or transferred to the DVR.

12. Techage 605G-AI-50

Techage 605G-AI-50

An eight-channel video surveillance system is sold complete with external cameras – from two to four to six to eight pieces. The devices demonstrate the function of face recognition, there is a two-way audio connection. The device has a European quality certificate – the body is made of reliable material. The anti-vandal housing protects against mechanical impact, bad weather, ultraviolet radiation, frost and heat. Using the kit, you can organize a security surveillance system for little money. Each device is hung at the entrance, on each floor of the house, in front of the garage and other key points. The video sequence is delivered to a common computer or smartphone, where the object is monitored.



The IP device for outdoor use runs on the Linux os operating system. Manufacturers have provided day and night shooting mode with six LED spotlights. There are four LEDs for infrared illumination. The compact model weighs 0.65 g. The all-weather outdoor camera has a horizontal rotation angle of 355 and 90 degrees. The powerful lens works with 4x digital zoom. The LED backlight is designed for 30 m, a color image is supplied when shooting remotely up to 20 m. The device quickly detects movement and sends an alarm signal to a smartphone.

14. IMOU Dahua imou Cue 2C 1080P IP

IMOU Dahua imou Cue 2C 1080P IP

The compact model of indoor IP-camera supports two-channel communication, which allows you to organize a remote call button at the entrance. The sales package includes a mounting plate with an adhesive surface, three screws with dowels, a metal platform with mounting holes, an adapter with a two-meter cable. The design of the device resembles a glass – a spherical block on a thin leg. The sole has three magnets that keep it balanced on a vertical metal surface. The device is equipped with a speaker, a microphone, a memory card, a moving object recognition function.



The burglar alarm device is a waterproof wireless device with an infrared motion sensor. Manufacturers provide a call function, a choice of 16 melodies and five volume and speed modes. The functional device reacts to movement and transmits an alarm signal to the smartphone. Compact shape, light weight and dimensions are invisible to intruders, therefore they are suitable for use in a garage, at the entrance to a personal plot, for a car. The assembly of manufacturers from China is an excellent version of the device for the protection system of a house, apartment, and other private facilities.

16. ANRAN CA43


The video surveillance camera quickly responds to motor activity, gives a warning signal. A smart device for home use monitors day and night. The assembly allows the ball unit to rotate 350 degrees horizontally, 58 degrees vertically, so shooting does not allow for blind spots. The function of intellectual paranomation, warning of danger works. The camera records videos in excellent, clear images and ensures that files are stored on a CD memory card. The built-in function recognizes a person, distinguishes it from a cat and a dog – eliminates false positives.

17. TPTEK WO1013EW/WO1016EW


An outdoor IP camera with a wireless Wi-Fi connection perfectly captures night and daytime shooting – the manufacturer guarantees a clear image, sound track recording. To manage the settings, download the application and install it on your smartphone, then set the parameters for the camera. The device is used to monitor the local area, hung on garages, cottages, and other agricultural buildings. Anti-vandal protection of the housing ensures operation in rain, snow, wind and other weather conditions. The assembly includes a mounting kit, instructions for use, wire.

18. MARVIOTEK Auto tracking IP Camera PTZ

MARVIOTEK Auto tracking IP Camera PTZ

The mini camera is a compact wireless device that shoots in 1080P. The device is great for home security. The manufacturer provides the function of a baby monitor, video baby monitor. Through a wireless WI-FI connection, the footage is transmitted. The kit includes an endoscope that shows how the ears are cleaned, the temperature is controlled. The smart camera easily tracks motion, shoots in a high-quality format at night. It transmits an alarm signal about the movement of a person around the room, eliminates false alarms. A memory card or cloud storage is suitable for storing video files.

Reolink RLC-423

The wireless camera has a higher resolution, 4x optical zoom. Panoramic shooting is carried out 360 degrees in the horizontal plane and 90 degrees in the vertical direction. Shooting at night gives a picture of excellent clarity. The upper part of the case in the form of a cover made of durable material has an anti-vandal purpose – it protects against mechanical damage, bad weather conditions. The compact device is light in weight, the sales kit includes fasteners, a spare cord, a memory card, instructions for use. Through a smartphone, special monitoring zones are created by hours of the day. Settings are available in a remote format after installing an electronic application on a smartphone.



The security video camera has a waterproof body and good anti-vandal protection. Manufacturers have provided an alarm clock function, shooting during the day and at night, support and setting up a Wi-Fi connection on a smartphone. Buyers have a choice of two models with one antenna for Wi-Fi or two antennas for 4G connection. The high security wireless device works with 4x digital zoom. The function supports enlargement of displayed objects. Built-in two-way audio channel for communicating with visitors.

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