TOP 20 best car DVRs with Aliexpress | dash cam rating

ТОП-20 лучших видеорегистраторов для автомобиля с Алиэкспресс – рейтинг видеорегистраторов

20 car DVRs from Aliexpress

Chinese DVRs are quite popular in Russia, they are equipped with a sufficient number of functions that help the driver to keep track of the road. In addition to their main task, modern video recording devices have a number of useful functions, such as the ability to display the best route, report traffic cameras, focus on road signs, and much more. In this article, the site has collected the best car DVR models that can be purchased on the Aliexpress trading platform.

1. 70Mai Dash Cam Pro Plus A500S

70Mai Dash Cam Pro Plus A500S

The compact model of the DVR with night shooting mode, the ability to record is suitable for installation on cars, trucks, vans. There is a Wi-Fi application where files are uploaded, so you do not need to take out a memory card. Built-in ADAS system module. The device has a convenient menu in Russian. The registrar mount is provided directly on the glass, so choose the most convenient place for shooting. Car numbers are clearly visible in the freeze frame mode. The recorder shoots in MP4 format with a resolution of 2592*1944. When watching a video, the speed of the car is written on the screen.

2. 70mai 1s midrive D06

70mai 1s midrive D06

A convenient model with a sufficient number of functions – video recording, Russian-speaking ADAS-system, recording during a period of time in the parking lot. Smart system is smart, simple and affordable to use. Control and settings are available through the smartphone application in four languages ​​- Japanese, Korean, Russian, English. The main operating parameters are 1080 resolution, the camera has a fisheye with a wide viewing angle of 1300. Manufacturers have improved the light transmittance and reduced reflectivity. The smart video camera records an emergency event and automatically saves it to a memory card, and transfers the files to a smartphone.

3. 70mai Dash Cam Lite Midrive D08

70mai Dash Cam Lite Midrive D08

Car DVR brand 70mai Dash Cam Lite Midrive D08 with Russified ADAS function. 1080P Full HD shooting resolution, Starvis CMOS Sony IMX307 matrix with high light sensitivity in night mode is provided. Connecting via Wi-Fi connection allows you to configure the camera, video modes, automate the sending of files after an emergency recording. Full HD dash cam gives good image quality. The viewing angle up to 1300 captures up to four traffic lanes and allows you to carefully monitor the road, showing the overall picture of the surrounding situation.

4. 70Mai Dash Cam A400

70Mai Dash Cam A400

Compact DVR with Russified ADAS function. The device has a parking mode function, which is activated after a mechanical shock. During one minute of recording, the recorder receives power from the car battery. Wide-angle capture up to 1450 shows more events in the frame. Shooting resolution 1440P QHD, A400 dual-channel recording mode is provided simultaneously with the rear view camera. The DVR is connected to the shake and shock sensors, so the shooting mode turns on at 24 hours when you are in the parking lot. On the smartphone, the car owner receives information with a voice message.

5. 70Mai A800S

70Mai A800S

DVR with Russified ADAS function, night shooting mode, tracking during parking, rear view camera connection. The clarity and brightness of the video sequence is ensured by seven layers of glass lenses with an aperture of F1.8 and a Sony IMX415 sensor. When the car is in motion, shooting continues and the video outputs high resolution 4K UHD with 3840*2160P transmission clarity. In bad weather or in night vision mode, the F1.8 aperture camera with 3D DNR technology works. ADAS is a voice assistance system for the driver. Built-in GPS-navigator indicates the best route.

6. 70mai Dash Cam M300 1296P

70mai Dash Cam M300 1296P

The video recorder with a Russified control interface is available in three colors – pink, blue, black. The camcorder provides 3 megapixel image quality. In continuous shooting and night recording mode, it works at the level of M300 at 2304x1296P resolution, which is 1.5x more than standard 1080P. The wide camera coverage of the Dash Cam M300 includes three lanes with a 140° field of view. Night vision mode works 24 hours a day and reports disturbing news via WI-FI connection. When shooting in dark conditions, pixel removal processing technology is activated and produces a clear image.

7. 70Mai OWHP800

70Mai OWHP800

Car DVR mirror with 9.5-inch screen works in conjunction with a rear view camera. Supports iOS, Android. The Wi-Fi connection transmits video from the front and rear cameras. As fasteners, the manufacturer offers special straps for attaching to the rear-view mirror. Feedback from the rear view camera occurs in real time – parking is absolutely safe. Sapphire glass reduces glare at night, in areas of poor visibility. The front and rear cameras capture 135 degrees – a wide viewing angle to showcase the “blind” zone. DVR mirror with built-in sensors responds to shaking, mechanical shocks in the parking lot.

8. 70Mai A800

70Mai A800

The compact model of the DVR is mounted on a mirror and successfully transmits a picture from a camera located on the back of the car. The front camera works at 4K resolution, the rear is set to FHD. The video sequence works with a Sony IMX415 matrix and is fed at a frequency of 30 frames per second. Among the important functions are the recording of emergencies and accidents, GPS, Wi-fi, ADAS, 3D DNR, parking shooting. The battery capacity is rated at 500 mAh. The assembly includes a 3.5 m cable. The lens consists of seven lenses, the optics are equipped with an IR filter. Micro SD memory card, Class 10, maximum capacity – 256 GB.



AZDOME DVR records at 4K UHD video level with 2880x2160p resolution. The operation of the electronic device is supported by the Novatek NT96660 processor. For maximum footage fidelity, 4MP CMOS OV4689 with ultra-low illumination is provided. The lens captures a wide 170° field of view, so 4 lanes of traffic can be seen perfectly through the camera. Parking monitoring is carried out around the clock. The device has a 250 mAh battery. In the event of an emergency, the G-sensor is turned on, which reacts to shocks, after turning on it works for one minute.

10. Deelife


The DVR records clearly in 2304*1296P mode with Full HD resolution. The lens captures a wide angle of 170°, so the situation on the screen is viewed on four lanes at the same time. WDR technology with F / 2.0 aperture improves the quality of the transmitted image in fog, during rain, at night. The device includes a G-sensor shock sensor, which works great in a parking lot or parking lot. In the event of an emergency, the overwrite function is blocked. The looping mode allows you to delete unsaved records that do not have a lock and record new ones. The assembly includes a memory card up to 64GB.

11. AZDOME M01 Pro


The DVR running the FHD 1080p camera with 1080P / 30FPS video recording captures the entire video sequence and creates frames with good definition quality at high speed. The wide-angle camera is set to a 170° angle and captures the side areas of the street – four lanes of traffic. The footage is recorded in FHD 1080P resolution, which is designed for night and daytime. Shooting mode produces clear video, a very sharp image when expanding the view, which includes blind spots. The built-in G-sensor responds to shaking and other mechanical influences. The device supports the functions of cycling, blocking emergency recording from overwriting.

12. AZDOME M17


The DVR broadcasts a clear video transmission at night. The ADAS function activates the voice assistant. Two cameras work simultaneously – front and rear. The device provides 24-hour parking monitoring. Loop mode allows you to delete unlocked videos and continue recording. When an accident occurs, the blocking is activated and the video sequence is saved on the memory card. Recorded files can be transferred to a smartphone and viewed on a mobile gadget. The six-layer lens gives a clearer and more complete image, corrects light, color reproduction.

13. Apeman C450A

Apeman C450A

The 1080P Full HD DVR records dual lenses simultaneously and saves video files on a memory card. The device is equipped with a three-inch LCD display, which displays a good quality image for safe driving. The sophisticated optics design captures a wide viewing angle of up to 170 °, which corresponds to the display of a four-lane image on the screen, the “blind” zones hidden in the normal shooting mode of detail are open to the driver’s eye. The electronic device is ready to be put into operation within 24 hours a day – at the slightest mechanical impact on the machine, the sensors are triggered and the DVR is shooting.

14. Jansite T59S

Jansite T59S

The 10-inch touch screen car mirror dash cam shows a clear image from the front and rear view camera. Resolution in HD 1080P quality demonstrates the video at night, is shooting in bad weather. The wide-angle lens captures an area of ​​1700, creating a view from four lanes. At the moments of accidents, the overwrite blocking function is activated. Saved files are transferred via Wi-Fi connection to a smartphone. The touch screen allows you to change the exposure displayed on the screen with a simple touch of your finger. The Jansite T59S DVR is an excellent assistant for the driver of a car or truck.

15. Sameuo U2000

Sameuo U2000

DVR with high-quality HD lens SONY SEN SOR, which has a Sony professional F1.6 aperture with six lenses. The assembly provides a high-quality picture on the screen of the device, gives a clear image. The device provides round-the-clock tracking when placing a car in a parking lot or temporary parking. The angle of view of the front and rear cameras is 1700. This capture is designed for the width of a four-lane road with a clear image of small objects. The DVR is controlled through a mobile application. The rear camera functions as a parking monitor. The sensor system includes a G-device that reacts to any mechanical pressure on the machine, increasing parking safety.

16. VVCAR D530


The DVR records in 4K 2160P resolution. The assembly includes a GPS tracker to control the speed of movement, regulate the route, and establish accurate coordinates. Among the important functions of the G-sensor to block overwriting in the moments of emergencies. Front and rear video cameras are connected to the device. The rear parking sensors allow you to accurately drive into a parking lot occupied by others. On the side panel there are control buttons – menu, moving up or down, a slot for a USB connection is open. The system of fastening through 3M adhesive tape is thought over. On the other side there is a slot for a memory card, a GPS navigation device.

17. E-ACE B28


A compact device to improve the safety of management – a DVR with built-in three cameras and a four-inch and dual lenses. The rear view camera is responsible for parking, broadcasting a video sequence with a capture of 1700. The electronic device includes up to fifteen supported functions, including loop recording, overwriting blocking in emergency situations, gravity induction, stop monitor, and traffic control in the parking lot. The assembly kit includes a USB card, two brackets, a charger, a six-meter cable. The screen view mode allows you to see what is happening in the cabin – the interior camera captures a 1200 angle of view. LED lights help the night vision mode to show a clear image.

18. VIOFO A119 V3


Car DVR VIOFO A119 V3 2K 60fps works with connected four night vision cameras. Shooting is carried out in HD 2560 * 1600P resolution mode. The device has a built-in parking sensors system, when the driver receives sound signals about approaching an obstacle. The G-sensor turns on the emergency recording mode at the time of an emergency. The dash cam records collision video and the footage is locked to avoid overwrite mode. GPS navigation helps you find a safe route, records speed, driving time and route data.

19. Podofo ADAS

Podofo ADAS

The Podofo model is a DVR with ADAS voice assistant. The Dashcam shoots HD 720P video. A USB TF memory card is connected to the device, where files with video recording are saved. The memory capacity is 16G/32G. The DVR is equipped with a DVD multimedia player. Compact device 80 * 30 * 50 mm – has convenient mounting on the bracket. A built-in warning system about a collision, about leaving the lane, Numerous sensors allow you to adapt the device to different working conditions – temperature, humidity, power, light balance.



Car Mirror DVR brand OBDPEAK H6 is a unique rear view mirror image transmission system. Screen resolution of 12 inches with a capture of the working area up to 1700. 4K shooting format, 3840 * 2160P resolution allows you to get super-quality video. Smart control via Wi-Fi allows you to configure an electronic device for certain tasks. GPS navigation – formation of a route according to specified coordinates, warning about video cameras, speed control mode. Video camera Sony IMX415 – a video sequence with sufficient brightness and image quality is transmitted to the rear-view mirror.

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