TOP 20 best saber saws with Aliexpress – rating saber saws electric

ТОП-20 лучших сабельных пил с Алиэкспресс - рейтинг сабельных пил электрических

The saber saw is used by professionals for locksmithing and will also be useful to the house master. Using an electric saw is much easier than using a normal hacksaw. With the help of the tool, you can easily saw branches on trees, saw small wooden bars, cut plasterboard, plastic or metal pipes.

20 electric saws with Aliexpress

Buy a cheap saber electric saw and consumables on AliExpress. Good tool has powerful motor, durable sharp blades, reliable power supply. The rating of the best saber electric saws made by


DOERSUPP Reciprocating Saw without battery

The VIOLEWORKS wireless saw is powered by the Makita 18V battery, which is not included. The seller puts in the package together with the tool 4 blades designed for work with different materials – wood, plastic, metal. Metal products are impregnated with a thickness of 2 mm, wood and plastic – up to 10 cm. Dimensions of the main body of the saw: 30×13.5 cm. Speed: 0-4000 rev/min. The speed can be adjusted by pressing the trigger, which is located in front of the handle with an ergonomic shape for comfortable palm grip. The buyer can choose the color of the case: black, orange or green.

2. DOERSUPP Reciprocating Saw

DOERSUPP Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating Saw with electric motor belongs to the budget category. In the package the seller puts only the main tool. Blades and battery type Makita 18V should be purchased separately. The reciprocating hacksaw can be used for wood and plastic up to 10 cm thick, metal up to 2 mm. The blade clip is located on the front of the body and does not require the use of additional tools for replacement. The speed is controlled by a button on the handle in the range from 0 to 3000 rev/min. The length of the stroke of the saw blade – 10 mm.



The DEKO DKRS01 reciprocating saw is powered by electrical power. The 900 W brushless motor ensures that the tool works smoothly even on hard materials. Maximum cutting speed: 2800 rev/min, stroke length – 20mm. It is possible to adjust the frequency of movement of the web with a smooth pressure switch on the handle of the body. The ergonomic design of the rubber-coated handle provides comfortable palm grip for both right and left hands. Electric saw can be used not only in everyday life, but also by professionals. The tool easily cuts metal frame, copper and plastic pipes, logs, wooden structures. The seller also puts 3 blades in the package for different materials.



The PROSTORMER PTET001A is powered by a 2,000 mAh battery. With the help of compact electric saw can cut wooden bars up to 60 mm thick, plastic pipes, plasterboard, metal. The cutting speed is adjusted by a button on the housing within the range of 0 to 3000 rev/min. Stroke length – 15 mm. The construction provides for the replacement of the saw blade without additional tools. To change the blade, it is enough to rotate the clamping cartridge. When the burner is switched on, the LED light is activated, which is integrated into the front part of the housing, which provides illumination of the processing site. In the kit, depending on the option chosen by the buyer, in addition to the tool comes: one or two batteries, a set of blades, charger, carrying bag.



The WOSAI WS-M3 Saber Electric Saw with 1500mAh battery is easy to operate. The tool is equipped with a powerful engine with adjustable speed: 0-3000 rev/min and with a stroke length of 20 mm. Electric burner is suitable for cutting wood up to 80 mm thick, cutting trees, working with metal, PVC pipes, plasterboard. An LED flashlight is provided to illuminate the processing area and is activated automatically when the engine is started. The plates are replaced without tools by turning the handle collet. In the package together with the saw, the seller puts 4 blades designed for different materials.



The WOSAI WS-M20-LUOJI is compatible with the B 18V series lithium battery pack, which is not included. The reciprocating hacksaw is equipped with brushless motor with adjustable speed: 0-3300 rev/min, stroke length – 28 mm. The fabrics are replaced without the use of additional tools. The saw is used in everyday life for cutting metal and PVC pipes, steel structures, wooden bars, cutting tree trunks and cutting branches. The elongated body of the ergonomic saw blade with an anti-slip rubberized handle is convenient to hold with both hands.

7. Heimerdinger LB193

Heimerdinger LB193

The Heimerdinger LB193 reciprocating electric saw is compatible with Makita 18-21V batteries, which are not included. For correct operation of the burner should choose a battery capacity of not less than 4000 mAh. The instrument is equipped with 500 W electric motor with adjustable speed per minute from 0 to 2800. The range of the accumulator saw is 15 mm. Maximum cutting depth of wood and plastic: 50 mm, metal – 2 mm. The body of the power tool has an elongated shape with an anti-slip handle at the end, which makes it easy to hold the saw with both hands. In the set with a hacksaw there are four files designed for wood and metal.

8. WORKPRO W125048A


Saber Wireless Saw W125048A with LED lighting equipped with a powerful battery capacity of 4000 mAh. Motor power: 300 W. The speed is controlled by a smooth switch in the range: 0-2800 rev/min, the length of the reciprocating stroke of the blade – 25 mm. The tool is suitable for sawing wood, metal structures, plastic pipes, cutting branches of trees. With full battery charge, the burner will last up to 50 minutes. You can replace the sheets without special tools. To pull out the blade, press the button blocking the holder and turn the collet. The body of the electric saw is elongated in shape with a rubberized handle in the base and is convenient to hold with one or both hands.

9. WORKPRO W125046A/W125047A

WORKPRO W125046A/W125047A

The WORKPRO Sawing Saw with a 2,000 mAh lithium ion battery is suitable for working with wood and plastic with a cutting depth of 50 mm, as well as with a metal thickness of 6 mm. For cutting branches, a metal clamping support is provided on the body, which helps to control the cutting position and ensures the safety of operation. Engine power: 300W with variable speed up to 2900 rev/min. Engine revolutions are controlled by a push button on the handle of the housing. To change the blade, you do not need additional devices, you just need to turn the cartridge. Included with the body of the saw comes battery, charger, two wood and one metal.



The NANWEI NW-MDJ reciprocating mobile saw is powered by a 1500 mAh battery. The power tool is equipped with a powerful engine with infinitely variable speed adjustment up to 4500 per minute. You can adjust the rotation speed of the engine under each material. The hacksaw is suitable for cutting metal, wooden structures, foam blocks, plastic. Can be used to trim tree branches and cut down non-wood trunks. The handle of ergonomic design is convenient to hold one or two hands. The fabric is changed by turning the clamping mechanism. The power tool comes in a plastic briefcase complete with two batteries, a charger, four-file.



The POSENPRO PPRS850 is equipped with a powerful 850W brushing motor. The instrument works from the 220 V network. The speed of rotation is adjusted infinitely to 3000 rev/min. The body has an elongated shape with a handle in the base, which can be rotated around its axis by 1800 by pressing the button, which provides more convenient cutting in hard-to-reach places. On the front are LED flashlight, illuminated processing site and laser marking of straight red line. The hacksaw is suitable for sawing wood up to 10 cm thick, metal up to 6 mm. The device is equipped with a pendulum stroke, which makes it easier to warm the motor and remove chips.



The POSENPRO PCRS20 saber saw with a 2000 mAh lithium ion battery is used for sawing wood up to 10 cm thick, metal up to 5 mm. The speed of the engine is controlled by a pressure switch up to 2800 per minute, the length of the blade – 22 mm. The brush motor has a power of 800 W. The amount of battery charge is displayed on the LED display. With a quick release cartridge, the blades can be replaced without tools. The front part of the body is made of corrugated rubber and can change the angle of inclination to work in a hard-to-reach place.

13. Memes


Saber battery hacksaw on wood and metal Memes, although belongs to the budget category, has good characteristics. The power supply is provided by a 7500 mAh battery. Adjustable smoothly the speed of the engine revolutions – up to 3000 per minute, the length of the drive of the saw saw blade is 10mm. Power tools can be used to cut plastic and wood up to 10 cm wide, metal structures up to 2mm. The blades can be changed by turning the cartridge on the front of the housing. The seller offers several options: with one or two batteries, spare sheets. Or the buyer can choose only the saw body without additional devices.

14. Drillpro Cordless Electric Reciprocating Saw

Drillpro Cordless Electric Reciprocating Saw

The shaft saw is powered by the Makita 18V battery. The hacksaw is equipped with an electric motor at a stroke speed of 3000 rev/min. The power tool is suitable for small household work on cutting trees, cutting boards, cutting plastic pipes, steel structures. You can also saw frozen meat and bones. The workplace is illuminated with LED lighting. The body is made of plastic, rubberized inserts against sliding palms are added to the handle. On the handle is a smooth switch. In the package the seller puts only the body of the electric saw. The battery and blades are purchased separately.

15. Drillpro Electric Saw Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Drillpro Electric Saw Cordless Reciprocating Saw

The wireless reciprocating saw is suitable for the Makita 18V battery. The engine speed is switched smoothly from 0 to 2800 rev/min, the length of the drive is up to 32mm. Simple power tool without unnecessary twists and turns is suitable for cutting wood and plastic with a width of up to 30 cm. The body of the new Drillpro model has a more ergonomic elongated shape. The base is rubberized anti-slip handle. The motor speed control button is placed on the handle under the index finger. The second hand can wrap the bed of the elongated shape to more firmly hold the instrument. In the package comes only a saw without a cloth and battery.

16. XEIYO XY-DJ20v


The XEIYO XY-DJ20v saber compact saw is powered by a Makita-type 1,500 mAh battery. The engine speed varies from 0 to 5000 per minute. The hacksaw is used in everyday life for cutting branches, sawing trunks, wooden bars, PVC pipes, metal structures up to 8 cm thick. The compact body with the extended handle is convenient to hold with one hand. For safety, a cord is attached to the base, which wraps around the wrist. The fabric is firmly secured with a blocking cartridge, which helps to avoid shaking during sawing. On the side of the housing there is a battery charge indicator, in front of the LED flashlight. The seller offers 3 optional options: no battery, with one or two batteries. 4 spare blades are supplied in each package.

17. Simniam


Simniam reciprocating saw with variable motor speed up to 3000 rev/min. and stroke length: 10mm belongs to the budget category. The body of the saw is made of ABS plastic with an ergonomic pistol-shaped handle. In front of the handle is a smooth motor switch. The lightweight power tool can be held with one hand. The palm does not slip due to the comfortable shape of the handle. The tool is well suited for use in hard-to-reach places, they can be sawed into structures of wood, plastic, metal. Electric saw comes with spare blades 4 pcs, charger, one or two 12V batteries, depending on the option.



The WENXING CYQ033 is compatible with the Makita 18V lithium ion battery. Power tools are suitable for both professional carpentry and home craftsmen. The hacksaw saws boards and plastic cutting width up to 30cm. You can also use the saw to trim branches on trees, sawing meat and bones. The speed of the engine is controlled by a smooth push button on the handle up to 2800 rev/ min, the length of the stroke – 32 mm. The handle and the front part of the body are provided with rubberized anti-slip pads for convenient tool grip with two hands. The seller sends only the power tool itself without spare pads and no battery.

19. NEWONE 1120511101

NEWONE 1120511101

The compact sabre cordless saw NEWONE 1120511101 measures 20×12 cm and weighs only 900 g. Powered by a built-in battery of 2000mAh. Engine speed with smooth button adjustment on the body from 0 to 1800 rev/min. The tool is suitable for small sawing operations, sawing plastic and wood up to 13 cm thick, metal – up to 5 mm. Due to the compact size of the blade body, it is possible to saw materials in a narrow space. For such work, a set of mini-saws are supplied. Also included are spare blades for wood and metal work, charger and battery.



The 1.1 kg HENGDIAN HD-MDJ is suitable for sawing wood and plastic up to 30 cm thick, metal up to 2 mm. The brushing motor operates with adjustable rotational speed up to 3000 per minute. The length of the reciprocating stroke of the blade: 28 mm. The case is made of black plastic in the form of a pistol. The handle is provided with rubber inserts for comfortable holding the hacksaw in one hand. The tool is supplied in a plastic case, the kit includes a charger, 4 hacksaw blades, 1 or 2 batteries at the choice of the buyer.

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