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рейтинг торцовочных пил

The end saw is a machine with a cutting disc for transverse cutting wooden, metal or polypropylene blanks at different angles. It can be baseboards, moldings, cornices, trimmers, wall panels, laminate etc. When choosing the end saw, it is important to take into account such parameters as power, workmanship, disk blade size, the presence of additional features that simplify the work. The site https:/ ranked the best end saws with AliExpress based on cost and technical specifications to help readers choose the most suitable model of carpentry tool.



The STURM MS5525WM is powered by 220V. Rated engine power: 2300W. The maximum cutting depth is 90 mm, the diameter of the disc is 255 mm. The tool can be used to make transverse cuts of long blanks made of wood, plastic and fine metal. The lateral inclination is securely fixed at a predetermined angle ranging from 0 to 45 degrees. The device has a built-in laser level, which helps to make more accurate cutting, and there is also a function of desktop lighting. The engine brushes are easily accessible for replacement. The sawdust can be collected with a vacuum cleaner. On the case there is a suction hose connection. A special bag for the collection of waste is included.

2. STURM MS55212


The STURM MS55212 is compact in size: 43x34x30 cm and relatively light in weight: 7 kg. Engine power – 1600 W, blade diameter – 210 mm. The tool is suitable for sawing wooden and plastic long parts up to 60 mm depth. The tilting table is fixed in any position from 0 to 45 degrees. Sawdust and dust are forcibly collected in the filter bag supplied with the kit. It is also possible to connect the device to the vacuum cleaner. The ergonomic handle case is made of durable plastic, resistant to impact and temperature changes.

3. ZUBR 210 ZPT-210-1400 L

ЗУБР Ø 210 ЗПТ-210-1400 Л

The ZUBR 210 ZPT-210-1400 L is equipped with dimensions: 490x320x285 mm and weight: 6.5 kg. For small size, the tool has optimum engine power of 1300 W, suitable for transverse sawing wood and aluminum profile. The swivel head is gently tilted in the range of 0-45 degrees and securely fixed in any position. The disc dimeter is 210 mm, the maximum depth of the cut is 60 mm. The electric saw is provided with laser marking, with the help of which it is possible to saw the blank perfectly smoothly. The dust collector with the sawdust bag collects all the small garbage.

4. ZUBR 210 ZPTK-210-1500

ЗУБР Ø 210 ЗПТК-210-1500

The combined saw ZUBR 210 ZPTK-210-1500 is suitable for longitudinal and transverse straight sawing or wood cutting angle. The tool can be easily transformed from one type to another. The maximum depth of longitudinal sawing is 30 mm, transverse – 120 mm. Power of brush motor: 1500 W, saw disk diameter: 210 mm. The device has a dust removal system with a removable bag, can be connected and a vacuum cleaner. The angle of inclination of the sawing is set smoothly with fixation from 0 to 45 degrees. It is also possible to adjust the height of the sawing.

5. ZUBR JS 255 PPT-255-P

ЗУБР Ø 255 ППТ-255-П

Due to the long mechanism, the ZUBR JS 255 PPT-255-P saw saw blade is able to saw wider boards, which allows to use the tool not only in everyday life, but also for professional work. The end plate is suitable for sawing wood, plastic, aluminum profiles. The maximum width of the cut is 305 mm. The head tilts to the left and right at an angle of up to 45 degrees with fixation. A laser level is provided to increase the accuracy of the cut. There is also a backlight in the working area. Waste and dust during sawing automatically enter the dust collector. The sliding table extension prevents the sawn parts from tipping over.

6. ZUBR ZPT-210-1600 PL

ЗУБР ЗПТ-210-1600 ПЛ

Electric saw with movable head Zubr ZPT-210-1600 PL is suitable for sawing directly and at an angle of wide blanks made of wood, aluminum, plastic. The maximum width of the saw blade is 220 mm. The power of the engine is 1600 VT, the diameter of the saw blade is 210 mm. The right and left head rotates smoothly up to 45 degrees. Laser marker helps to make a more accurate cut. Sawdust and sawing waste are automatically collected into the dust collector. The protective cover prevents chips from hitting the face. The clamp and extension of the table help to hold the sawing cloth firmly for safe and comfortable operation.

7. ZUBR PPT-305-P


The compact end saw with the long mechanism ZUBR PPT-305-P belongs to the professional series of tools. The rod provides a wider cut with a maximum depth of up to 340 mm. The movable head smoothly tilts left and right to 47 degrees. The power of the 2000 VT electric engine allows sawing even particularly strong wood species. The tool is also used for cutting aluminum profiles and plastic panels. The diameter of the disk is 305 mm. The workstation is illuminated with LED lighting and a shadow marker is provided for cutting accuracy. The dust removal system automatically collects chips and dust.

8. ZUBR PPT-216-P


Thanks to the movable saw head, the ZUBR PPT-216-P can saw profiles up to 305 mm wide. Engine power 1800 W, disk diameter 216 mm. Left and right head tilts at an angle of up to 47 degrees. Due to the high precision and the absence of fluffs, the most accurate cut is ensured. The working area is illuminated by the illumination, the processing location is indicated by a shadow. The workpiece is held by a built-in clamp, the sliding supports help hold the sawn parts. Dust and sawdust are collected in the dust bag automatically. Can be connected and hose vacuum cleaner.

9. DEKO DKMS1600-210 Laser 063-4217

DEKO DKMS1600-210 Laser 063-4217

The DEKO DKMS1600-210 Laser 063-4217 with a size of 29x31x45 cm and a weight of 6.4 kg belongs to the budget category. The tool is used in everyday life, suitable for direct and oblique sawing of wood materials. Engine power: 1500 W, saw blade diameter: 210 mm. Maximum saw width: 110 mm. The accuracy of the cut is ensured by a laser marker, which produces a clear bright line, highlighting the saw site. The machine has a dust collector with a bag for collecting chips and fine dust. The blanks are firmly fixed with clamps.

10. DEKO DKMS2200-255

DEKO DKMS2200-255

The DEKO DKMS2200-255 has a high power of 2200 W, which is able to handle solid wood. With the help of an electric saw, it is possible to make smooth transverse saws of wooden, aluminum and plastic profiles with a width of up to 300 mm. Saw blade diameter: 255 mm. The accuracy of cutting is provided by laser marking. For durable attachment of parts before processing, a built-in clamp is provided. Sliding supports hold the cut parts of the workpiece. Dust and small waste are collected in a dust bag by a dust removal system.

11. DEKO DKMS1200-190

DEKO DKMS1200-190

The DEKO DKMS1200-190 electric saw is compact in size: 280x460mm and weighs about 5kg belongs to the cheap segment of power tools. Saw blade 190 mm provides cutting width of not more than 85 mm. Engine power – 1200 W. The saw is suitable for transverse straight and oblique sawing of narrow wooden blanks. The device includes a dust collector that collects fine dust and larger waste when sawing. It is also possible to connect a vacuum cleaner. The details are fixed with a clamp before processing, which makes it easier for the master.

12. DEKO DKMS1400-210 063-4216

DEKO DKMS1400-210 063-4216

The DEKO DKMS1400-210 063-4216 provides a straight, oblique and combined cut of wooden building materials up to 110 mm wide. The saw has compact dimensions: 48x31x28 cm and light weight: 6.5 kg. Electric motor power 1500 VT with idle speed up to 5500 rev/min. Saw blade diameter is 210 mm. The dust collector with a dust bag and the possibility of connecting a hose to the vacuum cleaner ensures cleanliness of the workplace during operation. The operator protects against injuries and shavings with a special cover over the disc. The blanks are fixed with a clamp built into the body before processing.

13. LUXTER 8 inch 210 mm

LUXTER 8 дюймов 210 мм

The LUXTER 8 inch 210 mm 2000W Rated Power provides transverse cutting of wood, aluminum, plastic blanks up to 340mm wide and up to 60mm deep. The saw has a standard 210 mm diameter disc. The saw head tilts left and right with a smooth adjustment up to 45 degrees. The cutting site is illuminated by a laser marker, resulting in the most accurate cut. Supports are attached to the sides of the housing, which increase the working surface and hold long parts. Also included is a clamp for the reliable attachment of lumber.

14. LUXTER 10 inch 255

LUXTER 10 дюймов 255

Торцовочная скользящая пила LUXTER 10 дюймов 255 оснащена двойной системой скольжения, что позволяет распиливать поперек под углом более широкие детали шириной до 340 мм. Максимальная глубина среза достигает 90 мм. Пильная голова не только поворачивается влево и вправо, но перемещается вперед и назад, благодаря чему увеличивается пропускная способность деревообработки. Мощность двигателя инструмента 4000 Вт, диаметр пильного диска 250 мм. В корпус встроен пылесборник с тканным мешком. Сбор стружки и мелкого мусора происходит автоматически. Предусмотрена также возможность присоединения пылесоса. В комплекте идут раздвижные опоры для увеличения рабочей зоны. Место обработки подсвечивается мощным фонарем. Лазерная разметка помогает сделать точный распил.

15. LUXTER 185 mm 7 inch

LUXTER 185 мм 7 дюймов

The LUXTER 185 mm 7-inch double-sliding single-component saw provides transversal cutting of wood and aluminum blanks up to 30 cm wide. The maximum cutting depth is 60 mm. The axis of the saw head is tilted only one way up to 45 degrees and is pushed forward-backwards on double rails. Motor power 1500 W with no-load rotation speed up to 4500 rev/ min. Disk diameter – 185 mm. The cutting accuracy is ensured by a laser that illuminates a perfectly smooth line. With sliding supports and clamps integrated into the housing, long lumber is retained.

16. LUXTER 12 inch

LUXTER 12-дюймовая

The LUXTER 12 inch double bevel saw with sliding system saws wood blanks, plastic tubes, aluminum profile at a straight and oblique angle. The saw head rotates around the axis, right-left at an angle of 45 degrees, moves on double rails back and forth. This functionality, the power of the engine 2000 W and the diameter of the saw blade 305 mm allow to produce a transverse cut up to 330 mm wide and up to 105 mm deep. The cutting depth is adjusted with a special handle on the case. The case also includes a LED lamp for illumination of the working area and a laser marksman for more accurate cutting. The base and work table are made of aluminum, with retractable supports on the sides.

17. YESOK 10 inch

YESOK 10 дюймов

The YESOK 10-inch saw, although compact in size: 490x375x410 mm, has high functionality. The 2200 W copper engine and 255 mm saw blade provide transverse cutting not only of wooden parts up to 105 mm wide and up to 90 mm deep, but also of aluminum profile and metal plates up to 3 mm thick. The housing is equipped with a dust removal system to which the vacuum cleaner hose is connected. The blade is covered with a protective plastic cover that reduces the spread of sawdust and protects the operator from injury. Separately you can buy a folding bracket on which to install the machine.

18. Electrolite TP-1800 210mm

Electrolite ТП-1800 210мм

Electrolite TP-1800 saw with a low weight of only 6 kg and compact dimensions: 49x25x28 cm has quite high power – 1800 W and speed per minute up to 5000. The external diameter of 210 mm ensures a transverse shaft depth of up to 60 mm. The saw blade guard protects against cuts and reduces chip scattering. Small debris and waste are collected automatically in a dust bag, which is supplied as a package. The saw head tilts to the right and to the left at an angle of 45 degrees. For fixing the blanks on the body there is a clamp.

19. GS0029


Sawing machine GS0029 belongs to the budget segment. The disc is 255 mm in diameter and can be cut to a width of up to 25 cm with a depth of up to 80 mm. The blade is hidden in a protective cover for safety. The saw is suitable for direct or oblique sawing of wooden and aluminum blanks as well as PVC tubes. The saw head is deflected to the left and right up to 45 degrees. The rotation angle of the turntable is adjusted by a special handle. The power of the electric motor 1800 W. For collecting dust in the body there is a hole for a hose vacuum cleaner or for a bag.

20. J1G-ZP2-190


The compact electric saw with a face J1G-ZP2-190 size 49x32x29 and a weight of 5.4 kg has good mobility. The sawing machine folds for transportation and does not take up much space. Engine power 900 W, RPM with a maximum speed of 5500 per minute. The saw blade is used with an external diameter of 190 mm. The tool is designed for cross-cutting wood and aluminum blanks with a maximum width of 110 mm with a sawing depth of up to 75 mm. The inclination angle is illuminated by laser marking to improve the accuracy of the cutting. The integrated dust collector is connected to a vacuum cleaner or a special bag.

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