TOP 20 best game consoles for TV with Aliexpress

ТОП-20 лучших игровых приставок для телевизора с Алиэкспресс

Although every year dozens of new PC games with great graphics are released for PC, fans of video games on consoles connected to the TV are not decreasing. Also do not lose popularity and retro games that were released in the 90s of the last millennium, which require a special console. A set-top box with a collection of games recorded on a hard drive or memory card is connected to the TV via HDMI and AV connectors, the game is controlled by joysticks.

20 best game consoles for TV with Aliexpress

AliExpress has a large selection of modern TV consoles with built-in classic and modern games. The site has collected the best models of game consoles connected to TV, which can be ordered inexpensively through the popular Aliexpress platform.



The compact game console in a black GAME STICK LITE case is connected via the HDMI output on the TV. The seller offers the buyer a choice of 3 console options: 64GB/10000 games; 8bit/818 games; 32GB/3500 games. The menu is Russified, the games can be sorted and you can find the ones you need through a quick search. Video games saved on the card can be deleted and others can be recorded at your discretion. The kit comes with two wireless joysticks that connect to the set-top box via Bluetooth. Gamepads run on 2 AAA batteries (not included). Video games can be played alone or together.

2. Pawky Box

Pawky Box

The 10×10 cm square Pawky Box game console is offered by the seller in 6 color options with the following characteristics: 256GB/50,000 games; 128GB/41000 games; 64GB/33000 games. The set-top box is connected using a cable to the HDMI output of the TV. Retro games can be overwritten. The kit also includes two wireless gamepads powered by AAA batteries. The console supports up to four controllers, which can be purchased separately. The seller also puts 6 lenses for a light projector in the package, which project the starry sky onto the wall using an application on a smartphone. The game console can be hung on the wall using the adhesive layer on the back wall or placed on a cooling pad.

3. ARCADE BOX 1900


Arcade game console ARCADE BOX 1900 with 64 GB memory contains 33000 retro games that can be overwritten. The seller offers two delivery options – with wired and wireless controllers at the buyer’s choice. The game console with two gamepads comes in a bag where you can put your gadgets away for storage. The set-top box is connected to the TV using a cable via an HDMI output. Russified menu and user-friendly interface will help you easily find the game you are interested in. 4 controllers can be connected to the console at the same time. The gaming controllers are specially made for arcade games with high button sensitivity and anti-slip coating.

4. Y2S HD/AV TV Game Console

Y2S HD/AV TV Game Console

Y2S HD/AV TV Game Console 6.8×2.8 cm with retro games belongs to the budget category. Depending on the model, the console is suitable for both old and new TVs with HDMI output. On different modifications of electronic devices recorded from 620 to 1715 classic games popular at the end of the last millennium. The set includes two controllers powered by AAA batteries or connected to the console via a cable. Gamepads have a classic retro design with modernized buttons that are more sensitive to touch, which is especially important for arcade and shooter games.

5. Super Console X PRO

Super Console X PRO

The 100x100mm Super Console X PRO game console contains up to 50,000 video games popular in past years. You can remove and add classic games. The console also supports the Android operating system, so you can watch popular video channels and movies online. In addition to the set-top box and two game controllers, there is a remote control with which the system is controlled and programs are selected. The buyer can choose gamepads in retro style or modern design. Up to four players can play at the same time. The seller puts a usb-hub on 4 ports in the parcel. Controllers can be purchased separately.

Beelink Super Console X King

Beelink Super Console X King multifunctional console is not only for video games. Through the set-top box via Wi-Fi, you can watch online movies, videos, open websites. The game console contains up to 60,000 classic retro video games that can be erased and new ones added. The stylish matte black case features a skull outline with glowing green eyes when the console is plugged in. The menu is Russified and intuitive. Up to 5 players can play on the console at the same time by connecting the console via a usb hub. The kit comes with 2 wireless controllers.

7. Super Console X Cube

Super Console X Cube

The 12.5×10.7×4 cm game console for retro games Super Console X Cube contains up to 50,000 classic popular games of the past – quests, platformers, arcades, shooters. The prefix can be used as an emulator and overwrite games from a computer. The console has 4 ports for connecting four controllers at the same time. The buyer can choose a configuration option with two or four wireless gamepads with a range of up to 8-10 meters. For joysticks, you need to buy AAA batteries (2 pcs. for each). The system supports Russian. Can be connected to a TV via HDMI or AV outputs.

8. Super Console X Max H96

Super Console X Max H96

The Super Console X Max H96 multifunctional game console contains more than 60,000 video games popular at the end of the last century. The console is a black shiny disk with a diameter of 114 mm. At the end of the case there is a digital display that displays the time and connection to TV. In addition to retro games, the set-top box can also be used to watch TV, a YouTube channel, and various websites via WI-FI. 4 GB of built-in RAM ensures the operation of the device without delays and freezes. The menu is Russified. Included is a remote control for searching and managing programs. Also in the set are 2 or 4 wireless controllers, depending on the configuration option selected by the buyer.

Beelink Super Console X PC Lite

The 124x113x41 cm Beelink Super Console X PC Lite game console contains more than 70,000 classic video games, including 5,000 3D games. You can also store new games on the 2TB hard drive. The set-top box with 8G RAM and Win10 Pro operating system is a mini-computer. It is possible to connect via HDMI outputs simultaneously to two TVs or monitors. Through WI-FI, you can watch photos and movies online, browse websites, download applications and connect TV channels. The kit comes with 1 or 2 wired controllers, depending on the configuration option.



The NVIDIA SHIELD PRO P2897 media player is not just a game console, but a full—fledged entertainment center. The 9.8×15.9×2.6 cm prefix is presented in black with a green insert, which is highlighted when turned on. Included is a remote control with voice search to control menus and programs. The gadget runs on the Android 9.0 operating system, which allows you to install applications, watch TV programs, movies and TV series online, and open websites. The hard disk capacity is 16 GB, RAM is 3 GB. You can also play online games on the console by purchasing a controller separately.

11. Y2-HD


Mini-game console budget category Y2-HD compact size: 15.5x10x6 cm is designed for retro games. The console contains 621 8-bit classic video games that cannot be overwritten. The set also comes with two wireless controllers, which are retro-styled but with more sensitive buttons, which improves the gaming experience. Gamepads run on two AAA batteries, which are not included. The controllers are connected to the game console via an infrared connection and work at a distance of up to 8 meters. The set-top box connects directly to the TV via an HDMI output.

12. SEGA Magistr Drive 2 lit 252

SEGA Magistr Drive 2 lit 252 игр

Classic design SEGA Magistr Drive 2 lit 252 16-bit game console with 2048MB built-in memory contains 252 retro video games that were popular in the 90s. Compared to the original versions of the first SEGA, the body of the console is more compact. The dimensions of the set-top box are 28.4×20.4×6.4 cm. The video set-top box is compatible with standard 16-bit cartridges. The set also includes two wired controllers in a classic SEGA design with a cord length of 1.5 meters. The set-top box connects to the TV via an AV cable. Screen resolution: 320×240, stereo sound is built into the system.

13. Dendy 8-bit

Игровая приставка Dendy 8-bit

Retro design Dendy Classic 8-bit game console with 512MB built-in memory contains 620 simplest 8-bit most popular video games of the past. All games are presented in full versions. The console also has a connector for standard 8-bit game cartridges. The video set-top box is connected to the TV via an audio-video cable. You don’t have to set up the device. When connected, an English-language menu with games is immediately displayed. Power is supplied from the mains through a built-in 1.5 m cord. The set includes two joysticks of an improved modification of an ergonomic shape with more sensitive buttons than in the classic version of Dendy. You can also play with a light gun (not included), but only on CRT TVs.

14. PAP II


HEYNOW PAP II game console with 1280×720 resolution and 128MB built-in memory contains 5200 classic 64-bit video games from the past. The system supports 10 emulators, including PS1. You can save the progress of the game, delete and reinstall video games from the memory card. The menu is Russified. The set-top box with a 4-core processor in classic black color has compact dimensions: 23.2×15.3×2.9 cm, it is connected to the TV via an HDMI output. The set also comes with two streamlined wired controllers with responsive buttons for faster gameplay in shooters.

15. iwell G7

iwell G7

Game console Camebox iwell G7 250x170x70 mm in size with Android operating system contains up to 12,000 retro games. The built-in memory of the console is 16 GB. In addition, the seller comes with a TF memory card of 64 or 128 GB at the choice of the buyer. Thanks to 2 GB of RAM and the installed operating system, the console can also be used as a TV set-top box for watching TV channels via the Internet. Connects to the TV console via HDMI-out, which provides high-definition images even for retro games. The set comes with 2 wireless controllers with dual joysticks with highly sensitive buttons.

16. Mini PC Box

Mini PC Box

With a built-in 2TB hard drive and 72,000 classic video games downloaded, the Mini PC Box game console is the best gift for retro gamers. This is not just a game console, but a mini-computer with built-in 108 game simulators. The operating system with an activated version of Win10 Pro and built-in 8 GB of RAM allow you to download new games via a WI-FI connection, watch online movies and TV programs, open websites and install applications. The console is equipped with two wired game controllers. Up to 12 gamepads can be connected via the USB hub for simultaneous play.

17. Titan 555

Titan 555

Titan 555, a Russian-made game console with a resolution of 320×240, contains 8- and 16-bit retro games of various genres. You can insert memory cards up to 32 GB into the console for viewing photos and listening to music. A video set-top box is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable, to the network using a non-removable cord 1.4 meters long with a Euro plug at the end. The console has 555 classic games that were popular in the 90s of the last century. You can also download games to a memory card. The set includes two wired 15-bit classic design gamepads with two joysticks. The manufacturer provides a 6 month warranty.

18. PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 game console with an 8-core processor and a frequency of 3.5 Hz leaves far behind the competition among gaming consoles. The built-in 825 GB hard drive allows you to download even the heaviest games designed for PS4 and PS5 almost instantly. The body of the console is made in a modern futuristic design in white with black accents. The console can be placed both vertically and horizontally on a surface by mounting it on a cooling plate. The set also comes with the original PlayStation 5 wireless controller, which gives you the tactile feel of the game.

19. Microsoft Xbox серии X

Microsoft Xbox серии X

The Microsoft Xbox X Series is one of the most powerful consoles of the new generation. Thanks to backwards compatibility, you can play thousands of games from four generations of Xbox, which are easy to download from the library or from discs via the drive. The case of the console is made of black matte rectangular plastic with dimensions: 151x301x151 mm. There are small feet on the bottom to cool the case, which can be installed vertically and horizontally. With 16GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, 8-core processor, even the most powerful games run smoothly. Comes with an upgraded Xbox Wireless Controller.

20. Microsoft Xbox Series S

Microsoft Xbox Series S

The Microsoft Xbox Series S game console with 520MB hard drive storage and an 8-core processor is a lighter version of the console with a lower cost. The program is compatible not only with new, but also with early versions of games that can be downloaded from the Xbox Game Library. The prefix has compact dimensions: 6.5 × 15.1 × 27.5 cm, placed in a white rectangular plastic case. A distinctive feature of the S series is the absence of a disk drive. All games are downloaded over the Internet only. Also included is the Classic White Xbox Wireless Controller.

21. Hard drive with 100,000+ retro games

Жесткий диск с 100 000 ретро-играми для PS4/PS3/PS2/Wii u/SS/Game Cube/N64

A 4 to 12T high-perspective hard drive contains between 80,000 and 100,000 classic video games for consoles and arcade machines from around the world. The hard drive is capable of supporting up to 420 emulators. There are also over 6,700 3D games in the collection. The platform is supported by Windows 7,8,10,11 systems, compatible with various types of wired and wireless controllers. The setup wizard almost automatically installs the program to manage the menu. The system adapts to different screen formats and the game runs in full screen mode. External drive case dimensions: 178×115 mm.

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