TOP 20 best weather stations for home with Aliexpress – weather station rating

ТОП-20 лучших метеостанций для дома с Алиэкспресс – рейтинг погодных станций

Portable weather station is a household device that displays relative humidity, temperature in the room and outside the window. Some models also include an alarm clock, a calendar, and more high-tech devices when connected to the Internet give weather forecasts for the coming days.

20 best weather stations for home with Aliexpress

Buy a home weather station is advantageous through AliExpress, where you can pick up as simple models of weather stations with minimal functions, and digital devices with outdoor sensors, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules. To help you decide on a choice, the site has compiled a rating of the best weather stations for the home, which can be ordered on Aliexpress.

1. Amvolta


Amvolta ministation measuring 82x78x21 mm with 2 inch LCD display and simple set of functions serves to measure the temperature in the room. The screen displays: indoor temperature and humidity, current time and comfort icon. The range t – from -50 to +70°C, the measurement accuracy is – 1°C. An alarm function is also built into the weather station. The device can be hung on the wall or put on the horizontal surface with a retractable stand. The device works from two AAA batteries, which are not supplied as a package. The seller offers to buyers two models of weather stations – with additional illumination and without.

2. Anseny Food Thermometer

Anseny Food Thermometer

The 4.3×4.3cm Anseny Food Thermometer with a small LCD display is suitable for home use. The weather station measures t within the range of -10 to +50°C, humidity – 10 to 90%, readings are displayed on a digital display. The comfort icon is also displayed. No clock is included in this model. The seller offers buyers a choice of three colors of the case: white, pink, green. The mini-station is attached to vertical surfaces by means of double-sided tape (complete). The device works from the power supply CR2032, which is already installed.

3. GEEVON 8665


Home weather station GEEVON 8665 is a multifunctional device that displays: indoor and outdoor temperature, room and outdoor humidity, time, moon phase, weather forecast. The 7.5-inch large informative display displays all the information simultaneously. The device operates from the electrical network, is connected via a power adapter (included) or three AAA batteries, which are purchased separately. To measure the outside, a remote sensor is placed on the main device without wires. The transmitter requires 2 AAA batteries. Also in the station housing is built-in USB port for charging the phone.

4. GEEVON 8648


The digital thermometer with the function of the GEEVON 8648 Hygrometer is 9.5×8.5cm and 4.5inch diagonal screen shows t from -10 to +70°C and humidity within 20-95%. Weather measurements are automatically taken every 15 seconds. The display also shows the indication of comfort indicators and the level of battery charge. The weather station is powered by AAA batteries, which are not included. The device can be hung on the wall, for this purpose on the back of the housing is a hook. On the back there is also a folding stand to put the weather station on a horizontal surface.



The OUTEST CX-201A Wired External Hygrothermograph displays indoor and outdoor temperature and room humidity. The measurement range of outer and inner t: – 50°C +70°C, humidity – 10 to 99%. The device has compact dimensions: 95x55x20 mm, diagonal display: 1.9 inches. The device works from one AAA battery, which is not included. The external transmitter can be attached with a suction cup outside the window. The sensor is connected to the base by a wire one and a half meters long. The receiver can be hung on the wall or put on a horizontal surface. For wall mounting on the rear side of the body there is a hole. There is also a folding stand.

6. Oauee Thermometer

Oauee Thermometer

The Oauee Thermometer Home Weather Mini-station of 102×75 mm and 2 inch LCD screen diagonal shows indoor humidity, time, date, outdoor and internal temperature. The device also includes a memory function and an alarm clock. A remote sensor with a 1 metre cord is attached to the housing. Measurement range t: from -10°C to +50°C, humidity – 10-99%. You will need one AAA battery (not included). On the front of the case below the display are placed buttons for setting time, alarm, memory. At the back is a Fahrenheit degree switch to Celsius. The weather station can be mounted on the wall and placed on horizontal surfaces.

7. Newentor Q5 Weather Station


The digital weather station for the Newentor Q5 Weather Station with indoor and outdoor wireless sensor shows the exact weather outside the window and temperature with relative humidity inside the room. The device can be connected to three wireless sensors to measure the readings in different rooms and on the street. An informative 6.9-inch display displays real-time weather patterns. Measurements are made every 15 seconds. Weather station can also display weather forecast for the next 12 hours. Also on the screen you can set clock with alarm clock, calendar, moon phases. The device operates from electricity through a power adapter and AAA batteries.

8. DIGOO 8641

DIGOO 8641

The home weather station DIGOO 8641, measuring 208×135 mm and a large LCD screen, shows relative humidity, room and street temperature. The display also displays hours, sunrise and sunset time, weather forecast, lunar phases, calendar and alarm clock. All configuration buttons are on the back of the case. The device supports Russian language. The ambient temperature is measured using a wireless sensor capable of transmitting a signal up to 30 metres. In the apartment, the external sensor can be hung outside the window, attaching to the wall. The power supply of the device – from two batteries AAA.

9. DIGOO DG-8647


Digital thermometer-hygrometer DIGOO DG-8647 compact size 8×9 cm has wireless remote sensor for measuring street temperature. The 4-inch high-resolution LED display displays room and window temperature and humidity, current time, precipitation, lunar phases, battery charge indicator on outdoor transmitter. On the receiver you can set an alarm with delayed start. The device is connected to the network with a USB connection, the device works and from AAA batteries, which are not included in the kit. The home weather station can be placed on horizontal surfaces with the help of an extension stand and hung on the wall.

10. Newentor Q5 Weather Station

Newentor Q5 Weather Station

The Newentor Q5 Weather Station is supplied with three wireless outdoor sensors, which can be installed not only on the street, but also in different rooms. On an informative digital display with a diagonal of 6 inches, the instrument shows the temperature and humidity in the premises and outside the window, according to the received data forecasts the weather for the next 12 hours. The current time is also displayed automatically or manually. The receiver has two alarm clocks. The station is operated by two AA batteries. The station can be placed on a horizontal surface, no wall mounting is provided.

11. NEIMZ KN888 / KN666

NEIMZ KN888 / KN666

The home weather station NEIMZ KN888 / KN666 with a time projection shows the humidity level and temperature outside and indoors. The seller offers a choice of devices in white and black housing. You can also choose the number of remote street sensors from 0 to 3. The weather station runs from 2 AAA batteries, you can also connect to the power supply via a USB port. The LCD screen displays the temperature from all installed sensors, the day and month of the week, the current time that is projected to the ceiling. You can turn on the alarm for daily or single operation or set it only for working days.

12. ZEAST Wireless Weather Station

ZEAST Wireless Weather Station

The ZEAST Wireless Weather Station with three outdoor sensors is available in white and black. Dimensions: 166x113x26.5 mm. On a sufficiently large digital screen is shown information about the temperature and humidity in the room, as well as indicators coming from all sensors. The device can forecast the weather for the next hours. The device works from the network, to which it is connected via an adapter, and from AAA batteries. You will also need batteries for remote wireless sensors. The weather station receives a signal from wireless transmitters up to 60 meters.

13. Nashone H306DC

Nashone H306DC

The digital weather station with voice control and time projection Nashone H306DC shows humidity levels and indoor temperatures. There is also a calendar, alarm clock and clock that project time on the ceiling. All information is displayed on the color LCD screen of high definition. Instrument dimensions: 77x86x25 mm. The buttons are on the front of the screen. You can control the backlight with a touch button on the top of the case and voice. Once the sound level reaches 60 dB, the screen is activated. The station runs from two AAA batteries that do not come complete. The seller suggests the buyer to choose black or white of the casing of the product.

14. FanJu FJ3383C

FanJu FJ3383C

The FanJu FJ3383C digital hygrothermograph is supplied with a remote wireless sensor with a range of up to 60 meters. The device can be wired up to three sensors. The LCD display displays information on indoor and outdoor temperature and relative humidity, current time, date, and weather comfort level. Based on measurements, the instrument is able to predict the weather for the next half-day. The device can be connected to the power supply via USB cable. There is also a home weather station with AAA batteries.

15. FanJu FJ3551A

FanJu FJ3551A

The FanJu FJ3551A weather station measures the temperature and humidity in the room and outside the window using a wireless sensor. The device size: 16.1×11.5×3.2cm is equipped with a colored large display, which displays the clock and current date, humidity and temperature indicators in the room and incoming from the outdoor sensor. You can set the alarm to daily or single mode. The weather station runs from the network with a USB cable and two AA batteries. The wireless transmitter will also require two finger batteries. For the sensor to be attached to the wall there is a technological hole. The receiver itself is placed on a stand.

16. FanJu FJW4

FanJu FJW4

The FanJu FJW4 digital weather station comes with three, two or one remote sensor at the buyer’s choice. The device has a built-in WiFi module, thanks to which you can synchronize the device through a special application and receive information about humidity and temperature remotely. The digital screen of the station displays time and date, temperature readings and relative humidity on the street and indoors. As well as the display shows the weather forecast for 4 days ahead, the data comes through Wi-Fi. The device has a USB port for charging the phone. Running weather station from the network via power adapter and AA batteries that are not included.

17. MI·SOL A6-WS-HP3001-8MZ


The MI SOL A6-WS-HP3001-8MZ hygrothermograph can receive temperature data simultaneously with 8 remote sensors. In the set with a weather station comes 5 remote wireless sensors with a data transmission range of up to 100 meters. Readings can be saved on the TF-card, under which there is a separate slot. The LCD display shows the time and date, displays the temperature and humidity data, you can connect the graph of temperature changes of recent time. The receiver operates from the electrical network via a 5 V DC adapter or from AA batteries, which are not included. Wireless transmitters need finger batteries.

18. NicetyMeter 0832/0310

NicetyMeter 0832/0310

The semi-professional weather station NicetyMeter 0832/0310 is equipped with a remote outdoor sensor for measuring temperature, humidity, precipitation, ultraviolet radiation, wind speed and direction. The transmitter works from the built-in solar battery. All data is received to the base by wireless communication with a range of up to 100 meters and is displayed on the LCD display. When the wind and precipitation increase, an acoustic signal is given. You can also get weather information on your smartphone after installing a special mobile application. The screen also shows the date and time, you can set an alarm. The base station is connected via an adapter to the network, and can operate from autonomous power supplies.

19. ITH-20R


Depending on the configuration, the ITH-20R weather station comes with a wireless transmitter and a corded probe. The receiver and transmitter have the same dimensions: 75x64x21 mm. The device is easy to operate, does not require special adjustment. Data on temperature and humidity in the room, as well as on the street from all sensors are displayed on a digital display. The wireless sensor transmits the signal up to 90 meters. The probe can be connected to the transmitter to measure the fluid temperature in the range of -50 to-125 . The home weather station operates from two AAA power elements, which should be purchased separately.

20. Easyover WS0232

Easyover WS0232

Easyover WS0232 digital weather station is equipped with wireless transmitter with built-in anemometer, thermometer, barometer. The receiver receives data from a remote to 90 meters sensor on temperature, relative humidity, wind direction and velocity, precipitation. All information is displayed on the LCD screen in real time. The display also shows the date and time, temperature and humidity in the room. The receiver works from autonomous power supply AAA. For the transmitter it is better to buy lithium batteries that withstand low temperatures.

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