TOP 22 Best PC Power Supplies with Aliexpress

ТОП-20 лучших блоков питания для компьютера с Алиэкспресс

In this article, the site has collected the twenty best power supplies for a personal computer that can be purchased on Aliexpress.


Power supply with a maximum capacity of 2000W. High output power allows for stability of power supply. The product is made of reliable and durable material that prevents wear and tear. It has a rich output interface. 18 AWG copper output line. The built-in fan is powered by twelve volts and is not adjustable by automatic, and does not create much noise. Passive command sequence controller type. Eight-pin CPU power connector. The device has all necessary quality certificates.



It is a professional switching power supply that has a power of 2000 W. It has high performance of protection against various electromagnetic interference. The 140 mm double fan allows maximum air flow and almost silent operation. The efficiency of the output power and the increase in the stability/performance of the system is ensured by the high-quality active PFC. The power supply is reliably protected from overloads and overheating. Has standard dimensions as well as weight. The presence of a European certificate of conformity.

3. SENLIFANG 2000 Вт


It is a high-quality and reliable power source with a high power output of 2000 W. The device has a universal AC voltage input design, which is sufficient for an input voltage of 180-260 W. The system’s stability and performance are ensured by the active PFC. The device is equipped with 8 SATA-ports, eight contacts for video card. Number of D – 3 tyres. The power supply unit is equipped with an excellent fan, providing high-quality air flow circulation and not creating heavy noise. The motherboard is 24Pin.

4. COOREA SDGR-2000ETH 2000 Вт


Professional power supply, 2000 W. The device has the following input voltage: 110-230 V AC. Support for GPU: 8. Suitable for many tasks, including stable and efficient mining. SATA – 8 ports. The motherboard is 24Pin. One red-yellow power supply is included. It has European certificate of conformity, standard dimensions and weight. The device is made of safe and reliable materials that ensure the long-term operation of the article.

5. ETH mining 1800 Вт

ETH mining 1800 Вт

This is a professional power supply that is great for mining and has a capacity of 1800 watts (the maximum power of the device is 2000 watts). The power source is equipped with a powerful fan with two ball bearings with a diameter of 140 millimeters – this allows to achieve excellent air circulation and quiet operation of the device. Key features include: high electromagnetic interference protection, high strength material, and excellent transformation speed. The input voltage is approximately 180-240 V AC.



It is a high quality power supply with a rated capacity of 1800 watts and a maximum capacity of 2000 watts. The main advantages and features of the device include the ability to support up to six graphic processors, stable performance, high efficiency, completely silent operation, and the presence of a capacitor and a large magnetic ring. The power cord is supplied as standard with the device itself. The input voltage is about 185-264 Volts. Plug type – Russian/European. Suitable for personal computers for various tasks.



The rated power of the power supply is 1600 watts and the input voltage is 180-264 volts AC. Availability of overvoltage, short circuit and overload protection. Operating temperature of the power supply: from 0 to 55 degrees Celsius. The cooling method is air (fourteen centimeters). Supports up to six GPUs, has the highest efficiency, stable performance, and very quiet operation mode. The power cord has a variety of shades (black, red, yellow). Passive command sequence controller type.

8. LEORY 1000 Вт

LEORY 1000 Вт

This is a power supply with a rated power of 500 watts. The maximum power of the device is 1000 watts. The input voltage is approximately 110-220 V AC. There is automatic fan speed control with a special thermal sensor located inside the power supply unit. SLi supports AMD Dual and Multi core. Presence of intelligent innovative heat management technology. The device has a special option of manual voltage control. Active type of command sequence controller. European Certificate of Conformity.

9. LEORY RGB 1000 Вт


This power supply is suitable for personal computers that have high configuration settings. Support all modern operating systems. The presence of 12 cm special bearing. Temperature control has intelligent circuit (automatic speed control to extend the life of the device). There is a possibility of manual voltage switching. The power supply is equipped with all necessary protection systems against overvoltage, overload, short circuit and so on. High efficiency, over 80 percent.

10. LEORY 1000W Power Supply

LEORY 1000W Power Supply

The power supply is integrated with a special intelligent chip that increases stability, performance and efficiency. Support all modern major processors. Excellent compatibility with high power consumption. The device has durable power. The fan is equipped with a noise reduction function. Presence of intelligent circuit controlling temperature parameters. The power cord is made in red-yellow shades. The interface type is 20Pin. The rated power of the device is 1000 watts. The input voltage is twelve volts.

11. LEORY 850 Вт

LEORY 850 Вт

The power supply, which has a maximum capacity of 850 watts. The efficiency of the device more than eighty percent. Full compliance with ATX 12V V2.3. The fan speed is controlled automatically by a special sensor integrated into the power supply. High reliability is achieved thanks to the active PFC power supply. The possibility of obtaining a high degree of stability of the output voltage to protect the personal computer. Silent fan. Compact size and small weight. The device is compatible with popular operating systems.

12. Segotep RGB 850 Вт

Segotep RGB 850 Вт

It is a highly professional power supply with a maximum power of 850 watts. Suitable for gaming devices. Excellent support for all modern graphics processors. Availability of water cooling fan. High levels of stability and energy efficiency. Silent cooling system that controls heat emission and keeps noise volume up to twenty-eight Decibels. Active PFC. There is wide voltage support. Bright RGB lamp including as many as eighteen LED lamps.

13. CHIEFTEC CTG-750C 800 Вт


It is an innovative power source with a high maximum capacity of 800 watts. The efficiency of the device is more than eighty-five percent. The frequency of incoming AC current is fifty hertz. Fan diameter – twelve centimeters. 80 PLUS certification. Four-pin connectors peripheral power supply. The number of SATA power connectors is six. Half module. Active command sequence controller type. The device is made of safe, high-strength materials that ensure continuous operation.

14. LEORY green 800 Вт

LEORY green 800 Вт

The maximum power of this power supply is as much as 800 watts. Such indicators are great for high-end computer configuration. Compatibility with various operating systems. Presence of LED special fan with hydraulic bearing (twelve centimeters), ensuring quiet operation, efficient operation and energy saving. Integrated intelligent temperature control circuit with automatic fan speed control. The device is equipped with all necessary protection systems.

15. LEORY VP800 800 Вт

LEORY VP800 800 Вт

The maximum power of this power supply is 800 watts. It has excellent compatibility with personal computers running on AMD and Intel processors. Integrated intelligent chip and automatic temperature control. Stable performance and lasting gaming power. Twelve-meter fan with high-quality noise reduction, which effectively dissipates heat. Wide energy saving. Two hundred and twenty volts AC and passive PFC. It is highly compatible with various operating systems and high-end GPUs.



Reliable and high-quality power supply, suitable for most high-performance PCs. This power cell has a power of 800 watts, which makes it possible to connect to it the most modern video cards. The model is equipped with reliable protection against impending voltage surges, various overloads or short circuit in the network. The cooling of the board elements and transformers is provided by a 12 cm diameter cooler that perfectly copes with the heat of the housing. The power supply has 20+4 pin, CPU 4+4 pin, PCI-E 6+2 pin x4, 15pin SATA x6, 4-pin Molex, 4-pin Floppy.

17. CHIEFTEC CPS-750S 750 Вт


This power supply has excellent maximum capacity characteristics of 750 watts. This is a great choice for users who like to use high-tech devices with excellent performance. The equipment is suitable for a state-of-the-art powerful gaming computer. In addition, the power supply can be used as part of a stable workstation, which is characterized by a productive level of power consumption. Compatible with modern operating systems and popular personal computer components.

18. BlitzWolf 750 Вт

BlitzWolf 750 Вт

This power source has excellent parameters. The maximum power of the equipment is 750 watts. The presence of a fully silent fan, actively dispersing warm air and extending the life of the equipment. The device is great for modern games. The equipment is well protected from various negative effects (cockroaches, damp, dust). Additionally, there is high-quality protection against overload, overheating and closing. Presence of RGB lighting with several lamps. All necessary certificates of quality and reliability are present.

19. LEORY 700 Вт

LEORY 700 Вт

Highly professional equipment has the highest indicators of stability and performance. The maximum power supply is as much as 700 watts. Automatic fan speed control by special integrated heat sensor. The high reliability of the power supply is achieved by using an active PCF. The efficiency of the equipment is more than eighty percent. The body of the device is made of aluminum alloy. Copper cable. The fan diameter is twelve centimeters.

20. CHIEFTEC BBS-600S 600 Вт


The power supply is suitable for modern personal computers with high configuration parameters. The maximum capacity of the equipment is 600 watts. Hardware is an excellent example of a combination of efficiency, performance, reliability and security. One floppy disk drive connector. The power input voltage is 100-240 V AC. 80 PLUS certification. Six SATA power connectors. The frequency of incoming AC is 47-63 Hertz. CPU power connector: 4 pins. Compatible with various OS and PC components.

21. Aigo AK600 W

Aigo AK600 600 Вт

This power supply is designed for installation in a gaming PC. Its capacity is 600 watts, quite enough for most gaming hardware. In addition, this model uses a silent energy-saving cooler, the size of 12 cm with a hydraulic bearing. Inside the case installed the original RGB backlight. The Aigo AK600 has an innovative overcurrent protection system, surge protection and short circuit protection, which significantly prolongs the life of the device. The power supply interface applies to a wide range of motherboards running AMD and Intel processors. For the graphics card there are two connectors (6PIN + 2).

22. Wovibo 500 Вт

Wovibo 700V 500 Вт

It is a power supply suitable for a variety of tasks with a personal computer. The maximum power supply is five hundred watts. The key features of the equipment include: free assembly interface, high performance, stable voltage, compliance with various specifications. The fan is silent, highly efficient and energy-saving. The body of equipment is made of safe and reliable materials, allowing to extend the service life of the device. Availability of all necessary protection systems (overload, overheating, short circuit and so on).

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