TOP 20 Best Smart TV Boxes With Aliexpress – Rating Android TV Tuners

ТОП-20 лучших смарт ТВ приставок с Алиэкспресс – рейтинг Андроид ТВ тюнеров

Although modern TV models are built-in smart-systems, android TV boxes are still very popular, as can provide internet access to any TV. The small receiver connected to the TV provides various packages of TV channels. Also with the help of TV-box you can watch videos and photos through the Internet, play computer games, install applications. The modern TV tuner turns an ordinary TV into a smart digital device.

20 Best Smart TV Boxes With Aliexpress

You can buy a digital receiver at competitive prices on the AliExpress trading platform. To help you choose a media player for your TV, the website has ranked the best Android-based TV sets that can be ordered on Aliexpress.

1. Xiaomi Mi TV Box S

Xiaomi Mi TV Box S

The Xiaomi Mi TV Box S TV set top box plays 4K Ultra HD video, providing high image clarity with the finest details. The digital tuner is connected to the TV via HDMI cable. Runs TV receiver on the operating version of the Android 8.1 system and supports all Google services. On the hard disk 8 GB can be installed applications, through the digital tuner open online cinemas, browse social networks, communicate in messengers, play video games. The media player supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and usb connections. Google Assistant will help you find the right apps, know the weather, get answers to questions using voice commands. There is a separate button on the PDA for the voice assistant.



The VONTAR X96 MAX smart TV box based on the Android 9.0 operating system comes in three versions of the volume of hard disk – 16, 32 and 64 GB. The TV box plays any video and photo formats, connects to the wireless network via dual-channel Wi-Fi, possible connection via LAN. The device has two USB connectors, one for memory card, can also transmit data via Bluetooth. The TV receiver is connected via HD and AV outputs. On the front there is a digital display showing the current time and modes of connection. You can install applications through the Play store. YouTube is already installed. To view TV channels for free, you must install a media player.



The TV-set-top box VONTAR H96 MAX budget category runs on the basis of the Android 10 system with an upgrade to Android 11. The seller offers buyers a choice of 3 options of the amount of memory on a storage disk – 16, 32, 64 GB. The case has a stylish design, the front panel is a digital display. The TV receiver is connected via HD and AV outputs. Internet connection is possible via Wi-Fi and LAN. Media player supports different image formats, transmits image in 4K mode. On the PDA there are buttons for voice assistant, access to Netflix, You tube, Google Play and Apps. You can order a smart set-top box complete with keyboard and aeromouse.



The smart set-top box VONTAR X3 runs on Android 9.0. Set-top box RAM -4GB. Storage memory depends on the option chosen by the buyer, and can be: 32, 64 or 128 GB. Digital tuner can be installed with different applications via Google Play. The main applications are already installed. The digital receiver is compact in size. On the back panel there are HD and AV outputs for connection to the TV, LAN for wired Internet. On the side are USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectors, for memory stick. On the front of the case there is a display displaying the operating modes and showing the time. Internet connection is also possible via Wi-Fi. The system supports Google voice assistant via PDA.



The VONTAR TOX1 TV box runs on an Android 9.0 system with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB storage. A simple, budget-grade digital receiver has a fairly good functionality. The Lan module provides a stable local connection. For wifi connection there is an antenna that can be dismantled at wired connection. Smart set-top box TV connection is possible only via HDMI connector, which provides excellent 4K image. With Google Play you can install different apps. The purchaser can choose the option of a kit with a keyboard or remote on which there is a voice assistant.

6. VONTAR X4 PRO/X4 PLUS/X4 CUBE/X3 series


The TV-Box VONTAR X3-X4 series is among the most popular smart set-top boxes of budget category. The X3 TV Tuner series runs on the Android 9.0 operating system. Android 11.0 is installed on the X4 series of smart boxes. The X3 set-top boxes are connected to the TV via AV-output. The X4 also has a 4K HDMI-enabled connector. Internet connection is possible via LAN and Wi-Fi socket via antenna. The buyer can choose RAM and ROM digital receiver: 2/16GB, 4/32GB, 4/64GB. You can also optionally choose a kit with an additional PD or keyboard.



Digital tuner VONTAR X1 on the Android 10 operating system, although cheaper than other consoles, has excellent functionality. The buyer may choose the amount of RAM and ROM – 2/16, 4/32, 4/64 GB. TV box is suitable for viewing various content from internet, TV channels, movies, youtube, IPTV. Video resolution – 4K and 6K. Network connection – wired via LAN-connector and wireless 5G Wi-Fi. The TV receiver is connected via HDMI or AV. The smart set-top box supports a voice assistant if you choose a kit with a special PDA. You can also additionally order a keyboard.



The Smart-TV receiver VONTAR Z5 is based on the OS version of Android 10. Available in several RAM/ROM configurations – 2/16GB; 4/32GB; 4/64GB. A TV receiver transmits images with 4K resolution. The receiver includes all standard connectors for connecting to the TV via HDMI and AV cables. Internet connection is possible via Wi-Fi and via LAN module. TV tuner supports Internet services, the ability to download apps through Google Play, watching Youtube, online cinema, IPTV. It is possible to control the device with the PDA with the help of a voice assistant. If necessary, the buyer can also order a keyboard.



The receiver for the VONTAR A95X F4 based OS Android11.0 differs from previous versions with support for the AV1 codec, which increases bandwidth and saves traffic. The buyer can choose a smart set-top box with RAM 2/4GB and eMMC storage 16/32/64/128GB. The smart set-top box has an original case in the futuristic form of a hexagon with soft rgb-backlight, changing color depending on the mode of operation. The built-in Wi-Fi module supports 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. It is also possible to connect to the Internet via a LAN connector. The digital receiver is connected to the TV via HDMI and AV connectors. You can install applications on the hard drive via Google Play.

10. VONTAR X88 PRO 10


The VONTAR X88 PRO 10 TV box comes with the updated Android 11 operating system. The seller offers the buyer to choose a smart receiver from three variants of RAM and STORAGE -2/16GB, 4/32GB and 4/64GB. The digital receiver is connected to the Internet via dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz and is wired to the LAN connector. The device has on the case all standard connectors for connecting to TV via HDMI and AV cables, USB 2.0, 3.0, MicroSD slot. The main difference between TV tuner and other models of consoles – the ability to watch movies in 3D mode. You can also order keyboard, aeromouse, PDU with voice assistant.

11. LEMFO H96 MAX V11


In the new model of the LEMFO H96 MAX V11 smart TV box installed Android 11 operating system. The receiver plays 4K video, supports HDR10 and HLG, there is also a 3D playback mode. The seller offers customers 3 sets of boxes with RAM 2/4 GB and storage – 16/32/64GB. The receiver can be connected via Bluetooth smartphone or gamepad for video games on the big screen. Wireless Wi-Fi -2.4 and 5.8GHz. It is also possible to connect the Internet via cable via LAN connector. The digital tuner has already installed Youtube. You can download apps for watching TV channels and online cinema via Google Play.

12. JAKCOM MX Q Pro 5G


The JAKCOM MX Q Pro 5G is in the budget category of smart receivers. But at low cost, the TV box has good functionality. The case includes all necessary connectors for audio and video connection, also there are 4 USB ports, a MicroSD slot. Internet connection is possible via Wi-Fi and cable. It runs on Android 7.0, has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage memory, plays video in 4K Ultra HD format. In the console installed programs youtube, Google Play, through which you can install applications for watching TV channels. The digital receiver plays any video format, including 3D 5.1 surround sound.



The STUOTOP T95 smart TV box with the updated version of Android 10.0 is available in four versions of RAM/ROM volume – 2/16 GB, 4/32 GB, 4/64 GB, 4/128 GB. The receiver is equipped with all necessary connectors: AV output for old and HDMI for new TV, LAN port for wired communication, 2 USB input and MicroSD. The set-top box uses 2.4 and 5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, which provides high download speed. The image format is played in 6K. The receiver has already installed the main programs, Google Play and YouTube. From the play store you can download applications to view paid and free TV channels. The menu is Russified.



The SMART-TV STUOTOP ST1 with Android10 is available in three RAM and FLASH configurations – 2/16 GB, 4/32GB, 4/64GB. The image is in 6K ultra HD format. From the ends of the digital receiver housing are standard outputs for connecting to old and modern TVs via AV and HDMI cables, two slots for USB 2.0, one for MicroSD, connector for wired Internet connection. The front panel includes a LED screen with current time and connection modes. The TV-box uses 2.4/5.8 GHz dual band WiFi for wireless connectivity, which provides wider coverage and faster download speed.



The smart TV tuner MECOOL KM6 is offered by the seller in two variants of the color of the case – black and beige with a texture for wood. In both models of set-top boxes installed Android 10. Black receiver has RAM 2 GB, accumulating 16 GB. The beige receiver is sold in two RAM/ROM versions: 4/32 GB and 4/64 GB. With built-in Chromecast that supports wireless mirroring, you can stream apps from your phone, tablet, or laptop to the big screen. Both versions of the set-top box have all the necessary connectors for connecting to the TV via HDMI and AV, USB and Micro SD slots, a connector for wired Internet connection. Wifi connection is also possible.



The MECOOL KM2 digital receiver with the Android10.0 system is a certified Google TV box with a Netflix license and a 4K HDR image format. The smart set-top box supports Google Assistant, Chromecast is built into the system. The remote control has buttons: Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video and Google Play. 2GB RAM, built-in 8GB. Connection to the TV can be AV or HD cable, there are also MicroSD and USB slots, a connector for wired Internet connection. You can also connect via Wi-Fi – 2.4 and 5GHz.

17. Reyfoon H96 MAX X3

Reyfoon H96 MAX X3

The budget TV receiver Reyfoon H96 MAX X3 runs on the Android 9.0 and has 4 GB of RAM. The volume of the drive buyer can choose from three options – 32, 64 or 128 GB. Set-top box for smart TV has an unusual round shape. The panel contains connectors for connection via HDMI and AV to the TV, microSD slots and USB, LAN port for wired Internet. Ahead is a digital display showing the time and operating modes of the receiver. Wi-Fi is used for wireless connection – 2.4/5.8 GHz. Support for high-resolution 8K video ensures perfect quality movies and excellent video game graphics.

18. LEMFO T95


Digital tuner LEMFO T95 budget category has standard features for smart set-top boxes. The device has Android 10.0 operating system installed, video decoding is possible in 4K and 6K, there is a 3D playback format. The seller offers 3 RAM/ROM receiver options: 2/16 GB, 4/32 GB and 4/64GB. Internet connection is possible via Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and via cable to the LAN connector. Also on the panels are: 2 USB ports, microSD card slot, outputs for HD and AV cables for TV connection. The console already has Youtube and Google Play installed. Basic programs for watching movies and TV channels can be installed through the app store.

19. LEMFO H96 MAX H616


Receiver for TV LEMFO H96 MAX H616 is offered by the seller to choose from with RAM: 2 and 4 GB, built-in – 16, 32 and 64GB. The device runs on Android 10.0. The digital tuner supports dual-band Wi-Fi with a frequency of 2.4 and 5 GHz. It is possible to connect to the Internet over the local network via the LAN connector on the receiver panel. There are also connectors for connecting to the TV via HD and AV cable, 2 USB ports, micro SD memory card socket. The TV box plays 6K and 3D video. The console has already installed YouTube and Google Play, through which you can download applications for music and TV channels, online cinemas, games.

20. UGOOS AM6B Plus


The UGOOS AM6B Plus digital receiver, with its six-core Amlogic S922X-J processor, is one of the most powerful smart TV tuners. It runs on Android 9.0, has 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. The device has a two-band Wi-Fi module, and 2 antennas for 2.4 and 5GHz range provide high quality wireless communication. Antennas are easily dismantled, and Internet connection is also possible via local cable. The smart set-top box has a DOLBY VISION certificate and supports DOLBY ATMOS, which provides excellent image and sound quality. The characteristics allow the TV receiver to be used not only for watching video, but also as a gamebox.

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