TOP 20 best welding machines with Aliexpress – rating of welding inverters

ТОП-20 лучших сварочных аппаратов для дома и дачи с Алиэкспресс – рейтинг сварочных инверторов

With the advent of compact electric welding inverters, the use of welding machines in the household, and not just specialized services, has become available. Inverter-type welding machines are small in size and light in weight, are relatively inexpensive, most often operate on a voltage of 220 V, and generate direct and alternating electric current.

20 best welding machines 220 Volt

A large selection of inverters for welding is presented on AliExpress. When choosing a welding machine, you should take into account the power of the device, voltage, and the availability of additional options. And to make it easier for you to choose a power tool for welding, the site has compiled a rating of the best welding inverters that are sold on Aliexpress.

1. DEKO DKA- 120/160/200/250

Сварочный аппарат DEKO DKA- 120/160/200/250

The DEKO DKA-120-250 semi-automatic welding machine is offered to customers in four versions of the current strength for the electrodes: 120, 160, 200, 250 A. The device operates on a 220 V network, easily welds different types of steel, copper, copper alloys and other types of non-ferrous metals. Even a beginner can control the inverter with a frequency of 20 kHz. The power tool is suitable for both home and professional work. The inverter type unit has compact dimensions: 320x130x280 mm and low weight of about 3 kg. The stainless steel case features cooling holes that dissipate heat from the built-in fan, protecting the machine from overheating. Some models have a built-in digital display showing the operating modes.

2. DEKO DKA-180Y

Сварочный аппарат DEKO DKA-180Y

Welding machine DEKO DKA-180Y with compact dimensions – 215x103x160 and weighing 2.4 kg is suitable for welding at home and small workshops. Maximum current on the electrode: 180 A, input power of the device: 6.8 kW. The tool works from an electrical network with a voltage of 220-240 V, welds all types of steel, non-ferrous metals, metal structures, water pipes. The case of the inverter is made of stainless steel with cooling holes that protect the motor from overheating, in front there is a smooth current regulator from 10 to 180 A. The device is equipped with a strong carrying strap.

3. Ресанта САИ190К

Сварочный аппарат Ресанта САИ190К

The welding inverter Resanta SAI190K of the Russian manufacturer has compact dimensions: 310x135x250mm. The device is designed for arc welding with electrodes up to 5 mm with a maximum current of 190 A. The device is equipped with anti-sticking and hot start functions, which are used when the electrode sticks and maximum heating at the beginning of work. The inverter is suitable for both experienced welders and beginners. The case of the electric tool working from a network of 220 V is made of strong metal. On the front panel there are cooling holes, an electrode current regulator from 10 to 190 A, an indicator of operation and overheating. The rear panel has a cooling fan and a power button.


Сварочный аппарат ANDELI TIG-250PL

The newest 2022 model of ANDELI TIG-250PL welding machine is equipped with a five-wire DC/AC cold welding foot switch. Unit size: 500×238×390 mm, weight: 12.6 kg. The power tool is designed for cold, hot pulse welding, capable of welding carbon, stainless steel, copper, aluminum up to 6-8 mm thick. The welding current adjustment range is from 10 to 200 A. The inverter is suitable not only for domestic, but also for professional work. On the front of the device body there is a screen with a digital display showing the operating modes. The current strength of the electrode is regulated by a smooth switch. The seller also puts in the parcel: electrodes, collets, nozzles.


Сварочный аппарат ANDELI MCT-520DPC

The ANDELI MCT-520DPC professional inverter semiautomatic device is suitable for hot, cold, pulse, spot welding of various types of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, carbon and stainless steel. Also, the tool can be used for plasma cutting of metal. CO2 or argon is used as shielding gas. The housing holds a roll of welding wire weighing up to 5 kg. Unit dimensions: 489x210x327 mm, weight: 16 kg, maximum arc current: 200 A. On the front panel of the housing there is a digital intelligent screen with the function of saving settings parameters in memory.


Сварочный аппарат PRACMANU ARC-225

The PRACMANU ARC-225 electric arc welding machine is distinguished by its compact dimensions (250x100x150 mm) and light weight (2.5 kg). The inverter is powered by an IGBT module with an output arc current of up to 225A, suitable for small welding jobs. For welding, electrodes with a diameter of 1.6 to 2.5 mm are used. The body is made of durable metal. On the front panel there is a digital display showing the set welding current, which is smoothly adjustable by a switch from 10 to 225A. There are also clamps for grounding and connecting the electrode. A convenient carrying handle is built into the top of the case. A fan is built into the back of the case for cooling.

7. ZX7-250

Сварочный аппарат ZX7-250

The mini arc welding machine ZX7-250 measures 200x85x120mm, weighs only 1.85kg and fits in the palm of your hand. With small dimensions, the inverter has excellent performance due to the built-in IGBT module. The maximum welding current is set to 225A, the device produces a stable arc, a reliable overheating system with a high-performance cooling fan is built into the body. The digital screen displays the operating modes and the current strength, which can be changed with a smooth regulator. There are ventilation holes on the front and sides of the case for additional cooling. A carrying handle is integrated on top, which can be easily dismantled.

8. ZX7-200

Сварочный аппарат ZX7-200

The smallest electric welding inverter ZX7-200 has dimensions: 190x120x85mm and weighs 1.48kg. The mini-device is suitable for all types of acid-base electrodes with a rod thickness up to 3.2 mm. The maximum current of the welding arc is 200 A. The device is easy to operate, suitable for domestic use, welds stainless and carbon steel, cast iron, iron. On the front side of the case there is a current regulator from 20 to 200A, a connection indicator, terminals for grounding and an electrode. At the back is a power switch and a fan for cooling the device. The set also includes brass connectors and a carrying strap. Cables are purchased separately.


Сварочный аппарат ELECTROLITE MMA-200

The electric welding machine of inverter type ELECTROLITE MMA-200 is used for arc welding. Thanks to the use of modern IGBT technology, the high-tech device has compact dimensions: 300x200x180 mm and light weight: 2.5 kg. The inverter is suitable for welding ferrous and non-ferrous metals, copper, various types of steel. Maximum arc current: 200 A, allowable electrode diameter – up to 4 mm. The device has built-in hot start functions for instant heating of the electrode and anti-sticking. On the front side of the unit there is a display that displays the current strength set by the smooth switch.


Сварочный аппарат YESWELDER MIG-200

The YESWELDER MIG-200 semi-automatic electric welding machine can be used with and without gas protection. Unit dimensions: 500×280×415 mm, maximum output current: 200 A. A distinctive feature of the welder is the presence of an automatic current adjustment function depending on the electrode diameter. On the panel, you need to set the diameter of the electrode used, and the device itself will select the appropriate power for welding. You can also use the touch switches to select the welding method and wire diameter. The display shows the voltage and current values. The set includes: ground clamp and electrode holder cable.

11. KeyGree ARC-200/220/240 MINI

Сварочный аппарат KeyGree ARC-200/220/240 MINI

The KeyGree ARC series mini welders feature 3/3.4/4.6 kVA input power, 13.6/15.5/20.1A rated current and 200/220/240A output welding current. The output power level can be set using a smooth regulator on the front of the case. Also on the case there is a smart mode switch that will adjust the output power when setting the electrode diameter. All data is displayed on the LED display. The diameter of the used electrodes is from 1.6 to 3.2 mm. The device weighs a little more than 2 kg and has a compact size – 24x190x130 mm. Includes grounding cables and electrode holder, as well as a shoulder strap for carrying.

12. KEYUE TIG-200P

Сварочный аппарат KEYUE TIG-200P

The KEYUE TIG-200P portable digital welding machine is made in Germany. With the help of a high-tech welder, welding with consumable (MMA) and non-consumable (TIG) electrodes is possible. Also the semiautomatic device works in the mode of impulse welding. The maximum output current is 190A. Built-in synergy automatically adjusts the output power at the given parameters. Device dimensions: 410x300x180 mm, weight: 8.4 kg. The smart device is able to store the used modes in memory, and you do not have to set the desired values ​​​​again each time. All parameters are displayed on the LED screen. The device has anti-sticking and hot welding functions, making it easier for beginners to work.


Сварочный аппарат TRUSOXIN MIRCO ARC200

The TRUSOXIN MICRO ARC200 electric welding tool belongs to the budget category of AC inverters based on the IGBT module. The device has compact dimensions: 230x170x100 mm and weight: 2.3 kg. The unit works with electrodes up to 3.2 mm. The maximum welding current is 200A. On the front of the device, you can adjust the output power with a soft switch. The set settings are displayed on the digital screen. As standard, the tool is delivered without additional accessories. Upon request, the buyer can choose the option of sending with cables and clamps for electrodes, protective glasses.


Сварочный аппарат JIN LIANG MINI MMA-250

The JIN LIANG MINI MMA-250 electric welding mini inverter is designed for domestic service and is not suitable for industrial welding. With small dimensions: 215x165x105 mm, the device has good characteristics: the output arc current is 250 A, the power is 3500 W. DC arc welder is able to weld carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, cast iron, iron. For welding, electrodes with a diameter of 2.5 / 3.2 mm can be used. On the front panel are: an LCD display, a smooth output power level control and a USB port for charging phones, connecting a fan or a lamp. There are also terminals for connecting cables, which are sold separately.

15. WERT SWI 190

Сварочный аппарат WERT SWI 190

The welding machine WERT SWI 190 of the inverter type also works at a reduced voltage of 140 V. The inverter has small dimensions: 250x103x150mm, weight 2.4 kg, output power: 190A. With the help of the unit, argon and MMA welding with separate electrodes is possible. The mini-device is recommended for use in everyday life. The device provides additional functions: hot start, arc force, anti-sticking. For welding, electrodes with a diameter of 1.6 to 4 mm are suitable. On the front of the case there is a smooth switch of the welding arc current, an indicator of switching on and overheating. Also included are cables with clips.

16. АВРОРА Вектор 2000

Сварочный аппарат АВРОРА Вектор 2000

The AURORA Vector 2000 inverter-type domestic welder is suitable for manual MMA welding. You can cook different types of steel, iron, non-ferrous metals, some types of alloys. Thanks to its compact dimensions: 250x160x98mm, the power tool has good mobility. The device works from an electric network with voltage: 140-240 V. Welding current range: 20-200 A, rated power: 8400 W. On the front side of the case there is a current regulator, indicators for turning on and overheating. There are technological holes for cooling on the walls of the case, a cooling fan and a power button are placed on the back side.

17. FUBAG IQ 200

Сварочный аппарат FUBAG IQ 200

The most powerful mini inverter among compact welders, the FUBAG IQ 200 is suitable for domestic use and occasional professional repairs. Device dimensions: 292x112x162mm, output current in the range of 20-220A, rated power: 7.7kW. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and low weight of about 3 kg, the welding machine is highly mobile. The unit works with electrodes with a diameter of 1.6-5 mm, suitable for MMA arc welding. Additional options are built into the device: HOT-START, ARC-FORCE, ANTI-STICK, which will help inexperienced welders quickly master the equipment. The front part of the case consists of a bar perforated for cooling, on which there are: an output power regulator, on and overheat indicators, and terminals for connecting cables.


Сварочный аппарат WESTER MINI 160Т

Welding inverter mini-device WESTER MINI 160T of the Czech manufacturer is made on the basis of IGBT technology. The inverter is suitable for MMA manual arc welding, welds stainless, low alloy, carbon steel, non-ferrous and ferrous metals. For work, electrodes with a diameter of 1.6-4 mm are used. Using a smooth regulator on the front side of the device, you can adjust the output current in the range of 30-160A. Readings are shown on a bright LED display. The operation status is shown by indicators: green – normal operation, yellow – overheating. Technological holes and a cooling fan are provided to protect the tool from overheating.

19. START ArcLine 190/220/250

Сварочный аппарат START ArcLine 190/220/250

The line of welding inverters START ArcLine is represented by models with technical characteristics of the output current: 190/220/250 A. The devices operate from the mains at a voltage of 140 V, have compact dimensions: 320x131x210. The device with a current strength of 190A has reduced dimensions: 240x115x180mm. The welder is suitable for MMA manual arc welding. The diameter of the electrodes used: 1.6-5 mm. The device has built-in functions against sticking of electrodes, hot start, arc forcing. Ahead is a digital display and a regulator for switching the arc current. The kit comes with cables with clamps for grounding and an electrode holder.


Сварочный аппарат ANDELI MIG-250MINI

The ANDELI MIG-250MINI portable electric welding semiautomatic device with a size of 200x160x240 mm operates on a 220V electrical network with a maximum current of 120 A. Thanks to the built-in IGBT module, the inverter quickly and efficiently performs semi-automatic welding without gas using a flux-cored wire with a diameter of 0.8 mm welding metal up to 5 mm thick. The body of the tool is made of metal with an intuitive control panel on the front. The panel contains a toggle switch for switching modes, a knob for adjusting the current strength depending on the thickness of the electrode, and a grounding clamp. On the back panel there is a power button and a cooling fan that turns on automatically.

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