TOP-20 best circular hand saw with Aliexpress

ТОП-20 лучших циркулярных пил ручных с Алиэкспресс

Circular saw is a tool that is difficult to do without during construction or repair. The market has a large range of equipment, which often makes it difficult to choose buyers. The Disk Saw Rating will help you understand what to look for before you buy. In this selection site collected the best models in the category of circular saw with Aliexpress.



Disc saw with a powerful 750 W engine. Performance is 3500 rev/min. The tool can be used to cut various surfaces, including plastic pipes, ceramic tiles, wood, plasterboard. Six blades are included. The cutting angle can vary between 0-45 degrees. The laser guide provides an accurate cutting line. For the safety of tool use, there is an on switch protection. Rubberized handle and ergonomic design provide convenience of operation. The model provides adjustment of the cutting depth.



The circular saw is equipped with a 500 W copper motor. The tool performance is 4500 rev/min. The cutting depth is adjustable from 0 to 25 mm. The set includes 3 blades for working with different surfaces. The saw can be used for soft metals, wood, ceramic tiles. The model is ergonomically designed so that one hand can work with the saw. To ensure safety during operation, an upper aluminum shield is provided. Accidental activation prevents double protection switch. Storage bag included. HYCHIKA CS-85C has proven to be versatile and long service life.



The circular saw is equipped with a 1500 W motor. The idle speed is 4600 rev/min. The model is designed for wood carving. The diameter of the disc is 190 mm. The maximum width of the cut is 4 mm and the depth is 65 mm. Saw parts and consumables are easy to find, making it easier to use and upgrade to suit your needs. HYCHIKA CS-190C is noted for its good power and compact dimensions. It also comes with a laser guide, 2 discs and instructions for use.



The compact wire circular saw is characterized by high performance. The idle speed reaches 4100 rev. /min. The device is equipped with a 500 W motor. This model is designed for discs 7, 62 cm. The maximum cutting depth is 26 mm. The saw can be used for wood of different hardness. To the advantages of the tool, you can easily adjust the depth of the cut.

5. DEKO DKCS1500-160

DEKO DKCS1500-160

Electric saw is used for cutting wood, chipboard, plastic, plywood. With this tool, it is possible to perform transverse straight cuts at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees. Its power is 1500 W. Due to the small size of the saw, the tool can be operated with one hand. The design provides a special pipe. It is connected to a vacuum cleaner designed to collect sawdust. This keeps the workplace relatively clean. With the product is a parallel guide, hexagonal key and a set of discs with a diameter of 16 cm. The model is marked by positive reviews for quality. It is great for home use and small loads.

6. DEKO DKCS1600


Manual circular saw works from 220V network, designed for cutting wood, plywood, plastic, MDF and other materials. The solid cast frame is made of aluminum alloy. The design includes a laser pointer, which is switched on separately by pressing a button. On the sole there are fasteners for the table. As a result, you can get a convenient stationary tool for doing various homework. The engine power is 1600 W. The diameter of the saw blade is 18.5 cm. The tool provides for changing the parameters of depth and width of the cutting. On the start button there is a catch from accidental switching on. The advantages of the model include protection of the engine from overload, which prolongs the service life of the tool even under intense loads.



The rotary saw has a capacity of 1300 W, is characterized by high-quality assembly and compact size. The device is powered by a 220 V network, weighs a tool less than 3 kg, which provides ease of operation. The performance of the device is 5000 rev/min. The saw can be used not only for wood, but also for plastic, plywood, MDF. For safety of use and longevity, the motor is protected from overheating. The cutting depth at right angles can reach 63 mm. The device provides the possibility of adjusting the width of the cut. The supply includes a saw blade with a diameter of 185 mm.

8. DEKO QD6908


Electric wire saw is great for home use, it has a decent capacity of 500W, tool capacity is 7000 volt. /min. An ergonomic handle with rubberized inserts is provided for working with the saw. Due to the small weight of the tool, it is easy and safe to carry out work with one hand. Circular saw can be used for cutting ceramic tile, it has a dust-proof vacuum cleaner. The accuracy of the locking measure can be determined with a special ruler. Complete with the product are 4 discs for cutting various materials, hexagonal key and convenient storage case.



The multifunctional saw is a small but handy tool. It is equipped with a 700 W motor. The saw is powered by the standard 220V network. The extra thin blade reduces the load on the tool, which greatly extends its life. The electric saw allows adjusting the cutting depth from 0 to 25 mm. Due to the compact size of the saw, it can be operated with one hand. The design has a double safety switch, which protects the device from accidental start. Along with the saw comes a blade for wood, soft metal, tile, plastic. With a special adapter, you can connect a vacuum that will collect sawdust during cutting.

10. NEWONE 1112021101

NEWONE 1112021101

Functional electric saw is characterized by quality assembly, it has a capacity of 750Wt and idle 3300 rev. /min. The disc saw is designed to work with various surfaces, including plastic and MDF. The advantages of the tool include the presence of laser marking and small weight, which allows you to easily control one hand. Complete with the product is a set of discs 115 mm, hexagon and dust collection.

11. WORKPRO W125066A


The universal saw is designed for wood, tile, metal, plastic and other surfaces. The device is equipped with a powerful 500 W engine. The model is of quality and affordable price. The maximum depth of the cut is 45 mm. The set includes two discs with a diameter of 115 and 120 mm. On the body there is a pipe for sawdust. The electrical tool provides protection against accidental activation. Many users appreciate the convenience of working with the device, due to the ergonomic design and compact size.

12. HAMMER CRP1200/185

HAMMER CRP1200/185

The tool can cut wood, parquet boards, laminate, plastic, chipboard and other materials. The power of the device is 1200 W. The hand saw is suitable for use at home or in the country. The number of idle revolutions is 4700 rev/ min. Due to locking, the tool is protected from accidental activation, it makes it easier to replace consumables. The disk is covered with a durable cover. The angle and depth can be adjusted in the power tool. This allows a clean and even cut. The tool is characterized by convenient management, build quality and long service life.

13. ALLSOME 7215


Circular saw is used for solid wood, plywood, ceramic tiles, plastic and other surfaces. The tool provides adjustment of the cutting angle up to 45 degrees. The structure is equipped with a strong metal guide plate. Rubberized handle provides ease of use saw, reduces the weariness of the user’s hands. To remove wood chips there is a special pipe on the case to connect the vacuum cleaner. For safety there is a lock button. The special cover protects the operator from dust that appears during operation.

14. ALLSOME HT2955


The mini-saw is made of high quality and reliable materials. The power of the motor is 600 W, the maximum speed is 3500 rev/min, the instrument works from the 220 V network. The length of the cable is about 2 m. The model features the presence of a laser beam for accurate direct cutting. Thanks to it you can easily and quickly make accurate cuts. Copper motor is characterized by long service life. The cutting angle can be adjusted up to 45 degrees. Small weight and thoughtful design fit the work with the instrument. It is easy to use with one hand. For safety there is a removable lower protection and a lock button.

15. Prostormer PTET030

Prostormer PTET030

Circular mini saw has affordable price and good quality performance has a power of 500W and 6000 rev. min. The saw was manufactured using high-quality and reliable materials, which guarantees its functionality and long life. The tool is suitable for different types of surface, wood, plastic, stone, etc. Complete with the product come, spare drives, vacuum adapter, key, ruler, storage bag, instructions for use.



The disc saw is networked and equipped with a powerful 1500 W engine, providing efficient and long-term operation of the instrument. The tool is designed for processing wooden surfaces. The maximum depth of the cut is 65 mm. The user can adjust the angle of inclination up to 45 degrees. Due to its characteristics, ELECTROLITE DP 1500 is suitable not only for wood, but also for other materials, including soft metal. The model is characterized by a thoughtful design. For ease of use, there is a rubberized handle. For carrying the cutting surface of the disc is covered with a special cover.

17. HILDA 400 Вт

HILDA 400 Вт

Manual circular saw is characterized by its functionality and wide configuration. The set includes several discs with a diameter of 54.8 mm for working with various surfaces. The saw allows you to make even cuts on wood, ceramic tiles, soft metal, plastic and other materials. The maximum cutting depth is 12 mm. The power tool is of high quality assembly, so it will last a long time.

18. HILDA BT-CS001


Mini-saw is an inexpensive but powerful tool for performing various tasks. The device is equipped with a 500 W engine. The maximum diameter of the blade is 8.5 cm. The tool is suitable for wood surfaces, tiles, plastic. Its features include the presence of simple and accurate adjustment of the width and depth of the cut. For better comfort during operation, a soft rubberized insert is provided on the handle. The safety of operation and transportation is ensured by a protective cover. In the goods box is a guide ruler.

19. ЗУБР ЗШ-30-1200 Т

ЗУБР ЗШ-30-1200 Т

The compact and maneuverable model is suitable for various types of surfaces. The tool will be an indispensable tool for construction or repair. The device provides automatic shutdown during overload, which will protect the engine and extend its life. The user has the ability to adjust the depth of the cutting. The housing is provided with dust protection of bearings and a switch. To effectively remove debris, you can connect a vacuum cleaner. The power of the engine is 1200 W. Discs with a diameter of 12.5 cm fit on the model. The tool can install 2 disks at the same time. The advantages of the tool include small sizes.

20. ЗУБР ПД-65


The circular saw allows for smooth and high-quality cuts. The model is characterized by an improved design that provides high accuracy and ease of operation. Among the main advantages are small weight and compact dimensions. High performance provides the engine with high power reserve. For quick replacement of the disc there is a spindle lock, the handles have soft padding. Dusting is carried out with a special pipe and vacuum cleaner. The user has the ability to adjust the depth and angle of the cut. Power tools are easy to control and efficient. It can be used for various types of surfaces, including soft metals.

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