TOP 20 best music columns with Aliexpress – rating of music columns

ТОП-20 лучших музыкальных колонок с Алиэкспресс – рейтинг музыкальных колонок

The assortment on Aliexpress is amazing. Manufacturers offer portable speakers, which can be taken with you for a picnic, on the weekend, when you go to the country, in motorbike, car, hiking – in the forest or in the mountains. High class reliable protection from water permeability allows you to take a column in the shower, put on a wet surface. Each model is connected to a smartphone – a selection of favorite tracks is available. The site collected popular models of columns. Listen and dance with the portable speakers with Aliexpress.

1. Anker A3116011

Anker A3116011

Wireless portable speaker – Broadband model with one speaker and microphone. The device runs at a capacity of 25 W. The frequency range of 50-40,000 Hz set by Chinese manufacturers is combined with advanced digital signal processing. The charging time is 4 hours. Good level of mechanical protection, the index of water resistance is IPX7. Tech Radar monitors excellent sound quality. Speakers with LED illumination are built into the structure, illumination is enhanced when low-frequency bass are launched. The column is a great gift for music lovers.

2. Anker A3105

Anker A3105

The portable speaker is equipped with drivers that produce excellent stereo sound. The broadband device is sold in a compact plastic housing. It runs on a frequency of 75 Hz-20 kHz. You can choose music and compose your own playlist via smartphones. Charging is sufficient for 24 hours of playback – the assembly of the lithium-ion battery pack for 5200 mA/h. Compact dimensions 5416545 mm. Anker BassUp – technologies give a balanced sound range. Connected microphone, the ability to talk on the phone. Anker SoundCore 2 Bluetooth speaker, Micro USB slot, charging cable.

3. Electop BTS-06

Electop BTS-06

Portable Bluetooth speaker with powerful speaker gives 100% sound quality. The waterproof plastic case protects against moisture penetration into the device. The wireless model has a built-in highly sensitive microphone for smartphone conversations, connecting to a computer to access the Bluetooth sound panel. Compact column can be taken in the car. Quite loud dynamics creates a cheerful atmosphere in the company on vacation – in a camping trip, when climbing the mountains, traveling by boat or boat. The device is fastened with a special suction cup to the table, floor, wall, ceiling, to the panel of the car.

4. Mifa A10 +

Mifa A10 +

The portable column with the powerful dynamics of Bluetooth has an interesting design – the bright color of the graffiti impresses with a drawing on youth themes. The device emits a 20 W stereo sound. Waterproof protection with IPX7 level allows you to fix in the shower and take a bath with music. Bluetooth 5.0 wireless speaker connects to computer and smartphone. Supports time display and other functions in MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, APE. The continuous 24-hour playback mode allows you to enjoy music at any time. Portable column – a great gift for music lovers who can not part with their favorite tracks.

5. Mifa A90

Mifa A90

The branded YouTube Assembly Column with two cables and a dense material bag is a compact model with two powerful speakers. The device weighs 1.8 kg, dimensions are 151210 cm. Among the characteristics impress 8,000 mAh. The column supports stereo mode to support deep acoustics. One lithium-ion battery charge is designed for 30 hours of continuous sound. Easy to connect device works with support of USB flash drive, Micro SD card. Manufacturers made input to AUX play. The stylish design column is suitable for giving a gift to the beloved girl or guy who likes to listen to music.

6. T&G 506

T&G 506

Wireless speaker model works at 400 mAh – due to the capacity of the battery, music playback up to 24 hours. Great gift to a friend or friend who will enjoy music anywhere. Built-in features support connection via micro USB, 3.5mm AUX, tf-card, USB2.0 ports. Bluetooth 5.0 device provides low power consumption. Manufacturer in the assembly provided support for voice messages, calls. The compact model is suitable for trips to the countryside, sports walks in the park, meetings with friends, trekking in the woods. The model is simple and easy to manage.

7. EWA A106 Pro

EWA A106 Pro

Spectacular mini-portable Bluetooth speaker smaller than a chicken egg. The smallest, so much that it is almost invisible. Small dimensions do not affect the quality of sound – the volume and purity of acoustics at a high level. The design is an assembly with battery, driver, other electronic components that promote good low bass. People like to feel the rhythm given by bass chords, so manufacturers worried about good sound quality. Portable speaker – a unique good gift and a sign of attention to those who love music and are ready to listen to their favorite songs for hours.

8. JBL Go 3

JBL Go 3

Portable acoustic system JBL Go 3 with water protection came on sale in an ultra compact case with a comfortable handle. Customers will appreciate the powerful JBL sound and deep basses, unique design of the case – expressive youth style. The level of protection from dust and excess moisture allows you to take on the beach, the forest, the mountains – any recreation in nature. In trips to the country, where they spend a long time at the sites can put a column and organize activities with a cheerful and musical mood. Manufacturers provided wireless data transmission via Bluetooth, the frequency range of the sound is from 110 to 20,000 Hz.

9. CaixaDeSom 40W

CaixaDeSom 40W

Unique design and external design of loudspeakers, which give out high frequency lypason and work with a capacity of 40 W. The assembly includes a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or other mobile gadgets, subwoofer, TWS. Wireless portable speaker is designed for walking in the park, walking animals, hanging out with friends, other activities. The model is equipped with a waterproof case, inside which is built a music player, speakers and a sound box. Minimagnetophone – a great gift for a music lover to constantly listen to music.

10. ZEALOT S32/S51


Powerful Bluetooth speaker – universal version of the brand ZEALOT, which is equipped with a wireless portable subwoofer, USB storage, waterproof sound case. Technical capabilities are provided to support TF, TWS functions. The device operates on a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1800 mAh. The continuous playback of music lasts from 4 to 6 hours, and in conversation mode the receiver is able to stay on the line for six hours. When connecting to mobile gadgets, the signal transmission range is 10 m. Good compatibility with model Android, iPad, iPhone.

11. Etmakit Speakers

Etmakit Speakers

Unique Bluetooth speaker model with neon backlight. The device illuminates by installing LEDs. The assembly provides speakers for mobile gadgets. The excellent idea of the exterior design allowed manufacturers to make a powerful speaker that works from the built-in 300 mA battery, has a signal transmission range of up to 10 meters. Compact electronic device weighs only 100 g. Thoughtful assembly of electronic gadget allows you to take music tracks for a morning run, an evening walk, a trip to the country, a trip to the forest for mushrooms.

12. Divoom Ditoo

Divoom Ditoo

Portable speaker model with built-in alarm function DIY. The device resembles a children’s toy with a beautiful screen, but at the same time maintains powerful functions of power and purity of sound. The speaker is connected to mobile gadgets smartphone, laptop, computer, iPod. With the help of an electronic device you can change the screensaver of the speaker depending on the mood. On the smartphone in the app pixel art draw a LED picture on the display. The device – a great gift for Valentine’s Day, February 23 or March 8. Delight your friends with an interesting interactive toy with the application Divoom, Ditoo. The alarm will wake with your voice – unique settings and pixel games in Divoom Ditoo.

13. Adin S8BT

Adin S8BT

The Adin’s super-acoustic bluetooth speaker works with 26 watts of power. The settings provide different types of vibrations similar to the music center. The bass subwoofer imitates acoustics in a different body – wood, metal, cardboard, glass or hollow walls. Five options to choose from plus vibrodinamics for your phone. The battery runs at 3.7 v 1400 mA. The device is connected to mobile phones, smartphone, MP3. The speaker with compact dimensions 858580 mm – a great gift for music lovers who will be able to listen to different sound effects – good and powerful basses, clean high frequencies.

14. INWA ZM360


Wireless Bluetooth speaker in the form of an IPX7 outdoor stand on a bike handlebar. The device has a waterproof case that allows you to constantly listen to music in any weather. The Bluetooth column is equipped with a powerful loudspeaker, subwoofer for the machine. The design of the housing protects not only from moisture, but also from dust. Impact resistant housing allows you to use the device on cycling walks, can be installed on the floor, on the wall. The column runs on the built-in 750 mAh battery, designed for 10 hours of operation. The speaker has compact dimensions 884.2 cm, weighs no more than 200 g.

 15. DiDo X9 and bt506

DiDo X9 and bt506

Portable device that has more than 8 built-in functions – Bluetooth, time pointer, alarm clock, mirror surface. Speaker works with LED display, provides excellent quality and strictly execute commands. The battery charge lasts for 25 hours of continuous operation after a five-hour charge. The compact dimensions are 2009058 mm. The weight does not exceed 1 kg. Electronic gadget has «smart» settings – alarm clock, remote control unit, USB charging cable. Thanks to the mirror function – a great gift to the girl, which combines useful functions for listening to music, other household chores.

16. SwYiSm SD-309

SwYiSm SD-309

Wireless portable speaker with two microphones. The device shows a powerful stereo sound effect. Bluetooth-connection function guarantees interaction with electronic gadgets and the ability to adjust the necessary functions – home theater, karaoke, subwoofer, cool bass party. Connect the Hi Tone button and it is possible to configure equalizer, eliminate echo, adjust other sound effects. The speaker column runs on a battery pack of 7.4 V/2000 mAh. The device has compact dimensions of 330175155 mm. The speakers work on a unique bass system – low chords, clear range of sound. The device is connected to the TV.

17. HF-F216


Wireless BT speaker brand Cyboris HF-F216 is made of inexpensive plastic. The device is equipped with FM Radio function, there is LED lighting. On the top of the case there are holders for a mobile phone or smartphone. The speaker produces a good clean sound on a powerful frequency range. The loudspeaker works on 5w. The assembly includes a retractable antenna supporting FM, AM, SW three bands. Other features include U-drive support, tf card and BT 5.0 wireless playback. The device is designed for eight hours of continuous operation after five hours of charging the gadget.

18. Neck Speaker HIFI

Neck Speaker HIFI

New speaker model with multiple functions – built-in microphone, Bluetooth V4,2 connection function, speaker, lithium rechargeable battery, 32GB memory card. Comfortable product shape, carefully laid on the shoulders and suitable for exercise, jogging in the park or cycling. Settings from the mobile make in the area of action up to 10 m, connect MP3 player to listen to music. Comfortable music player – a great gift for 8 March, 23 February, or birthday people who love music and do sports.

19. Rockmia


Universal bluetooth speakers that resemble the shape of the neck band. The powerful speakers built into both parts of the rounded case allow the subwoofer sound to be heard. The Bluetooth technology provides energy-saving performance as it guarantees connectivity in an area of up to 20 meters. The neck speaker is made of soft silicone, does not cause skin irritation, does not interfere with work and sports. The device with «smart» functions is suitable for wireless communication, frees up hands for calls using smartphone, doing home chores. Unique form gadget like customers, so suitable as a nice surprise gift for the upcoming holidays.

20. T3 E2019-120

T3 E2019-120

Column with supported Bluetooth-technology produces low chords in the mode of Super Bass, Device portable type – high power column works in the format of stere-3D on the principle of subwoofer. Mini Music Center is suitable for home use, home party organization, meeting with friends. The electronic gadget supports AUX, TF, FM Radio, HIFI Boombox. The Boombox Effect column works in the frequency range of 10 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The unit size of 133210158 mm charges five hours. On a full battery, the subwoofer and low bass give off sound for 12 hours of continuous broadcasting. In standby mode, the device supports a charge of up to 150 hours.

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