TOP-20 tourist gas stoves with Aliexpress – rating of camping gas stoves

ТОП-20 туристических газовых плит с Алиэкспресс - рейтинг походных газовых плит

20 tourist gas burners

On the Aliexpress website, in the category of travel goods, many useful little things are sold. Among which there is such a popular position as camping gas burners. They are quite small, which is of course a big plus. On hikes, it is convenient to take compact household items that will help maintain life in unsuitable conditions. Taking into account the features of the technical performance, principle of operation, power and other technical parameters of gas burners, the site has compiled a selection of the best tourist gas stoves from Aliexpress.

1. Widesea WSS-201

Widesea WSS-201

Primus burner is a portable device for camping equipment, with which you can cook food in the forest, in the mountains, on the river. The power is 3000 watts. The model has compact overall dimensions – the width is 16 cm, the height does not exceed 7 cm. The weight of the tile is only 0.238 kg. The portable sample folds conveniently into a small box for safe transport. For ignition, the piezo ignition function is provided – a safe way to turn the tile into operation. Water is boiled on the stove, fish soup is boiled, scrambled eggs with bacon and other dishes are fried, so the stove is suitable as a gift for a man who often goes hunting and fishing.

2. Widesea WSS-207

Widesea WSS-207

A convenient functional device is a gas burner for supplementing tourist equipment. On the burner it is convenient to cook food away from home – in the forest, on the river, in the mountains, as the assembly has a windscreen. The compact model is suitable for a gift to a man who loves fishing or hunting and often has to cook outdoors. A hose is provided for supplying gas fuel, and the piezo ignition function works. Stands that open in three directions are suitable for a kettle, pots with a bottom of different diameters. When folded, the burner fits into a small square box and takes up little space in a backpack.

3. X-eped DM-306

X-eped DM-306

Tourist folding burner with piezo ignition with a power of 3.5 kW. When folded, it occupies a square box no more than 7 cm and weighs up to 300 grams. The device is designed for continuous operation of 10 hours. Gas consumption is only 0.15 l/h. The performance of the tile clearly demonstrates the speed of boiling water: 1 liter requires four minutes of waiting. The stable design allows you to install a container with a diameter of up to 30 cm – a fairly wide pan or a three-liter kettle. The upper grid provides complete afterburning of gas and economical fuel consumption.

4. X-eped DM-301

X-eped DM-301

Portable model for hiking, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. The burner is included in the mandatory tourist equipment, since when folded the model takes up very little space, when unfolded it is suitable for the full preparation of fish soup, soup, and other dishes. A three-row burner provides complete combustion of gas – shows a flow rate of 0.15 l / h. The kit includes an adapter for collet cylinders, a plastic box for storage and transportation – the total weight does not exceed 300 g. Stability is provided by three folding legs for support and an installation for dishes with a wide diameter.

5. Fire-Maple FMS-X2

Fire-Maple FMS-X2

The combined cooking system consists of a gas burner, a one-liter aluminum pot, a cylinder with fuel for combustion, a stand, and a taganka. The multi-storey structure features compact size and efficient fuel consumption. The power of the equipment is 2.2 kW, the system weighs no more than 600 grams. The kettle is equipped with a glass lid with a heat-safe handle. Taganok changes the diameter of the stand and is suitable for different dishes. Expandable legs provide stability on any surface. The set is suitable for two or three people, since the volume of the pot is 1 liter.

6. Fire-Maple FMS-X1

Fire-Maple FMS-X1

Portable cooking system for camping, fishing or hunting. The energy efficiency of the system is 30% thanks to a special device that directs the flames upwards and ensures complete combustion of the escaping fuel. The power of work is 1.5 kW, the total weight does not exceed 520 g. Ignition is carried out by piezo ignition – safe inclusion in work. The assembly includes a windshield to ensure even distribution of heat under the bottom of the pot, kettle or pot. The aluminum kettle has an elastomeric heat-resistant coating, the boiling time of 1 liter of water is three minutes.

7. Fire-Maple FMS-117T

Fire-Maple FMS-117T

The lightest model in the class of gas burners – a compact folding device weighs no more than 100 grams. Titanium is used as a manufacturing material – a durable wear-resistant and refractory material. The stand has special teeth for stable setting of dishes on the legs-holders. Despite the small size, the power of the gas burner is 2.8 kW. The gas is supplied through a robust gas hose, which is threaded for attaching a replaceable fuel cartridge. When using the FMS-701 adapter, the hose is connected to the gas bottle. One liter of water boils in 3.5 minutes.

8. Fire-Maple FMS-118

Fire-Maple FMS-118

The compact and lightweight model of the burner, weighing 146 grams, when folded does not exceed 7 cm in width and 8 cm in height. A trouble-free cooking device away from home ensures efficient fuel consumption – heating works with 2900 watts of power. The structure is made of metal and can withstand a weight of more than three kilograms. Widely deployed legs with sharp teeth provide stability when placing the container on fire. A flexible hose is connected to a replaceable cartridge thanks to a suitable thread. Through the adapter, you can connect to a collet gas cylinder. The burner has an optimal arrangement of holes for a uniform heat supply.

9. FervorFOX MINI


The Chinese brand produces equipment for tourism – compact camping stoves are made of light metal alloy. The burner provides fast water heating. When assembled, it does not exceed 5 cm. The mini oven is designed for cooking while hiking. The tourist model is suitable for a gift to men who go hunting, fishing. In a tourist’s backpack, the equipment does not take up much space, but at a considerable distance from home, you can always boil water, cook broth or fish soup. One burner provides an even distribution of fire, has stable legs and reversible legs to expand the diameter of the plate.

10. Yofeil AT6312

Yofeil AT6312

A mini burner with piezo ignition is a full-fledged gas stove. The burner operates with a power of 3000 W, the overall dimensions when folded do not exceed 458 cm. through a hose with a thread provided for connection to a replaceable cartridge. When using an adapter – a special module FMS-701, the gas burner is connected to a collet cylinder. A mini-device for heating food, boiling water is suitable as a gift for replenishing camping equipment.



Gas burner – a compact model for camping equipment with a power of 1.85 kW with an open type of fire supply, operates from a replaceable fuel cartridge. A hose with a threaded connection is provided for connection. Simple and easy to use, the device is suitable for cooking away from home – on a picnic, camping, fishing or hunting. The burner is made with the expectation of a rational supply of gas fuel – while the water boils in a matter of minutes. To increase the allowable diameter of the installed dishes, the design has folding legs with teeth that ensure the stability of the dishes.



Tourist fan burner with wind protection and cover for safe transport. The model is ignited by piezo ignition, the device is equipped with a four-stage security system. Comes with a mount for a collet cylinder. The total weight does not exceed 370 g. When folded, it fits into a compact plastic box. The 1.8 kW appliance with fan-shaped wind protection saves gas fuel and is suitable for regular-sized cookware. Boiling water is prepared on a gas burner, main dishes are heated, fish soup and other camp food are cooked. The model is suitable for a gift to lovers of tourism – traveling, climbing mountains, fishermen and hunters.

13. Campleader YMS51003001

Campleader YMS51003001

Portable windproof model with gas burner fan system is designed for camping, country house, outdoor cooking. The design includes a safety piezo ignition function, metal blades save gas consumption by keeping heat around the pot, kettle or pan. The tourist model weighs 0.47 kg, the assembled dimensions are 10 * 12 cm. The compact oven has a collapsible design. When the petals open, the working surface expands – you can put a pan, a pot, a mug, an ordinary frying pan, a kettle, a coffee maker on metal rods bent at right angles. Power is 2.8 kW. The assembly includes a hose, to connect to a conventional cylinder you need to buy an adapter.



A portable gas burner is a compact device for a picnic outside the city, for outdoor recreation, hunting, fishing trips. The camping burner consists of a hose for connecting to a cylinder, a windshield and gas flame guides, a burner with a three-row arrangement of holes to increase power. The design stands steadily on special legs, has protruding paws-holders with embossed cutting for a secure position of containers with water or food, designed for 10 kg of weight. A frying pan with vegetables, a pot with fish soup and other camping food are conveniently placed on the burner.

15. APG 2000G

APG 2000G

Complete system 2 in 1 – portable warmer and burner for cooking meals. The camping stove rationally consumes gas fuel – it is designed for 5 hours of continuous operation. The power of the device is not more than 2 kW, the weight is about 900 g. The diameter of the base is 18.5 cm, the height of the structure is 21.5 cm. The kit includes a removable cap that turns the tile into a heater, evenly distributing heat around the device. When removing the cap, which is put on over the burner, the device works to heat food, boil liquid. The gas system does not take up much space; when assembled, it fits compactly into a box.

16. AT35990


Gas tourist camping burner is designed for hiking, picnics, active mountain climbing, travel and sports. The burner is useful for fishermen and hunters for preparing dinner, boiling water for tea. The gas stove is completed in a special case-suitcase made of plastic. The design provides connection to a gas cylinder of 5-20 l. The power of the portable device is 2.3 kW, the piezo ignition works, there is a knob for adjusting the gas supply and enhancing the flame. There are 4 levels of security, fuel consumption is 116 g / h. The system weighs 1.88 kg and is equipped with a windscreen on the burner.

17. SOTO ST-310/ST330/CB-JCB /TRB250

SOTO ST-310/ST330/CB-JCB /TRB250

Desktop mini-burner with dimensions of 21 * 32 cm, height of 8 cm has a folding design and weighs no more than 305 grams. For the material of the stand, refractory aluminum is used, it does not deform when heated, and it counteracts the appearance of rust. The surface is anodized, easy to clean, can be simply wiped with a damp cloth. The table and burner form a convenient system for cooking away from home – at a picnic, fishing, hunting, relaxing in the country. The surface is compatible with 4 types of burners, which are placed on a frying pan, pot or kettle. The device is suitable for a gift to lovers of outdoor activities.

18. Thous Wind KOVEA CUBE


Compact tiles for camping, outdoor recreation – Chinese manufacturers offer a combined assembly of steel and natural wood. The decorative design includes a beautiful gold-coloured handle or a wood-look variant. The tile has one burner, it is possible to adjust the flame supply. The assembly provides a grill for croutons, a stable layout of the supports holds the pan, kettle, coffee maker. The range of dishes prepared is quite wide. The compact model is suitable for use in the country, camping, outdoors, as a wind protection is provided around the burner.



The Chinese brand produces household goods, including useful items for summer cottages and a country house. The two-burner cooking stove is used outdoors or at home, suitable for student dormitories. The total weight is 4.5 kg, overall dimensions are 65*25 cm. There is a piezo ignition option for ignition. The convection flame distribution system contributes to economical fuel consumption. The surface is made of aluminum, the paws with a cut relief ensure precise positioning of the dishes on the stove. The burner maintains the distribution of fire throughout the bottom of the pot, so the water boils very quickly.

20. Heating furnace

Heating furnace

Ceramic heater for tents, camping, cold summer cottages, student hostel rooms. There are several heating modes, it is possible to transform into a gas stove. The outdoor heater is suitable for heating or cooking food. On the front panel there is a protective grill that serves as a stand for a frying pan, pot or kettle. It weighs 2.75 kg, overall dimensions are 25 * 24 * 20 cm. The stove-heater is equipped with a valve that regulates the supply of gas fuel, a handle for controlling and adjusting the flame. The portable device is suitable as a gift for fishermen, travelers, tourists.

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