TOP 21 best radios with Aliexpress

ТОП-20 лучших радиоприемников с Алиэкспресс

Among the wide variety of multimedia devices capable of performing many tasks, radio receivers remain relevant to this day. However, modern receivers differ significantly from retro-transistors of previous years. Radio receivers work in digital mode, have compact dimensions, remember found radios, can play saved records.

21 Best Radio Receivers with Aliexpress

At AliExpress you can choose a receiver for every taste and color. When choosing it is important to consider the quality of the sound, the range of reception of the signal and the presence of additional functions. Which radios are better to buy on Aliexpress, you will find out from the rating, which for you has prepared the site



Pocket radio RETEKESS V115 with telescopic antenna has compact dimensions: 120x80x20 mm, receives in FM/AM/SW ranges. Manual and automatic search of radio stations is possible. The found stations are saved and called by pressing the corresponding button with the digit under which the broadcast frequency was kept. Current information is displayed on the informative display, the menu is Russified. There is a Micro-SD card slot on the case, which can also play music. The design of the device provides automatic shutdown up to 90 minutes. If you set a timer, the radio will turn off at a predetermined time. The receiver from the battery capacity of 1000 mAh. Charging is done by cable through the micro-USB input. The cable is included.



Portable stereo receiver with two RETEKESS TR602 speakers receives signal at FM/AM frequencies. The receiver has dimensions: 177x66x30 mm, the body is built-in telescopic antenna, which extends up to 53 cm. The stations can be found in manual and automatic mode. The LED display shows the frequency of a working radio station. The radio can connect via Bluetooth to digital gadgets, receive hands free calls coming to the smartphone, play music. The device also plays music in mp3/WAV format from removable media – Micro-SD card and flash drive. For this purpose, the housing is provided with appropriate connectors. The device has a sleep function with a timer up to 240 minutes.



The RETEKESS PR12 is a handheld receiver of 88x44x18 mm, even on the palm of the hand. The radio signal is received in frequency bands: FM 64/87 – 108 MHz; AM 520/522 – 1710 kHz. The programs can be found in the car and manually. The LCD displays the operating frequency and battery charging level. In the dark, the screen can be illuminated. The radio can also work as an MP3 player, playing music from a micro-SD card with a capacity of not more than 64 GB. The device is powered by a 1000 mAh lithium ion battery. The battery is charged via USB cable, which is supplied as a package.



Mini OUHONGDA radio receiver dimensions: 110x70x30 mm belongs to the budget category. Despite the low price of the receiver has good functionality. Radio stations are accepted in the FM/AM/SW band. The stations are searched manually and automatically. Found radios are saved in the autosearch. Information about the operating frequency is displayed on the LCD display. The battery level is also displayed there. The device also plays music from a usb flash drive and micro-SD card. The seller offers a choice of receivers in a red and black case. It also comes with a 500 mAh battery and USB charging cable.

5. Rainwayer TD-V26

Rainwayer TD-V26

The Rainwayer TD-V26 mini receiver is made in the form of a cube size: 510x480x550 mm. Stereo-sounding loudspeakers are integrated into the rear part of the housing, the display and buttons for switching on radios and for adjusting the volume are placed in the front. On the side there are connectors for headphones, Micro-USB and Micro-SD, on the opposite side there is a USB port, on the top there is a telescopic antenna. The receiver captures radio stations in the FM band at a frequency of 87.5 – 108 MHz, plays music from the Micro-SD card and flash drive. The device has a 600 mAh battery charging via USB cable. The seller offers customers a choice of 4 radio case colors: silver, black, blue, pink.

6. XHDATA D-808


The all-star radio with high sensitivity XHDATA D-808 works on FM/MW/LW /SW/SSB and aviation frequencies. The device uses digital signal processing technology, which reduces interference and improves sensitivity. In addition to the built-in telescopic in the kit there is an additional external antenna up to 4 m long, which is inserted into a special connector on the body. You can find a radio station in manual, automatic modes, as well as direct input of frequency. Operating modes and current time are displayed on a large display. The receiver has the functions of an alarm clock, a timer on and off the radio at a given time. There are no slots for memory cards and flash drives in this device.

7. HSJIA HS-2020


The HSJIA HS-2020 emergency radio receiver is a multifunctional device in a waterproof case with a built-in powerful flashlight, reading desk lamp, power bank for charging mobile gadgets and listening radio. Dimensions of the receiver: 155x94x49 mm. Solar battery is built into the case, as well as dynamo generator for emergency charging of batteries. The battery compartment is designed for three AAA batteries. The lamp operates in three modes: bright and faint glow, emergency flashing. The radio signal is received in FM/AM/WB bands.

8. NVPONE H0401


The emergency pocket receiver NVPONE H0401 in 109×16.2×55.9 mm is powered by two AAA batteries, which are not included. The main purpose of the radio is to report on the upcoming weather in cases of emergencies. But the radio also finds popular radio stations in bands – FM: 87.5-108 MHz and AM: 520-1710 kHz. Radio stations can be searched automatically. Up to 20 channels are stored in the memory. The large digital display displays the working radio stations, you can set the clock. In standby mode, the receiver can work as an alarm clock. There is a timer disconnection with a delay of up to 90 minutes. The function of MP player in this model is not provided.

9. Tecsun PL310ET

Tecsun PL310ET

The Tecsun PL310ET digital modulator radio receiver operates in the stereo/LW/SW/MW wavelengths. The receiver has an ETM function that automatically locates new stations and adds them to the temporary storage. This option helps you to listen to local radio while travelling, without looking for radio stations. Radio dimensions: 141x87x30 mm, the length of the retractable antenna, built into the case, 51 cm. The LED display displays: operating modes, broadcast frequency, time, air temperature, battery level. Power is provided from three AA batteries.

10. Tecsun PL-398MP

Tecsun PL-398MP

The Tecsun PL-398MP stereo receiver, with two built-in speakers, accepts radio frequency signals: FM/SW/MW/LW. Dimensions of receiver: 187x90x30 mm. The digital screen displays station frequency, signal power, temperature, battery level, current time. There are illumination buttons next to the display. The radio can work as an MP3 player, playing music from a micro-SD card. The device runs from 3 AA batteries. You can use batteries and charge them via USB cable. The power supply is not included. Stereo headphones, charging cable, carrying case are supplied together with the radio.

11. INDIN BC-R2033


The portable INDIN BC-R2033 pocket radio in the silver case is retro-designed. But the radio receiver has the functions of a digital device. Due to the compact dimensions: 95x55x22 mm and light weight: less than 100 g, the receiver is convenient to take on walks and trips. The radio receiver receives signals on FM and AM bands, runs from two AA batteries (not included). The device can also be operated when connected to the electrical network via a power adapter. On the front of the housing are a speaker and a scale with radio frequencies. The swivel handles for control are arranged on the side.

12. JINSERTA E7344


The portable sports FM radio JINSERTA E7344 has a small size: 80x28x20 mm. Sound playback is possible only through headphones. The sound is played in stereo format. The radio is intended for people involved in sports. The receiver during the workout can be put in your pocket or hung around your neck by the string that goes in the set. The device provides automatic channel search with the saving of radio stations. The frequency of the working station is displayed on the display. Power is produced from two AA batteries (not included). The seller puts in the package: radio, cord and headphones.

13. Shinco R-919

Shinco R-919

The classic FM receiver in the retro-style Shinco R-919 will appeal to antique lovers. The radio is enclosed in a wooden case, dimensions – 115x57x76 mm. Each case is handmade. The seller offers to choose a radio from 10 retro design options. Radio in FM mode with radio frequency range: 87 – 108 MHz. Bluetooth is also integrated into the device for wireless connection with digital music playback devices. The receiver can play records from the TF card, for which a special slot is provided. The radio is operated by a battery of 1100 mAh, which provides up to 8 hours of continuous sound without charging.

14. landtree DAB-P9

landtree DAB-P9

The landtree DAB-P9 105x62x20 mm pocket radio operates in FM and DAB bands. The receiver also supports the function of MP3 player – plays music from TF-card. The search for radio channels can be done manually and in automatic mode with the memory of channels. On the display in standby mode the clock is displayed, during radio – radio frequency and information about the broadcast program. The receiver is powered by a 1000 mAh lithium battery, charging via a USB cable, which is included. The device also includes a timer for disconnection at a specified time.

15. INDIN BC-R119


Mini receiver INDIN BC-R119 silver color: 96x58x20 mm of minimalist design accepts radio signals bands- FM: 88 – 108 MHz, AM: 530 – 1600 kHz. Radio with mechanical control belongs to the budget category, is inexpensive and has a minimal set of functions. On the front side of the radio is a scale with FM and AM frequencies and speaker. The search for radios is carried out by a rotating wheel on the end of the body, there is also a connector for headphones. On top is built-in telescopic antenna, extended up to 25 cm. Works pocket receiver from 2 AA batteries, which are not included in the kit.

16. DEGEN DE13


Emergency radio DEGEN DE13 in the waterproof housing will be useful for outings, travel, camping conditions. The multifunctional device works like a conventional AM/FM/SW/MW radio. The enclosure includes a flashlight with three LEDs and a red emergency light. It is powered by rechargeable batteries, solar panels, and three alkaline AAA batteries. The device also provides a dynamo for emergency situations. If you turn the handle, the device will work even in a fully discharged state. The radio can also be used as a power bank for charging gadgets.

17. HanRangDa K-603

HanRangDa K-603

Portable FM/AM/SW radio HanRangDa K-603 with a 1000 mAh lithium battery accepts radio signals in all bands. You can search for radios in manual or automatic mode. The built-in chip is able to remember up to 4000 radios. The receiver also works as an MP3 player with music playback via Bluetooth-connection with media remoteness up to 10 meters and from TF memory card. The system has an automatic shutdown function with a timer up to 90 minutes. The operating modes and battery charge level are displayed on the digital display. Radio dimensions: 120x79x23 mm.

18. Ocean Digital WR-336N

Ocean Digital Top 40 Dance

Internet radio Ocean Digital WR-336N size 184x114x100 mm made in retro style. The radio will find more than a thousand radio stations worldwide when connected to the network via WI-FI. The radio has a built-in battery, and it is also possible to connect the device to electricity via a power adapter. On the front panel there is a large display displaying a choice – the current time or frequency of the tuned radio station with information about the broadcast. The receiver also plays audio via Bluetooth from digital devices. The device has 2 alarm clock and automatic timer. It is possible to control the radio receiver and with the PDA, which comes with the kit. Also, the seller puts a charging cable in the package.

19. LEORY BT888


The LEORY BT888 portable retro radio is available in two variants of the body color – black and brown. It is sent at random. The design is made for an old radio. The instrument receives radio signals in FM/AM/SW bands, plays audio via flash drive, TF-card, connects with digital devices via bluetooth. In the monolithic case built-in battery capacity of 850 mAh, which is charged via USB cable. Dimensions of the receiver: 123x86x70 mm. The radio is controlled mechanically – the search of stations, volume control and switching of frequency ranges is carried out by turning handles on the front side of the body.

20. Malachite DSP SDR V3

Malachite DSP SDR V3

The Malachite DSP SDR V3 broadband radio with a 3.5 inch touchscreen 147x77x25 mm will be a real find for amateurs. The receiver securely receives remote signal on KV/SV/VV/VHF bands for listening to broadcasting, service and amateur radio stations. For short waves, a separate high-speed antenna plug is provided. The control and search of radios is carried out by means of a touch-screen display. Battery capacity: 3000 mAh, charging battery via USB cable. Included with the receiver is a storage case, a radio stand, a charging cable and an extension antenna.

21. ATS-25 Spadger Φ Si4732

Spadger ATS-25 Φ Si4732

ATS-25 is an updated version of the all-new ATS-20 receiver, which can also be purchased from this vendor at a lower price. Despite its compact size, the device can accommodate a full range of bands such as: FM 64~108 MHz with RDS message system, LW 153~500 kHz, MW 520~1710 kHz, SW 1730~30000 kHz and SSB 1730~30000 kHz. In the new version of the radio, a large 2.4-inch touchscreen is installed on which all data is clearly visible. The power supply is provided by the integrated lithium battery of a large capacity of 2000 mAh. The body is made of aluminum alloy, painted in black. On the front side of the device is a screen with a touch keyboard and a comfortable valcoder for smooth signal adjustment. On the upper part of the case is very well located audio speaker. At the back there is a TYPE-C interface for recharging the battery or firmware update, battery charge indicator, on-off button, 3.5 mm audio connector, outdoor antenna input and modulation switch. The radio is supplied with a telescopic antenna and a TYPE-C cable.

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