TOP-20 ceiling chandeliers for home with Aliexpress, catalog of chandeliers

ТОП-20 потолочных люстр для дома с Алиэкспресс, каталог люстр

20 best ceiling chandeliers for home with Aliexpress

Chandeliers and lamps have long been an integral part of any interior. Now it is impossible to imagine the decoration of a house or apartment, cafe or restaurant without a stylish, original and luxuriously beautiful light source. A huge selection of models of ceiling lamps will allow you to create your own unique design and make your home brighter and more comfortable.

1. Chandelier JULY’S SONG 0514

Люстра JULY'S SONG 0514

A loft-style ceiling chandelier will be a great addition to any interior. The base of the luminaire is made of metal and wood, the lampshades are metal, with galvanized coating. The lighting area ranges from 8 to 25 m2, depending on the number of lamps. Base type – E27. You can use both incandescent and energy-saving and LED lamps. Bulbs are not included. There are three, six and eight shades to choose from.

2. Chandelier YICOLUX 8032

Люстра YICOLUX 8032

An original ceiling lamp in a floral style, perfect for a living room or bedroom. The base of the chandelier is made of metal and the flower structure is made of heat-resistant acrylic. You can choose a chandelier of the size you need, depending on the number of petals. Configuration and control is carried out using the control panel. Also, all actions can be performed in the application of your smartphone, via Bluetooth. Through the remote control, you can adjust the brightness and temperature of the light.

3. Chandelier JULY’S SONG 0528

Люстра JULY'S SONG 0528

A modern LED chandelier, a great solution for a low ceiling. Beautiful, sophisticated design will surely decorate your interior and make it more comfortable. In the manufacture of the lamp used metal and acrylic with high light transmission. The chandelier is made in the form of rings with a bubble effect, of various shapes, connected to each other. The set comes with a remote control, with which you can adjust the intensity and warmth of the light.

4. Chandelier JULY’S SONG 0527

Люстра JULY'S SONG 0527

The Scandinavian style chandelier is a great design solution for dining or living rooms, as well as hotels, restaurants and bars. LED light made using materials such as wood and metal. The wooden base goes well with metal shades. Works in three modes – warm light, cold and neutral. There are several configurations to choose from, which differ in the number of shades.

5. Chandelier Wongshi Marshmallow

Люстра Wongshi зефирка

For the little princess’s room, the best decoration will be a rainbow chandelier in the “marshmallow” style. Bright, colorful and airy, it will undoubtedly create the atmosphere of the magic of a fairytale castle. The luminaire is made of metal, glass and polymer. The chandelier is decorated with beautiful, colored pendants, the design is complemented by candle-shaped bulbs that come with the kit (base type – E-14).

6. Chandelier JULY’S XDCG A8E0208-0503

Люстра JULY'S XDCG A8E0208-0503

Geometry in the interior is always a win-win option. Ceiling chandelier with square-shaped lamps will perfectly fit into the modern interior of a living room or bedroom. Manufacturing material – metal and acrylic. A remote control is provided to adjust the light. Also, you can control the lamp using your mobile phone, through a special application.

7. Chandelier JULY’S XDCG 0512

Люстра JULY'S XDCG 0512

An excellent design solution for rooms with high ceilings. The creative LED chandelier will fit perfectly into any interior. Made of metal. In the form of rings of various sizes. On the base there is an adjustment button with which the height and shape of the luminaire is changed. You can adjust the brightness and warmth of the light from the mobile application in your smartphone, as well as from the remote control that comes with the kit.

8. Chandelier AIBOO gu10-4-6

Люстра AIBOO gu10-4-6

This high-tech LED ceiling light is an excellent choice for modern decoration of your home. The chandelier is made of metal, which is highly durable. The position of the brackets on which the plafonds are attached is adjustable. There are two colors to choose from – black and silver. The kit includes all the necessary mounting hardware.

9. Chandelier Winfordo WF-P40GD

Люстра Winfordo WF-P40GD

A spectacular dandelion-shaped pendant chandelier will undoubtedly decorate the interior of any room and will be able to fully illuminate the space. The base of the lamp is made of metal, the lampshade is made of durable acrylic. Fixed to the ceiling with a plank. The luminaire is suitable for LED lamps, with a G9 base. Such a luxurious lamp can be used not only for decorating and lighting an apartment, but also for cafes, salons and restaurants with a corresponding design.

10. Chandelier FSS 10030

Люстра FSS 10030

This model of ceiling lamp is made in a modern style and will harmoniously fit into any interior. The chandelier is made of high quality metal coated with anti-static enamel. The luminaire is a frame made of asymmetric rods with an adjustable angle of inclination. It is offered in several versions, from 2 to 8 light sources. You can use incandescent and LED lamps, with an E27 base.

11. Chandelier Yee Jiaoyue

Люстра Yee Jiaoyue

For those who prefer minimalism in interior decoration, the LED ceiling light with remote control is a worthy choice. Manufacturing material – heat-resistant plastic and metal. The chandelier is equipped with a quick installation module. Has a dustproof seal design and insect proof design. Using the remote control, you can adjust the brightness and temperature of the light. In addition, you can use a special application in your smartphone for control. Also, the lamp can be used as a night light by turning on the moonlight mode.

12. Chandelier AdoYenGle

Люстра AdoYenGle

Wicker rattan lamps are perfect not only for the interior of an apartment, but also for decorating cafes and restaurants. Such a design solution will undoubtedly fill any room with warmth and comfort. Among the offered models, you can choose the design and size of the chandelier that is right for your home. A lamp with an E27 base is included in the kit.

13. Chandelier ONLYLIGHT CL001001

Люстра ONLYLIGHT CL001001

A chandelier of such a style as a loft will certainly find its place in the trends popular today. The material of manufacture is metal, which is very wear-resistant and durable. Mounts to the ceiling on a mounting plate. Incandescent, fluorescent, LED lamps with E27 base are suitable, which must be purchased separately. There are luminaires to choose from that include 4, 6, or 8 light sources.

14. Chandelier Wongshi hunt

Люстра Wongshi hunt

The presented creative and effective pendant chandelier is a great find for decorating a room in a colorful and distinctive style – in the spirit of a hunting lodge. The lamp is decorated with artificial deer antlers, candles and lamps in the form of a flame. Made of metal and plastic. Attachment method – hook. Base type – E14. Incandescent and LED bulbs can be used. Bulbs are not included. Among the assortment presented, you can choose the design, color and size of the chandelier.

15. Chandelier SANDYHA bear ball

Люстра SANDYHA bear ball

The LED lamp in the shape of a teddy bear on a balloon will undoubtedly be a wonderful decoration for a child’s room. The chandelier is made of metal, polymer and acrylic. Ceiling mounting is done with a mounting plate. Luminaires are available with one or three shades. LED bulbs G9 and E27 are suitable.

16. Chandelier JLUN 2700

16 Люстра JLUN 2700

Ceiling chandelier with LEDs, with an original design, will find its application in the interior of rooms with different styles. The base of the luminaire is made of durable metal. G4 LED bulbs are included. The lighting area ranges from 8 to 30m2, depending on the number of light sources. From the proposed lamps, it is possible to choose a design solution that is suitable for your interior.

17. Chandelier LASHA

Люстра LASHA

For lovers of non-standard solutions, an art deco chandelier will be a good choice, which will perfectly fit into a modern interior. The lamp is a metal rod, on which glass shades are located in a chaotic manner, in the form of balls of different sizes. The set includes LED bulbs with G4 socket. You can choose from the size and color of the chandelier, as well as the warmth of the light of the lamps.

18. Chandelier YOOGEE 66249

Люстра YOOGEE 66249

A luxurious, long pendant chandelier in a modern style – a super original solution for decorating spacious rooms. The luminaire consists of elongated cylinders made of metal and acrylic with a bubble effect. The elements are collected in a common composition at different heights, thereby creating a unique design of the chandelier, the length of which ranges from 120 to 350 cm. You can choose the warmth of light, height and model of the lamp to your taste.

19. Chandelier Aboshiny ABFF-07

Люстра Aboshiny ABFF-07

The exquisite tree twig LED ceiling chandelier will look great in any interior. The decor of the luminaire is made of glass, the base is metal. It is possible to choose the color of the lampshade, the number of lamps and the temperature of the emitted light (warm, cold, natural). The delivery includes LED bulbs and spare lampshades.

20. Chandelier GreeLustr 2580

Люстра GreeLustr 2580

A stylish chandelier decorated with transparent crystals will complement and decorate any interior and make your home more comfortable and light. The material from which the lamp base is made is chrome-plated stainless steel. The decor is made of crystals, which, creating a refractive effect, make the light brighter, with beautiful tints. Base type – built-in LED luminaire.

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