8 best disinfectants and sterilizers for home with Aliexpress

8 Лучших дезинфекторов и стерилизаторов для дома с Алиэкспресс

1. Multifunctional UV Toothbrush Disinfector

Многофункциональный ультрафиолетовый дезинфектор зубных щеток

Disinfection of toothbrushes is a very important part of personal hygiene, and it is convenient to use a multifunctional ultraviolet disinfector for this purpose.

This disinfector simultaneously performs three significant functions:

  • First, there is a holder for 5 toothbrushes, with each cell separate from the next!
  • Second, it’s a handy toothpaste dispenser!
  • Thirdly, it is an ultraviolet disinfector!

After installing the brushes in the compartment, it is necessary to close it and turn on the power of the disinfector. In 5-6 minutes, almost all bacteria will be destroyed on the brushes! With such a toothbrush disinfectant, the risk of many diseases, including tooth decay, is significantly reduced!

2. Esterilizador UV Lamp for Phone and Jewelry Sterilizer

УФ-светильник Esterilizador для стерилизатора телефона и бижутерии

This ultraviolet phone sterilizer is very convenient to use! It can be used to disinfect not only phones up to 6.5 inches in size, but also other things that will fit in a box! Phones, watches, pens, face masks and much more get dirty during the day from constant contact with dirty hands! But with a phone sterilizer, you no longer need to be afraid that your phone or other personal belongings can become a source of infection! It is enough to put your phone or any other thing in the sterilizer box and turn it on! Within 3 minutes, thanks to ultraviolet radiation, complete disinfection from all types of bacteria will occur!

3. Xiaomi Xiaoda UVC Germicidal Ozone UV Disinfector

УФ-дезинфектор Xiaomi Xiaoda UVC Germicidal Ozone

Xiaomi Xiaoda UV Disinfector can be used to disinfect small spaces. For example, it is perfect for disinfecting a bathroom, toilet, car interior or computer workstation! The disinfector is powered by a built-in lithium battery with a capacity of 700 mAh, which is charged with a standard USB cable! Thanks to its compact size and autonomous battery operation, the Xiaomi Xiaoda disinfector can be taken with you to use whenever you need it! The main requirement for use is the absence of people in the immediate vicinity of the working disinfector!

4. Automatic hand dispenser Svavo V-473

Автоматический диспенсер для рук Svavo V-473

A liquid soap dispenser like the Svavo V-473 automatic dispenser will come in handy in every bathroom near the washbasin! As soon as you put your hands up to it, a portion of soap is automatically poured onto them! This is very practical, since the device does not even need to be touched, which is especially important to protect against pathogens! The dispenser is powered by 4 AAA batteries, which must be purchased separately. The soap container has a volume of 350 ml, and the soap also needs to be purchased separately, as the dispenser is supplied without soap and without batteries! The very convenient automatic dispenser Svavo V-473 will be appreciated by everyone who is lucky enough to buy it!

5. Household ozone disinfector Alanchi 1668

Бытовой озоновый дезинфектор Alanchi 1668

Household ozonizer Alanchi 1668, powered by a 220 volt electrical network, is designed to disinfect air and water! The ozone produced by the device not only destroys microbes, but also provides incredible freshness! Ozone is a very strong oxidizing agent and therefore ozone-rich water can be used in dishes, fruits and vegetables for maximum cleanliness! When the ozone disinfector is operating, there should be no people in the room, since it is not recommended to breathe ozone for a long time! The efficient and reliable Alanchi 1668 ozonizer is ideal for private use, for example, for disinfecting living rooms!

6. Robot disinfector The Clean Robot

Робот дезинфектор The Clean Robot

The compact and highly efficient The Clean Robot is specially designed for disinfection of beds. Thanks to smart electronics that receive signals from 18 sensors, the disinfector robot will never fall out of bed! This robot can be used not only at home, but also carried with you, which is especially important for those who have to spend the night in hotels! Having launched the robot on the bed, you can safely do other things, because the battery charge of this disinfector lasts up to 2 hours of work! Using the robot disinfector, you can be sure that at night you will sleep on a perfectly clean bed, free of germs!

7. UV disinfector Ashata for towels

УФ дезинфектор Ashata для ногтей и полотенец

This UV disinfector is designed to sterilize towels, clothes, small blankets and other small items that can fit inside the appliance! The disinfector operates from a household electrical network with a voltage of 110 to 220 volts! To disinfect a towel, T-shirt or shirt, just put them inside the disinfector and turn on the device! As a result of the work of the disinfector, due to the influence of ultraviolet radiation, there are practically no microbes on the product that can lead to disease! Convenient and very effective Ashata disinfector is useful for everyone who cares about their health!

8. Sterilizer disinfector steam ST-Sterilizer

Стерилизатор дезинфектор паровой ST-Sterilizer

The steam sterilizer ST-Sterilizer can be used for disinfection of small rooms, as well as car interiors! The device operates on a 220 volt network, and is capable of heating water and starting to generate steam in just 3-5 minutes! In order to use the steam disinfector, it is necessary to immerse the suction tube of the device, equipped with a filter, in a container with water or disinfectant liquid! After heating the sterilizer, it starts to generate steam, which will quickly fill up small spaces! Therefore, after switching on the device, it is recommended to leave the disinfected room or car interior!

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