15 best DDR4 RAM options for PCs with Aliexpress

15 лучшей оперативной памяти DDR4 для компьютера с Алиэкспресс

Top 15 best DDR4 RAM for PCs from Aliexpress

Random access memory for a computer is one of the main elements, on the parameters of which the speed of work in games and in solving other tasks depends. The modern version of RAM is DDR4, 4th generation, which provides high bandwidth and is suitable for building a gaming PC. However, the range of such memory is so large that it will be difficult to deal with it even for an experienced user, not to mention those who are assembling their first computer. A rating of the 15 most interesting options for such RAM on the popular AliExpress marketplace will help to simplify the search for suitable DDR4 strips and not to overpay for them.

1. Asgard Loki W2 8 / 16GB

Оперативная память Asgard Loki W2 8/16Гб

Sometimes RAM is selected not only for technical characteristics, but also for aesthetic ones. The Asgard Loki W2 is just such an option, equipped with original RGB lighting. You can control the colors of the radiators using special software. And this module is best suited for a system unit with transparent walls. The memory has a frequency of 3200 MHz, however, it received a certain potential for overclocking. Although it is able to provide a high speed of work even in an ordinary state. Among its features is a manufacturer’s warranty for the entire service life. And, although it will be difficult to send the warranty bar to China, such warranty obligations allow you to count on stable and long-term operation.

2. Gloway 8/16/32Гб

Оперативная память Gloway 8/16/32Гб

Another option for DDR4 RAM, 8 GB of which will cost about $ 40. The frequency of the strips is 2666 MHz, there is a possibility of overclocking up to 3000 MHz. The throughput is 21300 MB / s. The standard voltage is 1.2 V, and the timings are 19-19-19-43, which ensures high speed both in work and in games. The model comes with standard white heatsinks that do not have backlighting, but are stylish enough to be installed in any system unit, including gaming versions. Despite the budget cost, the RAM has a “lifetime” warranty. Most planks with such warranties are several times more expensive.

3. Kingston HyperX Fury 4/8 Гб

Оперативная память Kingston HyperX 4/8 Гб

The budget HyperX Fury DDR4 RAM features high performance and low latency. Such RAM strips can be used to build gaming computers. Moreover, for this they should be overclocked to 3000-3466 MHz. Voltage – 1.2 V, it is possible to use one-channel and two-channel modes. Among the features of the bar is ease of configuration, thanks to the unique proprietary Kingston Plug and Play technology. This eliminates the need for setting parameters in the BIOS. However, there are certain limitations – the possibility of using only Intel chips.

4. VEINEDA 4/8/16Гб

Оперативная память VEINEDA 4/8/16Гб

A model that does not have not only a backlight, but even a radiator. Such memory looks like a black PCB board with 16 Samsung chips. Due to the lack of a heatsink, the DDR4 bar is not very suitable for system units with transparent walls, although, due to low timings, it can be used for assembling gaming PCs. The memory, 8 GB of which will cost less than $ 25, has overclocking potential. And versions with a volume of 4 to 16 GB and a frequency of 2133-2666 MHz are suitable for use on motherboards with the Intel x99 chipset. A modification with 8 GB DDR-3200 is incompatible with such a motherboard.

5. JUHOR 4/8/16/32Гб

Оперативная память JUHOR 4/8/16/32Гб

RAM with an attractive design. To protect against overheating, its case is equipped with a stylish red heatsink. The frequency of the strips, the volume of which can be 4, 8 or 16 GB – from 2133 to 2666 MHz, timings – 19-19-19-43, voltage – 1.2 V. The warranty period is as much as 3 years. Despite the budget cost, within $ 35 for 8 GB of RAM, the memory is fully consistent with the manufacturer’s declared characteristics. And its only noticeable drawback is the small rigidity of the spatial frame, made of metal only 1 mm thick.

6. CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 8/16Гб

Оперативная память CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 8/16Гб

Corsair brand products have always been distinguished by a higher price compared to competitors. But, if you choose the Chinese trading platform Aliexpress for purchase, even such high-quality and reliable RAM will cost no more than $ 50 for 8 GB of RAM. Moreover, the warranty on it covers the entire period of operation. Among the features of the model is a stylish case design, provided by a black passive cooling radiator. The frequency of the planks is in the range of 2400-3200 MHz, the effective bandwidth is 1900 MB / s, and the timings are 16-16-16-39.

7. MAXSUN 4/8/16Гб

Оперативная память MAXSUN 4/8/16Гб

The original-looking DDR4 operating memory with a unique shape and gold-plated contacts. Although the price of the model is not higher than average offers for the same amount of RAM from other manufacturers, whose products can be found on Aliexpress. Moreover, it is compatible with all PC assemblies based on both Intel chips and AMD processors. The memory is highly stable and has a certain overclocking potential. The standard voltage of the RAM is 1.2 V, the effective bandwidth is 19200 MB / s, the frequency is 2666 MHz. And the timings of 16-18-18-36 make this RAM suitable for both work and play.

8. ZENFAST 4/8/16/32Гб

Оперативная память ZENFAST 4/8/16/32Гб

Affordable desktop RAM suitable for office, home, and gaming build options. It does not have an attractive design, and does not even come with a radiator. But it received timings 16-16-16-39, which guarantees fast work in any conditions. Planks with different amounts of DDR4 differ not only in bandwidth, which can be 17000, 19200, and 21300 MB / s, but also in compatibility. For example, the 4 GB version is not suitable for installation on motherboards with a modern Intel x99 chipset, while other options can be used in these cases.

9. Kanmeiqi 4/8/16Гб

Оперативная память Kanmeiqi 4/8/16Гб

Standard DDR4 RAM, which got about the same price as most of its counterparts on AliExpress. In the list of commercially available versions, you can find strips with a volume of 4 to 16 GB and frequencies from 2133 to 2666 MHz. There are no restrictions on the use of this memory, and low timings (15-17-17-35) and a bandwidth of 19200 MB / s will ensure high performance of the computer. A stylish red or gold heatsink is used to cool this RAM. And among its other features – manual inspection of each bar and a “lifetime” warranty. This allows you to count on long lifespan when used in gaming or office builds.

10. VIRIVI 4/8/16/32Гб

Оперативная память VIRIVI 4/8/16/32Гб

RAM with a completely unattractive design and no heatsink. However, despite the support for the x99 chipset, this RAM is not suitable for either a home or a gaming computer. Its purpose is to install on servers, because the memory is of the ECC type. The peculiarity of this type of RAM is its high stability due to automatic error correction and elimination of data corruption. The stability of the server on which such bars are installed will be very high, which makes it possible to use them in the professional field and even for cloud computing.



Random access memory of the popular brand ADATA, which is better known in Russia as a manufacturer of reliable flash memory. The products are available in two sizes of 8 and 16 GB, and with a frequency from 3000 to 3600 MHz. The RAM is compatible with assemblies based on Intel processors, and most importantly, it has overclocking potential that can be configured directly through your PC’s operating system. Its quality is guaranteed by repeated checks of the manufacturer before going on sale. Among the features of the memory is its unique RGB backlighting, which covers almost the entire area of ​​the bar and is capable of illuminating in different modes. The average cost of 8 GB is just over $ 60. The memory voltage is only 1.2 V. And its design is made in a modern style and involves installation in system units with transparent walls.

12. KingSpec 4/8/16Гб

Оперативная память KingSpec 4/8/16Гб

Despite the fact that the KingSpec brand is not well known in Russia, its products are of high quality and reliability. And also – good stability and bandwidth. The timings of this DDR4 are 15-17-17-35, enough to provide a high speed office PC or gaming build. Besides, the memory can be overclocked. Among the features of the models is a complete set with a red metal radiator installed only on one side, providing passive cooling. The cost of 8 GB of memory is less than $ 40, but the manufacturer only offers a 1 year warranty.

13. SEIWHALE 4/8/16/32Гб

Оперативная память SEIWHALE 4/8/16/32Гб

One of the most affordable models of RAM, which is worth buying for a gaming computer at once for 2 or 4 strips. The timings of the version with a frequency of 2400 MHz – 17-17-17-39, not the best among analogs, but still providing high speed and making this DDR4 suitable for gaming PCs. The memory voltage is standard, 1.2 V, and a black radiator is used for cooling. The same element provides the bar with a stylish design, suitable for any system unit, even a transparent one. The bandwidth, depending on the version, is from 17000 to 21300 MB / s.

14. JAZER 8/16Гб

Оперативная память JAZER 8/16Гб

DDR4 memory with very stylish design and high stability. Despite the fact that the cost of the slats is not higher than average. True, there are certain limitations – RAM is not suitable for motherboards with x99 and H110 chipsets. But it is compatible with A320 and B450 motherboards. Among the features of XMP 2.0 is a special optimization technology that improves stability. But to use it, you need to configure the memory in the BIOS. RAM timings – 19-19-19-43, voltage – 1.2 V, frequency – 3200 MHz. For cooling, the RAM board is equipped with an original-looking heatsink suitable for any system unit.

15. G.Skill Trident Z 8Гб

Оперативная память G.Skill Trident Z 8Гб

RAM worth buying primarily for a gaming build. Especially for the one with glass walls on the system unit. The difference between such modules is RGB backlighting and low timings. Although there is a drawback – due to the high height, the memory takes up more space inside the PC and is incompatible with oversized coolers. Another feature of DDR4 strips is the overclocking potential, which allows you to increase the speed. Although such RAM works quite quickly and without overclocking, with a modern processor and motherboard. True, the cost of G.Skill Trident is almost 2 times higher compared to similar modules.

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