11 best hand-held spray guns for painting with Aliexpress

11 лучших ручных краскопультов для покраски с Алиэкспресс

11 best hand-held spray guns from Aliexpress

When starting repairs, you involuntarily think about how to simplify and speed up this process. There are many tools that can help you get the job done with less effort and time. If you decide to update the color of your walls, then the best assistant in this matter, of course, will be a paint sprayer or, in common people, a spray gun. There are many types of different spray guns, with which we will introduce you today.

1. Electric HVLP spray gun TOVIA

Электрический краскопульт TOVIA

Inexpensive electric paint sprayer TOVIA, has a power of 550 watts. The device is easy to use and suitable for home use. Can be used on any surface. Equipped with a 800 ml plastic container, there is a roller on the body that adjusts the intensity of the paint supply. The torch pattern is changed by rotating the air cap. There is also a compartment for the air filter on the case. The gun is easy to disassemble, making it easy to clean after use. The scope of delivery includes a viscometer, cleaning needle and three additional tips.

2. Electric HVLP paint sprayer WORKPRO W125021A

Электрический распылитель краски WORKPRO W125021A

The WORKPRO 550W electric spray gun is ideal for home use. The device is made of plastic and has a comfortable rubberized handle. The spray bottle is equipped with a container with a capacity of 800 ml. The device has a nozzle, with a swivel head, so that you can set spraying in a horizontal strip, vertical or in a circle. There is a fluid flow regulator on the start button of the device. The sprayer operates on a 220V network. The device comes with two nozzles, a brush for cleaning the container, a nozzle cleaner and a plastic viscometer.

3. Electric HVLP sprayer TASP MESG400M

Электрический распылитель TASP MESG400M

Excellent household spray gun TASP, 400W, made of blue plastic. With the spray head, you can adjust the type of spray you want – vertical, horizontal or circle. On the handle is a fluid supply pressure regulator. The spray gun has a capacity of 800 ml. The package includes two copper nozzles of 1.8mm and 2.5mm, a cleaning needle, a cup for determining the viscosity of the paint, paper filters in the amount of 5 pieces and nitrile disposable gloves.

4. Electric HVLP Auto Paint Spray Gun AOBEN AB2802B / AB2803

Электрический ручной распылитель краскопульт AOBEN AB2802B/AB2803

Powerful AOBEN 750 W electric spray gun with HVLP technology. Suitable both for painting household surfaces and for applying paint to the car body. Also, this gun can be used as an airbrush. The spray gun body consists of several modules that can be easily disassembled and cleaned. Large removable container holds up to one liter of liquid. The scope of delivery includes 4 replaceable nozzles with different nozzle diameters (1.5 mm / 1.8 mm / 2.2 mm / 2.6 mm), a funnel for measuring viscosity, a cleaning needle, a brush and paper filters for paint.

5. LVLP Paint Spray Gun Tungfull 808B

Пистолет-распылитель для краски Tungfull 808B

Spray gun Tungfull 808B, 500 W, made of plastic in black and blue. Powered by modern LVLP paint spray technology. Can be used to paint any surface. The model is equipped with a removable 800 ml capacity. On the handle there is a regulator of the pressure supply of paint, and by rotating the nozzle head, you can change the pattern and angle of spraying. This product comes with a viscometer, cleaning needle and brush.

6. Electric HVLP sprayer Prostormer PTHT264

Электрический распылитель Prostormer PTHT264

Electric spray device Prostormer PTHT264 with a power of 600 W, designed for the application of various compositions such as paint, varnish, primer, etc. Suitable for all surfaces. The capacity of the plastic removable tank is 1000 ml. This volume is quite enough for a long time of operation. The nozzle head has three spray positions – vertical, horizontal and circular. The device is equipped with a paint pressure control system. The scope of delivery includes four replaceable tips, a viscometer, a brush and a cleaning needle.

7. Electric HVLP spray gun DEKO DKSG55K1 / DKSG20K2

Электрический краскопульт DEKO DKSG55K1/DKSG20K2

The DEKO 550 W electric spray gun is perfect for home use, as with it, even an inexperienced painter can paint any complexity. The device has all the necessary settings that are responsible for the head and shape of the torch. The liquid tank is removable and holds 800 ml of solution. The spray gun is produced in two versions, the first “DEKO DKSG55K1” is a conventional one with a wire, and the second “DEKO DKSG20K2” is wireless, powered by a rechargeable battery. The kit includes gloves, a viscometer, paint filters, a respirator, replaceable nozzles, nozzles of different diameters and a charger.

8. Hawkforce Spray Gun Electric HVLP Spray Gun

Электрический краскопульт Hawkforce Spray Gun

Powerful 700W Hawkforce electric hand-held spray gun, can spray any working fluid evenly. Suitable for painting any type of surface. It is a pleasure to work with such a tool, because any painting turns into a creative process. The tank has a capacity of 1000 ml. Adjustable nozzles allow you to adjust the spray direction. Also on the trigger there is a regulator that is responsible for the force of the jet. The spray gun is offered in two configurations, the first includes four nozzles, a viscometer, a brush, and a needle, the second is supplemented with a spare fluid tank and protective gloves.

9. Professional HVLP spray gun WENXING G2008

Профессиональный HVLP краскопульт WENXING G2008

Professional pneumatic spray gun WENXING. Operation requires an air compressor or compressed air cylinder. The device copes with any task, providing an even paint application without smudges and streaks. The gun is made of aluminum, copper and plastic, the nozzles are made of stainless steel. The tank has a volume of 600 ml, has an upper position. On the body of the device there is a spray width regulator and a regulator for the amount of paint. The atomizer is presented in several trim levels, you can choose those add-ons that you need.

10. HVLP Spray Gun Geniuselect

Пистолет-распылитель NTOOLS W-960

Geniuselect universal pneumatic top-tank spray gun. It is used to apply any working fluid to all types of surfaces. Perfect for priming and painting a car, can also be used as an airbrush. Thanks to the ergonomic grip, the pistol fits comfortably in the hand. The spray gun is supplied with a PPS (Mixing and Painting System) adapter designed to accommodate disposable canisters. The complete set of the PPS system includes a lid with an integrated filter, a rigid bowl with a scale, an inner disposable bowl and a ring. When placing an order, you can choose a gun with a nozzle of the size you need (1.3mm, 1.4mm, 1.7mm).

11. Electric spray gun RERAS 01

Электрический краскопульт RERAS 01

The heavy-duty electro-pneumatic paint sprayer RERAS will be an excellent assistant when carrying out repair and painting works. It is also quite suitable for treating plants with biochemicals or disinfecting premises. Due to the high power of the compressor, the device has a high performance. The soft strap provides a comfortable and comfortable wearing of the device. The spray gun has a wide range of nozzle sizes from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm. The device comes with barrels with a volume of 800 ml. It is possible to choose the material for making the tank – plastic or metal. The intensity of the paint supply, the pattern and the spray angle are adjustable. There are models with different compressor capacities and additional accessories to choose from.

11 great hand-held spray guns from Aliexpress
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