DEKO DKSG55K1 electric spray gun with Aliexpress

Электрический краскопульт DEKO DKSG55K1 с Алиэкспресс

DEKO DKSG55K1 electric spray gun

During the repair and construction work, a person has to do dozens of different operations. In order to do all this not only quickly, but also quite efficiently, it is imperative to use only serviceable tools. This applies to all types of work, including painting! Of course, if a professional team of builders is working, then the tool will be appropriate – a compressor and a spray gun with hoses. However, in order to paint small surfaces, it is not necessary to buy all this, since in this case a simple spray gun is enough, with which even a novice painter can work!

DEKO DKSG55K1 electric spray gun with Aliexpress

For home use, it is best to buy an electric spray gun, since it is quite enough for one to perform painting work of almost any complexity! In addition, the use of an electric spray gun is much cheaper, since there is no need to purchase hoses with a compressor. Such a spray can not only be stored in a garage or workshop, but also easily transported in a car!

DEKO DKSG55K1 electric spray gun with Aliexpress

Among the many such tools, several models can be distinguished, such as the DEKO DKSG55K1 electric spray gun, which is distinguished by an acceptable cost along with fairly high functionality.

Characteristics of the DEKO DKSG55K1 spray gun:

  • DEKO DKSG55K1 is a handheld electric paint spray gun powered by 220 volts;
  • thanks to the power of 550 W, the power consumption during the operation of the tool is very small;
  • idle speed of the electric motor 30,000 rpm;
  • the weight of the tool is only 1.56 kilograms, which even when filling the container with paint will be quite within the power of an adult for long-term work;
  • the volume of the paint container is 800 ml;
  • nozzle diameter 1.8 mm;
  • the delivery set includes the atomizer itself, a cleaning needle, a viscometer cup, 5 mesh filters, a protective mask, 3 replaceable nebulizers and cores for them, rubber gloves, a key and a user manual in English;
  • the DEKO DKSG55K1 spray gun is made in the classic for DEKO yellow-black color scheme;
  • rubberized elements and an ergonomic handle are very comfortable to work with and pleasant to the touch!
DEKO DKSG55K1 electric spray gun with Aliexpress

The spray head can be easily rotated for painting with vertical and horizontal movements, as well as for working from different angles.

DEKO DKSG55K1 electric spray gun with Aliexpress

By pressing the release button and turning the body, the power and spray parts of the tool can be easily separated from each other, which is very convenient for thorough rinsing from the paint. In this case, the solvent and water will not get on the electric motor, which will lie to the side!

DEKO DKSG55K1 electric spray gun with Aliexpress

The DEKO DKSG55K1 spray gun is equipped with adjustments for the length of the sprayed paint, and in addition, the intensity of the paint output and the spray pattern can be selected by replacing the spray nozzles, of which there are 3 pieces!

DEKO DKSG55K1 electric spray gun with Aliexpress

In order not only to paint the desired surface well, but also to do everything for the tool to work for a long time and without failure, it is necessary for each specific paint to achieve the viscosity recommended by the manufacturer. These data can be found on the paint container itself, and if they are not available, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the information from the Internet in order, using a viscometer and a solvent, to achieve the desired paint viscosity for effective spraying with a spray gun!

Subject to these conditions, as well as with thorough cleaning and rinsing of the tool after painting, the DEKO hand-held electric spray gun will work for a long time and trouble-free!


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