Smart smart watch waterproof sports ZAPET B57 with Aliexpress

Умные смарт-часы водонепроницаемые спортивные ZAPET B57 с Алиэкспроесс

Smart smart watch ZAPET B57

In the modern world of electronics, new gadgets appear every day. For those who are fond of sports, fitness or just jogging in the morning, smart smart watches will be very useful. Many shops offer a huge selection of new products, but you should pay attention to the waterproof sports “ZAPET B57”.

Умные смарт-часы водонепроницаемые спортивные ZAPET B57

Product technical data

The ZAPET B57 model is a smart bracelet that uses the NRF52832 chip. For connection with a smartphone – BT4.0 bluetooth, working with OS: “IOS 9.0” and higher and “Android 4.4” and higher. The screen on the bracelet has a size of 1.3 inches, waterproof IPS, with a resolution of 240 by 240. One touch is enough for work to activate and “turn over” the pages.

The watch battery has a capacity of 180 mAh: it uses a magnetic device to charge it. It takes almost 1.5 hours to fully charge the gadget. This provides about seven days of device operation. In standby mode, the bracelet does not require recharging for 25 days.

Умные смарт-часы водонепроницаемые спортивные ZAPET B57

The watch itself is made of polycarbonate and encased in a plastic case. Approximate dimensions of the product: 48.9 x 34.5 x 11.7 mm. The application is supported in many languages of the world: Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, Italian, Japanese. Smart watches are suitable for everyone: men, women, children, athletes and people leading a healthy lifestyle.

Умные смарт-часы водонепроницаемые спортивные ZAPET B57

The package contains: bracelet, charging cable, instruction manual.

Description of watch functions

The bracelet screen displays many modes and functions that are incorporated into it for full use. The main picture is, of course, a clock showing the current time. Required battery icon, date, day of the week.

Умные смарт-часы водонепроницаемые спортивные ZAPET B57

One touch of your finger “scrolls” the pages on which the following is displayed sequentially:

  • pedometer with the number of steps;
  • distance traveled in kilometers;
  • the amount of calories burned in the body;
  • multisport mode;
  • measuring heart rate (pulse);
  • blood pressure measurement;
  • the amount of oxygen in the blood;
  • Sleep time page: deep sleep, interrupted sleep, number of awakenings;
  • screen brightness setting page;
  • music page.
  • Reminder functions

Smart watches are valuable because they perform many more functions to help the owner. In order not to be distracted from sports, not to reach your smartphone, it is enough to set up the watch. They can show an incoming call, SMS on their screen.

Умные смарт-часы водонепроницаемые спортивные ZAPET B57

In addition, the content and name of the contact writing or calling the messenger is displayed: Whatsapp, Facebook, WeChat and many other applications. Alarms are configured, of which there are three in hours. There is another interesting reminder function – about sedentary …

From the gadget, you can remotely control photography (from a smartphone). There is an intelligent function to prevent the loss of the smart watch. If desired, the “do not disturb” mode is configured. Raising your hand changes the brightness of the screen. It is possible to reject calls coming to the smartphone.

Умные смарт-часы водонепроницаемые спортивные ZAPET B57

The interface of the screen changes: it is proposed to choose one of three types of dials. The watch provides the ability to control music: repeat a song, pause. If desired, weather readings are displayed on the screen.

Consumer warnings

Having received a smart watch by mail, the first thing to do is to charge it. The shipment will take a long time and the battery will be very low. Do not use the gadget for a long time while swimming or swimming.

Умные смарт-часы водонепроницаемые спортивные ZAPET B57

Human activity is monitored using sensors and one must be prepared for the fact that the readings will be with some deviations. This is not a medical device and you should not buy a watch specifically to measure blood pressure or heart rate. Heart and blood pressure problems should be solved in the clinic by a doctor.


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