Smart nails: TOP 15 smart NFC chips for manicure with Aliexpress

Умные ногти: ТОП-15 умных чипов NFC для маникюра с Алиэкспресс

15 smart nails for manicure with Aliexpress

High technologies are being actively introduced into our life. New devices and gadgets regularly appear on the market that can provide us with comfort and greatly simplify our existence. It is already impossible to imagine our life without the use of new technologies, such as, for example, NFC. What it is? Well, in short – close contactless communication. This technology provides wireless data transfer between two devices, at a distance of up to 10 cm. NFC is actively used in smartphones to pay through payment terminals. And recently, the so-called Smart nail with NFC transmitter is gaining great popularity. The device is a thin plate with a built-in chip that attaches to your nail. And undoubtedly, a smart nail will perfectly fit into any design of your manicure, making it original and unique. And what a smart nail is capable of, read our selection.


Умный ноготь JAKCOM N2

JAKCOM N2 smart nail with a built-in chip opens electronic locks, serves for contactless payment, helps to use a smartphone without touching the gadget. The set of functions depends on the modification of the smart nail:

  • N2M copies information from a SIM card, is used instead of a programmed electronic key, serves to store discount cards;
  • N2F synchronizes with a smartphone and is used to quickly launch applications, communicate in social networks, turn on music, etc.;
  • The N2L has all the functions of the rest of the models, but is also complemented by an LED that will brighten the manicure.

The gadget does not need charging, the nails are compatible with different varnishes, they are not afraid of water.

2. 3D NFC Led nail Sticker

Умный чип для ногтей 3D NFC Led nail Sticker

RBAN NAIL W1011 smart nail chip is designed to create original glow-in-the-dark manicure. The set includes glue-based microchips that are attached to the nail plate as a decoration. When you bring your hand to a smartphone or any device with the NFC function, the LEDs on the nails light up. Gadgets are fixed with stickers, it is enough to peel off the protective film from the back and stick it on the prepared nail. On top of the manicure, you can varnish and glue rhinestones, leaving the LED open. The operation of the chip is not affected by contact with water, the gadget does not need to be recharged.


Набор NFC чипов для ногтей MEET ACROSS W1011

A set of NFC chips for nails MEET ACROSS W1011 are decorative stickers made using nanotechnology that glow without a power source when brought to devices with the NFC function. The set includes two glue-based microchips that are glued to the nails. Pre-apply a base coat, peel off the sticky layer on the gadgets and attach them to the nail plates prepared for manicure. Top can be coated with simple or gel polish, decorated with rhinestones and stickers. If your smartphone supports nfc, your nails will sparkle as soon as you bring your hands to the phone.

4. Pudaier

NFC чип для дизайна ногтей Pudaier

The Pudaier NFC Nail Design Chip is available with different LED colors. The set includes one microchip 1.2×0.9 cm in size, the buyer chooses the color on his own. Intelligent stickers are designed to decorate natural or artificial nails. When brought to the NFC device, the LED starts blinking in the color that has been selected. The gadget can be coated with colorless or colored varnish, applied with a base coat, and used gel varnish. The microchip does not require a charger to operate. The chip is glued with the applied glue base on the back side.

5. X7YB3TL00554-GN

Умный ноготь X7YB3TL00554-GN

X7YB3TL00554-GN smart nail is designed to create original sparkling manicure. The microchip with built-in LED is available in five colors: white, red, purple, yellow, green. The set includes one chip with an adhesive base measuring 1.2×0.9cm. An intelligent sticker is glued to the prepared nail plate, covered with a layer of varnish or gel polish on top. If you wish, you can stick rhinestones around. No recharging is required for operation. For the LED to start blinking, you need to bring your hand to a mobile phone or other device that has an NFC function.

6. GUGUJI222

Умный чип для ногтей GUGUJI222

GUGUJI222 smart nail chip with luminous effect is made by nanotechnology and is used for decorating manicure. The microchip is glued to the nail plate covered with a base base using an adhesive layer on the back side. You only need to remove the protective film and gently stick the smart sticker on your natural or artificial nail. You can apply regular or gel polish on top. The built-in LED will flash when you bring your hand to your NFC-enabled mobile phone. The seller offers microchips in different colors. The set includes only one chip of the shade chosen by the buyer.


NFC чип для ногтей FSHALL

FSHALL NFC nail chip is a modern accessory with a built-in LED for decorating a manicure. The LED light source is offered by the seller in 6 color options for the buyer’s choice – white, green, purple, red, yellow. A sticker with a microchip is glued to the nail plate and decorated with varnish, rhinestones, stickers. Can be used on natural or artificial nails. When you bring your fingers to the source of NFC wireless communication (terminal, smartphone, turnstile), the LED lights up, illuminating the decorated nail, which looks especially impressive in the dark.

8. Mezerdoo

Чип для ногтей Mezerdoo

Mezerdoo Nail Chip comes in a set of 10 with white, red or blue LEDs for customer’s choice. Intelligent stickers are for manicure design. The built-in LED lights glow when you place your fingers near the NFC source. It can be an NFC-enabled cell phone, a fitness bracelet, a payment terminal, a turnstile. The microchip is glued to the nail plate using an adhesive layer on the back of the gadget. By downloading a special free application to your smartphone, you can contactlessly control your phone with a built-in chip.


NFC умный чип для ногтей DLYP

DLYP NFC smart nail chip is designed for manicure decoration. Sold in a set of 10 stickers 11×7 mm with built-in LEDs in 5 colors: red, orange, white, purple, yellow. You can decorate one nail or all at once with LED illumination, add rhinestones, cover on top with colored or transparent varnish. The LEDs start to glow if you bring your hand to the NFC source – a smartphone, payment terminal, intercom. If you program the microchip and install a special application on your smartphone, you can also control your mobile phone contactlessly.

10. N3 Nail

Умный ноготь N3 Nail

Smart nail N3 Nail is an ultra-thin gadget with a built-in microchip, discreetly attached to the nail plate, a protective coating or varnish is applied on top. The smart accessory is designed for contactless control of a smartphone, tablet, fitness bracelet with a built-in NFC function. With the help of a special application that is installed on the phone, the smart chip is configured and it will be possible to contactlessly receive calls, transmit GPS data, turn on music, and, if necessary, give a danger signal. The gadget does not require charging to operate; the device may come into contact with water.

11. Smart ноготь No Name

Умный чип для ногтей No Name

No Name smart nail chip consists of 2 stickers with built-in LEDs. The buyer can choose the color of the LED luminaire – red, yellow, green, white, purple or blue. Stickers are used for decorating manicure. The LEDs flicker when your fingers are close to the smartphone if you are using an NFC-enabled mobile phone. Microchips also react to other sources of contactless data transmission signal. If you program the chips, you can use them to open doors, as discount cards, to control your smartphone, etc.

12. Cxbfg Bare chip

NFC чип для маникюра Cxbfg Bare chip

Cxbfg Bare chip NFC manicure chip comes in a set of five LED stickers. The buyer can choose the color of the LED lights – red, purple, white, green, blue or yellow. Stickers are applied to the treated nail plate on the base layer. From above, you can varnish your nails, leaving the LED open, fix rhinestones and crystals around for more overflow. The LED backlight turns on when it is near the NFC source, which is available on modern mobile phones, as well as near payment terminals, doors with electronic locks, turnstiles in the subway, etc.

13. 667D3TL00554-PL

Smart ноготь 667D3TL00554-PL

Smart nail 667D3TL00554-PL is a smart nail art decoration, which consists of a sticker with LED and built-in microchip. The seller offers to choose the color of the LED bulb – white, blue, purple, red, yellow. The sticker is glued to the nail plate before applying regular or gel polish. For greater effect, you can stick rhinestones around the LED. The manicure starts to flicker when you bring your hand to an NFC source – a smartphone, tablet, smart watch with a built-in contactless data transfer function. Also, the microchip is triggered near payment terminals, doors with electronic opening, turnstiles.


NFC чип для дизайна ногтей MISS ROSE

NFC chip for nail design MISS ROSE is a sticker with a built-in LED and a microchip that is triggered when it is close to the source of the NFC signal. A sticker is used to add additional decor to the manicure. You just need to stick the chip on the nail plate before varnishing. You can choose LEDs in different colors – red, white, blue, yellow, purple. No battery is required for the glow, the light source works in close proximity to mobile phones with built-in NFC function, next to payment terminals, turnstiles, doors with electronic locks.

15. LED Nail Sticker

Умный ноготь LED Nail Sticker

Smart nail LED Nail Sticker is used for manicure design. The sticker with a built-in LED and a microchip is glued to the pre-treated nail plate. From above, you can decorate the chip with rhinestones, colored varnish, stickers. The LED light starts to flicker on nails when you bring your hand to a mobile phone with built-in NFC function. If you download a special application, you can program the chip for contactless smartphone control. The gadget does not need a battery to operate. The sticker can be re-glued during the renovation of the manicure.

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