TOP 5 Best Computer Gaming Mice from Aliexpress

ТОП-5 Популярных компьютерных игровых мышек с сайта Joom

5 best computer gaming mice from Aliexpress

A computer mouse is a functional manipulator, without which the use of a PC is not possible. Such devices are divided into expensive, cheap, classic and gaming models. The latter type is the most in demand. To make it easier to make a choice, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the TOP-5 popular computer mice for game lovers before buying.

1. ET X-08 2000DPI

EasterntimesTech X-08 2000DPI

One of the best gaming mice you can buy for little money. A feature of the model is the soft-touch coating. It prevents your fingers from slipping while using the device. A computer mouse belongs to the class of wireless devices. Powered by AA battery (not included). At the bottom there is a power on / off control and backlight off to save energy. When idle (8 minutes), the mouse goes into sleep mode. The design of the device is rather laconic. There are no drawings on the case, except for the manufacturer’s logo. Black color. The mouse comes with a USB receiver.

2. Gaming Mause USB 3200DPI LED 6D


A quality mouse with a beautiful design. It will appeal to both experienced computer game players and ordinary PC users. Compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac OS.

Features of the model:

  • bright backlight that changes color itself;
  • additional reassignable buttons;
  • material – lightweight strong plastic;
  • comfortable shape, so that the hand is less tired when using the mouse for a long time.

The device is connected to the USB port. No driver installation required.


TOP 5 Best Computer Gaming Mice from Aliexpress

Inexpensive computer mouse ZUOYA, suitable not only for gamers, but also for those who work a lot at the computer. Made of ABS plastic, which has high strength and resistance to mechanical damage.

General characteristics of the model:

  • connection type – wired;
  • bright backlight (7 colors);
  • compatibility with all operating systems;
  • 6-buttons that can be customized.

The look of the device will appeal to any gamer. On the case there is a manufacturer’s logo, model name, drawing. The mouse color is black.

4. Gaming Mause iMice USB 3200DPI LED 7D

TOP 5 Best Computer Gaming Mice from Aliexpress

Comfortable wired computer mouse. Its dimensions are 100×150 mm. This is enough for it to lie comfortably in any hand and not cause fatigue during protracted game battles. The advantage of this model is the soft pressing of the buttons and the material of the case that is pleasant to the touch. There are no adhered rubber or silicone elements on it, which, as practice shows, often come off.

Other features of the mouse:

  • the presence of a “double click” button;
  • anti-slip rubber base;
  • two additional buttons on the left side of the case;
  • high sensitivity of the optical sensor.

5. Gaming Mause ALLOYSEED USB 5500DPI LED


An inexpensive computer mouse that is in great demand among professional gamers. In addition to the high build quality and durable body, the device is equipped with a high-precision optical sensor and three-color backlight. The model is connected via a USB cable. Suitable for both desktop computer and laptop or netbook. Works on all versions of Windows and Mac OS without the need to install drivers.

Pros of choosing a mouse:

  • lightweight plastic body (total weight 105 g);
  • 7-color LED backlight;
  • compatibility with different types of surfaces (glass, fabric, rubber, etc.);
  • Beautiful design.
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