TOP 5 best paper laminators from Aliexpress

ТОП-5 лучших ламинаторов для бумаги с Алиэкспресс

A laminator is a device designed to create a protective coating on such paper media as certificates, diplomas, certificates of ownership and other documents. The essence of the device is the uniform application of a thin film, which is attached to the paper under the influence of high or cold temperatures. Today on sale you can find a lot of different laminators, differing from each other in cost, size and type (roll or batch). In this article, we will tell you about the TOP 5 of the highest quality models that can be purchased on Aliexpress.

1. Laminator A4 FGHGF K01

Ламинатор А4 FGHGF K01

It is a professional model that can be used both at home and in the office. Also, the device is suitable for a photo studio, where there is a need to cover photos up to 29.7×21 cm in size with a protective film. It has a high heating rate (from 3 to 5 minutes).

Laminator characteristics:

  • compatibility with all paper media of A4 format and less;
  • the maximum thickness of the laminating film is 125 microns;
  • support for ABS material, PVC, etc .;
  • lamination speed – 30 cm per second;
  • lamination type – hot and cold operation.

The laminator is sold complete with a power cord. networks. The film will have to be purchased separately.

2. Laminator A4 NoEnName_Null 211

Ламинатор А4 NoEnName_Null 211

The model has a small size (31.5×7.5×6.5 cm) and a sturdy case, made in the style of minimalism. Designed for hot and cold lamination of documents, booklets, etc. A4 size and smaller. Most often bought for home use.

Main characteristics:

  • PVC, polyester, ABS, etc film support;
  • warm-up time – from 2 to 4 minutes;
  • film thickness for lamination – 60-125 microns;
  • lamination speed – 35 cm per second.

Included with the laminator is a power cable, instructions in English and a set of films.

3. Laminator GELEOS LM A4-2R

Ламинатор ГЕЛЕОС ЛМ A4-2R

Compact laminator with stylish design and sturdy body. Differs in low cost and noiselessness. Among the advantages of the model, users highlight the presence of a light indicator that notifies of the completion of work, and a material jam sensor.

Other features:

  • high build quality and durability, thanks to which the laminator can be used at home or in the office;
  • 2 modes – cold and hot lamination;
  • maximum film thickness – 150 microns;
  • work with sheets of A4 and smaller;
  • lamination speed – 30 cm per minute.

The device comes with instructions in Russian and a power cable.

4. Laminator A4 WXTA5AC1103475

Ламинатор А4 OSMILE SL200

A cheap and high quality laminator that has many advantages over some of the more expensive models, including miniature size, light weight and long life. Suitable for both home and photo studio or office.


  • lamination speed – 25 cm per second;
  • warm-up time – from 2 to 4 minutes;
  • maximum film thickness – 125 microns;
  • support for all materials for lamination;
  • Compatible with A4 and smaller papers.

The laminator comes with a manual in English and a power cord with an A-plug (American standard). To connect the device, you will need an appropriate socket or adapter.

5. Laminator A4 FELLOWES Lunar FS-57428

Ламинатор A4 FELLOWES Lunar FS-5715601

The model has an unusual shape and nice design. Differs in compactness and low weight. Can be used for office work, at home or in a small photo studio.

Features of the device:

  • there is a material jam sensor;
  • there is a button to release incorrectly inserted sheets of paper;
  • light indicator of operating modes;
  • lamination speed – 30 cm per second;
  • heating time – up to 5 minutes;
  • maximum film thickness – 80 microns.

The laminator is sold with a power cord and user manual.

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