Top 5 tools for a man as a gift

Топ-5 инструментов для мужчины в подарок

Top 5 tools for a man as a gift

For a real owner, a tool is not just an inventory, but an irreplaceable thing in the house, and respecting a man with such a gift is always the right choice. Here are five tools that any business executive will be glad to have in his arsenal.

1. Screwdriver


Sometimes the need for such a “gadget” becomes very acute. First of all, it is a tool that is indispensable when working with wood or drywall, but if the task is to drill concrete or brick, then good models will cope with this. To screw or unscrew fasteners, make a hole or cut a thread – this is a short list of the possibilities of the miracle tool. If you choose a cordless screwdriver, you get portability as well, which will help you avoid the constant search for power.

2. Multi-tip screwdriver

Многофункциональная отвертка DEKO GJ124 31 в 1 с Алиэкспресс

Usually, every man has at least two screwdrivers at home: a Phillips and a straight slot. But the sizes of the fastener caps are different, which increases the number of necessary tools at times. A multi-tip screwdriver not only solves this problem, but also makes it possible to work with many other types of fasteners and more. All bits are neatly folded in a special case, or attached to a handle, making access to them as quick and convenient as possible. And the magnetic tip will be a nice bonus, preventing the screw or screw you just removed from getting lost.

3. Set of wrenches


A necessary thing for a man who deals with technology and is simply irreplaceable if he has a car. Ratchets with a comfortable handle will help you quickly tighten or unscrew the nut, and a set of nozzles will help you choose the right size. Horn, cap or adjustable – all options in one place. Such a box does not mind having a plumber or gasman at your disposal. And yes, you should not skimp on such a gift, because a cheap set may soon upset the owner, and a good quality tool will most likely also go to the son of an economic father.

4. Jigsaw


In the life of almost every person, this difficult period begins – repair. Whatever materials you decide to use when arranging a home nest, the jigsaw will cope with them without difficulty. Lay the laminate on the floor, sheathe the walls with plasterboard, cut the countertop and even the metal. There is a great helper for all this. Such a tool can be powered both from the mains and from the battery. Just remember to bring spare saws.

5. Toolbox

3 в 1 Стул, верстак, набор инструментов для автомеханика

The most common problem of any owner is that there is a tool, but there is nowhere to store it. They get out of this situation with the help of bags, homemade wooden boxes, or simply by placing the tool on the shelves. This arrangement of things significantly complicates quick access, and there is no question of transportation. In a special box, the cells for all popular types of tools are thought out, and the man always knows exactly where and which key is located. The main thing when choosing such a gift is to pay attention to the material of the box and the quality of the movable fasteners.

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