TOP 5 best graphic tablets for drawing from Aliexpress

ТОП-5 лучших графических планшетов для рисования с сайта Джум

5 best graphic tablets for drawing from Aliexpress

A graphics tablet (digitizer) is indispensable for photographers, artists and retouchers. With it, you can create logos or pictures and edit various photos. In addition, it will be a good present for a child who is interested in computer graphics and wants to learn how to draw. Check out the five best digitizers to help you decide which model is right for you.

1. HUION H420 Graphics Tablet

TOP 5 best graphic tablets for drawing from Aliexpress

A cheap Chinese-made digitizer designed for aspiring artists. The body of the device is made of black plastic. The peculiarity of the model is the presence of three buttons on the left side of the working surface. They can be programmed as you wish.

HUION H420 specifications:

  • support for MacOS X10.8, Windows (from version 7);
  • working surface size – 4×2.23 ″;
  • weight – 129 grams;
  • LED that lights up while drawing.

The tablet is compatible with all programs for creating graphics, including Adobe Photoshop, 3D MAX, Pixologic ZBrush.

The package includes a battery-powered handle (AAA), woolen lining, carrying bag, protective glove, instructions, software CD and USB cable.

2. XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Graphic Tablet

TOP 5 best graphic tablets for drawing from Aliexpress

An expensive and high quality gadget made by the Japanese brand XP-Pen. Equipped with an ultraportable screen (11.6 ″ diagonal) and 8 programmable buttons. The body is made of impact-resistant black plastic. One of its advantages is simple connection to a PC or laptop without adapters.

The main characteristics of the model:

  • support for pen tilt function up to 60o;
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080 p);
  • display cover – anti-reflective optical film;
  • suitable for Windows 7+ and MacOS X10.10 +.

Experts recommend choosing a device for experienced illustrators and professional photographers.

3. Graphic tablet VEIKK A30

TOP 5 best graphic tablets for drawing from Aliexpress

A low-price digitizer from the Chinese brand VEIKK. It is characterized by high build quality, reliable body and large 10×6-inch screen.

Distinctive features of VEIKK A3:

  • the possibility of touch control;
  • high response speed – 250 RPS;
  • 4 touch keys that can be reassigned;
  • the shape of the tablet is suitable for both right-handers and left-handers;
  • compatibility with MacOS v10.6 + and Windows XP and higher.

The tablet comes with an induction pen, a USB cable for connecting to a PC and a tablet, a CD with drivers, a glove, a case and a mat.

4. UGEE M708 Graphics Tablet

TOP 5 best graphic tablets for drawing from Aliexpress

An inexpensive digitizer for designers and professional artists. Country of origin – China. Has a large work area (10×6 inches) and a durable plastic body weighing 576 grams.

Of the main characteristics of the model, the following should be highlighted:

  • pen accuracy ± 0.01 ″;
  • 8 shortcut keys;
  • response speed – 266 RPS.

The tablet is compatible with all existing graphics editors, and can also be connected to a PC or laptop on the operating system macOS 10.8+ and Windows XP and above.

The complete set of the device – holder and charger for the pen, 8 pen attachments, USB-cable, protective gloves, cleaning brush, suction cups, instructions for use.

5. XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Graphic Tablet

Графический планшет с экраном XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro

One of the expensive devices for creating computer graphics from the Japanese brand XP-Pen. It is in demand among customers for its quality, many useful features and adaptive display.

Pros of choosing a digitizer:

  • laminated screen covered with anti-reflective protective film;
  • large display (15.6 ″) with high color rendering;
  • comfortable shape and lightweight body;
  • Full HD (1920×1080 p);
  • response speed – up to 200 RPS;
  • 8 function keys that can be reassigned.


  • stand;
  • a pencil case for storing a pen and 8 nozzles;
  • cable for connecting to a PC;
  • HDMI-Mini adapter;
  • instruction;
  • USB extension cable;
  • protective gloves;
  • tool for removing attachments.
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