TOP 20 Useful things from Aliexpress – a selection of products No. 2

ТОП-20 Полезных вещей с Алиэкспресс – подборка товаров №2

1. Self-hardening bicycle camera

Самозакаливающаяся велокамера

A bicycle camera with puncture protection is a unique development. Inside the camera there is a special gel that perfectly seals new and new punctures, and in the future does not require special repair of the camera, even if you notice a puncture. Now you no longer need to carry spare cameras with you and waste precious time on repairs.

2. Compact umbrella

компактный зонт

An incredibly compact umbrella without a doubt, it is very convenient to carry with you. It is a practical weather protector for every day. It is compact and lightweight, when folded, it is only a couple of centimeters larger than a mobile phone, so there is always a place for it in your purse or even in your coat pocket.

3. Shoe Dryers

Сушилки для обуви

Are your feet sweating and your shoes getting wet? Then you just need such a shoe dryer. This compact device will dry your shoes in a short time. You can take it with you everywhere – on business trips, on a visit, and everywhere your feet will be protected from getting wet. Forget about discomfort, wet socks and the unpleasant aroma of sweaty feet.

4. Bottled Water Pump

Насос для бутилированной воды

For the convenience of using bottled water, Ali sells this kind of water pump. It is very convenient and easy to handle. You put the device on the bottle, after pressing the button on top, the water starts running from the tap. It is easy to type into a teapot, into a mug, and in general into any container. The pump is powered by a battery that is charged from any USB port. With such a pump, you will forever forget about the water spilled around.

5. Anti-mosquito lamp

Анти-москитная лампа

The anti-mosquito lamp is especially relevant in the summer, and is a very effective tool in the fight against insects. Thanks to special ultraviolet radiation, the lamp purifies the air and attracts mosquitoes, and a silent fan sucks them into a special container. The lamp works from any USB port.

6. Grasshopper Simulator

Тренажёр Кузнечик

Children love to jump, because this is their favorite activity and in order to make it more fun, you can order such a pogo stick. This simulator is designed specifically for jumping. It is made of strong steel and high-quality springs. You can not only jump and have fun on it, but also jump over various obstacles, as well as perform spectacular stunts.

7. Kitchen Faucet-Water Heater

Кухонный Кран-водонагреватель

A kitchen faucet with a water heater is the best way to heat cold water in a faucet. The water heater is powerful and therefore heats the water directly, without accumulating it anywhere. Thus, you will always be with hot water, no matter how long the faucet is open. It is installed simply like a regular kitchen mixer and does not take up much space.

8. Juice Dispenser

Распылитель для цитрусовых

And this spray nozzle for citrus fruits, it is very popular on Aliexpress. It can be wound on the fruit, for this you need to cut off the top of the fruit and screw in the atomizer. Now you can sprinkle juice anywhere, on a salad or a meat dish. With such a device, your dishes will always be popular and fragrant with a pleasant aroma.

9. Magnetic Door stop

Магнитный дверной упор

Such a magnetic device for the door will protect the handles, hinges and wall from wear, and at the same time allows you to leave the door open. The device consists of two elements: the first metal part is attached to the door with screws or double-sided tape, the second part with a magnetic stop is attached to the floor, opposite the metal part that is fixed to the door. Now, if the door is opened, the halves will meet and stick to each other, holding the door to each other.

10. Portable coffee machine

Портативная кофе-машина

For many people, a cup of strong coffee in the morning is vital. And if you are in remote places, you are forced to condemn yourself to torture. Not at all, with such a portable coffee machine, you will always have real coffee. To do this, pour coffee into a special container and insert it into the device, then pour hot water into the lid and put it on the coffee machine, now you can pump coffee into a glass with a special pump. That’s all espresso coffee with foam is ready.

11. Key Duplicator

Дубликатор ключей домофона

The key duplicator for the intercom is simple and reliable, works with 125 kHz tags. To get started, you need to turn on the power button on the side, then attach the key to the device you want to copy and press the “READ” button, the green indicator will light up. Now you can write the label to another key by also attaching the blank to the device and pressing the “WRITE” button, the yellow indicator will light up. The copier is powered by two 3A type batteries.

12. Sliders for moving furniture

Слайдеры для перемещения мебели

Sliders for moving furniture, a useful tool when moving or arranging furniture after repair. By attaching sliders to the legs of a cabinet, bedside table or sofa, you can move even the heaviest furniture yourself. Moreover, without causing damage to the surface of the parquet or laminate.

13. Folding camping table

Складной походный стол

A folding camping table, wonderful picnic furniture, when folded, it looks like a suitcase that has a convenient carrying handle. It unfolds in a matter of seconds and turns into a full-fledged table with two benches, there is also a hole for an umbrella on the table.

14. Nanofootball

Нано футболка

This seemingly ordinary T-shirt has unique nano properties. It repels water and any other liquids without getting dirty, but at the same time letting sweat out. And yet, these clothes never have an unpleasant smell, because their fabric contains silver particles that disinfect and destroy bacteria. The seller offers a choice of two colors black and white. And a full range of sizes.

15. Folding bottle

Складная бутылка

The main rule of good health is the daily consumption of a large amount of water. And in order not to bring yourself to the feeling of thirst, which is harmful to the body. You should always have a supply of water with you, which can be stored in such a compact folding bottle, and if necessary, you can stretch it and pour more water. The container is made of silicone and therefore will last you a long time.

16. A set of forms for scrambled eggs

Набор форм для яичницы

It is very important to start the morning with a bright breakfast that will set the rhythm for the whole day. To do this, in the morning you need to eat such a delicious and beautiful scrambled eggs, cooked with a special mold. The molds are made of stainless steel and are easy to clean. They can also be used when baking pancakes or cheesecakes. Start your day with a creative and healthy breakfast.

17. Anti-stress Enter button

Кнопка Enter антистресс

Nerves are shattered, so I want to hit the keyboard. Do not deny yourself this, because on Ali you can order such an anti-stress Enter button. Which is able to withstand and take on all the anger you have accumulated, and after you have driven away the anger and calmed down, you can relax a little by taking a short break to sleep, using the same button as an ordinary pillow.

18. Coffee Stencils

Трафареты для кофе

If you like to pamper yourself or your friends with delicious coffee, then it’s time to learn how to draw on coffee foam. It’s not as difficult as it seems. All you need for this is these stencils. Attach the stencil to the cup with the drink, and then sprinkle it with cinnamon, grated chocolate or cocoa. In such a simple way, you will turn your coffee into a real masterpiece. And you can also create such drawings on milkshakes.

19. Sushi machine

Машинка для суши

You adore Japanese cuisine, but you can’t treat yourself, because your finances are singing romances. Learn how to cook your favorite sushi and rolls yourself. And for this, a sushi piston is sold on Aliexpress. With such a device, Japanese delicacies are very easy to prepare. Put the necessary ingredients inside the device and close the device, then seal the contents with a piston. After that, you can squeeze out the compressed mass and wrap it in a special sheet of algae. It remains only to cut the resulting roll into slices.

20. Magnifier glasses with backlight

Лупа очки с подсветкой

Often you have to read small text, and your vision is no longer the same, or you just work with small details where eagle vision is needed. In any case, you will need a magnifying magnifier with backlight and interchangeable lenses in the amount of five pieces. The range of approximations, which is from 1 to 3.5 times. The magnifier is securely fixed on the head, which allows you to free your hands.

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