TOP 20 Useful things from Aliexpress – a selection of products No. 1

ТОП-20 Полезных вещей с Алиэкспресс №1

1. USB Vacuum Cleaner

USB Пылесос для клавиатуры

USB vacuum cleaner for the keyboard, a very necessary device for any PC user.  This device will help to clear the space between the keyboard keys. Now take a look at your keyboard and see how much dust and crumbs there are on it. The device works from a USB port and does not need to use drivers, two special nozzles also come with the vacuum cleaner.

2. Umbrella

Ветрозащитный зонт наоборот

Umbrella-on the contrary, the seller offers a choice of more than twenty fashionable colors. Unlike classic umbrellas, this umbrella has many advantages. It is convenient to fold and unfold it, for example, when leaving the car. The umbrella is durable and will not break in strong gusts of wind, and thanks to a special material, after use it does not leave splashes and water drips near it.

3. Hammock for the cat

Оконный гамак для кота

A window hammock for a cat is the perfect sleeping place for your cat. It does not take up much space when carrying and is very easy to use. By attaching a hammock to the window with suction cups, you will allow your cat to bask in the sun, watching what is happening outside through the glass. The hammock is also easy to remove, and the material is easy to clean or wash.

4. Kitchen Gloves

Термостойкие силиконовые перчатки

Heat-resistant silicone gloves, will ensure the safe preparation of delicious dishes. Gloves for hot, withstand the highest possible temperature, which makes it possible to pick up hot dishes. Gloves also protect your hands from splashes of hot fat. Thanks to the convenient design and the presence of five fingers, gloves make it possible to comfortably pick up even the smallest objects. The presence of such an item in the kitchen will significantly improve the quality of cooking.

5. Ice cream Maker


Homemade ice cream maker, a great choice for the whole family. Suitable for cooking any kind of frozen treats: classic ice cream, sorbet, ice cream and other desserts. When making your own ice cream, you will definitely know about the content of healthy and safe products in it.

6. Magnetic Constructor

Магнитный конструктор

Magnets are an extremely unusual material with a unique impact that cannot be confused with anything else. The ability of magnets to attract each other prompted manufacturers of educational and educational toys to create such a constructor. Such a toy for the mind, will be a great gift for any person with creative thinking.

7. Xiaomi Band 7

Смарт-браслет Xiaomi Band 7

Smart bracelets from Xiaomi are a necessary device for a modern person. With them, you will not only know the exact time, but also the number of steps you have taken, your pulse rate and a bunch of other useful information. Also, using a Bluetooth connection, the smart bracelet can be synchronized with your smartphone, thereby expanding the capabilities of the device several times.

8. Electric monowheel

Электро моноколесо

Recently, the electric monowheel is gaining popularity, because it allows you to move much faster and more comfortably. Driving a motorcycle, like a gyro scooter, is also simple, you just need to tilt your body in the right direction. You can accelerate it up to 50 kilometers per hour, and drive up to 60 kilometers without recharging the battery.

9. Electric skate

Электро Скейт

Recently, the number of fans of electric boards has been steadily growing, affected by the development of technology. New brushless motor, powerful and lightweight at the same time. Using the remote control, you can adjust the speed by pressing the gas trigger. The nine-kilogram lightweight can accelerate up to 35 kilometers per hour, and is able to travel 25 kilometers without recharging the battery.

10. Flying Disc

Летательное диск

And this flying disk is pleasant not only to throw, but also to catch, animals and children like to play with it. It has soft rubber edges, thanks to which the ring is comfortable to catch.  This toy develops movement coordination well and helps to burn extra calories unnoticeably and cheerfully.

11. Dog Repeller

Отпугиватель собак

With such an ultrasonic dog repeller, walking the streets is much safer. The device is convenient to use and absolutely safe for people and moreover it is safe for dogs against which it is used. Also very pleased with its affordable price, and a large number of positive reviews.

12. USB air conditioner

Портативный кондинционер

And this is a small salvation in the big heat. Portable air conditioner, works from any USB port, and is able to cool the space around itself, up to 6-8 degrees. It has three fan rotation modes. In order for the air conditioner to start blowing cold air, you only need to add a little cold water to the device.

13. Mouse-Pen


You can also order such an unusual mouse on Ali. It is a wireless optical mouse made in the form of a ballpoint pen. The handle is equipped with three mouse buttons and a wheel. The device is designed for drawing, and is able to replace expensive drawing tablets.

14. Pneumovantuz

Пневмо вантуз

Pneumovantuz is an indispensable tool in everyday life.  Suitable for toilet, sink, bathtub and any other plumbing. By pressing the button, the device releases a powerful charge of compressed air, creating pressure, thereby instantly eliminating any blockage in contaminated pipes.

15. Automatic tent

Автоматическая палатка

Automatic tent, designed for three people. The main feature of the tent is its high speed and ease of assembly. It will take only a few seconds to assemble the tent machine. The tent has two windows and is equipped with a mosquito net. The tent fabric is made of eco-friendly material, and is confirmed by a safety certificate.

16. Folding bucket

Складное ведро

A round folding bucket is useful everywhere, at home, fishing, hiking, at the cottage. When folded, it takes up a minimum of space. The comfortable handle is made of durable fabric. The material is non-toxic, you can use it for food, or drinking water.

17. Portable Water Filter

Портативный фильтр для воды

The main problem of outdoor recreation is the lack of clean drinking water. Therefore, a portable water filter can be considered an indispensable companion in hiking. Which will protect you from any bacteria, with it you will forget about E. coli and other unpleasant microorganisms waiting for you in hot and humid climates.

18. Candle on the cake

свеча на торт

A unique lotus candle will be a great decoration for the birthday cake. When the candle is lit, the flower opens, several small candles are lit on the lotus petals, and all this enchanting spectacle is accompanied by a musical composition.

19. Touch switch

Сенсорный выключатель

The touch switch is an innovative look at the device of everyday use. Switching occurs at the slightest touch completely soundlessly. Also included with the switch is a remote control that works at a distance of up to 50 meters, and has four programmable buttons, while pressing the blue LED lights up.

20. Toothpaste Dispenser

Дозатор зубной пасты

The toothpaste dispenser is equipped with a toothbrush holder for 5 pieces. It works very simply, you just need to bring the brush to a special hole and press the dispenser once, after which the right amount of paste will fall on the brush. A very convenient thing, the device is attached with double-sided tape to any surface.

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