TOP 20 Best Vibration Tiling Machines with Aliexpress

ТОП-20 лучших виброприсосок для плитки с Адиэкспресс

Rating of the best vibration tiling machines with Aliexpress

Vibratory tiling machine is an important tool for every tile tiler. With the help of vibration suckers, you can not only move heavy floor and wall tiles. Vibration sucker is used instead of a mallow. It tightly presses the tile to the surface and has a vibrating effect, so that the glue is distributed more evenly, and the air pockets are completely removed. As a result, the wizard performs the work in a fast time, more qualitatively and can guarantee that the tile will not crack after laying. Buy a vibro can be profitable on Aliexpress. To help you choose the right model, has ranked the best vibration machines with AliExpress.

1. FASGet 2000

FASGet 2000

The FASGet 2000 vibration pump, despite its compactness, has a fairly large vibration head – 120 mm in diameter, which is firmly attached to a tile size of no more than 800×800 mm. The base is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, the handle is made of stainless steel. The device is designed for lifting loads up to 100 kg. The machine is powered by a 2,500 mAh lithium ion battery. Two batteries and a charging power supply are included. The vibration suction cup is easy to hold in one hand behind the ergonomic handle. With the surface the tool is bonded by pressing the handle. Vibrations operate in 10 modes. Maximum vibration frequency: 12,000 rev/min. The instrument with batteries comes in a woven storage organizer.

2. FASGet 1000

FASGet 1000

The vibration suction cup FASGet 1000 differs from the previous model with a smaller capacity of 1000 W. With the help of a suction cup you can lift a load up to 40 kg. The intensity of vibrations is regulated in 6 modes. The device operates from a lithium battery, the capacity of which is 2500 mAh. The seller places two batteries with a charger in the package. The base of the suction cup with a diameter of 12 cm is attached to a tile up to 800 mm. The device is convenient to hold one hand behind a 32 cm rubberized handle. The vacuum suction cup is equipped with a separate handle made of durable steel. The vibration mode is triggered by a button on the handle, smooth speed adjustment is made on the base. For tool storage there is a zipper bag.



The powerful DOERSUPP 88VF vibrator with a capacity of 3500 W and up to 200 kg is powered by a Makita 18V battery. The purchaser can choose a battery-free package with one or two batteries. The vibration head is made of aluminum alloy with rubber thickened base, which is firmly attached to the surface. The device provides 6 levels of vibration, which can be switched smoothly by the controller on the housing, depending on the size of the tile and the thickness of the adhesive layer. The vibro is ergonomically designed. The tool is convenient to hold one hand behind the handle and support the second behind the ledge on the base for lifting heavy loads and uniform pressure during operation. The suction cup is attached to the surface by pressing the additional handle.

4. DOERSUPP Tile Vibrator

DOERSUPP Tile Vibrator

The DOERSUPP Tile Vibrator with a capacity of 1000 W is powered by a 2.5 AH battery that comes with the instrument. The suction cup can hold up to 100 kg. The 12 cm base is suitable for 800×800 mm tiles. The handle is covered with anti-slip material for a firm palm grip. The power button is located at the bottom of the housing, with sensor speed and vibration switches at the top. In total, the device provides 5 vibration modes from 0 to 150 rev/s, which can be changed during operation with different thickness of the material. The instrument with battery and charger is packed in a case, convenient for storage and carrying.

5. Drillpro F78089

Drillpro F78089

The Drillpro vibration machine F78089 is made with two vibration heads, the diameter of each of which is 11.5 cm. The device works from a battery with a capacity of 10000 mAh. Tool power: 1200 W, load capacity up to 200 kg. The speed and the vibration force are adjusted in 5 modes by a switch on a clamp-like handle, which is convenient to hold the vibration pad with one or two hands. The set vibratory mode is displayed on a digital display. The instrument is supplied, packed in a plastic case. The kit comes with one or two batteries depending on the configuration chosen by the buyer.

6. Drillpro Tile Vibrator

Drillpro Tile Vibrator

The Drillpro Tile Vibrator is powered by a 25,800 mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery. The suction cup can be used to lift loads up to 150 kg and up to 120 cm in size. The vibration speed is manually set in 6 modes, which is displayed on the digital screen. On the top of the case there is a level. The tool is easy to hold with one hand, thanks to the comfortable handle with rubberized insert. After the suction, the base head can be locked with the locking button for secure attachment. The device is supplied in a plastic case with one or two batteries depending on the buyer’s choice of the option of the parcel.

7. DSPIAE J1071001 A/B/C 

DSPIAE J1071001 A/B/C 

The DSPIAE J1071001 A/B/C vibrator is available in three versions. A – for surfaces up to 80 cm, B – up to 120 cm, C – up to 220 cm. The maximum suction cup capacity is 200 kg. The vibration speed is controlled by a 5 mode switch on the body. The case is made of high-strength plastic with rubberized finger pads on the handle. The vibration head up to 14 cm in diameter is made of aluminum alloy with a base made of durable rubber. The device operates from a 2000 mAh battery. The tool comes in a plastic case with a battery and a charging power adapter.

8. H46385


The 1,200 W double suction cup vibrator H46385 can hold a load of up to 200 kg. The diameter of each suction cup is 120 mm. The vibrations are adjusted in 5 modes from 0 to 28000 rev/min. The mode is displayed on the display. The case is made of plastic, the handle has a clamp-like shape, easy to hold one or both hands at once. For suction under the main handle is an additional handle that should be held to move the material. No additional lock in the suction mode. The tool is powered by a 10,000 mAh lithium-ion battery. Two batteries are included. The device is supplied in a plastic case.

9. BENYS 3500W


The powerful BENYS 3500W vibrator with 200 kg capacity is suitable for moving tiles up to 150 cm. The device is powered by a 9,000 mAh Makita 18V type battery. It comes with two batteries with a charging power supply. The vibration head base is made of durable aluminum alloy and is thickened by a 14.5 cm diameter rubber gasket. The main body is made in an ergonomic design of durable plastic with rubber inserts for hand grip. The enclosure includes a level for checking surface alignment during operation and a 6-step vibration speed switch up to 720000 rev/min. The tool comes in a plastic briefcase.



The BLMIATKO 600W compact and low-power vibration suction suction cup can be used for small repairs. The device is inexpensive, has a capacity of 600 W and a capacity of 40 kg. Suction cup is used for tiles up to 100 cm. The suction rubber is provided on the vibration head with a base diameter of 120 mm. The tool works from a lithium battery, the capacity is 25,000 mAh. The seller puts in the package two batteries with a power supply. Vibration speed up to 150 rev/sec can be adjusted by the switch on the housing. Comes with battery and charger in a fabric zipper case.

11. Tile Tiling25

Tile Tiling25

Tile Tiling25 vibrator is powered by a lithium battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh. The purchaser can choose one or two battery package. The tool is suitable for moving tiles up to 150 kg and up to 120 cm in size. The frequency of vibration can be changed by a regulator on the housing from 5000 to 14000 rev/min. The suction cup has a strong rubber base on a vibration head made of aluminum alloy. The device is convenient to hold in one or two hands. For the second hand there is a protruding head on the body. When sucking on the lock, which provides a more reliable attachment.



Vibration machine LANXSTAR LX-GSCZPPJ-CN-98 compact size and light weight will suit more for the home master. The device works from a battery of 3000 mAh (comes with a set). The suction cup can withstand a weight of up to 40 kg. The tool is designed to control one hand. The handle is made in ergonomic design. On the upper part of the case are touch buttons on the switch on and changes in the speed of vibrations within 50 – 150 rev/sec. The vibration head is made of their durable aluminum alloy with rubber base. A handle is provided for sucking under the main handle, during which the locking mechanism is activated. The seller offers two variants of parcels for the buyer’s choice – with a case for storing the tool and without.

13. SOLGOO BL-122


The SOLGOO BL-122 vibration suction cup with a capacity of 1,000 W holds items up to 50 kg and up to 80 cm in size. The device operates from a battery of 2500 mAh. The base of the vibration head is covered with soft rubber that does not damage the material during operation and allows to align the tile in hard to reach places. The vibration level is regulated by a 6-step switch on the housing up to 12,000 rev/min. The handle is ergonomically shaped, rubber inserts are provided for anti-slip fingers. The suction handle with the closing ring is located under the main handle. The tool comes in a plastic suitcase with battery and charger.

14. SOLGOO BL-121


The main difference between the SOLGOO BL-121 and the other models is the base shape. Instead of a circular vibration head, the manufacturer installs a rectangular two-sided base at a 45 degree angle, so that no empty corners are left in the tiles. The instrument works from the battery 13000 mAh. Vibration modes are regulated by a 6-step switch. Maximum vibration frequency: 24000 rev/min. The device is compact and weighs only 900 g. It is able to lift tiles up to 200 cm in size. The vibro comes in a plastic briefcase with two batteries and a charger.

15. SUABU Vibrator Leveling Machine

SUABU Vibrator Leveling Machine

The SUABU Vibrator Leveling Machine is powered by a lithium ion battery. Battery capacity: 13000 mAh. The vibrating head with a silicone base of 11.5 cm ensures reliable suction up to 100 kg and does not damage the material surface. On the case there is a mode switch of vibration frequency from 5000 to 12000 rev/ min. When the device is turned on, a powerful LED flashlight illuminates the working area. The suction cup handle is fixed, which facilitates the lifting of building materials. In the package, the seller puts a vibrate sucker, battery, charger with an adapter for the Eurofork. Everything is packed in a plastic case.

16. Azulejista HT0002

Azulejista HT0002

The Azulejista HT0002 vibration machine with a powerful rubber suction cup is suitable for lifting tiles up to 100 cm in size. The vibration level is regulated by a smooth runner on the body from 5000 to 16000 rev/min. The tool features an ergonomic grip with an additional protruding handle for grip with the second hand during tile processing. On the front of the body is built-in LED lamp for illumination of the work place. The vibration pads are powered by a lithium battery, the capacity is 13,000 mAh. The battery charge level is shown by LEDs on the housing. The battery pack with the charger is included.

17. YunlinLi BM-Q8

YunlinLi BM-Q8

The YunlinLi BM-Q8 vibration pump, powered by a 8,000 mAh lithium battery, holds tiles up to 120 cm in size. The vibration speed is adjusted in 6 modes by touch buttons on the top of the housing. Maximum frequency: 1200 rev/min. The robust head housing is made of aluminum alloy with a rubber base. The ergonomic shape of the tool makes it easy to hold one hand. The suction cup is activated by pressing the handle at the bottom of the body. The suction is held by a spring blocker. The instrument provides LED lighting, which automatically lights up when turned on.

18. YunlinLi OYD-CZP160

YunlinLi OYD-CZP160

The YunlinLi OYD-CZP160 high-power vibration pump with an enlarged and thickened base of 160 mm is capable of lifting loads up to 400 kg and is suitable for tiles up to two meters in size. The handle of the suction cup is retracted to the end and automatically locked, which facilitates work for a long time. You can control the machine with one hand. An auxiliary grip for the second hand is also provided for the position tiles and for a more even press on the body. The instrument operates in 9 modes of vibration frequency up to 21000 rev/min. The installed mode is displayed on the screen. Also, light indicators show the level of battery charge. The Makita 21 V lithium battery is used. The instrument comes to the buyer together with a battery and a charger in a plastic suitcase.

19. YunlinLi BM-X8

YunlinLi BM-X8

The YunlinLi BM-X8 vibrator model is distinguished by the presence of an additional screwed platform with a rubber sealing ring for drilling holes in laid ceramic tiles. The set comes with 4 drill bits diameter: 30, 35, 40, 45 cm. The tool works on a lithium battery that is inserted into the body. The capacity of the battery is 3000 mAh. The speed, vibration modes and modulation frequency can be controlled by touch buttons on the top of the ergonomic handle. The maximum frequency is 12,000 rev/min. The suction cup is suitable for tiles up to 50 cm in size. The equipment is supplied in a plastic case.



The HILDA portable vibrator with a compact dimensions of 180x210x125 mm and a low power of 700 W belongs to the budget category. The tool can be controlled with one hand, holding the ergonomic handle. The suction cup with a diameter of 140 mm is capable of withstanding a weight of up to 100 kg and a size of up to 120 cm. The suction cup handle is automatically locked when pressed, freeing the master’s hands. Speed and vibration level can be changed by the regulator on the body in 6 modes. The vibration machine is powered by a built-in battery, which, together with the tool and the charger comes in a plastic case.

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