TOP 20 best vacuum sealers for products from Aliexpress

ТОП-20 лучших вакуумных упаковщиков для продуктов с Алиэкспресс

20 best household vacuum cleaners from Aliexpress

A vacuum sealer, although not a must-have kitchen gadget, is popular with housewives. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, all air is removed from the plastic bag with products, and then the bag is hermetically sealed. As a result, food stays fresh up to 5 times longer even without a freezer. Also, after deflating the air from the food bag, storage space in the refrigerator or freezer is saved.

Vacuum sealers are profitable to buy on AliExpress. When choosing, one should take into account the material of manufacture, pump power, air pumping speed. The rating from the site will help you make the right choice of a household vacuum cleaner with Aliexpress.

1. SaengQ QH-02

SaengQ QH-02

SaengQ QH-02 Food Vacuum Machine adopts turbine cyclone technology with high suction pressure: 65kPa. The machine is suitable for vacuum preservation, marinating food, preserving freshness. It is possible to vacuum both in bags and in special containers with a lid, if you choose the appropriate model. Vacuum sealer dimensions: 355x82x65 mm. Heating wire length 290 mm. The high-temperature tape has a Teflon coating, which prevents sticking of the melted film. The body is made of durable plastic. The seller offers to choose 4 color options for the case. A magnet is provided on the back wall to attach the device to metal surfaces. The package comes with 10 plastic bags.

2. SaengQ QH-1

SaengQ QH-1

Vacuum food sealer SaengQ QH-1 belongs to the budget category. Machine size: 350x54x50 mm suitable for domestic use. Heating element length: 300 mm. The buyer can choose a model with additional accessories for pumping air out of the tanks. The case is made of white ABS plastic with inserts to choose from: green, black, orange. The heating tape is covered with Teflon, there are magnetic inserts on the back of the case. The set comes with 15 bags of different sizes. The manufacturer recommends using only original bags for sealing.

3. SaengQ QH-0301

SaengQ QH-0301

The SaengQ QH-0301 vacuum cleaner with dimensions: 36×14 cm is suitable not only for home use, but also for commercial use. High temperature plate length: 30 cm. The machine seals wet and dry foods placed in special bags or a container with a lid. To pump air out of the tank, a special hose with nozzles is supplied. The case is made in a stylish design that will fit into the interior of any kitchen. The device is controlled by touch buttons on the upper part of the case, a magnetic plate is built into the back for attaching to metal surfaces. The seller offers a choice of white and black body color. The set also comes with 10 bags.

4. LAIMENG 6621


The LAIMENG 6621 packaging machine is designed with a built-in cutter, which makes it easy to cut the film in a roll and allows you to make packaging according to individual sizes. The vacuum can be used to seal dry or wet food and non-food items that need to be stored away. The vacuum pump operates at a pressure of 60 kPa, due to which the air is pumped out in 5-7 seconds. Vacuum sealer dimensions: 382x104x62 mm, working surface length: 300 mm. The device can create a vacuum not only in bags, but also in containers. The set includes special hoses, nozzles and a stopper for a bottle. The seller also puts 10 packages in the package.

5. LAIMENG 2202


Vacuum sealer LAIMENG 2202 seals products in bags and glass or plastic containers. A cutter is built into the body of the machine for cutting the film in a roll in the manufacture of vacuum bags. Device dimensions: 372x144x72 mm, heating tape length: 300 mm. The control buttons are built into the upper part of the case, next to it is a board with a light indication showing the operating modes. The vacuumer works not only with the original packaging from the manufacturer. You can pack products in Zip-packages. The seller also includes 10 spare bags, a roll of film 20×200 cm, a hose and a bottle cap in the package.

6. LAIMENG 6602


The LAIMENG 6602 packaging machine in a stainless steel case is used not only in everyday life, but also in small food production. A distinctive feature of the model is the ability to place a roll of film inside the device, which is unwound as it is used and cut with a built-in cutter to the desired package size. Device dimensions: 402x161x83 mm, adhesive tape length: 30cm. Control buttons and light indication are located in the upper part of the case. The suction force of the packer: 60 kPa, so that sealing occurs in just 5-10 seconds. The device can be used for vacuumization of wet and dry products in film or in special containers.



Inexpensive household packer TINTON LIFE S-FKL1 is suitable for home use. The device is as simple as possible in operation, it can work both in manual and in automatic mode. Vacuum operating pressure: up to 60 kPa. The case of white or black color at the choice of the buyer is made of durable ABS plastic, there are magnetic holders on the back for attaching the device to metal surfaces. Dimensions of the packaging machine: 360x54x50mm, length of the high-temperature tape: 28 cm. The vacuum cleaner is able to seal 3-8 bags per minute. The seller puts an additional 15 packing bags in the parcel.



The food vacuum sealer TINTON LIFE TL298 differs in the low price and simplicity of work. The suction power is 60 kPa, which is quite enough for domestic use. It takes up to 10 seconds to pack one bag with air pumping out. Device dimensions: 355x82x55 mm. Heating tape length: 28 cm. Housing made of white ABS plastic. It only takes two buttons to control the machine. One button is needed for vacuuming and sealing the edge, the second for sealing without vacuum. The customer can choose a package with additional bags, a roll of film or a vacuum hose.

9. Biolomix W300

Biolomix W300

The Biolomix W300 vacuum cleaner with a built-in automatic sealing system can be used not only for domestic needs, but also in private food production. The device has several modes: dry, tender, wet, standard, which allows you to prepare products of different density. You can vacuum in bags and containers with a special lid. The body dimensions: 370x155x75 mm are made of durable white plastic with a black dashboard, on which touch buttons and indication are located. Included with the machine are packing bags of 10 pcs. and a hose for evacuating air from tanks.

10. OLOEY Vacuum Sealer AP-12X

OLOEY Vacuum Sealer AP-12X

Vacuum sealer OLOEY Vacuum Sealer AP-12X belongs to inexpensive models of vacuum cleaners. A distinctive feature of the device is the increased dimensions of the heating plate: 320×5 mm, which provides stronger soldering and a thicker thermal seam. The machine comes complete with a vacuum hose for sealing food in containers and evacuating air from bags with a valve for storing clothes. Suction power – 60 kPa. Thanks to ventilation systems, the machine can work continuously for several cycles. The case is made of black matte plastic, mechanical buttons and indicator lights are placed on top.

11. OLOEY Vacuum Sealer LYJAD13X

OLOEY Vacuum Sealer LYJAD13X

The OLOEY Vacuum Sealer LYJAD13X packaging machine is one of the cheapest vacuum cleaner models that can be purchased for domestic use. The case of the device with dimensions: 367x65x40 mm is made in a minimalist design. The white logo of the manufacturer is applied on the black case. The packer is controlled with just one button. On the back there is a magnetic holder for attaching to a metal surface. Vacuum power: 60 kPa, which ensures fast packaging with complete evacuation of air in up to 20 seconds. The seller puts 10 free bags in the package along with the device.

12. GERYON E2901


The GERYON E2901 vacuum packer with a built-in cutter for cutting the packaging film is used in everyday life and in food production. The vacuum cleaner has a suction capacity of 12 l / min, so it takes no more than 10 seconds to pack a bag of food. By means of a hose which is included in the package it is possible to pump out air from containers with special covers. The body of the vacuum cleaner is made of matte black plastic with a silver insert. On top are touch buttons for manual and automatic control. Machine dimensions: 366x142x67 mm. Sealing tape 30 cm long and 3 mm wide provides a durable thermal seam.



Vacuum sealer GERYON E2900-SILVER supports dry and wet packaging modes. High suction power of 0.8 bar with a force of up to 12 l / min allows you to use the device not only at home, but also in production. Food bags are sealed in 6-10 seconds. The machine consists of two parts that can be easily disassembled for additional cleaning after work. The case measuring 365x140x65 mm is made of black food-grade ABS plastic with a silver steel insert. Touch buttons with indicators are located on top. On the back there are rubber tips for a snug fit of the device to the surface.

14. White Dolphin QH-02

White Dolphin QH-02

Vacuum cleaner White Dolphin QH-02 is relatively inexpensive, but it has good performance. Suction force of the device: 60 kPa with a sealing performance of one bag of 6-10 sec. Two buttons are used for control – one is needed for vacuum sealing, the second is only for hermetic sealing without air pumping out. Case dimensions: 355x82x65 mm, length of the high-temperature tape for sealing the film: 29 cm. A transparent window is made on the case, made of durable plastic, so that you can track how evenly the package lies inside. The machine has a nozzle for a vacuum hose, which is purchased separately. The seller puts 10 bags in the parcel together with the vacuum cleaner.

15. White Dolphin QH-03

White Dolphin QH-03

Vacuum packaging machine White Dolphin QH-03 operates in manual and automatic modes, suitable for dry and wet products. The device with a suction power of 60 kPa packs a bag with air pumping out in 7-10 seconds. It is possible to seal products without vacuum. The case size: 370x150x70 mm is made of black plastic with a steel panel on the front, which gives the vacuum cleaner a more stylish look and facilitates easy maintenance. The device is controlled by touch buttons with backlight. Packing tape length: 30 cm. The packer can be used to evacuate air from special containers using the supplied hose.



The JUST BUY LT-VS203W household packer is suitable for vacuuming delicate, soft, wet and dry products. You can control the device with touch buttons on the front of the case, which are highlighted, showing the operating mode. The 30 cm heating wire is made of nickel alloy, with Teflon tape glued on top so that the film does not stick when soldering. The vacuum pressure is at least 60 kPa, due to which the bag is sealed with air evacuation in 6-10 seconds. The body is white in size: 320x180x60 mm made of plastic, the control buttons are placed on a steel panel. The device is also suitable for the vacuumization of containers. A special hose is included with the vacuum cleaner.

17. WOMSI SX-168


Vacuum packaging machine WOMSI SX-168 is equipped with a built-in cutter and film storage slot. As a result, the packaging process is much easier. Vacuum pressure: 70 kPa. Due to the high power, the sealing process is simplified. And the extended heating tape up to 32 cm and a special mode of operation allow you to pack several small bags of food in parallel. The seller offers a choice of two options for the design of the vacuum cleaner case: white with light green and black with orange inserts. Case dimensions: 400x155x79 mm. Touch buttons are located on the front side to control the device.

18. Yaicoundy SK-A1918

Yaicoundy SK-A1918

The Yaicoundy SK-A1918 vacuum sealer is equipped with a collapsible body so that the bottom part can be washed under running water. On the front side there is a mirror panel with touch buttons. This design gives the appliance an expensive look and makes maintenance easier. Vacuumer can work with products of different densities. There are separate modes for this. Suction pressure up to 60 kPa provides airtight packaging in 6-9 seconds. Housing dimensions: 356x140x60 mm, heating tape length: 320 mm. With the help of the device, you can also pump out air from containers with a special valve on the lid. Vacuum hose is included.

19. YUMYTH VS6621


The YUMYTH VS6621 portable packer is equipped with a powerful 110W motor, which provides a suction force of up to 60kPa. Food sealing takes just 6-11 seconds. The device is designed with a built-in film cutter. The ergonomically designed case with rounded edges is made of durable black plastic. At the top is a steel panel with touch buttons. Vacuum tank dimensions: 382x184x62 mm. Heating tape length: 30 cm. The device is compatible with vacuum containers, bottle caps, storage bags with valves. A hose and a special stopper for a bottle are included.



The MAXFUTURE H300 vacuum sealer is suitable for sealing wet and dry products. The device is equipped with two vacuum pumps at once, which ensures better performance. With a suction pressure of 70 kPa, the vacuum cleaner is able to pack a bag with air extraction in just 8-20 seconds. The packer can be used both at home and in catering establishments. The body of the device with dimensions: 370x130x70 mm is made of thick plastic in matte black with perforation for better cooling. Touch buttons for selecting operating modes are located on the front. Vacuumer comes with 15 vacuum storage bags and adapter hose to seal containers.

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