TOP 20 best tonometers automatic for home with Aliexpress

ТОП-20 лучших тонометров автоматических для дома с Алиэкспресс

Control of blood pressure is necessary not only for hypertension, but also for healthy people to not miss the onset of the disease. In the past, you had to see a doctor to measure your blood pressure. Now you can monitor the performance at home by acquiring an automatic tonometer.

It is most advantageous to buy a pressure measuring device at AliExpress, which presents a large selection of devices with a wrist cuff or shoulder. The correct choice of tonometer for home use will help you with the rating of automatic devices with Aliexpress, which compiled the site

1. Yongrow YK-BPW5

Yongrow YK-BPW5

Yongrow YK-BPW5 tonometer with wrist cuff length of 13.5 – 19.5 cm measures blood pressure with an error of not more than 5%, pulse rate, detects arrhythmia. Thanks to the powerful pump, the measurement time is no more than 10 – 20 seconds. The pumping is adjusted automatically. All indicators are displayed on a digital monitor. Compact size instrument: 80x85x75 mm easy to use, controlled by one button. At least 99 readings can be saved in the memory of the device. The device runs from two AAA batteries, which are not included. The monitor body is made of white ABS plastic.

2. Yongrow YK-BPW1

Yongrow YK-BPW1

The simple tonometer Yongrow YK-BPW1 measures the blood pressure on the wrist. The adjustable cuff is suitable for hand girth from 13.5 to 21.5 cm. The instrument measures blood pressure and pulse rate with an error of up to 5%. The device can store up to 100 readings of two people simultaneously. On the digital monitor, in addition to indicators, the health level is displayed. The font on the LCD is clear and large, which is convenient for the elderly. The monitor is compact in size: 79.8×74.9×60 mm. The device works from two AAA power supply elements (not included). The seller offers a choice of the color of the display case from 5 options.

3. Saint Health ZK-B869

Saint Health ZK-B869

Shoulder tonometer Saint Health ZK-B869 seller offers to buy a choice with standard cuff: 22-32 cm or extended length up to 48 cm. The device measures pressure, pulse, and arrhythmia. Up to 99 simultaneous readings of two users can be stored in memory. For better image in the dark, the LCD display is illuminated. The colour of the illumination varies depending on the pressure: green – normal, yellow – slightly higher, red – high. There is also a voice announcement in Russian voice. Power supply: 4 AAA batteries, which are purchased separately. It is possible to connect the instrument via an adapter (included) to the electrical network. The size of the monitor: 115x96x59 mm.

4. CHANG KUN Wrist blood pressure Monitor

CHANG KUN Wrist blood pressure Monitor

Automatic tonometer CHANG KUN for measuring blood pressure is worn on the wrist girth: 135 – 195 mm. The instrument is inexpensive, as simple as possible to use. Only one button is needed for measurements. In addition to the pressure, the apparatus measures the pulse, detects violations of the heart. The readings are shown in large print on the LCD, which is also suitable for people with poor eyesight. The monitor has compact dimensions: 70×72,6×32,5mm, convenient to carry with you in a small bag. Measurements are stored in the device’s memory. Two people can simultaneously save up to 99 readings. Powered by a device from 2 AAA batteries, which are not included.

5. Wondfo UK80

Wondfo UK80

Wondfo UK80 tonometer with cuff size: 22-32 cm, which is worn on the shoulder, although designed for home use, has a fairly high measurement accuracy. To turn on the device and measure the pressure, just press one button. In this case, the pulse rate is automatically measured and heart failure is detected. If there is an arrhythmia, a signal symbol will appear on the screen. Size of LCD display: 100x53x26 mm. Despite the compact size of the digit is clearly visible even to people with impaired vision. Powered by four AAA batteries and via USB cable (not included).



The BOXYM YK-BPW1 wrist blood pressure meter is easy to operate. One button is used to turn on the instrument and to measure the blood pressure. Also the tonometer shows the pulse rate and detects arrhythmia. All data are displayed on a compact size LCD display: 79x62x22 mm. The numbers on the monitor are clear, large size, there is also a voice-messaging function. The memory can store up to 99 readings of two users simultaneously. The length of the working part of the cuff: 170 mm. To work will need two batteries AAA, which are not included in the kit. Seller offers buyers to choose the color of the case from six options.



The medical tonometer AICARE X5 is designed to measure the pressure on the shoulder. The instrument is characterized by an increased accuracy of measurements with an error of not more than 2%. Can be used not only at home, but also for private practice. The cuff is suitable for shoulder girth up to 420 mm. You only need one button to turn on and measure, which is convenient for older people. All indicators are displayed on the HD digital screen. The memory contains 99 indicators. LCD display dimensions: 135x100x68 mm. Working pressure meter from four AAA elements, which are purchased separately, or via USB Type-C cable (included).

8. Saint Health ZK-W863

Saint Health ZK-W863

The Saint Health ZK-W863 wrist tonometer is equipped with a voice recording of the measurement results. The device measures the pressure, the pulse rate, is able to detect arrhythmia. The cuff is suitable for the wrist in the girth of 13.5 – 19.5 cm. Monitor size: 77.5x68x30 mm. The LCD display displays current values that are automatically stored in memory. The device can remember up to 99 readings simultaneously of two people. The device is powered by two standard AAA batteries, which are purchased separately. The wrist tonometer comes in a plastic case where you can store the device after use.

9. Saint Health ZK-B877

Saint Health ZK-B877

The Saint Health Automatic Tonometer ZK-B877 is designed to measure blood pressure on the shoulder. The buyer can choose a cuff with working length: 22 – 32 or 22 – 48 cm. The device is built-in voice function of the measurement result. Blood pressure, pulse rate, arrhythmia detection are also displayed on a large informative LCD with a backlight, the color of which varies from green to red depending on the result. Monitor size: 126x105x50 mm. The tonometer runs from 4 AAA batteries to buy separately. It is possible to connect the device to the electrical network via an adapter (included in the kit). The device comes in a storage bag.

10. Justlang BP-S02B

Justlang BP-S02B

The Justlang BP-S02B pressure measuring device is worn on the wrist with a girth of 13.5 – 21.5 cm. The tonometer consists of a cuff and a monitor, where the pressure gauge is built in. To begin to pump air, just press one button. The pump is automatically pumped to the desired level. The display displays upper and lower pressure, pulse and arrhythmia when detected. Along with the indication there is a voice accompaniment in Russian. For this you need to choose the appropriate model. It is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries (not included). Comes with a tonometer in a plastic box that can be used for storage.



Digital tonometer BOXYM YK-BPW1 with wrist cuff girth 13.5 – 19.5 cm belongs to the budget category. The device is as easy to use. To switch on and measure the indicators you need to press only one button. The LCD-display displays the pulse rate, upper and lower pressure. There is also an audio alert function. Automatically the device saves up to 99 reads, which can be viewed by clicking on the memory button. Small size monitor housing: 73.6x80x60 mm. The seller offers to choose the design of the case from six options. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, which are purchased separately.



Shoulder tonometer SINOCARE UZ0 comes with an extended cuff that fits the arm girth of 22 – 42 cm. The instrument has a high measurement accuracy of up to 5%. When the button is pressed, the lower and upper pressure, the pulse, the arrhythmia is automatically measured when detected. Up to 90 readings of two users are stored in the memory. A scale of average readings of the last three measurements is displayed on the screen. There is a voice messaging function, but only in English. The seller offers a choice of black and white monitor body color. The device is powered by 4 AAA batteries or when connected via a USB cable (not included).

13. Justlang WEB306

Justlang WEB306

The portable Justlang WEB306 wrist tonometer is made in stylish design. Black glossy monitor housing size: 75x68x30 attached to the cuff, which fits the wrist circle: 13.5 – 19.5 cm. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 300 mAh. To charge, a complete USB cable is used. The device is controlled by a touch button on the housing. When pressed, the device turns on and automatically pumps the air. The LCD display displays pulse, pressure, arrhythmia, if it is detected. Also, the device works with sound accompaniment in Russian. The tonometer comes in a plastic case, easy to store.

14. OLIECO Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 

OLIECO Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The OLIECO electronic blood pressure meter comes with a cuff attached to the shoulder in the girth: 22 – 32 cm. The device is equipped with voice voice in English. The display is provided with light: green, orange, red. The shade varies with the blood pressure. The screen also displays digital indicators that are automatically stored in the device memory. When the heart breaks, a special arrhythmia icon appears. The tonometer works from the AAA power supply and from the network via a USB cable. Batteries need to buy separately, the cable is included.

15. Schbi


Schbi automatic tonometer is designed to measure blood pressure on the wrist. The device comes with a cuff for the hand in the girth: 13.5 – 19.5 cm. Portable monitor size: 64.8×49.8mm made in a concise black glossy design. The instrument is controlled by a touch button on the body. The black display clearly shows the white numbers showing the pressure level, the pulse rate, the arrhythmia symbol when the heart rate is broken. If you wish, you can turn on the voice in English. The device is powered by a USB cable and two AAA batteries. The seller also offers a model in a white case to the buyer’s choice.

16. CONTEC Vet


Veterinary Tonometer CONTEC Vet is designed to measure blood pressure in animals. Used in veterinary clinics and at home. The cuff with a working length of 6-11 cm is suitable for cats and dogs of small breeds. You can also attach larger cuffs, changing the settings on the monitor. The device works almost quietly, without causing stress in the animal. The readings are displayed on a high-definition LCD display and are automatically stored in the device memory. The device is powered by four AA batteries. Can be connected via USB cable to computer for power and data transmission.



The automatic electronic tonometer OLIECO OLI-W355 is designed for measuring the pressure on the wrist by a circle of 13-21 cm. The device is powered by a lithium battery built into the body. Micro-USB is provided for charging. The cable comes complete. In the device there is a voice recording of the testimony in Russian. The monitor size: 75x60x25 mm shows the lower and upper pressure levels, as well as the heart rate. The device starts to work automatically when turned on. During the wait, it shuts down after 1 minute. The seller packs the tonometer into a plastic box in which to store the device.

18. WEBER Eletronicos

WEBER Eletronicos

The digital tonometer WEBER Eletronicos serves to measure the blood pressure with the cuff on the shoulder. Suitable for the hand in a circle: 22-45 cm. The high-definition monitor measures 117x97x75 cm and displays the digital pressure and pulse. In arrhythmia there is an icon indicating that the rhythm of the heartbeat is broken. In this model there is no voice notification. The memory of the device stores up to 99 readings of two users. The device runs from AAA batteries in the amount of 4 pieces. It is also possible to connect to the power supply via USB cable. Batteries and cable are not included.

19. Nolli ill HD-002

Nolli ill HD-002

The Nolli ill HD-002 Digital Tonometer automatically measures blood pressure on the shoulder. The cuff is suitable for hand in girth: 22-32 cm. The intuitive device is suitable for the elderly, you only need one touch to start the device. The monitor clearly displays large numbers showing upper and lower pressure, heart rate per minute and arrhythmia icon at detection. Case dimensions: 126x100x53 mm. All results are automatically saved in the device. Up to 99 readings of two people can be stored in the memory. The tonometer is powered by 4 AAA batteries and can be connected to the power supply via USB cable. Power cells and charging cable are not included.

20. U-Kiss Hematomanometer

U-Kiss Hematomanometer

The tonometer U-Kiss Hematomanometer serves to measure the blood pressure on the wrist. The working length of the cuff: 13.5-19.5 cm. Sphygmomanometer size: 70×72,6×32,5mm is suitable for mobile use. Compact device can be carried in a handbag. For transportation and storage there is a plastic box, which comes complete. The device is easy to operate. You need to press one button to work, and the tonometer will automatically pump the air to the required level. The HD LCD display clearly shows the digital pressure and pulse rate. The readings will be stored automatically in memory. You’ll need two AAA batteries to work with.

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