TOP-20 Best Electric Planers With Aliexpress

Рейтинг лучших рубанков электрических с Алиэкспресс

Electric planer – carpentry tools, necessary in woodworking workshops, on construction sites, for household needs. The principle of operation of the electric planer is similar to the manual tool for planing wood, but at the same time the performance and quality of processing is much higher.

When choosing an electric planer should take into account the power and speed of the engine, the maximum depth and width of planing, the possibility of chamfering, additional functions. You can buy inexpensive power tools for carpentry and carpentry at AliExpress. Compiled rating of the best electric rubanks with Aliexpress will help you make the right choice.



The DKEP900 is equipped with a single-phase 900 W engine with an idle speed of 16000 rev/min. The planing depth can be adjusted with a swivel handle up to 3 mm. The width of the working sole – 82 mm. The coat is comfortable to work with thanks to the ergonomic handle with anti-slip coating and rubberized inserts. On the body there is an outlet nozzle, to which a bag is attached for collecting dust and chips. The bag comes complete with a coat. Also in the set there is a parallel guide and special devices for sampling a quarter depth of up to 15 mm.

2. DEKO DKEP1000


The DKEP1000 is similar in appearance to the previous model, but due to the higher engine power of 1000 W has better performance. Speed – 17000 rev/ min. The power tool is suitable for woodworking, shaving, leveling wooden surfaces, folding. The handle on the front of the body varies planing depth from 0 to 2 mm. The maximum width of the treated surface is standard – 82 mm. A pipe for removing the dust is integrated into the housing with the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner. The kit includes: electric rubbers, horn wrench, corner stop for the selection of a quarter, dust bag.

3. Drillpro Electric Planer

Drillpro Electric Planer

The Drillpro is powered by the Makita 18 V battery (not included). The idle speed is 15,000 rev/min. The maximum planing depth is 2mm and the width is 82 mm. The cutting depth can be adjusted with a swivel handle on the body. The handle with soft shock-absorbing coating is easy to grip with your palm and does not slip in your hand while working. The self-locking switch facilitates the processing of the tree. A large vent is provided in the body for heat generation, which increases the service life of the coat coat. The working plate is made of aluminum. The housing is made of durable plastic. In the package the seller puts in addition to the tool wrench and parallel stop.

4. Prostormer PTET1038

Prostormer PTET1038

A 450 W electric chisel with a speed of up to 15,000 per minute processes wood to a depth of up to 0.6 mm, which is regulated by a rotary mechanism on the case. Planer belongs to the budget category and is more suitable for homework. The aluminum sole of the working surface width of 82 cm has a V-shaped bevel stripping groove. The power belt is placed in a removable housing, which simplifies the replacement process after abrasion. On the handle there is a lock button against accidental pressing. The seller sends an electric chopper with a wrench in a woven bag, convenient for the transfer and storage of the tool.

5. Kolner KEP 900M

Kolner KEP 900M

The Kolner is equipped with a 900 W motor operating at a speed of 16000 rev/min. The tool is suitable for removing chips from boards, processing end ends and selecting quarters. The width of the working sole with a V-shaped chamfer groove – 82 mm, the depth of shaving is adjustable to 3 mm. A dust conductor is integrated into the body of the coat for connecting a dust bag or a vacuum cleaner hose. The rubberized ergonomic grip is handy to hold. The buttons are locked against accidental pressing. In addition to the coat includes a corner stop, dust box, wrench, spare parts.

6. Kolner KEP 480

Kolner KEP 480

Compact electric planer are inexpensive and suitable for small carpentry. A 480 W tool with a speed of 16000 rev/min is able to whittle boards to a depth of 0.6 mm. The blade dimensions are – 82×5.8×1.3 mm. Thanks to the V-shaped groove on the sole and the angle stop, it is possible to chamfer at an angle of 45 degrees. The tool is made in ergonomic design, convenient for working with the right or left hand. A nozzle with a pipe for connecting a dust collector or a vacuum cleaner is integrated into the body for removing dust. Complete with the power tool is a set of wrenches and spare brushes for the engine.

7. WORX WX615


The WORX with a rated input power of 750 W and a frequency of 17000 rev/min is not only suitable for home craftsmen. The tool can be used for primary and more delicate wood processing in the carpentry workshop. The depth is adjustable in the range of 0-3 mm. The width of the blade – 82 mm. V-shaped groove on the sole and parallel guide help to remove bevels at 12 mm. The device is equipped with a dust conductor with the possibility of connecting the dust collector to the left or right side of the body. In the parcel together with the rubank are supplied: spare blades, corner stop, vacuum cleaner adapter, dust bag, wrench.

8. LOMVUM 750W


The main difference of the LOMVUM 750W is the increased blade width of 90 mm, which allows more efficient processing of wide boards to the depth with 0-2 mm adjustment. The engine power of the instrument is 750 W, the idle speed is 13000 per minute. Due to the large vents on the housing for heat dissipation, the planer work much longer without overheating than its counterparts. For the release of sawdust integrated dust collector with the possibility of connection of vacuum cleaner or dust bag. In the set with an electric rubank comes a guiding rule, with which you can make angle bevels.

9. Ставр РЭ-82/950 СТ

Ставр РЭ-82/950 СТ

The Stavre Electric Planer comes with a frame, through which the tool can be turned into a real locksmith. The power of the power plate is 950 W, the number of revolutions per minute at idle is 16000. For smooth adjustment of planing depth in the range of 0-3 mm, a rotating mechanism is provided on the body. The sole is equipped with a sharp blade measuring 82×5.8×1.3 mm with a V-shaped groove for removing bevels from 0 to 12 mm. For the fourth sample, a corner stop is supplied, which increases the accuracy of the width of the folding. The integrated dust collector ensures cleanliness of the workplace during operation. Included is a dust collector, which can be attached to the pipe on the body.

10. TOPSHARK 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer

TOPSHARK 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer

TOPSHARK is offered by the seller at a minimum cost. Despite the low price, the tool has a fairly high engine power – 710 W and idle speed – 16500 rev/ min. Slim perfectly smooth aluminum sole width – 82 mm provides easy sliding over the board surface. The planing depth is adjusted by a rotating switch on the housing from 0 to 2 mm. V-shaped grooves and a corner stop allow to make angle bevels. The protective plate protects the board from unintentional contact with wood. The body is fitted with a double side dust collector with outlet holes for the vacuum cleaner or bag on the left and right side.

11. ЗУБР ЗР-750-82

ЗУБР ЗР-750-82

The Electric Manual Router can be easily transformed into a woodworking machine. The body is provided with special fixtures to the frame. The tool is suitable for processing planks to a depth of up to 2 mm, which is regulated by a stepless switch. Double-edged sharp knives are placed at a small angle on the working plate, thus improving the cut quality. The motor has a power of 750 W, idle revs reach 16000 per minute and are supported under load. On the sole there are grooves for removing chamfer and there is a mounting for the stop. The body is built-in dust conductor, dust collection bag is included.

12. ЗУБР ЗР-950-82

ЗУБР ЗР-950-82

The ZUBR ZR-950-82 is more powerful than the previous model – 950 W. The planing depth is controlled by a smooth switch on the housing from 0 to 3 mm. The working plate width is standard – 82 mm. Sharp and double-sided sharpening knives provide a perfectly smooth polished cut. The tool can be mounted on the frame. Planer are used for rough and fine wood processing, chamfering and quarter sampling. The integrated dust collector system effectively removes chips from the working surface. Dust can be collected in a bag (comes with a kit) or connected to the pipe hose vacuum cleaner.

13. Electrolite Р750

Electrolite Р750

The inexpensive electric shaft has a 750 W motor with a rotation of 16000 rev/min. The depth of wood processing can be adjusted by stepless switch up to 2 mm. The sole has a longitudinal groove for chamfer removal, it is possible to connect a parallel guide (included) to increase the precision of processing. In the set to the knives there is an adapter for sharpening. On the handle, in addition to the on button, there is a lock from accidental pressing. The chips are removed through the dust collector. For greater purity, you can attach the dust collector bag or connect the vacuum cleaner. The seller also places replacement blades and a wrench in the package.

14. BRAIT BEP82/950


The electric compact BRAIT chisel can handle even denser types of wood thanks to the high engine power – 950 W. Both conventional and bilateral blades can be used for planing. The height of the front sole of the blade is changed by a rotating regulator on the body in the range from 0 to 3 mm. To remove chips and fine dust, a dust conductor with a pipe for a dust bag or a vacuum cleaner is integrated into the housing. A quarter parallel guide can be installed on the right and left side. The plate has three V-shaped grooves for chamfering. The size of the working surface is 82.5 x 5.5 x 3 mm. Comes with: planer, corner level, dust collector, tools for replacement parts.



The wireless planer are equipped with brushless motor, which greatly prolongs the tool life. The planer is powered by a 4A lithium ion battery. The battery and the charger are not included. Electric shafts are expensive, but at the same time has a fairly high power with a speed of up to 15,000 rev/min and good mobility due to autonomous operation. The width of the surface to be treated is 82 mm. The cutting depth of up to 2 mm is controlled by a rotating handle on the body. Due to the ergonomic shape and rubber inserts on the handle, the tool is easy to hold during operation. The chips are removed through the integrated dust extractor.

16. YunlinLi M1B-KN-82

YunlinLi M1B-KN-82

The YunlinLi electric planer is equipped with the most powerful 1600 W engine and differs from its counterparts by an aluminum case. Only the handle is made of plastic with anti-slip inserts. Planing depth up to 2 mm smoothly changes with a regulator on the body. The working surface is also made of aluminum. The plate has a V-shaped bevel removal groove. The manual tool can be fixed to the machine bed for more efficient processing of wood. The buyer can choose the option of fitting with the frame. Also in the package, the seller puts spare parts, tools for their replacement and a guide to improve accuracy in the selection of a quarter.



WOYOFADA wireless planer is adapted for Makita battery capacity of 3000 mAh. Depending on the option chosen by the buyer, the seller sends only planes, additionally puts one or two batteries. The cutting depth is controlled by a stepless smooth switch in the range of 0-2 mm. The aluminum plate is equipped with a sharply sharpened blade for smoother chip removal. A V-shaped groove and parallel guide allow for corner bevels. Soft rubberized handle facilitates the work of the master and reduces fatigue. To remove chips from the working surface is provided dust-conductor nozzle.

18. ИНТЕРСКОЛ Р-82/710М


The Russian brand INTERSKOL has 710 W power and idle speed of the milling mill 12500 rev/min. In one pass, the planing width is 82 mm. The shaving depth is controlled by a switch up to 2 mm. The tool is suitable for removing wood chips and sampling a quarter depth of up to 15 mm. The planer can be attached to the machine bed and can be used instead of the woodworking machine. The set includes mounting for the machine bed. A dust collector with an adapter for connecting the vacuum cleaner is integrated into the housing for removing chips. In the parcel also the seller puts a spare belt, corner guide, tools to replace parts, a spare set of knives, a shaving bag.

19. Bosch GHO 12V-20

Bosch GHO 12V-20

The compact, wireless Bosch chisel from the well-known time-tested power tools brand is powered by a rechargeable battery (not included). The tool has a light weight – 1.5 kg and small dimensions – 242x104x100 mm. The width of the working plate is only 56 mm. The planing depth is up to 2 mm with a smooth adjustment. The tool is equipped with a brushless engine, which prolongs the service life. The idle speed is 14,500 per minute. During operation, it is possible to connect the dust conductor to the hose of the vacuum cleaner so as not to trash the workplace.

20. Makita M1902B

Makita M1902B

With a rated input power of 500W and an idle speed of 16,000 revolutions per minute, the electric circuit breaker is more suitable for household use. Maximum planing depth reaches 1 mm, width in one pass – 82 mm. A deep V-shaped groove facilitates the process of facing to a quarter to 9 mm sampling depth. The housing is provided with large ventilation holes to protect the engine from overheating and a nozzle to the vacuum cleaner hose or bag to collect chips and dust from the surface being treated. The kit includes a parallel guide and adapter for sharpening blades.

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