TOP 20 best electric unicycle from Aliexpress 2021, rating of electric unicycle

ТОП-20 лучших моноколес с Алиэкспресс 2021, рейтинг электрических моноциклов

20 best electric unicycle with Aliexpress

It would seem that all modes of transport have already been invented, and there is no need to reinvent the wheel when there are so many options for means of transportation. But still, the inventors did not stop there and improved the vehicle with one wheel. Although the first electric unicycle appeared in the 19th century, it is only recently that they have become a popular form of transport, despite their still exotic look.

The modern compact unicycle can be carried in one hand like a briefcase. The gadget runs on rechargeable batteries, thanks to the built-in gyroscope, it has good balancing and maneuverability. A monowheel is suitable not only for entertainment, but also for accelerated movement around the city during congestion with transport and a large flow of people.

To make it easier for you to choose an unusual type of transport, see the rating of the best unicycle that can be ordered with delivery on AliExpress.

1. SuperWalker Max Black

Моноколесо SuperWalker Max Black

The stylish SuperWalker Max Black monowheel construction is made of durable metal that is resistant to damage and scratches. The body of the unicycle is made of durable plastic in black with red accents. Wheel diameter – 36 cm, device weighs 11 kg, maximum load up to 120 kg. Speed ​​control is performed using a gyroscope by tilting the body. Travel speed up to 22 km / h with a maximum elevation angle of 150. The kit includes a battery charger. Full charging takes place in 2 hours, the battery capacity is enough for a distance of up to 30 km. The unicycle works on the principle of recuperation – part of the energy is returned to the battery during movement and during braking.

2. LeaperKim Veteran sherman

Моноколесо LeaperKim Veteran sherman

The powerful electric unicycle LeaperKim Veteran sherman is a reliable mobile transport for the urban environment, capable of overcoming off-road conditions. The monowheel accelerates in straight terrain to a speed of 70-75 km / h, the battery charge lasts for 150-200 km. The device cannot be called compact. The unicycle weighs 38 kg, the wheel diameter is 50 cm. The structure is made of completely black metal, the pedals are made of aluminum alloy with an anti-slip coating. A powerful headlight is provided in front, illuminating the path, and a marker light is located in the back. A small LED display is built on top of the case, which displays the speed and battery level. There is also a retractable handle on top for which you can roll the unicycle.

3. Ninebot One Z10

Моноколесо Ninebot One Z10

The self-balancing electric wheel Ninebot One Z10 weighs 24 kg, the diameter of a wide stable tire is 45 cm. The unicycle, depending on the model chosen by the buyer, accelerates on flat terrain to a speed of 35-45 km / h, is able to climb uphill at an angle of up to 250. There is powerful headlight, rear side lights that shine in different colors at the choice of the owner. You can also connect an LED wheel light. The battery can be charged up to 90 km. The unicycle is made of durable black carbon-look plastic, the ergonomic pedals are finished with anti-slip pads so that the feet do not slip while driving. A small digital display shows the charge level.

4. EU Stock Original KS S18

Моноколесо EU Stock Original KS S18

Stylish unicycle EU Stock Original KS S18 is available in two versions – with a white or black body at the customer’s choice. The size of the wheel is 53 cm in diameter, the weight of the device is 22 kg, the maximum speed is 50 km / h, the lifting angle is up to 400. A retractable handle is built into the body, for which you can roll and carry the wheel. A distinctive feature of the unicycle is the suspension, which the designers have played as a brutal decoration of the device. A smart headlight with an automatic sensor for switching between low and high beam modes is built in front, on the sides there are reliable ergonomic pedals attached to the body on a metal spring.

5. KS-16X

Моноколесо KS-16X

The monowheel 5 KS-16X, thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of over one and a half thousand Wh, is capable of covering up to 160 km without recharging. The maximum speed on level ground is 50 km / h, the ascent angle uphill is not more than 500. The unicycle consists of a black metal case with a wheel with a diameter of 40 cm. On the sides of the tire there is an LED strip with multi-colored LEDs. Through the Bluetooth app, you can control the lighting and play music, which will sound through the 4 built-in speakers with a low frequency amplifier. On the sides are folding pedals with a rubberized anti-slip coating. A telescopic handle is integrated at the top of the body for carrying or rolling the unicycle.


Моноколесо INMOTION V5F

New in 2021, the compact size INMOTION V5F electric wheel is suitable for driving around the city and performing stunts. The monowheel is made of aluminum alloy in a modern design, accelerates up to a speed of 28 km / h, the maximum ascent angle is 150. The charge of the 320 Wh battery will last for 35 km. Wheel diameter 35 cm, weight about 12 kg. On the front of the body is an LED headlight in blue, on the back with a red one. The handle extension button is located at the bottom, which eliminates accidental pressing. The metal footrests can be folded in just one movement. For a comfortable ride with anti-slip foot, the pedals are emery coated.


Моноколесо INMOTION V8F

The monowheel INMOTION V8F belongs to the fresh novelties of this year. The unicycle has compact dimensions, weighs 14.5 kg, wheel diameter 40 cm. Accelerates up to 35 km / h on a straight road. It rises uphill at an angle of no more than 300. The charge of the built-in battery lasts for 55-60 km. The battery charge level can be monitored on the digital display. For travel in the dark, there are a headlamp in the front and parking lights in the back. Also on the sides of the case there is an LED backlight that operates in several modes and changes colors. The competent distribution of the gravity of the electric unicycle allows you to do various tricks. Ergonomic non-slip footrests keep your feet securely in place, even during extreme driving.


Моноколесо INMOTION V11

The powerful modern INMOTION V11 unicycle is new in 2021. The monowheel accelerates to 50 km / h, uphill climb is possible at an angle of up to 300. A 1500 Wh battery will last for 120 km. The wheel diameter is 45 cm, the tire width is 7.5 cm, thanks to which the unicycle can easily cope with off-road conditions. Built-in air suspension provides a comfortable ride even over bumps. And the patented anti-rotation design ensures safety. To brake sharply, simply turn off the power. The powerful headlight shines as brightly in the dark as a car, and the taillights are visible even from afar. The stylish, ergonomic pedals with an anti-slip layer feature the manufacturer’s logo.

9. Gotway Msuper X

Моноколесо Gotway Msuper X

Monobike Gotway Msuper X is an improved development of the previous model of the same brand. In the new device, the engine power is increased to 2500 W, the maximum speed reaches 50 km / h. The rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity of 1600 WH lasts up to 60 km on a single charge. A headlamp is installed in front of two powerful lamps, which can be operated separately. In the new model of the monowheel, the LED backlighting on the body has been removed, thereby increasing the moisture resistance of the gadget, which is now not afraid of immersion in water. The body is made of durable carbon fiber reinforced with a thick ribbed tread for increased shock absorption.

10. Gotway Mten3

Моноколесо Gotway Mten3

The newest unicycle Gotway Mten3 in a stylish black and white plastic case with a carbon-like texture, with LED lighting along the contour, captivates at first sight. The wide, non-slip emery pedals are positioned low enough at just 12cm from the ground for better stability. The maximum speed of the electric unicycle on level ground is 30-50 km / h. Driving without recharging is possible up to 60 km. The unicycle weighs 10 kg, the wheel diameter is 25 cm. Such compact dimensions and low weight make it easy to carry the device. 7cm wide treads with ribbed pattern provide better traction and balance, even at high speeds on uneven terrain.

11. Gotway Mcm5

Моноколесо Gotway Mcm5

Monowheel Gotway Mcm5 with a body made of black plastic under carbon and LED illumination is especially popular among teenagers. The unicycle has good maneuverability, accelerates to 50 km / h. Without additional charging, it will travel up to 60 km. The maximum lifting angle is 250. The diameter of the wheel is 35 cm, the weight of the unicycle is 15 kg. A telescopic handle is provided on top, which easily slides out for transportation. While driving, a multi-colored backlight turns on on the body. There are also powerful headlights at the front and rear for driving in the dark. You can also control the lighting and music on the unicycle through a mobile application from a smartphone.

12. Gotway RS

Моноколесо Gotway RS

The Gotway RS unicycle is offered by the seller in a plastic case for carbon black or bronze color at the buyer’s choice. The power of the unicycle engine is 2600 W, thanks to which the maximum speed reaches 60 km / h. The rechargeable battery with a capacity of 1800 Wh can withstand a distance of up to 160 km without a charge, so you can ride even all day. The weight of the unicycle is 27 kg, the diameter of the wheel is 45 cm. During the movement in front and behind along the body, LED lighting is switched on. In the dark, you can turn on the headlights that illuminate the road well. On top of the case there is a display that shows the speed and battery charge level.

13. Gotway Nikola Plus

Моноколесо Gotway Nikola Plus

The Gotway Nikola Plus unicycle with a powerful 2000 W engine will become a reliable means of transportation not only on asphalt, but also on a dirt road. The unicycle on flat terrain is capable of accelerating up to 50 km / h and climbing uphill at an angle of up to 250. The battery charge lasts up to 60 km. The stable wheel, 10 cm wide and 43 cm in diameter, provides excellent balance. Ribbed treads provide good vehicle stability even on wet roads. Two audio speakers are built into the body, through which you can listen to music from your smartphone. When driving at will, an LED strip is connected, placed along the contour of the body. Headlights are integrated at the front and rear for safe movement in the dark.

14. Gotway Tesla2

Моноколесо Gotway Tesla2

The Gotway Tesla2 monowheel is equipped with a powerful 2000 W motor, thanks to which it can reach speeds of up to 60 km / h. The battery with a capacity of 1500 W can withstand a mileage of up to 60 km without recharging. The body of the unicycle is made of durable glossy black plastic combined with carbon-look inserts. The built-in Bluetooth speakers work through an app on your smartphone. An LED strip is laid along the body with changeable glow modes during the movement of the unicycle. Wheel diameter 40 cm, weight of the whole device 22 kg. For transportation, a telescopic handle is provided, for which it is convenient to roll the monowheel. There are headlights on the front and back of the body.

15. Begode E X.N

Моноколесо Begode E X.N

The Begode E X.N unicycle is made using a unique technology with air spring suspension, which results in a smaller body. The powerful 3500 W motor provides a maximum straight-line speed of up to 95 km / h. The large diameter of the wide wheel of 50 cm with ribbed tires provides good stability. The increased capacity of the rechargeable battery up to 2700 Wh holds charging over long distances up to 200 km. The battery charge level is displayed on the panel on the digital display. A telescopic handle is built on top, which can be expanded to roll the unicycle like a suitcase. At the front is a powerful headlight with LED bezels. There are parking lights at the back.

16. Daibot 350

Моноколесо Daibot 350

The compact one-wheeled vehicle Daibot 350 with a wheel diameter of 35 cm is inexpensive, made in a stylish fashionable design, weighs only 12 kg, and is sufficiently mobile, thanks to which it is in demand among young people. The monowheel can be carried or rolled using the retractable handle. On a straight road, the unicycle accelerates to 30 km / h. The mileage without recharging is 15-20 km, the battery is charged in 2 hours. The body is made of durable plastic with a film coating. The seller offers 16 design options for the buyer’s choice. There are also models with a Bluetooth speaker. Reinforced aluminum alloy footrests provide safety. Built-in six-axis gyroscope maintains good balance.

17. Daibot 500

Моноколесо Daibot 500

The Daibot 500 unicycle is a one-wheel electric scooter with seat and handlebar. The wide 43 cm wheel and built-in gyroscope ensure balance while driving. The unicycle is capable of accelerating up to 30 km / h, the ascent angle is not more than 250. The handle shows the battery charge level on the digital display. The brightness of the headlights is 500 lumens, a powerful flashing light comes on behind in the dark. The seller offers two design options for the monoscooter – in white or black and red. The brushless motor provides smooth running with low noise. The unicycle is made of aluminum alloy and weighs 25 kg.

18. Daibot 800

Моноколесо Daibot 800

The Daibot 800 unicycle with an aluminum steering wheel and a comfortable adjustable seat with a silicone cushion is suitable for comfortable movement around the city and for suburban trips. Vacuum 10 ” pneumatic tire 16 cm wide provides good stability and flotation. You can even ride a monoscooter on the sand. On the front housing there is a mechanical engine start system with an ignition key. Folding pedals are located on the sides. The maximum speed of the unicycle is not more than 30 km / h, the ascent angle is up to 150. Depending on the model that the buyer chooses, the battery charge is enough for 30 or 60 km.

19. Daibot Xboy

Моноколесо Daibot Xboy

Powerful electric one-wheel scooter with folding handlebar, seat and attached parking wheels 19 Daibot Xboy is available from the seller in black and white colors of the buyer’s choice. The flat, wide 20 cm wide tire gives the unicycle additional stability while driving. On a straight road, the monoscooter can accelerate to 25 km / h, climbs uphill at an angle of up to 150. The device has a built-in bluetooth speaker, you can listen to music from a smartphone, for which there is a magnetic slot on the dashboard. There is a brake button on the steering wheel that cuts off the power. There is a powerful headlight in the front, an LED light is integrated into the rear panel.

20. Daibot 2000

Моноколесо Daibot 2000

The Daibot 2000 electric monobike with a thick 55 cm tire and built-in gyroscope is suitable not only for city driving, but also for off-road travel. The unicycle has a built-in seat and handlebar for more comfortable long-distance riding. The maximum speed of the monoscooter on flat terrain is 50 km / h. Without recharging, it can travel 50-100 km, depending on the model chosen by the buyer. The dashboard contains an LCD display showing the speed and battery level. On the right side of the steering wheel there are buttons for lighting, sound signal and engine on / off. There is a safe brake on the left hand drive. The monowheel folds easily and fits into the trunk of a standard size car.

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