TOP 20 best belt sander from Aliexpress

ТОП-20 лучших ленточных шлифмашин

A belt sander makes woodworking easier for a joiner, carpenter or DIYer. A belt grinder is a tool that is powered by an electrical network or battery and is used for grinding and fine wood processing. Also, power tools can be used for grinding plastered walls, cleaning metal from rust and old coatings. Machines have a compact size and light weight, have good mobility.

When choosing a belt sander, it is important to consider the power of the device, variable speed, the width of the sanding belt, ergonomic design, and the presence of additional functions. Inexpensive belt grinders can be bought on AliExpress. The site has compiled a rating of the most popular models of belt-type grinders with Aliexpress, which will help you make the right choice.

1. DEKO DKBS1300


The DEKO DKBS1300 sander is equipped with a 1300 W brush motor. For grinding materials, a sanding belt measuring 533×76 mm is built into the body. The speed of rotation of the tape is smoothly adjustable by a switch from 200 to 380 meters per minute. A small machine with dimensions of 38x17x18 cm and weighing just over 3 kg is convenient to hold in your hand for an ergonomic handle. On the case there is a protrusion for grasping with the second hand. The device has a built-in removal of chips and dust through the socket, where you can connect a dust collection bag or a vacuum cleaner hose. A dust bag with an adapter is included with the grinder.

2. Sturm BS8511U

Sturm BS8511U

The Sturm BS8511U belt sander is equipped with a 1100W brush motor. The abrasive tape has standard dimensions – 76×533 mm. Thanks to the automatic centering system, the belt remains exactly in the middle during operation and does not move to the side, which facilitates the processing of wood. The rotation speed is smoothly adjustable. For work in hard-to-reach narrow places, the protective cover is raised and the material can be sanded with a narrow edge. Dust and chips are automatically collected in the dust collector. A metal frame and clamps are supplied with the grinder, with the help of which a hand-held power tool can be converted into a stationary machine.

3. ВИХРЬ 75/800

ВИХРЬ 75/800

The VORTEX 75/800 grinding belt grinder belongs to the budget category and is more suitable for household needs. The power tool has a relatively low power – 800 watts. An abrasive belt measuring 457×75 mm moves at a speed of 360 m/min during operation. There is no speed control in the device. The grinder has compact dimensions: 34x18x16 cm and light weight: 3 kg. The body is made in an ergonomic design with a comfortable handle and the possibility of gripping the tool with two hands. The switch is fixed during operation, which facilitates handling. The nozzle with a dust collector for collecting shavings ensures a clean workplace.

4. Ресанта 75/900

Ресанта 75/900

The Resanta 75/900 belt sander with a 900 W brush motor is suitable not only for home use, but also for a professional craftsman. The power tool is easy to use, made of durable plastic with rubberized inserts. An abrasive belt measuring 75×533 mm rotates at a speed of 360 meters per minute. The high speed ensures a clean finish even on the finest materials. The switch is fixed in the pressed position, making it more convenient to hold the machine with two hands without having to constantly press the power button. The built-in branch pipe promotes removal of dust and shavings in a dust collector which is delivered in a set. The seller also puts spare brushes for the motor in the package.

5. PIT PBS75-C


The PIT PBS75-C grinder has a power of 1050 W. At the same time, the price of a power tool is relatively low with high performance properties. The speed of movement of the abrasive universal belt with a size of 533×75 mm is adjustable in the range from 220 to 400 m/min. The belt blade can be set in different grits for rough and fine sanding. The handle for gripping the second hand is adjustable in three positions. And the movable front panel allows you to grind materials even in hard-to-reach places. To collect dust, a dust outlet is built into the housing. The bag is supplied with LSHM.

6. Bosch PBS 75A 

Bosch PBS 75A 

The Bosch PBS 75A belt grinder is a professional tool. A proven brand and high performance guarantee excellent processing quality and a long service life of the equipment. The speed of the sanding belt is regulated by a smooth switch up to 350 meters per minute. Thanks to the convenient additional handle, the machine is comfortable to hold in both hands and maneuver when sanding curved wooden structures. With the help of a clamp, the machine easily turns into a stationary machine. To collect chips, a special dust collector with a microfilter is provided that traps the smallest particles of dust.

7. ИНТЕРСКОЛ 76/900


The INTERSKOL 76/900 grinder with a power of 900 W is suitable for grinding wooden and plastered surfaces, cleaning old paint and rust from metal structures, sharpening tools, sanding floors. The working surface of the machine is 76×130 mm, the length of the sanding belt is 533 mm, the speed is 250 m/min. LSHM has a classic shape with a comfortable handle and an additional handle for grabbing with a second palm. An automatic dust collector is built in to collect dust. The bag is included. The machine captivates with a low price with high quality workmanship and good performance.

8. GO/ON 900

GO/ON 900

The GO/ON 900 belt sander is a semi-professional tool. LSHM is inexpensive, has a power of 900 watts. It is more suitable for fine material processing due to its light weight of about 3 kg and high maneuverability. The fixed speed of the sanding belt is 420 meters per minute. The case has a button to block the inclusion from accidental pressing and ventilation holes that protect the engine from overheating. The tape is easy to change without additional tools. Thanks to the built-in dust collector with a dust bag included, the workplace remains clean.

9. Булат 76/533

Булат 76/533

The belt grinder Bulat 76/533 has a high power of 1200 W, which allows you to process even hardwood. The speed of movement of the sanding belt with standard parameters 533×76 mm is regulated by a smooth switch from 120 to 380 m/min. Thanks to the hinged cover, the power tool can be used in hard-to-reach places. The body of the machine is made of durable plastic with ventilation holes to cool the motor during operation. The angle of rotation of the additional handle is adjustable. The built-in dust extraction system with a 32 mm diameter outlet is suitable for connecting a vacuum cleaner hose.

10. FAVOURITE BS 76/533


The 1200 W FAVOURITE BS 76/533 belt sander is also suitable for professional surface sanding. The rotation speed of the sanding belt is smoothly adjustable in the range of 120-380 m/min, which allows processing materials of different densities. The lifting cover on the belt helps to get the grinder into hard-to-reach narrow places. Thanks to the rubberized non-slip inserts on the main and secondary handles, the tool sits securely in the hands. With the help of clamps, it is possible to convert a manual machine into a stationary machine. The dust extraction system is equipped with a dust bag and a pipe for connecting to a vacuum cleaner.

11. Patriot BS 810

Patriot BS 810

The Patriot BS 810 belt sander has a compact size of 35×16 cm and a light weight of 3 kg, which is ideal for fine surface finishing. The power of the machine is 810 W, the dimensions of the sanding tape are 457×76 mm. The abrasive belt feed speed is adjustable from 120 to 260 mm. The cable for connecting to the electrical network with a length of 2 meters has a high frost resistance, which allows you to store the tool in unheated rooms and work in the cold. The ergonomic handle fits well in the palm of your hand. The additional handle is adjustable for a more comfortable grip with a second hand.

12. MOLOT MSB 7508 AE


Inexpensive tape grinder Molot MSB 7508 AE is more suitable for homework. The speed of feeding a tape in size 75×457 mm can be adjusted by a switch from 360 to 560 m/min for processing materials of different densities. Automatic centering holds the grinding in the middle. It is convenient to hold the tool with two hands thanks to the main and additional ergonomic handles. A grinding machine can be attached to the table and transformed into the machine. For this, clamps are delivered in the kit. The seller also puts an adapter into the package for connecting a dust system to a vacuum cleaner with a diameter of 32 and 35 mm.

13. Зубр ЗЛШМ-76-950

Зубр ЗЛШМ-76-950

The tape-grinding machine ZLShM-76-950 with a 950 W engine is suitable for processing various materials. The power tool refers to the budget category, has a simple mechanism that does not require professional skills to work. The speed of standard grinder is fixed and is 360 m/min. It is convenient to keep the machine in one or two hands thanks to ergonomic handles. The built -in dust system guarantees the cleanliness of the processing site. The chips and dust are assembled in a special bag that is included. You can connect to the pipe and the vacuum cleaner hose.

14. Makita 9403

Makita 9403

The grinding machine of the Makita 9403 belt type refers to professional equipment and is expensive. But the high cost pays off excellent performance, long service life and high operational characteristics. The grinder uses a tape larger than standard – 610×100 mm, which increases the processing area in one pass. High power provides grinding of solid wood with wrap removal up to two mm. The tool case is made of aluminum with plastic inserts. The handles are rubberized for an anti -slip effect. The vacuum cleaner can be rotated by 360 °. It is also provided for connecting the pipe to the vacuum cleaner hose.



The tape grinder Diold MSHL-1U with a capacity of 1000 W is suitable for rough and fine processing of different materials on a large area. The rate of supply of grinders is automatically adjusted from 120 to 360 meters per minute, depending on the density of the processing material. A reduced front video and a folding protective casing allow you to treat surfaces close to the wall and in hard -to -reach places. The position of an additional handle is regulated and fixed in three versions for a more convenient capture. The main handle has to fix the power button, which facilitates long -term work. Dust and chips are removed by a dusting system in a dust bag (delivered in the kit).

16. Ryobi EBS800V

Ryobi EBS800V

The ribbon-grinding machine Ryobi EBS800V has a bright design. The yellow body with dark gray inserts has an attractive appearance. But also the functionality of manual power tools at a height. The engine power is 800 watts, the speed of advancement of the tape is smoothly adjustable to 360 m/min. An additional front handle is fixed in three positions. The grinder is supplied in a convenient case for storing the tool. In the parcel, the seller puts a plastic vacuumber of a cyclone type, which captures even the smallest particles of dust. Also in the set there is a clamp and a steel frame, with the help of which a manual grinder is converted into a desktop.

17. WORTEX SB 7590 AE


Grinding ribbon Wortex SB 7590 AE has an input capacity of 950 watts. The case is made of red plastic with black inserts. Ventilation holes are provided for the removal of heat from the engine. The grinding frequency is regulated in 4 positions with a switch of up to 380 m/min, depending on the density of the processed material. To adjust the density of the tape tension, there is a special lever. The presence of an additional convenient handle increases the accuracy of processing. The cleanliness of the workplace is provided by the built -in vacuum cleaner. The grinding machine is sold with a bag for collecting dust and chips.

18. HYUNDAI BS 900 Honda

HYUNDAI BS 900 Honda

Hyundai BS 900 Honda ribbon grinder of small dimensions – 49x15x12 cm has high maneuverability and allows you to treat curved surfaces. The tool is easy to hold in both hands thanks to comfortable handles. A 75 mm wide grinder rotates at a speed in the range from 240 to 400 m/min, which is smoothly adjustable. The power button is blocked. The automatic dust removal system provides cleanliness of the processing site. The grinding machine is equipped with a bag for collecting dust. A simple and at the same time reliable tool is suitable for working in everyday life, at a construction site and in small carpentry workshops.

19. CROWN CT13311


Crown CT13311 with a capacity of 810 watts is inexpensive and more suitable for use in everyday life. The housing of the power tool is designed in ergonomic design with the main and additional handle, which facilitates the work. For prolonged processing, fixing the power button is provided. The front roller of a reduced size and the absence of a protective cover allow you to treat surfaces in hard -to -reach places. The speed of grinding grinding is fixed and is 380 m/min. A pipe is built into the dust system for joining the vacuum cleaner hose or to a vacuumboard bag.

20. AEG BHBS18-75BL-0


AEG BHBS18-75BL -0 wireless tape grinding machine is equipped with a bronnial engine, which significantly extends the life of the tool and improves performance. The grinder works from the lithium-ion battery 18 V. The battery and the charger are not included in the kit. The speed of grinding rotation is regulated in 6 modes and is 135-300 meters per minute. The size of the abrasive canvas: 75×457 mm. A built -in dusting system with a dense bag for collecting dust provides the cleanliness of the workplace. You can connect the vacuum cleaner hose to the pipe.

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