TOP-21 best laser levels with Aliexpress, rating of levels

ТОП-20 лучших лазерных уровней с Алиэкспресс, рейтинг нивелиров

21 best laser levels with Aliexpress

For every builder, an important tool is a level, which must be at hand. With the help of this tool, the deviation of the angles vertically and horizontally is measured, the evenness of the lines is checked, and markings are applied. Strict requirements are imposed on the choice of the device. It must be a tool with high measurement accuracy, resistant to mechanical stress, and characterized by a long service life. Therefore, professional craftsmen prefer a measuring tool that can automatically align vertical and horizontal planes, quickly apply many markings and at the same time has an adequate cost.

A large assortment of laser levels is offered by the AliExpress website. But not all Chinese construction tools are of good quality. To make it easier for you to make your choice, the website has prepared for you a rating of the best laser levels with Aliexpress.



Excellent, super-precise laser level “4D HIBIRU OMNITRONIC 4360” with automatic leveling, is one of the best representatives in its group. The device is calibrated. This means that the seller bears all warranty obligations, and this is undoubtedly a big plus. The level projects 16 bright and clear beams of green color, which are clearly visible even in daylight. The level has a lower and an upper horizon. The lower horizon is used for leveling the floor and laying floor tiles. Upper – to obtain a flat ceiling. The measuring tool is equipped with all the necessary functions that can be activated using the touch buttons located on the body. You can also use the included remote control. The level comes in a case made of durable plastic, which, in addition to the device itself, contains many devices for performing various works. Delivery is carried out from a warehouse in Russia, in a short time.



One of the most popular DEKO measuring instruments is the DKLL12PB1 and DKLL12PB2 self-leveling optical instruments, with a 3D laser and a 520 nm beam length. It has compact dimensions: 13×11.5×8 cm, intended mainly for professional builders, but it can also find its use in everyday life. The level is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. It can project 12 light lines at the same time, which is clearly visible not only in a dark room, but also outdoors with good lighting. This device is perfect for marking straight lines, when laying tiles or when installing suspended ceilings. Also, the tool is indispensable for leveling walls and floors. Includes: charger, goggles, compact tripod, bracket and storage case.

3. DEKO DKLL12tdP02


The excellent laser level of the same brand, numbered DKLL12tdP02 with automatic leveling, stands out from its competitors for its impeccable accuracy. Product dimensions – 130x80x125 mm. The device is made of high-quality wear-resistant material. This model is capable of simultaneously emitting 10 vertical and 2 horizontal stripes of bright green color, the duration of the laser beam is 520 nm. You can control the level not only with the keys on the case, but also with a wireless remote control from a distance, which significantly saves time for measurements. The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery inside. A battery charger is supplied with the level.



Another good DEKO laser level is the LL5 self-leveling professional tool, which is often used in construction and everyday life. The waterproof dustproof housing is made in the shape of a cylinder. The manufacturer offers a choice of devices with two laser colors. Red rays shine within a radius of 10m, green ones – 15m. The base rotates 360 degrees for more precise tuning without having to move the tool. The brightness of the beams is automatically adjusted depending on the ambient light, which allows you to use the level, both outdoors and in an enclosed space. During operation, the device economically consumes the energy of the built-in battery.

5. HILDA 12 Lines

HILDA 12 Lines

Self-adjusting measuring device HILDA 12 Lines has a compact size – 132x119x62 mm, and is designed to apply accurate vertical and horizontal markings. Touch buttons located on the body will help to control this level, and you can also use the remote control. The level is mounted on a tripod or mounted on a bracket to the wall. Tripod, remote control, mounting bracket are included in the package. The device also comes with a battery charger and a case for transportation. The tool is capable of simultaneously projecting 12 lines vertically and horizontally at 3600 without dead angles. The bright green beam is 1 mm thick.

6. HILDA LD-515


Excellent laser level HILDA LD-515, self-leveling, can simultaneously project up to sixteen horizontal and vertical bright green lines, at a distance of 10 meters and turn by 3600. The level has a built-in high-capacity battery. The kit includes a charger. On the body of the level there are non-slip touch buttons. In addition to buttons, you can use a remote control for control. The tool is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The electronics are protected from moisture, dust and dirt by a reliable case. The scope of delivery includes a bracket for vertical mounting, a tripod and a carrying bag.

7. HILDA 12 Lines/16 Lines

HILDA 12 Lines/16 Lines

The super powerful HILDA 12 Lines and 16 Lines meter with self-leveling compensator draws 12 or 16 clear lines, depending on the model. The device is installed on a horizontal surface or attached to the wall using a special bracket. If the deviation is over 30, an alarm is triggered and automatic alignment occurs. The anti-slip touch keys located on the body are very convenient to use, and the modes are switched with a light touch. The set also includes a remote control with which you can control the instrument.

8. Huepar 9011G/ 9011R

Huepar 9011G

Miniature laser level of the Huepar brand, 75×65 mm in size, with a magnetic base, is offered by the seller in two versions, which differ in the color of the beam. The level is capable of simultaneously projecting two lines onto the surface and can be used for most construction work. The device is powered by two AA batteries, which are not included in the kit. Thanks to the magnetic mount, the instrument can be mounted on any metal surface and rotated 3600. It can also be mounted on a standard tripod. The set with the device is supplied with a storage case, a bracket, an aiming bar.

9. Huepar 603CG

Huepar 603CG

A laser level with a self-leveling function helps to create light lines with pinpoint accuracy over the entire area of ​​the room. The device is equipped with three lasers, two for the horizontal and one for the vertical surface, so you can create more accurate markings. The laser wavelength ranges from 505 to 520 nm. The device is powered by a built-in lithium battery; you can also use four AA batteries for power. The lasers are covered with a protective screen that prevents dust and moisture from entering. Thanks to this, the tool is suitable not only for indoor but also for outdoor work. The fasteners allow you to set the level, both on a horizontal and on a vertical surface.



HANMATEK LV1 laser measuring tool with self-leveling function is offered for the customer’s choice with red and green beams. The tool is compact in size: 66.2×65.57×65.31 mm and is suitable for both an experienced builder and a home craftsman. This model uses 2 beams. The device is powered by a pair of AA batteries that are included in the kit. The body has fasteners for mounting on a tripod or bracket. There is also a beam console lock. The device is made of durable waterproof material, the corners are rubberized. The tool also comes with a storage bag and instructions.

11. Mileseey L52R, L52G

Mileseey L52R, L52G

Small laser level Mileseey L52R, L52G is perfect for both professional and home craftsman. The device is equipped with a magnetic holder. The buyer can choose a model with green or red beams. The body is provided with mounts for an arm and a tripod, as well as magnets for mounting the device on metal surfaces. The dimensions of the device are 66×76 mm, an automatic leveler with a horizontal angle of 4 degrees is built into the system.



A multifunctional device of compact size, which includes a built-in spirit level, a laser level, a 15-centimeter ruler and a 2.5-meter tape measure. Perfect as a measuring tool for home use. The red laser beams are projected vertically and horizontally. Level modes are controlled using a three-position switch located on the body. The device is powered by 3 LR44 batteries, which must be purchased separately.



The TONGFENGLH GR-K3 triangle-shaped laser level with pink beams will undoubtedly find its use when renovating your home. The dimensions of the device are 190 x 120 x 52mm. The line of sight of the laser beam is approximately 1.5 meters. The device projects 2 beams at the same time, which is optimal for wallpapering walls, tiling, installing doors and windows. The tool is powered by three AA batteries, which are not included. On the lower part of the case there are suction cups intended for fixing the device to smooth surfaces. There are also built-in spirit levels on the sides of the case.



The presented laser level F94T-XG, with a long range – up to 25 meters, is used in professional construction. The level is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery built into the body. It can also work with four AA batteries. The device has compact dimensions – 130×140 mm, projects 12 lines in 5 modes, wavelength 510-520 mm. An internal gravity pendulum is used to level the surface within 4 degrees, which can be disabled for marking along oblique lines. The design of the device is made according to the standards of protection of electrical equipment IP65, which prevents moisture from entering the device. At the base of the case there is a thread for mounting on a tripod, and there is also a possibility for attaching a bracket.



Laser level CLUBIONA IE16R, includes a self-leveling function with a tilt range of 4 degrees. If the deviation is exceeded, the laser beam will flash rapidly. If desired, the auto-leveling mode can be turned off by holding the “V” key for 2 seconds. The device is capable of projecting 16 beams with a wavelength of 520-532nm. Despite its compact dimensions – 30×20 cm, the diameter of the working distance of the level reaches 30 meters, and with the use of a detector receiver, the distance can be increased to 60 meters, which significantly expands the scope of construction work. The device is controlled by means of touch keys located on the body or by means of a remote control in the aisles of 40 m. A lithium-ion battery, which is included in the delivery set, is responsible for the operation of the device.



The CLUBIONA ZKLL05RC laser level with a self-leveling system is suitable for working in large rooms, as it has a working distance of up to 40 meters, which can be increased to 60 meters using a detector receiver. The level is powered by a lithium battery. It can also operate on three AA batteries, which must be purchased separately. The tool is offered by the seller with a green laser beam, which is perfectly visible both when working outdoors in sunny weather, and indoors. The device is cylindrical in size: 22x16x25 cm and is mounted on a tripod. For this, a thread is made at the base. Also, the tool can be installed on any vertical surface using the bracket.

17. HUILEY LL-08


The laser measuring instrument with a built-in self-leveling system is capable of emitting simultaneously up to 5 lines in the vertical and horizontal plane, with a wavelength of 635 nm each. The tool body rotates 360 degrees, allowing more accurate measurements to be taken. The device is equipped with a convenient strap for greater mobility. There are two rotary knobs on the body for fine tuning. Dimensions HUILEY LL-08 – 21×19.5×17 cm, working distance diameter up to 20 m. The device is powered by a lithium ion battery. In addition to the tool itself, the seller puts a charger, a bag for storing equipment, and a technical passport in the package.



Laser measuring device with automatic horizontal self-leveling, with a deviation of up to 3 degrees. Bright laser beams, with a wavelength of up to 625 nm, allow the device to be used both indoors and outdoors. The system has a built-in beam dimmer, thanks to which the brightness automatically increases in light and decreases in the dark to save power. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery, which is included with the charger. Works both on battery and 220V mains. Also, in addition to the level, the seller puts a bag for storing equipment, goggles for eye protection and a data sheet in the package.



The offered laser level, equipped with a self-leveling system, with red and green laser beams, which are perfectly visible even in the sun. Suitable for both home use and professional. The level projects 5 lines vertically and horizontally, with a wavelength of 635 nm. Automatic alignment occurs when tilted up to 3 degrees. If the slope is greater, the device will beep. Power is supplied from finger-type batteries, which are not included in the package. The body of the instrument is made of waterproof material that protects from dust and dirt, which makes it possible to use the device outdoors.

20. GROSAM WL-16


The presented compact level GROSAM WL-16 with built-in self-leveling is capable of projecting 16 green lines vertically and horizontally, 2 mm thick. The wavelength is 520 nm. Brightness is regulated by buttons. The device is powered by the supplied lithium battery along with the charger. The level has small dimensions: 100x105x130 mm, and is suitable for external and internal work. The device is controlled using the keys on the case. You can use a remote control, as well as a mobile application for your phone. The device comes with a platform for setting the level on the wall, with the ability to move the level along the horizon.

21. Fukuda MW -94D-4GX

Fukuda MW -94D-4GX

Laser 16-line device Fukuda MW-94D-4GX, with automatic self-leveling, has case dimensions: 137x82x128 mm. The level projects laser beams, green, with a wavelength of 515nm at a distance of 20-25 m. The tool is powered by a rechargeable battery, which is included with the charger. The seller also puts in the package a plastic storage case, a set of fixtures for the device to vertical surfaces, a movable platform to mount the tool on the wall with the ability to move back and forth. In some configurations, a tripod is additionally included, on which the device can be installed.

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