TOP 20 Best Glue Guns For Home With Aliexpress

рейтинг клеевых пистолетов

20 glue guns for needlework and repair

Heat glue gun is an indispensable tool that should be in every home. Making handicrafts to school, packing gifts, repairing furniture, sealing joints – this is far from a complete list of applications of heat gun in everyday life. The device is also necessary for many kinds of needlework. All glue pistols work on the same principle – squeeze out a portion of molten stick of polyurethane glue, which when solidified forms a dense adhesive mass. When choosing a glue gun, you should pay attention to the power and maximum heating temperature, the shape and diameter of the nozzle, the speed of glue extrusion, additional functions. To facilitate your choice, has ranked the best glue guns with AliExpress.

1. Oauee 20W

Oauee 20W

The Oauee 20W is compact and weighs only 200 g. It will require 100×7 mm adhesive sticks. The gun is made of blue thermoplastic, has a classical shape, the trigger is pressed smoothly. For safety, an aluminum convertible brace is provided, on which there is a tool when heated. The device is switched on and off with one button on the housing. The diameter of the aluminum nozzle is 2 mm. The device is heated to a maximum temperature of 180 degrees in 3-5 minutes. The buyer can purchase a gun separately or in a set with glue cylinders.



The LOMVUM LL01 wireless glue gun is powered by a 2400 mAh battery charging via micro USB cable. The battery charge lasts up to two hours of continuous operation. Due to the extended heating element inside the housing, heating to a maximum temperature of 200 takes 90 seconds. The nozzle is made of copper and has a conical shape with a diameter of 1.5 mm. The tool has an ergonomic design, it is convenient to hold in hand, the trigger is easily pressed, without jerks. The convertible plate, made of thermoplastic, provides stability of the instrument and protects against contact of the hot nozzle with surfaces.

3. GoGoPanda HJ005 Set

GoGoPanda HJ005 Set

GoGoPanda HJ005 Set is an inexpensive glue gun sold in a set with transparent and colored adhesive sticks, tweezers, office knives, antistatic wrist strap, storage box. All this is packed with the gun in a zipper case. The tool itself has standard characteristics. Power at 20 watts, powered by the electrical grid. On the side of the white case there is a power supply button and LED, which lights up when turned on. The conical nozzle is made of aluminum alloy, the diameter at the outlet is 1.66 mm. The maximum heating temperature is 180 degrees.

4. DEKO DkGG40


The DEKO DkGG40 Hot Glue Mini Gun is quite cheap, but has good performance. The power of the device – 40 W. It is heated up to a maximum of 5 minutes. The instrument is made of bright yellow plastic, comfortably fits in hand despite the compact dimensions: 20x15x3 cm. On the case there is a switch on and a light indicator, showing the operating mode. The retractable metal stand firmly fixes the tool on the surface. The 1.5mm spout does not leak when the glue melts. Glue gun is suitable for standard rods – 100×7 mm. The seller puts 2 spare glue cylinders in the package.



The DEKO DKGG30 miniature thermo glue gun is a low-priced product with a compact size of 19x14x4 cm. The power of the device – 30 W, the heating time – no more than one and a half minutes. The tool is ideal for fine work thanks to a narrow tip up to 1.5 mm diameter. The gun is made of blue plastic with a red trigger, which is easily pressed, which can handle even a child. On the side of the case there is an on button and a light indicator. When buying, it should be noted that the length of the cord is only 80 cm. The seller puts in the package 12 standard adhesive rods with a diameter of 7 mm.



The HOTO QWRJQ001 wireless thermo gun is powered by a built-in 2000 mAh lithium battery. The device has an original shape in the form of two perpendicular to the connected cylinders. The nozzle is protected during heating by a plastic cap. The gun itself is steadily standing on a solid surface with the help of a plastic stand. Squeezing the glue is done by pressing a large trigger. The instrument is switched on with a button on the upper part of the housing. When turned on, the indicator lights up. The nozzle tip is made of brass and has a diameter of 1 mm, which is ideal for bonding small items. Heated device in 30 seconds.



An inexpensive 20 W PTHT136 PROSTORMER thermoglue gun is heated to a maximum temperature of 240 C within 3-5 minutes. Thermogun is made of bright blue plastic, has a classic design. The nozzle is made of aluminium with an elongated spout up to 2 mm in diameter with leak protection. The folding metal stand securely holds the tool on the surface. The gun is turned on by a button on the body. In this case, the LED indicator lights up. For operation, glue sticks of standard sizes: 7×100 mm. The purchaser can choose a set of spare rods.

8. Sackful BS708

Sackful BS708

The powerful 150w Sackful BS708 heat gun with temperature control is suitable not only for domestic use, but also for professional work. The glue gun can be used to glue parts at both high and low temperatures. For this purpose, a temperature regulator is provided on the body in 5 modes from 140 to 220 C. Heating to the maximum occurs 1-3 minutes after switching on. Another feature of the gun is replaceable nozzles with spores, different in length, diameter and configuration. The set includes 6 nozzles made of copper, which are twisted with a threaded connection on the barrel of the gun. The length of the cord for connection to the electrical network – 1.5 meters.

9. Sackful SK520

Sackful SK520

The Sackful SK520 Heat Glue Gun operates at 12-24 V. The kit comes with a cord for the cigarette lighter and connectors for the battery, which allows you to use a thermal gun for glue work in the car. The power of the device – 100 W. The body is made of durable plastic with a rubberized handle for a comfortable grip of the palm. The gun is switched on by a button on the body, the indicator lights up. The heating time is no more than half a minute. In addition to the main adhesive nozzle in the set comes a replaceable copper nozzle 50 mm long, which is twisted on the barrel. Also, the buyer can choose the option of completing the package with spare adhesive sticks.

10. EASYLE YZL1698


The EASYLE YZL1698 with variable power from 60 to 100 W is suitable for bonding various materials from low to high temperature. The case is made of white plastic, on the side of the handle there is an on button with power switch. Heating takes 1-3 minutes depending on the set temperature. The trigger works gently, easy enough pressure. The power cord is 1.5 meters long. The attachment to the barrel with a thin to 2 mm spout is made of stainless steel. To work requires rods with a diameter of 7 mm. In the set is one spare glue stick. 



The NEWACALOX RT5805EU thermopistol with built-in temperature control works in 5 modes from 140 C to 220 C. Maximum heating of the instrument takes 3-5 minutes. The gun has a standard shape, made of white durable plastic. The light indication on the case shows the working mode. The nozzle is made of copper and has a silicone attachment on top to protect against burns. In the set comes a spare elongated nozzle, which can be twisted on the barrel. The seller also puts in the package 10 spare rods and a special stand for the thermogun with a silicone mat that protects the surface from the drops of molten glue when the device is not in operation.



Thermal glue mini gun NEWACALOX RT-202 belongs to the cheap price segment and is suitable for domestic use. Power – 30 W, maximum heating temperature – 240 C. The instrument is heated 3-5 minutes to the maximum. The case is made of black plastic, on the side there is an on button with power indicator. The trigger and folding stand are made of heat-resistant red plastic. The molten glue feed attachment is made of aluminum, and a silicone protective coating is provided on top to protect against accidental contact with hot metal. Included with the gun comes 20 rods.

13. TOVIA 2200 мАч

TOVIA 2200 мАч

The TOVIA 2200 mAh wireless thermal glue gun is powered by a built-in battery, which is charged via a USB cable (included). The thermo gun is made in an attractive design with streamlined shapes and is offered in a choice of 8 color variants of the case. On the handle there is a switch on, a light indicator, a socket for charging. The battery operation lasts 90 minutes. The instrument heats up in a minute and a half to a maximum temperature of 200 degrees. The spout of the melted glue is made of aluminum with silicone coating to protect your hands from burns. The seller also puts 10 thermo-glue color, black and transparent cylinders in the package.

14. TOVIA Mini PGG23 Pro

TOVIA Mini PGG23 Pro

The TOVIA Mini PGG23 Pro Cordless Pistol is in the shape of a pencil. The tool is mobile. It is convenient to take with you, putting in a normal handbag. The thermal pistol is powered by a 2.2 Ah battery, which charges for 120 minutes of operation. To charge is used a USB cable. The mini gun can be charged not only from the network, but also from an external battery and mobile devices. The device is heated for 90 seconds after activation and switched off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity. The case is covered with a silicone heat-resistant case. The kit also comes with a transparent plastic pad for glue-pencil and spare color thermoglue cylinders.

15. UNION KPS-2461B


The budget thermogun YUZ KPS-2461V compact size: 5x15x21 cm and light weight: 110 g has a fairly high power – 90 W. The gun is heated 5-7 min. to maximum temperature. The distinctive feature of the device is an elongated nozzle with an output diameter of 2 mm, which is suitable for delicate work and bonding parts in hard-to-reach places. The tool is in a classic design. To include is used a switch on the body. There is an indicator nearby, which lights up when connected to the network. Standard thermo-glue cylinders are used for operation. The set comes with two rods.

16. Glue 3K-703

Glue 3K-703 

The Glue 3K-703 thermo glue gun with temperature adjustment from 100 to 220 C is suitable for working with various materials. The temperature range can be set in 5 modes by the controller on the housing. Small heat gun dimensions: 14×11 cm made of white plastic with a comfortable ergonomic handle. The trigger for the glue supply is pressed smoothly. The copper nozzle is twisted on the barrel with a threaded connection. If necessary, you can change accessories with a larger or smaller diameter (not included). The return valve on the spout prevents the glue from leaking during the period when the turned on gun is inactive.

17. VIOLEWORKS 0/1/2 battery

VIOLEWORKS 0/1/2 battery

The VIOLEWORKS 0/1/2 battery battery thermogun is powered by a rechargeable Makita 21 V battery. The buyer can choose a supply with one or two batteries included or not. The instrument is heated to 240 C in 2-3 minutes. The temperature can be adjusted smoothly from 100 degrees with touch buttons on the case. Degrees are displayed on the digital board. The gun is made in stylish black plastic design with red inserts. The thermoadhesive attachment is made of copper with silicone coating to protect your hands from accidental burns. The non-return valve retracts the glue residue at the end of the operation, which prevents leakage.

18. WORKPRO W099006A


The WORKPRO W099006A glue gun can be attributed to the professional type of tools. The device belongs to one of the best models in the middle price category. Heat gun with a power of 60 W heats up for 3-5 min. to the maximum. The power button is located on the lower expandable part of the handle, where the hand does not hit the grip. This prevents accidental shutdown. For stability in standby mode, a plastic stand is attached to the gun. There is also a folding metal clamp for greater stability. The nozzle for the glue is made of copper. On top there is a silicone pad. Nozzles can be changed to a different diameter (not included).

19. WENXING Hot Melt glue gun

WENXING Hot Melt glue gun

The WENXING Hot Melt glue gun with integrated temperature control is suitable for bonding parts made of various materials. The temperature is set smoothly in the range of 100°C-220°C. When turned on, the LED lights up, which is visible through the transparent window of the thermostat controller. The gun is made of white plastic with a brass adhesive attachment. The internal diameter of the nozzle is 2 mm. The size of the gun is 20×16 cm. The handle is large enough for a comfortable grip. The trigger is pressed gently. Metal convertible brace provides tool stability.

20. Worx WX890

Worx WX890

The Worx WX890 wireless glue gun is heated to a maximum temperature of 160 C in 20 seconds thanks to the integrated ceramic thermal element. The device operates on a built-in battery capacity of 2000 mAh, which is charged with a USB cable (comes with the kit). In case of inactivity, the device is automatically switched off after 4 minutes for energy saving. The thermogun is designed in a stylish ergonomic design with a comfortable handle and a smooth trigger, the press on which evenly feeds the molten thermal adhesive. The nozzle is made of brass with silicone coating on the outside. When turned on, the case lights up with a red LED. When the instrument is sufficiently heated, the indicator will change color to green.

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