TOP 20 best action cameras in the style of GoPro with Aliexpress

ТОП-20 лучших экшн-камер в стиле GoPro с Алиэкспресс

TOP 20 best action cameras from Aliexpress

The action camera is designed for panoramic video shooting. The device records in high definition and has excellent stabilization. Action cameras are especially popular among people leading an active lifestyle – travelers, climbers, divers, snowboarders.

A small GoPro camera is convenient to take on trips, carry in your pocket for walks, so that you can quickly capture interesting moments not only on land, but even under water. The image quality of the action camera is quite good, it is inexpensive and easy to use. Below are the best models from the current lineup in GoPro style with Aliexpress, which are recommended for everyday and travel camcorders.

1. GoPro HERO 9

GoPro HERO 9

The GoPro HERO 9 is the latest action camera that can record up to 5K video at 30fps and take 20MP stills. The camera has two displays – the front one is designed for direct viewing with convenient framing, the rear screen is used to control, zoom in and out using the zoom. HERO 9 features the latest version of GoPro’s proprietary image stabilization technology to help you capture crisp, blur-free footage even while mountain biking, snowboarding or surfing. The camera is water resistant to 10 meters, making it suitable for divers. Depending on the configuration, the seller also puts in the package: a tripod, a spare battery, a storage case, a microphone, and a memory card.

2. Vantop Moment D4UQ

Vantop Moment D4UQ

Vantop Moment D4UQ produces high quality 20 megapixel stills and HD video up to 4K. Live shooting is displayed on 2-inch screen, can be viewed and recorded. Touch control directly on the screen allows you to play video and delete unwanted frames. In a waterproof case, shooting at a depth of up to 30 m is possible. You can also control the camera using a special application from a mobile phone at a distance of up to 10 meters and immediately upload the filmed videos to social networks. Also included with the camera is a remote control that fits on the wrist. With the help of the remote control, it is convenient to control the camera on the move. And thanks to the built-in stabilizer, the picture is clear.

3. Insta360 ONE X2

Insta360 ONE X2

The Insta360 ONE X2 action camera is compact and weighs less than 200g, ideal for mobile photography. The camcorder can be easily attached to a helmet, snowboard, drone to get the most interesting shots. The camera can operate in single and dual lens mode. With an advanced digital anti-aliasing indicator, images are fully stabilized even when shooting at maximum speed. The camera can also be used for underwater photography without a special case. In the front of the case, there is a screen for monitoring shooting and framing. The advanced Deep Track Object Recognition system easily tracks moving people and animals to keep them centered in the frame.

4. VanTop Moment 3

VanTop Moment 3

The action camera VanTop Moment 3 with a wide shooting angle, a high-sensitivity Sony sensor with improved image focusing, a large screen is popular with extreme sports enthusiasts and athletes. Camera control and instant upload of photos and videos to social networks are possible via Wi-Fi using an application on a smartphone. Also, the camera is equipped with a remote control, which is worn on a strap on the wrist, so that during shooting, your hands remain free. The camera is water-resistant in a protective case to a depth of 30 meters, allowing you to take pictures of underwater diving activities.



Action camera SJCAM SJ4000 AIR can be used as a car DVR and for shooting video in extreme conditions. On the two-inch screen, excellent video tracking, easy to change settings. The camera has a variety of shooting modes – slow motion, loop recording, timer, slideshow, and more. The 1700 wide-angle lens allows you to capture more of the landscape in one frame. You don’t even have to move the camera to take panoramic shots. Thanks to the waterproof case, you can shoot in water at depths of up to 30 meters. In different configuration options, the following can be added to the parcel: video camera mounting systems, spare battery, car cigarette lighter charger, float, 32GB memory card, carrying bag, car holder, monopod.

6. Drift Ghost X Sports Ambarella A12

Drift Ghost X Sports Ambarella A12

Action camera Drift Ghost X Sports Ambarella A12 measuring 43x82x31.4 mm and weighing 120g is used for professional shooting on the move due to its streamlined shape and compact dimensions. The built-in stabilizer allows you to shoot during high-speed cycling, downhill skiing or snowboarding, while skydiving. The picture will be clear even when shooting at high speed. The camera can also be used as a video recorder. It automatically turns on when the ignition key is turned and turns off when stopped. Up to 10 cameras can be synchronized via the app. When one camcorder starts recording, the others will also be filming. Please note that the camera body is not waterproof and you will need a special case for underwater photography.

7. GoPro HERO 8

GoPro HERO 8

GoPro HERO 8 is one of the best camcorders for extreme shooting. High level of stabilization, wide grip angle, convenient control, compact size, streamlined shape make the camera one of the most popular digital products on the market. The camcorder has two screens, so you can see when you are filming yourself. The waterproof case also allows for underwater shooting at a depth of 10 meters without a protective cover. The camera is synchronized with a smartphone, you can immediately upload photos and videos, as well as conduct online broadcasts. An additional flash, microphone is connected to the device, which increases the recording quality to a professional level.

8. KEJI H1


KEJI H1 action camera with wrist-mounted remote control and waterproof housing is suitable for video and photography in extreme conditions. Due to the miniature dimensions of the camera 63×45 mm and the weight of only 75g, it is convenient to take it on a trip, use it for sports photography. An additional small screen on the front panel allows you to observe the shooting process when you turn the camera towards you. The 1700 wide-angle lens provides perfect panoramic shooting. Using the application on your smartphone, you can transfer the footage, edit it and upload it to social networks. The modified plug provides reliable water resistance. The camcorder can be immersed in water for underwater shooting to a depth of 10 meters without a protective case.

9. AKASO V50 Elite

AKASO V50 Elite

The AKASO V50 Elite action camera with a touch screen and waterproof housing allows you to shoot high-quality full HD videos. Settings are made on the touch screen. You can also control the video camera using voice commands. Excellent stabilization produces clear images and videos without shaking even while driving, making the camera popular with surfers, cyclists, snowboarders and other active sports enthusiasts. The set includes a waterproof case for underwater shooting at a depth of 40 meters. The case also protects the camera from dust and sand, making it ideal for capturing beach highlights.

10. AKASO Brave 4

AKASO Brave 4

Action camera AKASO Brave 4 with 1080P / 60fps resolution for video and 20 MP for photos, with a built-in gyroscope for image stabilization, will be a great way to capture the most colorful moments of relaxation. You can shoot videos and take photos even during fast movement. All footage will be clear and shaky-free. The included waterproof case allows you to shoot underwater at a depth of 30 m. You can edit and send photos and videos to social networks using a mobile application on your smartphone, which is synchronized with the camera via Wi-Fi. The set also includes a remote control with a wrist strap, which allows you to free your hands during shooting by attaching the camera to a helmet or sports equipment.

11. AKASO V50 Pro

Action camera AKASO V50 Pro with 4K / 30fp video resolution and 20-megapixel photos will help you capture every moment of outdoor activities and travel. The camcorder has a built-in 6-axis gyroscope, due to which the picture is not distorted even during shooting with fast movement. By attaching the camera to a helmet, bicycle handlebars, or a snowboard, you can shoot interesting videos and upload them to the Internet via Wi-Fi, synchronizing with a mobile application on your smartphone. And the HDMI port allows you to connect the camera directly to your TV. The set includes a waterproof case for underwater shooting at a depth of 30 meters. You can also control the camera using the remote control, which is attached with a wrist strap.

12. Gopro HERO 5 Black

Gopro HERO 5 Black

Gopro HERO 5 Black is a time-tested action camera. Due to the low cost of a professional camcorder with outdated specifications, everyone can try themselves as a real blogger shooting extreme videos. Video resolution – 1440p, photos – 12 megapixels, which is enough to get a bright, clear picture. The device has three built-in microphones, mechanical control using buttons on the body. Water resistant allows you to use the camera at depths of up to 10 meters without a protective case. On the front panel there is an information screen, where all data about the ongoing video is displayed.

13. Insta360 GO

Insta360 GO

The Insta360 GO mini camera is designed for shooting small clips of 30 seconds in length and taking pictures. You can also set the camera to shoot longer movies. A miniature video camera is attached with a clip to clothes, sports equipment, and a headdress. As a result, the hands remain free. To mount a video camera, the set includes various accessories – a magnetic suspension, a sticky base, clamps, a swivel stand. The set also includes a case for charging the camera in standby mode and a USB charging cable. The device is synchronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth. You can watch captured videos on your phone, edit and send them to social networks.

14. Vantop Moment 5C

Vantop Moment 5C

Action camera Vantop Moment 5C with a large 2.3-inch touch screen is designed to shoot video with a resolution of 4K 30-60 fps and create 20-megapixel photos. Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to edit videos in real time and upload footage directly to the web. The intuitive smartphone app automatically syncs with your camcorder. The set includes several attachments to different structures, a spare battery depending on the configuration, a remote control on a strap, a waterproof case for underwater photography at a depth of 30 meters.

15. KOMERY S222


Mini-camera with a magnetic holder KOMERY S222 of a cylindrical shape measuring 63×38 mm and weighing 380g is designed for shooting videos in extreme conditions. Shooting is performed in HD 1080P mode, photo resolution – 16MP. Fully waterproof and dustproof with protective glass that won’t break if dropped, allowing you to use your camera wherever you go. The device can be attached to a metal surface using the built-in magnet, or worn on a wrist strap instead of a watch. The compact camera is synchronized with a smartphone using a mobile application via Wi-Fi. In the application, you can edit, save materials and upload to social networks.



The SJCAM SJ8 professional action camera captures 4K at 60 fps with image stabilization, so you get a clear picture even in extreme conditions. You can shoot while bicycling, downhill on a snowboard, parachute jump. All frames will be sharp without blur. The dimensions of the chamber are 62.5x41x28.8mm, the set includes brackets for attaching the device to various structures. For ease of control, a remote control is provided, which is attached to the hand with a strap. Also included is a waterproof protective case, so you can shoot video at a depth of 30 meters.

17. AKASO V50X


Action camera AKASO V50X with a touch screen, adjustable viewing angle from 70 to 1700, complete with a waterproof case is designed for panoramic shooting. The video camera is useful for capturing the highlights of travel, sports, outdoor activities, diving. You can control the camcorder by lightly touching the touch screen or using the remote control, which is attached to the hand strap. Video filming is made in 4K resolution with a frame rate of 30 fps in ultra HD format. A built-in image stabilizer smoothly corrects images when the camera shake, so the picture is clear without blurry corners, even when shooting on the move.

18. GOLDFOX Wifi 24MP 4K 60FPS Sports

GOLDFOX Wifi 24MP 4K 60FPS Sports

The GOLDFOX Wifi 24MP 4K 60FPS Sports budget high-resolution action camera is designed for shooting sports events, vivid travel events, moments of active recreation. You can also use the camera as a video recorder. Video is shot at 4K resolution and 60 FPS. Photos can be taken with a resolution of 8 to 24 megapixels. The camera is controlled using buttons on the body. Electronic stabilization prevents motion blur when shaking. Supplied with brackets for mounting to different surfaces to be able to shoot in extreme conditions.

19. HKFZ Action Camera

HKFZ Action Camera

The HKFZ Action Camera is capable of capturing 4K Ultra HD video at 30 frames per second. The built-in stabilization system smooths out the moments of camera shake and shake when shooting while on the move, making the device in demand among extreme sportsmen. The set includes a waterproof case for underwater shooting up to 30 meters deep. The camcorder can be controlled using the remote control supplied in the kit. The shooting angle can be adjusted from 70 to 1400. A camera with wi-fi support is synchronized with a mobile application on a smartphone, so you can immediately edit a video or photo and upload it to the Web.

20. Dragon Touch Vision 3

Dragon Touch Vision 3

The budget segment Dragon Touch Vision 3 action camera shoots fairly high-quality panoramic videos. The set includes a waterproof case for shooting underwater at a depth of 30 m. The set also includes various clips and mounts. The camera can be controlled via a touch screen or a small wireless remote control that is attached to the wrist with a strap. Shooting is done in 4K with a frame rate of 30FPS. Photos can be taken with a resolution of 16 MP. Via Wi-Fi, it is possible to transfer footage to a smartphone using a mobile application, edit and upload it to social networks.

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