TOP 20 Best Tape Grinders with Aliexpress

20 лучших гриндеров ленточных с Алиэкспресс

Rating of grinder tape machines with Aliexpress

The band grinder is a grinder in which instead of a round disc for processing an abrasive belt. The tool is designed to perform grinding operations, deburring, leveling and more precise fit on the dimensions of parts from different materials – metals and alloys, wood, plastic, glass, ceramics. Grinders are also called belt grinders.

When choosing a grinder for home or professional activities, it is important to take into account: the power of the engine, the size of the belt, the ability to adjust the speed, the presence of additional features, chip protection. To facilitate the choice of the grinder, we offer a rating of the best tape grinders with AliExpress.

1. DEKO DKGM250-150

DEKO DKGM250-150

The DEKO DKGM250-150 grinding machine consists of a grinder with a rotating abrasive disc and a grinding belt that allows you to completely sharpen and grind the tool. Grinder is suitable for sharpening knives, scissors, screwdrivers, drills and other metal tools. Motor power – 250 W. The idling speed is 2950 rev/min. The machine is designed for grinding wheel diameter up to 150 mm, the size of the belts used – 686×50 mm. The device is characterized by compact dimensions: 21x34x41 cm. On the grinding disc there is a protective cover. The device comes complete with a disk and abrasive tape.

2. Onkel.J 201910241126

Onkel.J 201910241126

The compact grinder Onkel. J 201910241126 dimensions 15x25x33 cm belongs to the budget category of grinders. The body is made of stainless steel with rubber legs against sliding. The working surface can be adjusted to the desired inclination angle. Additional mounting for multi-function flexible shaft and polishing disc. The fully copper motor is quiet enough. Connects the machine to the network through the power supply, which comes with the kit. The adapter can adjust the speed in 7 modes in the range of 4000-9000 rev/min. The seller also puts protective gloves and a wrench in the package.

3. TUNGFUII Belt Sander

TUNGFUII Belt Sander

The TUNGFUII Belt Sander is a multi-function machine that works as a grinder and grinder, can be connected to a flexible shaft or drill chuck. The grinder case is made of durable stainless steel, the working surface is adjustable at an angle of up to 90 degrees. The bottom is attached rubber anti-slip legs, which can be removed when the grinder is attached to the table. The device is connected to the power grid via a power supply unit, which provides 7-step adjustment of the speed of rotation of the belt. The buyer can choose different options – only the machine body, with power supply, additional tools for different types of work.

4. TUNGFUII 7895


The TUNGFUII 7895 belt grinder has several functions. In addition to grinding various materials with abrasive tape, you can use grinder for sharpening tools, drilling, sawing parts, engraving, polishing. For connecting different elements on the body there is a special nozzle on the engine shaft. The device operates via a power adapter with a seven-speed speed adjustment up to 9,000 rev/min. The buyer can choose an engine with a capacity of 775, 795, 895 W. The fully copper engine operates quietly to 85 dB and is characterized by durability. A 3×33.3 cm (included) sanding belt is suitable for grinder. The working surface is changed at different angles for vertical and horizontal grinding. The body of the machine is made of 3 mm steel, the legs are rubberized against slip.

5. TUNGFUII 0-90


Belt grinder TUNGFUII 0-90 compact size – 140×200 mm and light weight – 1.5 kg is suitable for all kinds of work with metal, plastic wood. A belt mechanism for connecting an abrasive belt for grinding is mounted in the machine. The engine can also be connected to the drill chuck, grinder, polishing wheel, flexible shaft. The machine runs from a power supply unit with a 7 speed mode switch to 9000 rev/min. The seller puts in a parcel 10 grinding belts as a gift and offers several options of configuration. You can select only grinder or with additional devices.

6. DutooFree Double shaft775

DutooFree Double shaft775

The miniature grinder DutooFree Double shaft775 replaces several accessories – sharpening, drilling and engraving tools. On the body dimensions: 123x113x183 mm are a belt mechanism and a mount for connecting grinding stone, flexible shaft, drilling cartridge. In the set with the machine comes 10 grinding belts of different grit, length 330 and width 30 mm. The instrument is connected to the electrical network via a power adapter with a rotational speed switch up to 9,000 rev/min on the housing, which is displayed by light indicators. Power supply unit and wrenches for adjustment of pressure shafts are supplied with grinder.

7. DutooFree 30X

DutooFree 30X

The DutooFree 30X portable grinder can perform multiple functions simultaneously. In addition to abrasive tape, the motor can be connected to grinding stone, polishing wheel or drill chuck, flexible shaft. The case is made of stainless steel. The case has a switch with a direct and reverse switch. To the network, the device is connected by an adapter (comes with the kit). The power supply unit is equipped with speed switching up to 9,000 rev/min in 7 modes. The seller places 10 spare grinding belts and safety gloves in the package.

8. DutooFree TSSDJ

DutooFree TSSDJ

The DutooFree TSSDJ miniature machine with dimensions of 160x140x90mm is more suitable for home work. Grinder is not only used for grinding. With the help of the machine, you can sharpen the tool, drill holes, polish various materials, make an engraving. For connection of various devices there are accessories on both sides of the engine. Grinder body is made of durable steel. The front part is provided with a direct and reverse switch. Operates the grinder via a network adapter, which contains a button to switch the rotation speed with a light mode indication.

9. DutooFree Belt Sander

DutooFree Belt Sander

The mini-grinder of the standard DutooFree Belt Sander design is designed for grinding parts made of various materials. The work table can be set at different angles to simplify the grinding. The abrasive strip can be easily replaced with a spring mechanism. The body is provided with a reverse and forward switch for more subtle processing. A flexible shaft with different accessories, polishing wheel or sharpener can be connected to the motor. The rotation speed is displayed on the digital board, the modes are changed by the button on the power supply. The motor is made of copper, the body is made of stainless steel with holes for heat dissipation.

10. NoEnName_Null DIY

NoEnName_Null DIY

NoEnName_Null DIY sander is suitable for grinding parts on abrasive tape. With the help of additional devices, it is also possible to drill holes, sharpen knives, engrave, polish various surfaces. The grinder case is made of thick stainless steel. The engine is protected by a plastic cap, which can be removed to install the sharpener. The rear and front turns are adjusted on the body by a switch. The tape drive is arranged at an angle to the working table of 15 degrees for more accurate processing. The machine is powered by an adapter with a speed regulator in seven modes.

11. Firecore Belt Sander

Firecore Belt Sander

The combined Firecore Belt Sander grinder with belt grinding and the ability to connect the grinder, flexible shaft, polishing wheel will suit every home craftsman. The 120×90 mm machine does not take up much space, works quietly with noise level up to 80 dB. The tool can be used for sharpening knives, engraving, polishing parts, drilling. In the set with the grinder depending on the option is polishing and grinding wheels, wax, disk sandpaper with self-adhesive disk, spare belts and a set of hexagonal keys. The device works through the power supply, which is also supplied as a package.

12. KKMOON Belt Sander

KKMOON Belt Sander

The compact low noise electro grinder KKMOON Belt Sander can be used even in the apartment for sharpening home tools. The machine has several additional functions. In addition to grinding with the help of various nozzles, you can drill holes, sharpen, polish, engrave. The case is made of stainless steel 3 mm thick. The working bench angle can be adjusted up to 50 degrees. Abrasive tapes are fastened with a spring mechanism, which allows you to change the consumables with one hand. The package includes 10 spare belts, wrenches and power supply. The grinding and polishing discs are purchased separately.

13. Becornce Belt Sander

Becornce Belt Sander

Becornce Belt Sander is used for sharpening, grinding, polishing. Compact grinder – 175x110x40 mm is suitable for use in everyday life. The body of the machine is fully steel, the engine is made of copper. The working table to the tape mechanism is located statically at an angle of 15 degrees. The grinder shaft is covered with a plastic cap, which is easy to remove. The inverter and inverter switch shall be switched on and off by the switch on the housing. The power supply from which the instrument operates has a speed regulator in 7 modes. In addition to grinder, the seller places grinding and polishing wheels, wax, power adapter, 10 abrasive belts.

14. DESJ DK-C500


The DESJ DK-C500 is characterised by a higher power of the 500 W motor, larger dimensions – 500x290x400 mm and heavy weight – 15kg. Grinder is suitable not only for everyday use, but also for professional work. For grinding used tape size – 915×100 mm. In addition to grinding, you can attach a 15 cm grinding or polishing wheel, drilling cartridge. The belt drive is adjustable at an inclination of up to 90 degrees to the working table. There is another workbench for disc processing. Additional accessories are not included. The seller sends only the machine with the grinding belt.

15. ЗУБР ПТЛ-150


The combined grinding machine ZUBR PTL-150 allows sharpening and polishing parts on one device. Indispensable for the home craftsman, work in the workshop, garage. Power of the electric motor – 300 W, speed – 2950 rev/ min. The machine has an asynchronous engine that does not require maintenance of all lines of operation. Above the grinding stone, a plastic screen is provided to protect the operator from shaving. The working space is illuminated by the LED lamp, which can be rearranged for different zones. The set includes: grinder, sanding belt, abrasive disk, protective screen and two metal stops.

16. ZIYANG 950


Grinder ZIYANG 950 with two abrasive belts is suitable for simultaneous rough and fine processing of various materials. By fitting two 40×680 mm different grit belts, the grinding process can be accelerated. The slope angles of both tapes can be changed with respect to the workbench to achieve more accurate grinding. The machine is a blue metal case with a 950 W copper motor, two abrasive tapes on the sides and a carrying handle on top. Also on the case there is an on button with a reversing controller. In the package comes a belt grinder with four abrasive belts.

17. DOERSUPP Belt Sander

DOERSUPP Belt Sander

The DOERSUPP Belt Sander Mini Grinder is a standard configuration with a polishing wheel and belt grinder suitable for the home master in the absence of a separate workplace. The machine size – 120x160x180 mm takes up very little space. At the same time, the device has a large enough capacity – 1000 W, thanks to which the rotation speed reaches 10000 rev/min. The speed is adjusted by a button on the power supply with the display of the set mode light indicators. The size of the abrasive belt is 3000×30 mm. A grinding disc up to 150 mm can be attached to the engine for sharpening knives and other tools.

18. Rothenburg M4113

Rothenburg M4113

Rothenburg M4113 belt grinder combined type is suitable for sharpening and grinding parts. Motor power – 300 W, idle speed – 2950 per minute. The belt mechanism is fixed vertically, the tilt angle of the cast aluminum workbench can be adjusted up to 45 degrees. To protect against small chips, the strap is covered with a plastic cover. The system is equipped with a dust collector which can be connected to a vacuum cleaner hose, which automatically cleans the working surface. The machine uses a belt size of 762×25 mm and a grinding disc with a diameter of 125 mm.

19. Abrasive Belt Sanding Machine 250W

Abrasive Belt Sanding Machine 250W

The 250 W Abrasive Belt Sanding Mini Sanding Machine is suitable for small home grinding operations. The machine is multifunctional. Different polishing, sharpening, engraving and wood accessories can be installed on the motor shaft. Grinder is often used for making wooden crafts, plastic decorations. The device operates via a power supply in a built-in speed regulator in 7 modes up to 10,000 rev/min. The device uses an abrasive belt, the dimensions of which are 30×240 mm. The body is made of black steel with ventilation holes to remove heat from the motor. The switch is located in the lower sati body.

20. ANENG Belt Sander

ANENG Belt Sander

The ANENG Belt Sander is a 170x163x160 mm compact grinder for rough and fine grinding depending on the abrasive. The machine provides connection and additional accessories for sharpening, polishing, drilling holes. Additional accessories are purchased separately. Grinder installed abrasive belt – 300×15 mm. The inclination angle of the aluminum workbench is adjustable by the pressure washer. The body is made of durable steel. Rubber legs can be adjusted height for greater stability. The seller also puts in the parcel ten spare belts of different grit and wrenches.

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