TOP-20 long burning wood stoves with Aliexpress, rating of camping stoves

ТОП-20 дровяных печей длительного горения с Алиэкспресс, рейтинг походных печек

20 дровяных печей длительного горения с Алиэкспресс

Nature lovers will appreciate the solid fuel camping stove, especially when it is forbidden to make fires. Plates are compact in size, have a collapsible design, which can easily fit into a backpack or a special bag. Branches, wood chips and bark, cones, dry grass and leaves are used for fuel. Camping stoves have good heat dissipation, they also serve as a heater in cool weather. A large selection of compact portable long burning stoves awaits buyers on AliExpress. The best of them are presented in today’s roundup.

1. Large Size Camping Wood Stove

Печь Large Size Camping Wood Stove

The long burning portable wood burning stove is designed for outdoor cooking. The stove can be taken for a picnic, on trips to nature or to the country. The collapsible design is made of stainless steel. The seller offers a choice of stoves for buyers in two sizes – 31×21 cm and 20.3×15 cm. Firewood or charcoal is placed in the lower part of the cylindrical structure and set on fire. The upper part of the case is made with sloped openings so that air can access the fire and smoke does not come back. A foldable dish rack is placed on top. You can place a saucepan or frying pan on the tourist stove.

2. Furnace head

Дровяная печь Furnace head

Wood-burning stove of compact size – 21×15 cm runs on solid fuel. The stove is suitable for preparing food in nature, traveling, camping with a tent. Firewood is put into the firebox and the lid is closed. A grill is placed on top, which is included in the kit. You can fry vegetables, fish, meat directly on the wire rack, or put a saucepan and pan on it for cooking. The prefabricated structure is made of stainless steel, which does not deform or burn out when heated. When folded, the case is about 4 cm wide and packed in a carrying bag.

3. APG STO0067

Дровяная печь APG STO0067

A foldable wood stove measuring 13×16.5 cm weighs only 380 g. The compact cylindrical stove is convenient to take with you on trips to nature, for camping, hiking. The stove body is folded, and when assembled, the size is 14×8 cm. For transportation, a mesh bag is provided, which is included in the kit. The burner operates on wood, wood chips, charcoal, dry or liquid alcohol. Thanks to the clever design with double walls of the case, the fire does not burn out for a long time, spreading upward powerful heat, sufficient for cooking. The nozzle has three foldable brackets on which you can place a large saucepan or pan.

4. TOMSHOO Titanium Wood Burning Stove

Дровяная печь TOMSHOO Titanium Wood Burning Stove

TOMSHOO portable long burning wood burning stove is made of titanium alloy, resistant to corrosion and high temperature. The stove can be easily disassembled and folded into a case for transportation, it weighs only 200 g, which allows you to take the burner with you even on hiking trips. As fuel, you can use firewood, branches, paper, wood chips, dry leaves, charcoal, which are laid in the lower part of the body. A pot or pan for cooking is placed on top of a removable stand. Ventilation openings are provided in the housing so that oxygen is always available to the combustion products. During cooking, you can throw additional wood into the firebox to keep the fire going.

5. Yofeil firewood

Дровяная печь Yofeil firewood

The Yofeil firewood outdoor folding stove is a prefabricated structure consisting of a mesh base measuring 42×42 cm, which is installed on 4 brackets 32 cm high. All structural elements are made of heat-resistant stainless steel. The stove is designed for safe building of a fire. Firewood or charcoal is placed on the net and ignited. You can put a saucepan on top or put a wire rack for grilling meat and vegetables. When assembled, the metal structure fits into a small case that comes with the kit, and takes up almost no space.

6. Foldable

Дровяная печь Foldable

Portable Foldable oven of compact size – 95x75x55 mm is suitable for quick heating of food in the field. The stove weighs only 180 g. The compact lightweight stove can be taken on hiking trips, fishing, picnics, camping. The structure consists of a square base, where solid fuel is laid, and an upper grate, where dishes are placed, in which it is planned to warm up or cook food. For kindling, you can use branches, charcoal, dry leaves, cones. All elements of the touring stove are made of stainless steel, resistant to high temperatures and corrosion resistant.

7. Outdoor wood stove

Дровяная печь Outdoor wood stove

The lightweight outdoor folding stove of a special design is suitable for cooking in nature, in a camping, in the country. There are 6 deflectors in the furnace device, which ensure an even distribution of hot air. The firebox is positioned in such a way that you can throw firewood while cooking. At the bottom there is a blower through which an additional air flow is provided. When folded, the stove is no more than 3 cm thick, 18 cm high, fits into a regular backpack with things for a hike. Product weight – 600 g. The structure is assembled in a few minutes according to the principle of a puzzle without tools.

8. OneTigris CE-CHL02-A

Дровяная печь OneTigris CE-CHL02-A

Portable wood stove of compact size is made of high quality stainless steel sheets, cut using high precision diamond cutting. All elements of the prefabricated structure are ideally matched to each other and assembled without the use of additional tools. The structure consists of four metal panels, a bottom and two upper slats on which dishes or skewers are placed. On the side, there is an opening for the firebox through which solid fuel is piled. There are also openings on the sides for air inlet.

9. BRS BRS-116 6000W

Дровяная печь BRS BRS-116 6000W

The compact BRS BRS-116 6000W oven has an additional blowing from the fan, which operates from a portable power source or AA battery. With a fan operating in two speed modes, air is supplied and the heat is evenly distributed. The stove has a compact size – 24×12 cm, completely disassembled for transportation. Firewood, wood chips, leaves, dry alcohol are used as fuel for the stove, which are placed in the firebox and set on fire. For even heat, it is necessary to connect a fan built into the side of the case to an autonomous power supply. The kit also includes a connector with a switch and a battery compartment.

10. MJARTORIA Camping Grill

Дровяная печь MJARTORIA Camping Grill

The MJARTORIA Camping Grill oven-grill for heating and cooking on an open fire has a prefabricated structure and consists of side walls, a base on legs, a top panel, on which brackets are attached as a support for a saucepan or frying pan. Also included is a grill grate. The prefabricated plate has compact dimensions – 21.5×20.5×15.5 cm, the weight of the structure made of stainless steel is 400g. The principle of operation of the device is simple: firewood or coals are put into the furnace and set on fire. The heat goes up, where the cooking container is placed. Fuel can be thrown into the fire through a side window.

11. Furnace head

Дровяная печь Furnace head

The Furnace head wood burning stove is made of stainless steel. The design is made in such a way that it can be laid out in several versions for different natural conditions. When disassembled, the burner does not take up much space; it fits into the cover that comes with the kit. The fully assembled stove measures 21×14 cm. Solid fuel is placed in the firebox through the side opening, which can be added during cooking. A grill is installed on top, where a saucepan, frying pan or barbecue meat is placed. The design is quite solid, does not stagger, due to which there is minimal risk that the dishes topple over during cooking.

12. XC LOHAS Stainless Steel Wood Stove

Дровяная печь XC LOHAS Stainless Steel Wood Stove

The XC LOHAS camping stove runs on solid fuels and is suitable for cooking and reheating food in the field. The stove has compact dimensions – 25.5×18.5×10 cm, weight – 1.2 kg. When folded, the structure becomes flat and fits into a small carrying case. Solid fuel – firewood, charcoal, wood chips are placed in the side window. If necessary, you can add firewood without removing the cookware from the heat. Place brackets on top to hold the pan or place a grate for grilling meat and vegetables. Components are also included in the package.

13. XC LOHAS Steel Wood Stove

Дровяная печь XC LOHAS Steel Wood Stove

The Steel Wood Stove portable wood burning stove is designed for travel and outdoor recreation. The design feature of the marching slab is the presence of a pipe 2 m long, 6 cm in diameter, which is assembled from separate 30-cm blocks. The casing is made of tough carbon steel, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant. The elements of the pipe and grate are made of stainless steel. In the upper part of the case, there is a closable hole where utensils for cooking are placed. The firebox, designed for solid fuel, is closed by a damper with the ability to regulate the air flow. The dimensions of the structure are 48x30x32 cm.

14. LIXADA Outdoor Stove

Дровяная печь LIXADA Outdoor Stove

A miniature wood-burning stove LIXADA Outdoor Stove with dimensions of 8.1×8.2×11.6 cm will help out on a hike, during fishing or mountaineering, when you need to boil water for tea or warm up lunch. The stove is easily assembled without tools. The set includes a cover, where all structural elements are folded in disassembled form. As fuel, you can use branches, wood chips, dry grass and leaves, which are thrown through the side window when there is a container for heating food on top. Ventilation holes are provided in the housing. The stove is made of titanium alloy, with good stability and high heat resistance.

15. Rocket Stove

Дровяная печь Rocket Stove

The L-shaped wood-burning stove is designed for heating and cooking food in nature. The stove is distinguished by its compact dimensions – 19×7.5×2 3 cm and light weight – about 600 g. The stainless steel construction can be easily disassembled. For storage, use the bag that comes with the kit. The stove runs on solid fuel, which is placed in the side compartment for the firebox. The side opening can be completely or partially covered with a door to regulate the flow of oxygen. When burning, the heat spreads upwards, where the cooking container is placed. Two steel plates are placed on the upper hole to make it convenient to place the dishes.

16. Thous Winds Xunhuo

Дровяная печь Thous Winds Xunhuo

Thous Winds Xunhuo outdoor multifunctional oven with chimney is suitable for cooking and heating. The case is made of lightweight yet durable titanium alloy, has small dimensions – 35x20x17 cm and light weight – 1.6 kg. The stove is installed on legs 30 cm high. The firebox is covered with heat-resistant glass. The stove works on solid fuel, it keeps heat for a long time. All smoke from combustion products goes into a chimney with a height of two to three meters, depending on the configuration. All elements of the pipe and the stove itself are disassembled and stored in a special bag for transportation, which is supplied in the kit.


Дровяная печь GRNTAMN

The GRNTAMN portable wood-burning oven is designed for complete cooking with the possibility of making a barbecue. The stove is suitable for trips to nature, camping, recreation in the country. The dimensions of the structure with side compartments for the grill are 80x32x39 cm. The kit also includes a prefabricated chimney 2 meters long. The side shelves can be used as a table or for grilling food. Solid fuel (wood, branches, charcoal) is placed in the lower compartment, which is closed tightly with an asbestos-edged door to keep the heat in. Technological openings are provided on the body to regulate the oxygen inflow.

18. BBQ Grills

Дровяная печь BBQ Grills

The portable BBQ Grills wood-burning stove is a collapsible design suitable for outdoor cooking and heating. The stove has a high heat transfer – it quickly reaches the required heating temperature and retains heat for a long time. The body has the shape of a rectangular box with dimensions of 13.9×6.5×6.9 cm. Firewood is placed inside through a side door with heat-resistant glass. The top of the structure serves as a heating plate where pots and pans are installed. Also in the upper part of the body there is a chimney that can be extended by 50 cm. The stove is folded and packed in the bag that comes with the kit. The seller also puts protective gloves in the package.

19. Camping Barbecue Grill

Дровяная печь Camping Barbecue Grill

The Camping Barbecue Grill is a lightweight compact wood-burning stove of the simplest design designed for cooking over an open fire. The stove body is made of rectangular stainless steel sheets. Legs are attached below, a grate is laid on top, where you can put pots or lay meat and vegetables on the surface for grilling. Branches, firewood, charcoal are placed in the firebox, and the door is closed. A sufficient air flow enters the firebox through the grate. There are also additional holes on the body. The seller offers slabs in two versions: square – 24.1×24.1 cm and rectangular – 24.1×48 cm.

20. CF-Q203

Дровяная печь CF-Q203

The floor-standing mini-oven is designed to quickly heat up the room and prepare food. A stove made of cast iron can be used in the country, in temporary housing, on the veranda or in the garden. The casing is provided with an outlet for a chimney with a diameter of 10 cm. It is prohibited to install the stove indoors without a chimney. The dimensions of the stove are 23.2×33 cm, weight is about 11 kg. The body has a cylindrical shape, widening in the middle. The construction consists of two parts. Firewood or charcoal is stacked in the lower part, the upper part is used for cooking. The fuel intake is covered by a door with heat-resistant glass. The bottom ash compartment can be pulled out using a removable handle, which is included in the kit.

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