TOP-12 products for manicure gel polish with Aliexpress

ТОП-12 товаров для маникюра гель-лаком с Алиэкспресс

A beautiful and neat manicure is always fashionable and relevant. Bright and stylish nails can create a good mood for you and make your image more attractive. Recently, women increasingly prefer gel polish manicure, the main advantage of which is durability. Such a manicure, done with high quality, can last at least three weeks. And a huge selection of shades of gel polish and design simply amazes with its diversity.

We present a selection of the necessary products for creating the correct and beautiful manicure, which can be found on the Aliexpress website.

1. Manicure machine

Машинка для маникюра

There are several types of manicure, and the most popular of them is hardware. This method is considered the most effective and safest, and it is performed using such a machine. This device operates on a 220 volt network, has a convenient handle with a silicone stand, a foot control pedal. On the body there is a regulator of the cutter rotation speed (up to 30,000 rpm), there is also a reverse button that switches the direction of the cutter movement. The set includes a set of cutters necessary for a high-quality manicure.

2. Cutters for manicure and pedicure

Фрезы для маникюра и педикюра

With the hardware technique of processing nails and cuticles, cutters for manicure are used. The main differences between cutters are stiffness, dimensions and material of manufacture. Recently, the most popular among manicurists are cutters made of hard ceramics. This seller has a full range of cutters required for a manicure.

3. Double-sided nail file set

Набор двусторонних пилок для ногтей

Undoubtedly, a nail file is an indispensable tool for creating a good manicure. Its main task is to give the nail a beautiful, desired shape. Among the wide variety of files, the so-called “soft” files occupy a reliable position. Between themselves, such files differ in size, shape and abrasive. This set includes 10 double-sided files, very convenient in shape and abrasiveness, on the one hand – 180 grit, on the back – 240. These files are most suitable for natural nails.

4. Orange sticks for manicure

Апельсиновые  палочки

Orange manicure sticks have taken their strong position in the nail service. They have successfully replaced such a tool as a pusher. Soft and durable, they are low-traumatic, and are perfect for treating the cuticle and nail plate. They are also actively used in nail design. The sticks are made from orange tree bark and come in a set of 100 pieces.

5. UV / LD lamp

УФ/LD лампа

For manicure with gel polish, the most basic device, perhaps, can be called a special lamp for drying nails. Let’s take a closer look at this device, using the example of this presented ultraviolet LED lamp. Such a lamp is based on the operation of LEDs, under the influence of which a uniform solidification of the material occurs. On the lamp body there are buttons for selecting operating modes, the most powerful of which is 48 watts. The lamp has an LED display that shows the operating time of the device. This lamp is perfect both for home use and for use in beauty salons.

6. Primer, base, top, gel polish

Праймер, база, топ, гель-лаки

In order for the gel polish to hold for a long time and firmly, it is necessary to properly prepare the nail plate. For these purposes, a tool such as a primer is used. It degreases, cleans, dries, and prevents bacteria from developing under the artificial material. The next step is to apply a gel polish base, which provides better adhesion to the decorative coating. Then the nails are covered with gel polish. The variety of shades will help you match the color to your mood. And finally, a finishing layer is applied – a top, which is designed to fix the colored coating. It will protect your manicure from chips and cracks and give a glossy shine. And if gloss is not for you, then you can use a matte top, which will give an elegant velvety to your nails.

7. ROSALIND gel polish set

Набор гель-лаков ROSALIND

Among the wide variety of gel varnishes, I would like to highlight several popular sets with aliexpress, one of which is a set of gel varnishes from ROSALIND. In the wide palette presented, you will definitely choose the right shades for yourself to create a flawless manicure. Here, you can order a top and base of the same company.

8. UR SUGAR cat-eye gel polish + magnetic stick

TOP-12 products for manicure gel polish with Aliexpress

Magnetic gel polish “cat’s eye” is especially popular among lovers of original manicure. A design with such a coating always looks advantageous and impressive. The metal particles that gel polish contains, under the influence of a magnetic stick, create bizarre patterns with luxurious iridescence. You can buy a magnetic wand from the same vendor.

9. Rhinestones and 3D Nail Art Decorations

Стразы и украшения для ногтей

Many girls simply cannot imagine their manicure without a luxurious design. To create a unique design with a chic shine, of course, rhinestones and jewelry will help. Various cuts, sizes, colors of stones will help to embody the most daring ideas on your nails.

10. Decorative Nail Stickers

Декоративные наклейки для ногтей

In the decor for nails, a variety of stickers are also widely used. There are a huge number of options for colors and patterns. Flowers, butterflies, cute animals, symbols, and what will appear on your nails depends only on your preferences. The stickers are very easy to apply, so you can easily apply them yourself.

11. Set for stamping nails

Набор для стемпинга ногтей

Stamping kits are actively used to create nail designs. Let’s see what is included in the presented sets. Stamping plates with various designs and patterns, a scraper, a stamp for drawing a pattern and a sponge for applying a gradient. The plates are made of metal, on the surface of which drawings and ornaments are engraved, which will subsequently be printed on your nails using a stamp. The design made in this way is distinguished by its unique originality.

12. Assorted nail polish

Втирка для ногтей в ассортименте

Rub for manicure, undoubtedly, won the hearts of lovers of brilliant overflows. With the help of such a rub, you can create a mirror shine, metallic effect, holographic, pearl shine. And all this will look very impressive and luxurious on your nails. Basically, this product is presented in the form of a fine powder, but from this seller you can order a novelty, rub in a pencil, which is very convenient and easy to use.

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