A selection of the best jewelry made of gold and silver from Aliexpress

Подборка лучших ювелирных украшений из золота и серебра с Алиэкспресс

The best jewelry with Aliexpress

Although every year more and more goods from China are preferred by Russians, still many do not dare to buy Chinese jewelry for fear of counterfeits. But you can cooperate with trusted stores and purchase items made of precious metals – silver and gold, which are of good quality and at the same time are cheaper than in local jewelry stores.

On Aliexpress there is a huge selection of rings, bracelets, chains with pendants made of gold and sterling silver, with natural and artificial gems. But in reality, not all sellers turn out to be honest with the buyer and pass off ordinary jewelry as jewelry made of precious metals. So that you don’t have to be disappointed, we offer an overview of the best silver and gold jewelry that can be ordered through AliExpress at affordable prices.

1. Silver rings with moissanite

Кольца из серебра с муассанитом

The KALALA Official Store has a large selection of 925 sterling silver moissanite rings. It is a man-made analogue of a diamond that most closely resembles a natural cut diamond in appearance and physical properties. Even an experienced specialist cannot distinguish moissanite from a real diamond visually and by performing simple tests. Each facet of moissanite shimmers when exposed to light brighter than natural diamonds. In addition, the mineral is highly durable, like diamond. Each ring from the online store has certificates confirming the authenticity of the metal and stone. The seller packs the jewelry in an exquisite gift box.

2. Rings in gold with moissanite

Кольца из золота с муассанитом

The online store KALALA Official Store offers rings in white, red yellow gold with moissanite. Gold items are made in a classic form and can be used as engagement and wedding rings. The jewelry is made of 14-18 carats of gold, which corresponds to 583-750 fineness. The cut of moissanite depends on the design of the jewelry. A precious mineral is visually indistinguishable from a real diamond. The buyer can choose the size of the ring before purchasing, the carat and the clarity of the cut of the crystal. With jewelry, the parcel contains certificates for precious metals and moissanite, issued by the Gemological Institute of America. The ring is packed in a gift box.

3. Silver rings with precious stones

Кольца из серебра с драгоценными камнями

In the online store GEM’S BALLET Factory Store, you can always pick up a silver ring with a natural gem or semi-precious stone. All jewelry for women and men are made from 925 sterling silver. Gems – tourmaline, topaz, agates, pomegranates and others have impeccable purity without unnecessary inclusions. Many rings have a classic design with a large main stone and cubic zirconia scattering, imitating diamonds. But you can also find women’s designer jewelry that is original. Men’s rings are made in the form of a ring or signet. All products made of precious metals are accompanied by certificates confirming the authenticity of metal and stones.

4. Silver necklace with moissanite

Ожерелье из серебра с муассанитом

KALALA Official Store offers silver chains of various lengths and thicknesses with pendants made of moissanite, an artificially grown mineral that visually and physically resembles a diamond. The buyer can choose the mass and clarity of the cut of the crystal, which determines the cost of the necklace with a pendant. Chains in the online store are available both classic and with more modern types of weaving. The naturalness of moissanite and silver, from which the jewelry is made, is confirmed by international certificates. The seller packs a necklace with a pendant in a festive box, so the jewelry can be used as a gift for an anniversary, anniversary, Valentine’s Day.

5. Silver pendants with stones

Кулоны серебряные с камнями

A large selection of silver pendants with natural minerals is presented by the jewelry company GEM’S BALLET Factory Store. All jewelry is made in-house. Pendants are made in classic, ethnic, vintage, bohemian, gothic style. You can also choose the shape of the pendant: round, geometric, in the form of an animal, a drop of water, a heart. All jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver. The main gems – agates, emeralds, sapphires, garnets, topaz, amethysts – are natural or artificially grown. Each piece of jewelry is accompanied by international certificates confirming the naturalness of the product. All jewelry comes in a gift box.

6. Silver bracelets with precious stones

Браслеты из серебра с драгоценными камнями

Silver bracelets with natural stones can be safely purchased from the GEM’S BALLET Factory Store. The seller has established himself as a reliable entrepreneur conducting fair trade. The bracelets are made of 925 sterling silver with a quality clasp. The length of the product is 18-25 cm. In some models, the size is adjustable. Bracelets are decorated with precious and semi-precious stones: topaz, amethysts, quartz, sapphires, garnets, agates, etc. All natural or artificially grown gems are natural, which is confirmed by international certificates. Each piece of jewelry bears a stamp with the 925th standard. The product comes in a beautiful gift box, suitable as a presentation for various events.

7. Silver brooch with precious stones

Брошь из серебра с драгоценными камнями

Silver brooches with precious and semi-precious stones in the online store GEM’S BALLET Factory Store are presented in a natural style. Dragonflies, butterflies, plants, animals, birds, leaves, flowers look naturalistic with skillfully worked out small details. Each brooch contains natural gems – agates, sapphires, moissanites, topazes, garnets, amethysts. The authenticity of the mineral is confirmed by international certificates. The jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver and is stamped on each brooch. The brooch is attached to the clothes with a secure pin. Some models are equipped with chain attachments to wear the jewelry as a pendant.

8. Gold earrings with moissanite

Золотые серьги с муассанитом

Earrings in pink gold 583-750 with moissanite look much more expensive due to the bright shine of precious stones. Even an experienced jeweler cannot visually distinguish moissanite, a synthesized crystal, from a diamond. Faceted flint is not inferior in quality to diamond: it also shimmers with all facets, is durable and does not tarnish over time. The only difference from a real diamond is that the cost of the stone is several times lower. The authenticity of the gems is confirmed by international certificates. The earrings are made in a classic pusset shape with a reliable invisible fastener that fits snugly to the earlobe and minimizes the risk of losing the earring. Each piece of jewelry is made in our own production facility according to an individual order.

9. White gold earrings with moissanite

Серьги из белого золота с муассанитом

Gold earrings with moissanite from 583-750 karat white gold are in special demand in the KALALA Official Store online store. Earrings are made of real precious metal, fakes are excluded. As the main decoration, moissanite is used – a synthesized crystal, which in appearance and physical properties practically does not differ from a diamond. The stone shimmers with all its facets as brightly as a real diamond, over time it does not lose its properties. No one will be able to distinguish outwardly moissanite in the ears from diamonds. And the cost of such earrings is much lower than similar jewelry. The seller provides international certificates. Earrings are made to order after the application at the company’s own production.

10. Silver earrings with precious stones

Серьги из серебра с драгоценными камнями

The GEM’S BALLET Factory Store offers a large selection of silver earrings with precious and semi-precious stones. Jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver, which is indicated as a hallmark on each piece. As the main crystal, only natural natural or synthesized gems are used – tourmaline, pearls, amethyst, sapphire, ruby, agate, moissanite, garnet, etc. The natural origin of precious stones is confirmed by international certificates. Silver earrings can be found in classic, vintage, romantic, modern, dangling and stud style. All jewelry is packed in gift boxes.

Лучшие ювелирные изделия с Алиэкспресс из золота и серебра
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