Powerful slingshot for hunting and fishing: SlingBow for sports and recreation

Мощная рогатка для охоты и рыбалки: SlingBow для спорта и отдыха

Powerful slingshot for hunting and fishing: SlingBow

Today fishermen, hunters and just lovers of an active lifestyle have no shortage of accessories. A striking example of this is SlingBow. People call it simply a slingshot for fishing and hunting. It is a throwing weapon with rubber straps acting as elastic elements. When fully assembled, they are quite reminiscent of compact bows, however, in fact, these are good old slingshots (“slingshots”) from our childhood, only improved. They are still very much loved by fans of the practice of survival.


Sniper slingshots for your arsenal

Of course, this is not an essential tool, but it can become irreplaceable if you evaluate all its advantages. Often sellers position them as sniper and sometimes tactical slingshots, equipping them with many additional devices.


Traditional SlingBows are designed to be as similar as possible to standard slingshots. There is also the main difference: due to the fact that the tension force is strong here, the wrist rest is located in the base. Such devices show themselves well for bait. They will also be of interest to those who practice bowfishing, that is, they are engaged in archery fishing.


On the territory of the Russian Federation, bow fishing is prohibited if the throwing weapon is above the water surface, however, you can practice the method in private farms where fish are artificially bred. Also, the slingshot can be actively used in hunting small animals (the so-called “small game”) and birds. For this, balls and arrows are usually included in the kit. Modern anglers most often use such accessories in order to accurately feed fish even at a significant distance from the coast. At the same time, the portions of bait are small.

Benefits of a slingshot for hunters

Of course, hunting with such a weapon has its own nuances. Taking into account the energy potential, aimed shooting can be carried out from a distance of 10-40 m with a starting speed of approximately 110 m / s. Thus, the success of the enterprise largely depends on how close the hunter was able to get to the animal / bird. If we talk about the obvious advantages, then these are:

  • Loyal cost per shot
  • The shots are absolutely silent
  • The ability to combine hunting with fishing and hiking
  • Discreet and comfortable wearing
  • It takes a little time to prepare for a shot

Complete Combat Kit for Fishing and Hunting

When deciding to buy such a weapon, you get a multi-functional combat model 2 in 1, a high-quality metal collapsible slingshot. Having learned how to use it correctly, you will have a hard time remembering how you used to manage without such a combat system. It is especially interesting that such a product is supplied as a whole set:

  • Holster for easy storage.
  • Allen keys for quick replacement of harnesses.
  • Protective glove and wrist strap. It is magnetic, so you can comfortably place the balls there for shooting.
  • Flashlight holder and flashlight itself, which greatly facilitates the process in difficult visibility conditions.
  • Special darts.
  • Metal balls-cartridges.
  • Any fisherman will appreciate the additional reel included in the kit.
  • A set of harnesses, both standard (often used for hunting) and special for fishing.

Considering the democratic cost of such a set, capable of serving a faithful and long service, such an accessory becomes a real must have for true connoisseurs of fishing and hunting, who want to diversify their sensations and impressions.


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