5 useful laptop gadgets from Aliexpress

5 полезных гаджетов для ноутбука с Алиэкспресс

Computers and laptops have become an integral part of our lives. They have become indispensable helpers for us at work, on the road, and at home. And today I have prepared for you a selection of interesting and necessary accessories for your laptop, which you can find on the Aliexpress website.

1. USB fan with time display

USB вентилятор с отображением времени

The first on our list is a USB fan with time display. Compact, practical, simple and easy to use, and of course, it fulfills its main functions – it shows the exact time and gives a saving coolness. The flexible metal foot will allow you to install the fan in any position that is comfortable for you. Just plug your device into a USB port and enjoy the light and pleasant breeze. And why the clock on the fan, if you can see the time on a laptop? – you ask. My answer is simple – it’s stylish and creative. And as a gift, such a mini-fan will be quite relevant.

2. USB hub

SB хаб

Undoubtedly, you have faced such a problem as lack of usb ports. Sometimes it becomes necessary to connect several devices at the same time, but unfortunately, this is not possible. The reason is simple – the lack of the required number of USB connectors. A USB hub will help you get out of this predicament – a device that will allow you to use several devices at the same time by increasing the number of USB ports. This hub also combines the function of a card reader – a device for reading memory cards. The hub is available in two colors, black and white. Also, you have the opportunity to choose the number of connectors on the device – 3 or 6. It is connected to the USB port of the laptop. The classic design and functionality of the device make it quite attractive for purchase.

3. G-1600plus Silent Wireless Mouse

Беспроводная бесшумная мышь G-1600plus

Wireless silent mouse G-1600plus. Undoubtedly, the feature and advantage of this mouse is a quiet click. Now you can safely spend time with your laptop without hearing in your address – but you can be quiet !!! In addition to silent buttons, this model has a number of advantages – comfortable, lightweight, pleasant to the touch, and the ergonomic design provides comfort when working with the mouse. Well, let’s go over the technical characteristics: weight – 65g; size – 1156533mm; 4 buttons; radius of action up to 10m; frequency 2.4GHz; resolution 800/1200/1600 DPI; four colors to choose from – black, blue, gray, red; runs on one AAA battery.

4. USB heater


How nice it is to enjoy your favorite, aromatic coffee without looking up from your equally beloved laptop. But it happens that we plunge into work, as it seems to us for a minute, and the invigorating drink has time to cool down, it’s a shame … Although, in fact, this is not a USB problem – the heater will help you. With this device, your drink will always delight you with its warmth and aroma, both at work, and at home, and in the car. And one more bonus heater can be used as a hub, since it is equipped with 4 USB ports. In general, it is quite a useful and functional device.

5. USB Flash Drive

USB Флэш-накопитель

A flash drive is a convenient and simple device for transferring and storing data. The flash drive is an integral part of the modern world. At work, at home and at school, everywhere this compact device will find its application, and will become a good helper for you. A huge selection of models and designs of flashcards, makes it possible to choose a flash drive according to your desire and to your taste. I would like to draw your attention to the SUNTRSI model, with a classic design and many advantages. The high-speed flash drive is made of metal, waterproof (a huge plus, you see), it is presented in two colors – black and silver, there is a carabiner for fastening as a keychain. The amount of memory is from 4GB to 128GB. An additional bonus – you can choose a model of a flash drive with an adapter for microUSB, this gives you the opportunity to connect the device to your phone. This flash drive will be a great stylish gift for your colleagues and friends.

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