20 popular car products from Aliexpress (video)

30 популярных товаров для автомобиля с сайта Aliexpress

Nowadays, the life of a modern person, associated with a bunch of different things, can no longer be imagined without the use of some kind of vehicle. Almost every family owns at least one car. Due to such a great demand for cars, in the automotive market, there are more and more various related accessories and gadgets designed to provide the convenience of driving a vehicle or simply to decorate the appearance of a car.

A huge assortment of auto goods is presented on the well-known Aliexpress trading platform, where many manufacturers from different countries offer their goods at very competitive prices. The choice of accessories here is so great that you can spend a whole day looking for something that is necessary and interesting for you.

We suggest not to spend a lot of time searching, but just watch a video selection of auto products from Aliexpress, which are in great demand among motorists.

Products from this video:

1. Solar Fan

2. Vacuum gun for tire repair

3. Wheel arch linings (4 pcs)

4. Brake pad thickness gauge

5. Car light

6. LED diodes in the dashboard

7. Travel laptop

8. Tool set (120 items)

9. Water cooled intercooler

10. Roller for rolling out wheel arches

11. Liquid skin

12. Lights for rims

13. Caps with pressure indicator

14. LED lamp

15. Inflatable exhaust jack

16. Bluetooth 3.0 FM transmitter

17. Car vacuum cleaner

18. Beautiful sticker on the hood

19. Mirror DVR

20. Parking plate with phone number

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