20 business ideas for cafes and eateries, the best equipment with Aliexpress

20 бизнес-идей для кафе и закусочных, лучшее оборудование с АлиЭкспресс

20 business ideas for cafes and eateries, the best equipment with Aliexpress

When opening a catering establishment, you will have to immediately take into account the capital costs of equipment – ovens, special devices for making pizza, fondue and other popular dishes. The exact list depends on the type of establishment and its menu. And so that such a purchase does not lead to too serious costs, the equipment should be bought on trading platforms such as AliExpress. Choosing a Chinese resource allows you to find many interesting offers with a good price – and sometimes even with a good discount. And in order to choose the appropriate option it was easier, you should get acquainted with the popular types of equipment that are available on Aliexpress.

1. Machine for the production of dumplings

Станок для производства пельменей

Pelmeni is one of the main dishes of Russian cuisine. And, if at home a sufficient amount can be made manually, on the scale of a diner one cannot do without a special apparatus. The Liuben machine allows you to mold up to 100 dumplings per minute, reducing both time and costs. Among the features of the device is a stainless steel case, which provides a decent service life. And also – setting the shape, size and even thickness of the dumplings. But the main thing is ease of use, thanks to which you don’t have to be a professional chef to cook.

2. Conveyor Pizza Oven

Конвейерная печь для пиццы

Making pizza on a large scale requires the use of a conveyor oven. And if you choose a model like SANWOKI SA-NP-9, cooking this traditional Italian dish will not only be easier, but also quicker. And it can also be used as a bread maker, and even a grill. The features of the stove are the large capacity of the brazier and a significant resource, thanks to which it will last for several years even in intensive use. And the device is also distinguished by simple control, heats up evenly, gains quickly enough and retains heat for a long time.

3. Conical pizza cone maker

Аппарат для приготовления рожков для конусной пиццы

A cone pizza is an edible cup or “cone” that can be filled with various fillings. The original dish can be consumed without using a plate and fork. But to get the horns, you need a special apparatus. For example, such as the KN-04 device. A fairly compact 3 kW appliance allows you to simultaneously prepare 4 cone pizza cones. Its list of features includes temperature control at the top and bottom for cooking according to various recipes, a robust body and other stainless steel elements.

4. Cone pizza oven

Печь для конусной пиццы

A cone pizza or cono pizza is a fairly new dish, the base of which consists of a cone-shaped cup. The cone is filled with various salty or sweet fillings. And due to this, it combines the advantages of traditional pizza and fast food. But for the quick preparation of several such dishes, it is worth buying a special oven. Model SANWOKI SA-K10 is a compact device weighing only 41 kg, allowing you to simultaneously cook up to 12 pizzas at a time. At the same time, the furnace power is only 2 kW, and the body and main parts are made of stainless steel to increase the service life.

5. Stainless steel deep fryer

Фритюрница из нержавеющей стали

For the preparation of large quantities of fries, you should buy a special apparatus to increase productivity. The 4 kW model SA-NP-400 can handle the requirements of a small cafe or snack bar. And it is also suitable for cooking not only fries, but also chicken, and potato chips, shrimp rolls and even dumplings. The fryer features a robust design, precise temperature control with thermostats and a boiling oil splash-proof cover. And also – non-stick Teflon coating, which simplifies the maintenance of the device.

6. Automatic citrus fruit juicer

Автоматическая соковыжималка для цитрусовых фруктов

Buying a citrus juicer at a cafe will always delight visitors with fresh drinks. And, if you choose the model SA-CR-2000E-3 for this purpose, you can process up to 30-40 oranges per minute – several times more than a conventional household model could provide. The equipment is distinguished by its low power (only 120 W), thanks to which it spends a minimum of energy, a durable stainless steel body and a convenient design. All parts, even plastic ones, are removable and can be easily washed with water. The average service life of the device, according to the manufacturer, is about 7 years.

7. Equipment for the production of fondue

Оборудование для производства фондю

Despite the fact that the term “fondue” is often referred to the devices designed to prepare this dish from cheese, the GIFCO model is a three-tiered chocolate fountain. It can be used to decorate any party, wedding or banquet. The equipment has a minimum power. The fountain motor consumes only 40 W, heating – 70 W. The frequency of replacing the chocolate load is at least once a day. It is not allowed to reuse even a small amount of melted chocolate – this can lead not only to contamination of the apparatus, but even to its damage.

8. Meatball Forming Machine

Формовочная машина для фрикаделек

The machine for forming meatballs from fish or meat is one of those types of equipment that will facilitate the work of a cook in a diner, cafe or restaurant. And, choosing a model of the Chinese brand SANWOKI, you can prepare a huge number of these products, moreover, with a diameter of 19 to 25 mm. The device is useful for cooking meatballs and other types of food. For example, a vegetarian version made from radishes or beans. Among the features of the machine, it is worth noting the simplicity of operation and maintenance, as well as the long resource provided by the durable body.

9. Electric Hot Dog Machine

Электрическая машина для приготовления хот-догов

On the scale of a cafeteria or other catering establishment, it may sometimes be necessary to prepare a huge number of hot dogs. And this is best done with the SA-HDR565. An electric machine with a power of only 280 W will provide simultaneous preparation of 2 hot dogs and 8 sausages. The cost of the device is more than affordable for its capabilities, and the control is very simple. While the sausages are being cooked in the upper part, on special heating tubes, 2 hot dogs can be cooked at once at the bottom, in special compartments with temperature control.

10. Semi Automatic Steam Concentration Coffee Machine

Полуавтоматическая кофейная машина с паровой концентрацией

The SA-TSK-1819A semi-automatic coffee machine is a great way to brew two cups of coffee at the same time. Moreover, according to different recipes, including espresso and cappuccino. The power of the model is 920 W, the pressure is 19 bar, enough to obtain a rich taste of the drink. The model has the ability to prepare 2 cups at the same time and a zone for heating the cups so that they keep the temperature for a certain time. At the top of the coffee machine there is a coffee grinder for preparing the powder from the beans. And, if necessary, you can simply heat hot water in it to make, for example, tea or other drink.

11. Churros Spanish Donut Maker

Машина для приготовления испанских пончиков Чуррос

Churros donuts are a dish that is appreciated not only for their appearance and taste, but also for the minimum amount of ingredients. And, if you need to cook them not at home, but for a snack bar or cafe, you should purchase a special apparatus – for example, such as the SA-E-25L model. Among the features of the model – a volume of 25 liters, allowing you to cook a huge amount of Spanish donuts, an electricity consumption of only 120 W and 3 types of forms. Plus a 360-degree rotating stand and very simple controls. All the user needs to get started is to find a suitable recipe and download the products.

12. Vegetable and French Fries Cutting Machine

Машина для резки овощей и картофеля фри

The best way to cut fries and vegetables to a scale that is suitable for a foodservice is with an appliance such as the Sanwoki SA-003. Among its features – productivity up to 80 kg per hour of straws and slices of a certain thickness, 1.5–2 or 6–10 mm. The device is characterized by low power consumption, compact size and relatively light weight. For cutting, 3 types of attachments are used with a distance between the blades of 7, 10 and 14 mm. And the manufacture of stainless steel guarantees high strength and durability of the device.

13. Machine for making sandwiches with Gelato Panini ice cream

Аппарат для приготовления сэндвичей с мороженым Gelato Panini

Gelato Panini ice cream is an original dish that combines a frozen product and a burger at the same time. And, if you use the SA-NP-1042 machine for this, you can make 2 of these ice cream sandwiches at the same time in less than 5 minutes. The appliance is made of stainless steel for durability, and has a non-stick Teflon coating to make it easy to clean and avoid sticking. And to get the desired result, it has separate timers and temperature controls for each compartment.

14. Electric BBQ Grill

Электрический гриль для барбекю

The Sanwoki SA-NP-750 electric grill is an excellent device for cooking fish and meat. Moreover, suitable for both home and commercial use. It features high heat resistance, precise temperature setting and effective non-stick coating. Other features include a large number of foods that can be cooked at the same time, simple operation and complete absence of smoke, thanks to which the grill can be used even in a living room. On the other hand, the price of the device is quite high, and it is best suited not for a private house or summer cottage, but for a snack bar or cafe.

15. Manual press machine for burger patties

Ручная пресс-машина котлет для бургеров

Making a few hamburgers is not so difficult as buying a special technique for it. But, if you need to make several dozen of such dishes in the shortest possible time, you should think about buying a manual press machine for making cutlets. Among the features of the device are the absence of the need to connect to the mains and the compact size. But the main advantages are the simultaneous preparation of up to 8-9 cutlets or just pieces of meat, simple operation and high-quality non-toxic materials.

16. Donut machine

Аппарат для автоматического приготовления пончиков SANWOKI SA-T100B

To make enough donuts for a diner or café, it is worth choosing appliances such as the Sanwoki SA-T-100B. A special machine allows you to get such baked goods in three different diameters, from 25 to 50 mm. Average productivity per hour – from 300 to 1200 pieces. In the list of features of the model – the minimum risk of deformation of donuts, a spacious oil tank and many settings. You can adjust the temperature, thickness and cooking speed. And to increase the safety of work, the device received protection against overload and voltage surges.

17. Electric pancake oven

Электрическая печь для блинов

Most industrial appliances do not have a non-stick coating. But this does not apply to the Sanwoki SA-KS351F electric pancake oven, which is no more difficult to maintain than a Teflon pan. The design of the device provides uniform heating for the preparation of flour products of the same thickness. Among the features of the model are the ability to bake pancakes up to 32 cm in diameter, temperature control within 165-230 degrees and a relatively low power. In addition, it is easy to cook fried eggs on the round plate of the appliance, and even fry sausages or meat.

18. Peanut Butter Making Machine

Машина для изготовления арахисовой пасты

The Sanwoki SA-100 device allows you to prepare up to 30 kg of peanut butter per hour. Although with its help you can grind not only this product, but also others, similar in consistency – for example, sesame sauce. This volume is sufficient not only for a cafe, but even for a small food processing enterprise. Among the features of the model are a powerful electric motor with high torque and service life, efficient grinding of peanuts and a high refining speed. And also – stable operation, no vibration and efficient heat dissipation, which avoids overheating.

19. Sushi Roll Maker

Аппарат для приготовления суши ролл

A small sushi bar or other sushi establishment will benefit from purchasing a machine like the Sanwoki SA-JM50, which is compact, relatively light and affordable. In addition, it does not require an electrical connection to use it. The model allows you to prepare products with a diameter of 25, 35 and 45 mm with a minimum waste of time, and is quickly cleaned of product residues. Therefore, it is also suitable for home use – especially if sushi is prepared often enough for a large family.

20. Multifunctional breakfast machine 3 in 1

Многофункциональная машина для завтрака 3 в 1

For a quick breakfast, both at home and in a cafe or other catering establishment, you can use a special device called the Multifunction Breakfast Machine. The model is produced by the popular Sanwoki brand of kitchen appliances and can simultaneously make toast, coffee and other meals suitable for morning meals. The appliance’s coffee pot holds 600 ml, enough for 3-5 cups, depending on the desired strength. The volume of the built-in microwave oven is 9 liters. Other features of this model include an effective non-stick coating and high power to increase the cooking speed.

20 business ideas for cafes and eateries, the best equipment with Aliexpress
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