13 Great Electric Fishing Products From Joom’s Site

13 отличных электротоваров для рыбалки с сайта Джум

1. Underwater camera GAMWATER

Подводная камера GAMWATER

The GAMWATER underwater camera is every fisherman’s dream, as it allows you to see everything that happens in the depths of the reservoir while fishing! The waterproof camera is equipped with a 15-meter cable and transmits the image to a 4.3-inch display! To mount the display, the set includes brackets that allow you to attach it to a rod or boat! The rechargeable battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh is enough for 8 hours of continuous operation of the gadget! A clear image of everything that happens at the depth of the reservoir will allow the fisherman not only to increase the efficiency of fishing, but also give an indescribable feeling of underwater travel in real time!

2. Electric wobbler

Электрический воблер

This realistic wobbler, made with observance of anatomical proportions, is ideally similar to live bait, but this is not its main advantage! The fact is that this is an electric wobbler powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. A USB cable is included for charging! The vibration of the body of the wobbler and the weak glow of the LEDs create the illusion that this is a living fry, whose scales shimmer in the light! This significantly increases the attention of predator fish, which guarantees an interesting and productive fishing! An inexpensive, but very effective electric wobbler is useful to every real fisherman!

3. Fishing boat

Кораблик для рыбалки

This RC electric boat is by no means intended for children to play, as it is designed to make life easier for the fisherman! The boat is equipped with a tipping bunker, in which you can place up to one and a half kilograms of bait! Having sent your boat to the right place in the reservoir, you just need to press the right button on the control panel so that the bait spills out into the water! The nimble boat is easily controlled from a distance, which will allow you to scatter the bait even in hard-to-reach places of the reservoir! And LED illumination will give the boat the opportunity to do its job even in the dark!

4. Fish Finder

Эхолот для рыбалки

An echo sounder with a sensor, the sensitivity of which reaches 100 meters in depth, can be used on almost any body of water! The echo sounder transducer is equipped with a 12 meter cable, and it can be mounted on a boat or immersed in water! Graphic information is displayed on the LCD-display of the device, and it is also possible to turn on a sound alert when movement appears! To operate the echo sounder, you need to purchase 4 AAA batteries, which are not included in the kit! A lightweight and convenient echo sounder will make fishing much more interesting, because the fisherman will no longer spend his time where there are no fish!

5. Hook Tying Machine

Машинка для привязывания крючков

How to tie a fishing line to a fishing hook? On the one hand, it should be a strong knot, and on the other hand, not very large, so as not to scare off the fish! The easiest way to do this is with a machine that allows you to tie a strong and reliable knot on any fishing hook literally in seconds! To do this, you just need to install the hook in a special groove of the machine, thread the fishing line, and then turn on the machine, the drum of which will tie a strong knot! An electric clipper, powered by 2 AAA batteries, knots knots on hooks quickly and very efficiently! A small machine made in a plastic case does not take up much space in your pocket, so you can take it with you even when fishing on foot!

6. Electric float

Электрический поплавок

Fishing enthusiasts will love this electric float! Not only at night, but also during dusk, ordinary floats are hard to spot on the water! And even more difficult to understand whether there is a bite or not! These problems are a thing of the past when you purchase a glowing float for your fishing rod! While the float is stationary, or simply sways on the wave, it glows green, but as soon as the bite starts and the float begins to plunge into the water, the green glow immediately turns into red! This is a signal for the fisherman who understands that he is lucky! The red color of the float is perfectly visible even from under the water, if the float is completely immersed in it! With such a float, you should not be afraid of the onset of darkness, as fishing can continue perfectly in the dark!

7. Bite alarm

Сигнализатор поклевки

During long fishing from constant tracking of the float, eyes often get tired! However, if you buy a bite alarm, you can forget about the fishing rod for a while, especially while there is no bite! But, as soon as the bite starts and the line is stretched, the signaling device will notify about this not only by the glow of the LED indicator, but also by a sound signal! With the help of a clip-clothespin, the signaling device is easily installed on the rod, then you just have to pass the fishing line through the hook on the body of the gadget! The signaling device operates on three rechargeable batteries, a full charge of which is enough for more than 8 hours of continuous operation of the device!

8. Electric Fishing Pump

Электрический насос для рыбалки

During a successful fishing, a lot of fish accumulate in the net or bucket, which quickly die, and after a while it may even start to go out! To prevent this from happening, you need not just clean, but oxygenated water! That is why every fisherman should pay attention to the electric fishing pump, which automates the water supply from the reservoir! In this case, the pump not only pumps water, but also saturates it with oxygen. The battery, which takes about 3 hours to fully charge, ensures uninterrupted operation of the pump for a day or more! And if you want to use the pump to wash your hands, you can turn on the smart mode, in which the pump turns on automatically. As soon as you put your hands up to it, the infrared switch-on sensor is triggered!

9. Spinning reel with counter

Спиннинговая катушка с счетчиком

It would seem that you will not surprise a fisherman with a spinning reel, but this reel has a significant difference from its counterparts! The fact is that the reel is equipped with a counter and an LCD display that shows the length of the line that you unwound while casting the rod! The sensor works both when unwinding and reeling in the rod, so the fisherman will always be aware of the distance at which the fish he hooked is located! The coil itself is made of very high quality, it works without backlash and squeaks, and it also comes with a screwdriver with a spare battery! This wonderful reel with a counter will surely appeal not only to amateur fishermen, but also to real fishing professionals!

10. Electric fish scraper

Электрический скребок для чистки рыбы

Поймать рыбу для настоящего рыбака не составит труда, но самое неприятное начинается потом, когда наступает время чистки рыбы! А для того, чтобы эта работа была не в тягость, обязательно нужно обзавестись электрическим скребком для чистки рыбы! Прочные зубья из нержавеющей стали, вращающиеся со скоростью 6000 оборотов в минуту, мгновенно снимут чешую рыбы! А кнопка реверса позволит подобрать правильное направление вращения скребка для более эффективной работы. Скребок работает от аккумулятора емкостью 2000 мА/ч, полного заряда которой хватает до трех часов работы. А полная зарядка аккумулятора, прилагаемым к комплекту сетевым адаптером, происходит примерно за 80 минут!

11. Suspended digital scales

Подвесные цифровые весы

Portable hanging scales, which can easily fit even in your pocket, can be useful for travelers, fishermen, hunters and even housewives. The electronic display shows the measurement readings, and the maximum weight can be up to 50 kilograms! The tare function makes it possible to accurately measure liquid and bulk materials, which definitely require dishes! For the correct distribution of luggage by tourists, for sending parcels from a trip, as well as for calculating the weight of trophies by fishermen and hunters, such scales will be of invaluable help! Convenient electronic hanging scales will come in handy in many life situations, so the purchase will delight everyone who purchased them!

12. Powerful LED headlamp

Мощный налобный LED фонарь

The powerful LED headlamp differs significantly from its competitors in that it is equipped with a more powerful LED lamp! The flashlight is powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are recharged via the supplied USB cable! This waterproof and dustproof high-brightness flashlight will be an indispensable tool for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation enthusiasts! And the adjustable headrest allows you to adjust it to the size of the head, which increases the convenience of using the flashlight! The powerful LED illuminator and large reflector maximize light output, reaching 1800 lumens!

13. Electrically heated vest

Желетка с алектроподогревом

An electrically heated vest can be useful for every person, but a traveler, hunter or fisherman needs it first of all! The vest is equipped with a heater powered by a USB cable. Naturally, for it to work, you need to have a Power Bank, which is not included in the kit! In order to use the heating, you need to get the usb cable from the left inner pocket and connect it to the battery. The heating is switched on by a button located in the left chest part outside the jacket. By holding the button, you can select one of three modes – economical, designed to warm up to 25 ° C, medium, giving 35 ° of heat, and the hottest, warming up to + 45 ° degrees!

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