11 excellent care products with Aliexpress

11 отличных товаров для ухода за собой с Алиэкспресс

1. perfume bottle

Флакон с распылителем для духов

Reusable perfume bottle with sprayer is a capacity of 5 ml and 10.7×1.5cm, in which you can cast perfume and put in a cosmetic bag to use your favorite aromas not only at home. The case of the can is made of light aluminum, looks like a tube of lipstick. The seller offers buyers to choose an atomizer of seven different colors. The design is designed to prevent accidental spillage or evaporation of the perfume. The smallest holes of the sprayer ensure minimal perfume spray. The upper part of the body is unscrewed so that the fragrant liquid can be poured into the container.

2. Gel polish set

Набор гель-лаков для ногтей

The ROSALIND Hybrid Nail Gel provides a uniform coating that does not wear and crack for 30 days. Mild odorless varnish, made of non-toxic materials, does not cause allergic reactions, is absolutely harmless to the nail plate. The seller provides safety certificates. The manufacturer offers 58 different shades of varnish, which are in stock. Bottle of 7 ml, weight – 25 g. The brush is made of ultrafine fabric of great strength, provides uniform application of the varnish without strips. For manicure, in addition to gel polish will need a top and base, as well as other accessories for working with gel polish.

3. Makeup Brush Set

Набор кистей для макияжа

The set of brushes for make-up, depending on the option chosen by the buyer, consists of 5 to 15 brushes for applying shadows, blushes, powders, lipstick, foundation cream, brush for makeup of eyelashes and brow. The bristle is made of the finest soft nylon. The handle is plastic of different designs with aluminum lining, tightly clamping pile, which does not fall out even after long use. The shape and size of the brush bristles are perfectly designed to blend cosmetics for each area of the face. Brushes are supplied packed in a storage case with magnetic clasp.

4. Lipstick

Губная помада

The moisturizing, durable lipstick O.TWO.O consists of two parts. On one side of the case is a matte resistant lipstick, which is not erased for 8-10 hours of use. On the second side – a gloss with a brush for application, giving lips volume. The lipstick has a light vanilla aroma and a dense texture that is applied evenly on the lips, ensuring a long hydration, after a time is not rolled and not erased. Gloss is practically odorless, easy to apply with a brush, does not flow. The lipstick rod is 2.5 cm long, the brush for shine – 15 mm. The seller proposes to choose a lipstick of 12 shades.

5. FEG Eyelash Growth Serum

5 Сыворотка для роста ресниц FEG

Transparent color FEG eyelash growth serum provides nutrients to the hair follicles, allowing the volume of eyelashes to increase. The result will be visible 2-3 weeks after the start of use – eyelashes become thicker, longer and darker. To fix the result, apply the tool for 2-3 months. The drug can also be used for eyebrows and temples. The serum is applied with a thin brush to the base of the century every evening. The tube contains 3 ml of hair growth booster, which will be enough for several months of daily use.

6. Eyelash extensions

Ресницы для наращивания

Artificial eyelash extensions for NAGARAKU deep black are available from the seller in four bending variants, 0.05 to 0.25 mm thick and 7 to 16 mm long. The material is artificial mink, which does not cause allergic reactions and irritation in the eyes, does not damage natural eyelashes. Artificial cilia are secured to a translucent adhesive tape, which is convenient for forming bundles. The material is designed for the operation of professional leshmeikers, delivered in a durable package to prevent damage during transportation. The seller provides safety certificates for all goods.

7. Hair crayons

Мелки для волос

Hair crayons come with the applicator in the form of a comb, which is comfortable to use and do not get your hands dirty. The applicator is 10 cm long and 2.5 cm wide and consists of 5 cells with crayons and handles for easy use. The seller offers 12 variants of crayon colors, which are especially noticeable after applying to blond hair. You can use one color or immediately apply 2-3 shades. The color is kept on the hair for several days, washed off with water. The crayons contain safe hair and skin ingredients that do not cause irritation and allergies. Can be used by adults and children from three years old.

8. Eyebrow trimmer

Электрический триммер для бровей

The electric trimmer for eyebrows painlessly removes facial hairs. The device is made of plastic, has compact dimensions – 13.1×1.6 cm. Rose gold-coloured coating, externally shaped body resembles a tube of lipstick. The device is powered by a single AAA battery, which is easily inserted into the case. To work, you need to press only one button. In this case, the LED flashlight lights up and begins to rotate the head with sharp blades. It is enough to bring the device to unwanted hairs to remove them without pain. The device body is completely waterproof. The head can be removed and washed in water after use.

9. Cosmetic sponge

Косметический спонж для макияжа

Cosmetic sponge makeup in the form of a drop is made of eco-polyurethane. Porous soft sponge size 6×4 cm, when compressed quickly restores the shape, suitable for applying dry and wet makeup, helps to apply cosmetics evenly on the face, even in hard to reach places. When humidifying, sponge increases in size by a half or two times. The seller offers the buyer a choice of four shades and three types of stiffness: A – the softest, B – medium, C – hard. After application, the sponge can be washed in running water using soap or makeup remover and dried for further use.

10. Hairbrush massage

Расческа для волос масажка

The massage hairbrush with nylon soft bristles and balls at the ends during combing simultaneously massages the scalp, stimulating the hair follicles. Despite the rather large size – 24.7×7.5×4.3 cm comb weighs only 90 g, looks stylish, manages well and with tangled hair, does not traumatize the head, does not pull locks. Rubberized non-slip handle is convenient to hold in the palm. Suitable not only for adults, but also for combing delicate hair in children. It can also be used by professional hairdressers and beauty salons to create hairstyles. After application, the comb can be washed in water with detergents.

11. Jade Roller

Нефритовый ролик для лица

Jade roller for the face eliminates facial wrinkles, smoothes the skin, removes edema, helps to better absorb applied cosmetics. Massage rollers consist of natural jade without the addition of chemicals that can cause irritation on the skin. The two-sided wheel is suitable for facial massage, chin, neck, cleavage. After daily use, the skin gradually smoothes and becomes more elastic, sculpture contours. The seller offers buyers to choose a roller of green or pink jade. You can also choose a set that includes an additional one or two scraper of guacha.

11 great products to maintain your beauty with Aliexpress
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