11 inexpensive backpacks for women and men from Aliexpress

11 недорогих рюкзаков женских и мужских с Алиэкспресс

11 inexpensive backpacks for women and men with Aliexpress

Backpacks have long been a necessary and convenient accessory. They always accompany us on hikes and travels. And in everyday life, backpacks have already become part of our wardrobe, stylish and comfortable, they surround us everywhere. In this article, the super-blog.ru site has prepared for you a selection of practical and inexpensive backpacks from the Aliexpress site.

1. Large men’s tactical backpack

Большой мужской тактический рюкзак

This is a versatile model for modern men. The capacious 50 liter backpack is made of waterproof and non-brand fabric with a dense nylon lining. This sporty trend features a padded back, roomy compartments and exterior pockets for small items, durable handles and adjustable shoulder straps. The tactical backpack becomes an indispensable accessory for hiking, hunting or fishing, ideal for camping, running and even mountain tourism. Each buyer will definitely be satisfied with such an acquisition, since the backpack will last for a single season.

2. Lightweight foldable backpack

Легкий складной рюкзак

If you are planning to purchase an inexpensive travel backpack, this model is a great option for all occasions. Foldable sports backpack with a capacity of 12-15 liters, made of waterproof nylon, presented in several fashionable colors, easily folds into a bag and does not take up much space in your luggage. It is convenient to take it with you on a trip, on a nature trip or on a hike. The model is equally suitable for modern women and men, becoming a “lifesaver” for lovers of outdoor activities and simply lovers of comfort. A foldable backpack is inexpensive, it’s time to place an order!

3. Women’s roomy backpack

Женский вместительный рюкзак

It is at the same time a fashionable women’s bag, a travel backpack and a “magic wand for young mothers”. A large roomy backpack can be taken with you on a trip and hike, or made a familiar accessory in everyday life. The model is made of waterproof and non-marking material, has a stylish design, a harmonious combination of fashionable colors. The assortment includes more than 20 colors for every taste, age and wardrobe. The bag easily holds a set of diapers, several feeding bottles and other baby care accessories. It is not only convenient and practical, but also looks stylish!

4. Fashionable men’s backpack

Модный мужской рюкзак

Tigernu Anti Theft is a great option for stylish men looking for quality, roominess and comfort. This is a practical backpack with a volume of up to 30 liters with three large compartments and spacious pockets around the perimeter. This model has a special compartment for storing a laptop, as well as a wallet. Which increases the rating of this model. Men’s backpack “Tigernu Anti Theft” is made of ergonomic material, lightweight and roomy. The fabric does not get wet and does not lose its shape after rain. This is a great solution for young guys and respectable men who are supporters of active leisure activities.

5. Children’s plush backpack with 3D pattern

Детский плюшевый рюкзак с 3D рисунком

A soft plush backpack will surely interest every child. Funny faces, soft to the touch fabric, bright colors and favorite animals – what else is needed to cause a child’s smile and joy. Such a backpack can be bought as a gift or to please your child for no particular reason. The model is strong and durable, made of environmentally friendly and safe materials, does not cause allergies and is inexpensive. For children, this is not only a fashionable accessory with a 3D pattern of animals, but also a favorite toy. The assortment offers more than 20 original designs, everyone will find their ideal option.

6. Men’s Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Мужской водонепроницаемый рюкзак для ноутбука

The laptop has long been an integral part of our life. Sometimes without him, well, without hands. It is an irreplaceable working tool and educational assistant, and simply, a great opportunity to spend time with benefit and pleasure. And to keep your laptop close at hand you need a stylish and roomy backpack. This comfortable model is made of waterproof material, has a soft back and durable adjustable shoulder straps. The backpack is available in several stylish colors, has several internal zip sections, and does not take up much space. Perfect for women and men for any style of clothing.

7. Women’s leather bag backpack

Женская кожаная сумка рюкзак

The backpack bag for women is a novelty in 2020, a harmonious combination of elegance and comfort. This model is equally suitable for stylish school girls, sophisticated girls and business women who value quality and comfort. The model is made of genuine leather, restrained in shades and accessories, but comfortable in everyday life. The backpack bag can be carried by the handles, over the shoulder or over the shoulders like a regular backpack. It is practically not felt, but it contains a large number of necessary things. The model is presented in several colors, so that each customer will definitely choose an option suitable for her own wardrobe.

8. Women’s leather bag backpack

Женская кожаная сумка рюкзак

Young mothers have to do several things at the same time, especially when walking with a restless toddler. It is desirable that everything is at hand. With a multifunctional backpack, some of the problems disappear. This is a versatile model for all occasions, available in several trendy and non-marking colors. The backpack is roomy and compact at the same time, has several sections and soft shoulder straps. The orthopedic back reduces the stress on the spine of the young mother, and the waterproof fabric does not lose its shape in the rain. In such a bag there is not only a diaper section, but also free space for bottles. The anti-theft system is another nice bonus.

9. Waterproof hiking backpack

Водонепроницаемый походный рюкзак

For mountaineering and hiking, a waterproof backpack with a capacity of 40 liters is simply irreplaceable. It is a great solution for hiking, camping, road adventures, fishing and hunting. It can also be used as a gym bag or as a day-to-day outdoor backpack. The model attracts with its spaciousness, versatility and richness of colors. The backpack is made of durable nylon, high quality zippers, a breathable back, comfortable straps with secure locks, and a secure handle. The presence of a whistle allows you to draw attention in an emergency.

10. Backpack for teenage girls

Рюкзак для девочек-подростков

There is also a stylish and roomy backpack for teenage girls to school, workout or every day. The manufacturer offers 15 original colors with youth prints. Each fashionista will find a worthy option for herself, it will be beneficial to stand out from the crowd of her peers. The shoulder bag is roomy and durable, freeing your hands and not overloading the spine. The model comes with two internal compartments, a zippered pocket, a cell phone compartment, a breathable back and a padded grip. Nothing superfluous, and the modern design leaves no one indifferent.

11. Men’s backpack on one shoulder

Мужской рюкзак на одно плечо

A one-shoulder backpack always looks stylish and impressive. The Mixi model is equally suitable for young girls and guys, it belongs to the “unisex” category. This is a great option for schoolchildren and students, ideal for cycling, hiking, sports and travel. The backpack is made of waterproof and durable material that does not lose its shape over time and after rain. Also includes a wide shoulder strap for comfort, a reflective strip for safety at night, a durable SBS zipper, USB port and cable. The back is made of “breathable” material, does not overload the spine, and the clips eliminate the risk of the backpack falling. This is the optimal ratio of “price – quality” parameters, which will appeal to schoolchildren and students. The “not killable” model, even when used, looks impressive on the back.

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