10 items for a car from Aliexpress that will come in handy # 13

10 отличных товаров для автомобиля с Алиэкспресс №13

1. Oil Drain Plug Removal Tool

Инструмент для удаления сливной масляной пробки

When unscrewing the oil plug of the car’s crankcase, problems most often arise! Very often the plug falls into a container to drain the oil, but even more often the oil is sprayed over the hand and face of the one who is trying to unscrew the plug from an awkward position! And in order not to get dirty when draining oil from a car engine, you should use a special tool to remove the crankcase oil drain plug. The tool is equipped with a comfortable rubberized handle, 177 mm flexible extension and a magnetic tip. The crankcase plug must first be loosened with a conventional wrench, and then unscrewed completely with this tool. When fully unscrewed, the plug will remain on the magnetic tip of the key, and the one who unscrewed it will not get dirty with the drained engine oil!

2. Headlight cleaning kit

Набор для чистки фар

Over time, the headlights of cars fade and become covered with scratches, which noticeably reduces their brightness! This headlight cleaning kit will not only restore the factory transparency and shine to the headlights, but also protect them during further use! This is because the polishing mixture contains substances that create an invisible film that is resistant to external influences! When buying, you can choose only a container with a polishing compound, or a complete set, which includes protective gloves, tape, sponges and napkins! Using this headlight cleaning kit will eliminate the need for costly replacement of aging car optics!

3. Car Hanging Garbage Bag

Автомобильный подвесной мешок для мусора

During the operation of the car, almost every driver is faced with the problem of garbage in the car! For many, the glove box and door card pockets are trash cans, and this can be very annoying at times! In order to stop cluttering up the interior of the car, you need to buy a special garbage bag and get used to using it all the time! For this, a hanging trash bag is best suited, which can be easily fastened wherever you want! The bag, made of polyester fabric, will serve you for a long time and will keep the interior of your car clean! And if the bag is full, you can quickly detach it and empty the contents into the trash can!

4. Dent Repair Tools

Инструменты для ремонта вмятин

Small dents in car body parts can be repaired without visiting a car service and costly repairs! To do this, you just need to have a dent repair kit that allows you to deal with it quickly in the garage! The tool is a lever with a reverse hammer and a clamping head in which the suction cups are attached! The set comes with 18 suction cups of different sizes and shapes, which allows you to correct dents of various configurations! Everyone can learn to work with the tool, and with a great desire and diligence, you can achieve very good results in the process of working with dents on the car body!

5. Universal product 100 ml WD-40

Универсальное средство 100 мл WD-40

A universal tool for the repair and maintenance of WD-40 units should always be in every car, because in many cases it is practically impossible to do without it! The liquid content of the can, with a capacity of 100 ml, allows you to get rid of the squeak of parts, rust, and also makes it possible to unscrew sour and rusted nuts and bolts! To do this, shake the can and spray its contents onto the surface of the parts through a special tube. After 5-10 minutes, you can start unscrewing the nuts, which now give in easily, since WD-40 liquid penetrates into their threads and destroys rust!

6. Braids for steering wheel

Оплетки для обшивки руля

A wide selection of braids for the steering wheel of a car will allow every car owner to choose the braid that is suitable for their car! Perfectly stitched and very graceful steering wheel covers will not only add style to the interior design of the car, but also allow its owner to feel much more confident while driving! The fact is that the steering wheel is too stiff without the braid, and even slips when your hands sweat! But with the cover, the steering wheel becomes much more comfortable and allows for a strong grip, which increases driving safety! Covers can be selected according to the model of your car, which will give you one hundred percent confidence that it will perfectly fit the steering wheel of your car!

7. Car curtains

Автомобильные шторки

Curtains for door glazing will perfectly fit into the interior design of any car, but most importantly, they will protect you from the scorching rays of the Sun! The curtains are easily attached to the door, and then they can be easily moved apart in order to hide from the sun’s rays, and also assembled and fixed with ties so that they do not interfere with the view while driving! The set includes two curtains that can be installed on the windows of both front and rear doors! Thanks to their excellent design, these curtains will add coziness and comfort to the driver and passengers, which is especially important for long trips, because in the car you can relax in peace, fenced off from the hustle and bustle of the outside world!

8. Double-sided transparent tape

Двухсторонний прозрачный скотч

Double-sided transparent tape made of nano-materials will be useful at home, in the workshop, and in the garage! Scotch tape 3 centimeters wide, allows you to easily and securely fix any parts to the wall. It can be used for fixing furniture legs, and for attaching paintings and other interior elements to the wall! If over time the fixing capacity of the adhesive tape decreases due to the fact that it gets dirty, it is enough to wash it with warm water to restore its original elasticity! This can be done up to 600 times, which will make it possible to use this tape for a long time! When buying, you can choose 1, 3 or 5 meters of scotch tape!

9. Car mats made of wood

Автомобильные коврики из дерева

Would you like to transform your regular car into an exclusive model with a design that will dazzle everyone? Then you need to purchase car floor mats and trunk made of wood! The car owner will be able to easily choose mats for his car, since each set of rugs is made for a specific car model, which guarantees their exact match in shape and size! Before buying, you just need to choose floor mats for your model, and your car will become an ideal to follow, standing out from the gray mass of monotony! The rugs are covered with a special compound that gives the wood strength, durability and shine!

10. Toyota Alphard car model

Модель автомобиля Toyota Alphard

Realistic with opening doors, hood and trunk lid, will not leave indifferent any car enthusiast! And battery operated backlights with audible signals further enhance the likeness of the model to the real car! This model can be used as a gift not only for children, as a toy, but also for adults, especially those who are passionate about cars! The model has a length of 15.6 centimeters, width and height of 5.8 cm. When purchasing, you can choose one of three colors – white, black or blue! But you will have to buy and install batteries yourself, since they are not included in the package!

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