Smart suitcase on wheels LUGAGEZWJ with Aliexpress

Умный Smart чемодан на колесах

Smart suitcase LUGAGEZWJ

The LUGAGEZWJ brand decided to make life easier for travelers and has developed a unique and revolutionary novelty – a suitcase that can be controlled via a mobile application. But the most important thing is that the product will never be lost due to easy control and well thought-out functionality. The model is compact, small in size, as well as additional functions. The gadget is made with the highest quality, perfectly sewn and does not cause even the slightest criticism.

Smart suitcase on wheels LUGAGEZWJ with Aliexpress

Smart suitcase to help tourists

The suitcase has a 10400 mAh non-removable battery, which is very logical. So you don’t need to think about what to do at the airport, especially if you arrived a couple of hours before the flight. The model is made in a minimalistic design, black color, which allows the product to be used by both women and men. It is definitely convenient. What are the characteristics of a smart device?

Smart suitcase on wheels LUGAGEZWJ with Aliexpress

Find your baggage if it’s lost

The version has a built-in GPS navigator, which makes it possible to track the location of the suitcase online using a special application. This function will avoid the problem of product loss.

Smart suitcase on wheels LUGAGEZWJ with Aliexpress

Blocking (automatic)

You can unblock or block the use of a suitcase if you use a free application. So you get the opportunity to forever forget about locks and small keys that are constantly lost. You don’t need any combination locks either. In this model, unlocking and locking are performed using a special application. The creators considered the auto-blocking option to be especially important. But if the user has forgotten to lock the device, then this will happen automatically.

Smart suitcase on wheels LUGAGEZWJ with Aliexpress

Model weight

To determine how much weight the suitcase has, you need to go to a special application. The device is equipped with sensors – they will allow you to sync with airlines. This way, you can immediately determine if there is an edge and whether it is worth preparing for unforeseen costs.

Smart suitcase on wheels LUGAGEZWJ with Aliexpress

Charging your smartphone

An important need is charging gadgets. Due to the fact that the device has a built-in battery, you can use it to charge your tablet or smartphone. The brand convinces you that you can achieve a full battery charge in just a couple of hours. The suitcase holds a charge for the entire month. And the product is absolutely safe for others.

Smart suitcase on wheels LUGAGEZWJ with Aliexpress

But even considering that the device of this manufacturer is a novelty, it has already managed to recommend itself on the positive side, because it is a true assistant during tourism, because it will definitely not let you down. Such a model can be acquired by a person with different incomes.

What functions does the structure have:

Smart suitcase on wheels LUGAGEZWJ with Aliexpress
  • GPS. The ability to track. In order to use it, you need a smartphone
  • Lock. To control such an option, a special gadget is used, so the thief cannot open the structure on his own.
  • Scales. The suitcase weighs the contents by itself. This will help you avoid overweight at the airport.
  • Charger. There is no need to open the suitcase to recharge, because the device is outside

What do we get in the end?

The user gets an incredibly practical, reliable item that is great for trips of any length. With her, you can go to the dacha, on a business trip, on business. It features a comfortable design, smooth running, as well as excellent wheels that rotate in different directions, move silently.

Smart suitcase on wheels LUGAGEZWJ with Aliexpress

The suitcase is made of high quality materials and has reliable fittings. For such a product, you will receive a set of necessary, important functions, as well as the ability to charge gadgets.


Smart suitcase on wheels LUGAGEZWJ with Aliexpress
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