TOP 5 popular headphone amplifiers from Aliexpress

ТОП-5 популярных усилителей звука для наушников с сайта Джум

If you are not happy with the quality of music playback through headphones, you need to buy a sound amplifier for them. This compact device will make the sound of melodies clear, loud, without extraneous noise and interference. In fact, it allows you to listen to music through headphones in the same quality as when listening to a stereo system. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the TOP 5 best sound amplifiers for headsets.

1. Portable Headphone Amplifier HiFi AMP

Портативный усилитель для наушников HiFi AMP

A miniature amplifier that fits any headset with a 3.5mm interface. The design of the HiFi AMP is no different from conventional headphone adapters – a small rectangular box in black or silver.

General characteristics:

  • battery with a capacity of 200 mAh (operating time without recharging – up to 30 hours);
  • signal-to-noise ratio – 95 dB;
  • harmonic distortion of sound – 0.006%.

The disadvantage of choosing the HiFi AMP is that the manufacturer does not include a charger in the kit. But to charge it, you can use a regular smartphone charger (Micro USB cable).

2. XU09 Portable Headphone Amplifier

Портативный усилитель для наушников XU09

The model is suitable for home use and is compatible with PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. The advantage of this sound amplifier is a powerful built-in battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh. In addition, the XU09 has a robust and durable aluminum case (black color).

Features of the device:

  • fast charging (less than two hours);
  • duration of music playback without recharging – about 8 hours;
  • compatible with regular and professional headsets with a 3.5 mm interface;
  • harmonic distortion of sound – 0.0003%.

The XU09 comes with a USB charging cable, audio cable, user manual.

3. Portable headphone amplifier NKTECH LP-A1

TOP 5 popular headphone amplifiers from Aliexpress

Small amplifier equipped with volume control, compatible with all audio devices and headphones with 3.5mm interface. The body of NKTECH LP-A1 is made of aluminum alloy. Black color.

General description of the model:

  • the ability to control the device remotely;
  • output power – 20W;
  • there is a volume control;
  • harmonic distortion of sound – 80 dB.

The main disadvantage of NKTECH LP-A1 is the lack of a power supply unit. To turn on the amplifier, you need to buy it separately. There is nothing included with the device, not even the operating instructions.

4. XDuoo XD-05 Basic Portable Headphone Amplifier

TOP 5 popular headphone amplifiers from Aliexpress

Expensive and high-quality sound amplifier from a well-known Chinese manufacturer XDuoo. The device has a high-quality case, a powerful built-in battery (4000 mAh) and compatibility with all devices running Android, Windows XP +, MacOS and iOS.

XD-05 Basic features:

  • small display on the case;
  • bass boost from 0 to +6 dB;
  • output power – 500mW;
  • harmonic distortion of sound – 0.0025%.

The amplifier is sold as a complete package including user manual, USB male to female cable and padded feet.

5. Neoteck Portable Headphone Amplifier

TOP 5 popular headphone amplifiers from Aliexpress

The device is one of the best budget sound amplifiers. In addition to the low cost, Neoteck boasts a durable aluminum case with a matte finish and a 1000 mAh battery (enough for 7-8 hours of listening to music). On the front panel there is an indicator light and volume control.

General characteristics of the model:

  • harmonic distortion of sound – 0.0003%;
  • maximum output power – 250 dB;
  • support for headset with 3.5mm interface.

The audio amplifier comes with an operating manual, a USB power cable and an audio cable.

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